New Song: JoJo – ‘The Other Chick’ (Snippet)

Published: Sunday 8th May 2011 by Sam

Label and legal drama have seen Pop vocalist JoJo out of the limelight for the better part of four years. However, with all of that now behind her, the 20 year old hopes to re-establish herself with an edgier look and sound. Case, point, example, her new single ‘The Other Chick’.

Set to serve as the lead release from her Interscope debut, ‘Jumping Trains’, a snippet of the midtempo surfaced today. Take a listen after the jump…

Though we’ll hold judgement until hearing the song in full, the snippet suggests the song is neither as instant nor catchy as it needs to be in order to make the singer’s ‘comeback’ efforts fruitful. Returning with a ‘grower’, as we’ve seen time in and time out, is often a risk – one which rarely pays off. Time will tell with this.

Your thoughts?

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  1. May 8, 2011

    I like it. I don’t care what no one says. But I’m nervous about is how it will do. But this is only the demo version. Yes we need to hear it in full before we completely judge it.

  2. Stoney-Brie May 8, 2011

    Wow this is as catchy as it gets! I’m loving this! JoJo is really coming hard!!!

  3. Leon May 8, 2011

    Sick Sick Sick!

    Very Pink! cant wait for her project to surface.

    One of the original white girls with black voice #JustSayingWhatYourThinking

  4. royalkev May 8, 2011

    That is tight! Jojo is so gorwn up and ready to slay this time! I can’t wait for this album!

  5. annie! :] May 8, 2011

    i love it! i think it’s catchy 🙂 i missed her so much, so glad she’s making a comeback!

  6. Sarin May 8, 2011

    Interesting that I’ve already seen so many people comparing her to pink. Also see some influences from Prince in the beat.

    I think it’s a great song, but it’s also clearly unfinished. Apparently the video and single will both be released next week, so she better get promoting.

  7. Sade May 8, 2011

    I love it, I hope she finally gets the respect she so deserves, bring on Jumping Trains

  8. Blanco Family May 8, 2011

    it sounds like something teairra marie would do. JoJo needs to stick the formula that made her famous.. ITS SIMPLE. too many artists keep going left..

  9. kurtz May 8, 2011

    i think sticking to a formula is boring
    always try somethin new
    is very pink but i love it all the same
    Jo Jo is coming hard back to save save music
    so over folks with no talent
    jo Jo has real talent

    in the end real talent wilt always
    suffice 😉

  10. May 8, 2011

    I’m Glad JoJo is trying different sounds and experimenting. She said this album is gonna be a mixture of all the type of music she likes to listen to.

  11. YOOS May 8, 2011

    GREAT SONG, like the demo!

  12. Teairra May 8, 2011


  13. blairdevereaux May 8, 2011

    YES JOJO this needs to take off for her….i dont want to c her end up like paula deanda….if u just said ‘who’ then you just proved my point….

    #sn shel looks like Lindsey lohan in that picture

    follow me on twitter

  14. RosaRubbel May 8, 2011

    Can’t wait till the full version comes out!

  15. D.Strock May 8, 2011

    I couldn’t really tell, considering those fools kept talking over the chorus -___-

  16. Dave May 8, 2011

    I agree with @BLACNO FAMILY this does sound like something Teairra Mari would do. Actually JoJo sounds similar to Teairra Mari on this. But the song sounds like a hit. Maybe a grower, but a hit. It’s definitely catchy or strong enough. It just starts off slow & it’s not all in your face thumping every other second.

  17. May 8, 2011

    @ Dave I agree. This song is a grower for some people. But this is only the demo version

  18. Dave May 8, 2011

    @- Oh ok, gotcha

  19. automatic7aubrey May 8, 2011

    I love Jojo, love the song i agree its very Pink. Im ready for her album to drop she can sing her ass off.

  20. Imgunnacheckuboo May 8, 2011

    Sounds good to me. I wanted to strangle them a h*** talking over the chorus!

  21. Kate May 8, 2011

    GO JOJO!!! I dont care what she comes out with for singles because all of the songs on her other albums are SO awesome!!! Can’t wait for a tour too!!!

  22. sabrina May 8, 2011

    IDK about this

  23. Michael May 8, 2011

    LORD, This is amazing.

    “I’m so much hotter than her, but I guess you disagree. I thought that h** was a joke, but now she’s laughing at me.”

  24. melsothoro May 8, 2011

    So glad my baby’s back! been in LOVE with her since her first album!
    #baddestwhiteGirvoicepointBlankperiod! WHO”S MAD!?

  25. wrong May 8, 2011

    So why she cussing on every verse?

  26. perhaps May 8, 2011

    I love it yes cant wait!

  27. Trouble May 8, 2011

    Fart Fart FARRRTTTTT

    Diarrhea!! Hemorrhagic tragic trashy Chlamydia!

    This song sucks


  28. jhhh May 8, 2011

    FLOP LIL W****!!!GO SUCK MORE D**** TO HAVE A CAREER!!!!!!!FLOP W****!!!!

  29. Kisses. May 8, 2011

    Likes it!

  30. jhhh May 8, 2011


  31. MuzikJunkie May 8, 2011

    I’m really loving this, I can’t wait for Jojo new cd! #JumpingTrains

  32. TastefullyNasty May 8, 2011

    I wasn’t too sure about it in the beginning (mostly because of the quality and yelling over the track), but I like it. I think it is cute (for adult audiences), catchy (b/c it’s still playing in my head), and cleaver.

  33. Keish saa May 8, 2011

    she all grown up now..i remember when she was just a kid..Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

  34. May 8, 2011

    She just tweeted that this was the unfinished version and the dirty version of this song was meant to be released

  35. May 8, 2011

    The real version of this song is coming soon

