Rico Love On Kelly Rowland: “She’s A Leading Lady Now”

Published: Wednesday 18th May 2011 by Sam

For years, many doubted Kelly Rowland. Indeed, for some, allowing the 30 year old to emerge from the shadows of bandmate Beyonce was just too tough a task.

However, with her latest single ‘Motivation’ fast approaching ‘smash’ status, the Stateside masses are seemingly welcoming the Pop star back – and are this time ready to see her as a solo force in her own right.

One man who long saw the potential in Rowland is producer Rico Love. Tapping into that potential, he and the singer churned out her biggest hits in recent memory – Europe’s ‘Commander’ and, of course, ‘Motivation’.

Speaking to our friends over at Singers Room, Love shares his thoughts on Rowland’s resurgence and why she’s making it big this go round.

His comments after the jump…

Of Rowland, Love said:

“I’m excited for her because she deserves it. She’s a superstar. Sometimes you have to let people know how much of a star they are; you have to remind them how great they are because being in a situation where she was number two for so long and not in a bad way because that was her role, it’s kinda hard to step outside of that. So to be able to help her step outside of that and realize that she’s a leading lady and make her command her own presence in the studio and fighting with her and her fighting back and us just meeting in the middle and saying ‘this is what we’re going to do;’ we gonna make history. It’s exciting to see the numbers and I’m proud of her.”

As regular visitors will know, we’ve long shared Love’s sentiments and are glad to see everything come together for Ms. Kelly. With their undeniable musical chemistry, Rowland’s forthcoming ‘Here I Am’ LP looks set to please. Love, according to sources, has 3-4 placements on the record, and joins an all-star cast of hitmakers already on board, which include Jim Jonsin, Dr. Luke, Stargate, RedOne, Tricky Stewart and Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins.

‘Here I Am’ hits stores late Summer/Early Fall.

Tidbit: I say, drop a new uptempo Urban/Pop cut, promote the still-growing ‘Motivation’ at the same time, and bump that release date up! Got to ‘get it’ while it it’s hot!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Liman May 18, 2011

    Nah she’s spewed out about ten songs and ones hit home mediocrely in America. She’s a feature artist nothing more

  2. CRE8TIVE_i May 18, 2011

    Tidbit: I say, drop a new uptempo Urban/Pop cut, promote the still-growing ‘Motivation’ at the same time, and bump that release date up! Got to ‘get it’ while it its hot!
    <—–I AGREE

  3. SipDatBoyz May 18, 2011

    I agree..I love Kelly..and WILL be buying her album..and yes pleasee push up that release date kelly..I BEEN WAITING FOR 2 YEARS FOR A ALBUM!

  4. Harvey May 18, 2011

    S*** they play motivation 100 times a day here in the U.S and it can never get old…Nobody know what the hell is Run The World If your on the Internet and Wverybody knows motivation cause none of the radio stations are playing it in miami No joke

  5. YOUR Queen! May 18, 2011

    Sam, seriously who are you trying to convince? Motivation is not a smash, if this is what you deem “a smash” for Kelly then that’s really pathetic. Moderately successful, yes. Smash, no. Love the song though. Kelly has a long way to go before she can be considered a leading lady, in terms of success she’s still light years behind the other leading ladies right now. No shade.

  6. Harvey May 18, 2011

    I want the album like Im looking out for her and Jojo!!!

  7. Dave May 18, 2011

    Kelly is a leading lady now, & I’m proud of her. & Yes “Motivation” is heading to smash status. It’s already stated she’s releasing another single, I’m sure it will be uptempo. I AM GETTING “HERE I AM”, because she will slay for sure. Every songs she’s released in the last 2 years have been on point. No doubt her album will do the same amount of damage artistically, musically, & quality-wise.

  8. Fleur May 18, 2011

    Yeah Miss Kelly.
    She deserves continued solo success.

  9. magic May 18, 2011

    i need her to start promoting motivation

  10. Bruno K May 18, 2011

    im glad she got what she deserves..her new song motivation is HOT..:),..Wal marts Giving Back After Laying Off Over 35,000 People.. $1,400 Gift card – I Grab 3 of Them..Lmao http://goo.gl/g4zvo

  11. WhoaLover May 18, 2011

    Come on #teamkelly do yall really think she’s gonna release her album that late? she’s saying fall because she does’nt want any leaks and it also creates more demand for her product. I love what Rico said about her its defitnitly true Kelly Rowland is a STAR is she needs to realize that !!! Kelly’s second single should be out next week, motivation should hit number1 next week, then I expect her to start doing promo…Be patient #teamkelly Kellz is coming…

  12. dakkylove May 18, 2011

    Sam forget about that release date because she has been confirmed as the next X factor judge for the UK series, therefore September will probably be more realistic for her after taping is done.

  13. muni May 18, 2011

    I don’ tknow what else KELLY needs to do convince them haterts that she is the BEST!!.
    Ah I forgot the are haters anywys there will never recognise that.

    Now KELLY has the hottest single right now and is almost toppoing the charts without promo. BUT you cannot say the same for so called QUEEN.

    SHE will start some PROMO very soon if you a true KELLY fan and smart you will understand WHY she hasn’t start any PROMO yet, wait UNTIL next week.

    CURRENTLY #24 in US iTunes Wake HATERS this is KELLY time

    TAKE it of HIDE FOREVER!!!

  14. Bdaboss May 18, 2011

    Yeah I live in the states and “Motivation” is definitely in heavy rotation. I’ve heard Beyonce’s new song like twice and that was over 2 weeks ago. Lol. I really want to see Kelly promote this soon though, because I expect this song to be at least number two this week on the r&b/hip-hop chart if not number one.

  15. GLYNNTALE May 18, 2011



  16. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-Bahamas♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ May 18, 2011

    She is a force to be reckoned with. I need her to start promoting it live though.

  17. jrizza May 18, 2011

    I agree! The album should be close to completion!!! Also, what are her numbers for the billboards?? And she should start showing up to more shows to promote her single and album.

  18. browngirl May 18, 2011

    omg that picture of kelly reminds me of leona’s new look. maybe that’s where leona got the idea from.


    Yes Im Team Kelly and still love the My Queen Bey and my Princess RiRi

  20. DuZiggy May 18, 2011

    Why does bey always wait til Kelly puts out an album to put hers out. if thats your girl share the light. I’m spendin my money on kelly.

  21. MuzikJunkie May 18, 2011

    I love Kelly and all but I hate when people say why Beyonce always wanna put out new music when Kelly put out new music. Beyonce took a break and kelly had all the time in the world to release an album she could of released her album after Commander and all those other singles she had, but she chose not so get over it!

  22. madamextina May 18, 2011


  23. DiDI May 18, 2011

    @YOUR QUEEN y r u hating. Luv it or not, motivation is banging. big thumbs up to kelly. Can’t wait to listen to her album.

  24. TeamKelly!!! May 18, 2011

    What is that noise? Hold up, what is that sound I hear? *looks out of window*
    oH, THAT’S MS. KELLY COMING MY WAY! Get em gurl! Kelly baby!

  25. Beyonslut: Beyonic Knowleshit May 18, 2011

    Kelly, watch out!

    Beyonic will try to sabotage you yet again! lol!

  26. jenn May 18, 2011

    I just want to say, kelly us your fans are proud of you when I think on this same site, the haiters said every time she is done, it merely delayed the album, she pushes everytime , it takes time , motivation came out and she has f***** your ass and now you feel him deep, but still, they are people who will continue to be embittered by the shame, you can continue to say yeah this is through on a number one and all, but one thing is on it you f***, she knows that she has her fans
    even when the motivation came in the radio people said it would continue the dance music, when she began dance music, it will not succeed now is motivation, a hit, and it will take time to make his album


  27. How So May 18, 2011

    You Mean she is Illuminati Now with that Covering of the EYE thing!!!!

  28. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ May 18, 2011

    Leading lady of what? Delayed material?

  29. lola May 18, 2011

    YOUR QUEEN! “Motivation” is a smash, wtf are you talking about? It’s doing excellent on the album charts and currently sits at #33 on the BILLBOARD HOT 100! I’m predicting that this week, it’ll move to #23!

    I’ve been wondering why Kelly hasn’t promoted the hell out of this track, but I now have a feeling that she’s about to start promoting it since it’s on heavy rotation on the urban radio stations and is slowly starting to play on the pop stations. I really want to see kelly succeed. She’s already beating Beyonce’s lame ass single LOL! She better work it and become a break out artist because she deserves it. She’s been in the shadows too long.

  30. Laurie May 18, 2011

    I don’t get why isn’t she really OUT THERE ??? Is she schedule for a BET award performance ? Why didn’t I see her performing at 106&Park or Wendy Williams or Letterman somethin’!!! She need to promote “motivation” and this song will raise in the charts even more. Come on Kelly step outside you have a good material !!!!

  31. MrIncredible May 18, 2011

    This ho has finally got one hit after about 30 attempts. I’m happy for her and all but give it up, it’s really not that serious or she wouldn’t have struggled to get one hit for so long. When she delivers a great album, then i’ll be impressed. Til then…

  32. DC_Diva May 18, 2011

    Yes. Bump up the release date.

  33. E11 May 18, 2011

    im sorry. this is harsh, but no one is really checking for kelly. we all rooting for the underdog, but the masses will not buy. Rico better be delivering hits if he really thinks she is a leading lady., hope they prove me wrong.



    2011 is HER YEAR!

    No Haga, no Beyawnce, No S******.


  35. Nimki May 18, 2011

    Kelly NEEEEEEEEEEEED to promote her single. That has been her problem and in oder to step up her game she need to be more and more and more visible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. GangsterA May 18, 2011

    he betta stan can’t wait for kelly new music

  37. brian b May 18, 2011

    Oh come on yall denial isn’t a river in egypt! This girl had a smash with “like this” back in 07, and then what? Yeah, nothing!! She then had a hit with Guetta and then what? Nothing!! I I love her with all my heart, I have all her albums (simply deep is still my favourite from her btw)..

    But let’s tell it like it is, she’s as successful as she will ever be, why must her success be measured against beyoncé’s?? She isn’t doing worse than any other R&B artist out there!!

    Sure u have your Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige’s who pull in big numbers but they are the exception, not the rule. I think she’s doing well!! I don’t expect her to sell millions of albums or have dozens of smash hits!! People know who she is and that’s all that matters!!

    She isn’t in competition with beyoncé, so beyoncé doesn’t need to sabotage her or check for her and vice versa!! They are two good friends who were in a group together, the end!!

  38. JR May 18, 2011

    Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly….I am so in love with you its crazy. Ok nonetheless we fans are proud of her new success. Like someone said it hard for many r&b artists out here. But the thing I love about Kelly is she can do dance, pop, or R&B and do them all well. No need for her to worry about anything or anyone. Once she deliver these hot performances its a wrap!

  39. Abraham May 19, 2011

    Now can someone please help Michelle Williams also get HER SHINE……………….PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE

  40. lindi May 19, 2011

    Kelly is a superstar n her single motivation is banging

  41. JonathanGardnerTV May 19, 2011


    “Motivation” has now risen to #26 on the US Billboard HOT 100 and #2 on US R&B!!!!



  42. C-mo Love May 20, 2011

    I agree with a lot of you. It is looking like 2011 will be Kelly Rowland’s year. Everyone…even Beyonce, and Lady Gaga have knocked off her style.

  43. jesse lopez May 20, 2011

    kelly you definitely have the looks(gorgeous beyond words,black barbie is that you?) you definitely have the moves(b**** was getting it in lose my breath video and live) and you most definitely and certainly have the vocals(b**** be slaying live and we all no about the vibrato and crescendos) but you gotta work on that star power mama,carry yourself as you know you the s***!!

  44. Mulder May 30, 2011

    Can some tell me when Kelly will promote Motivations?

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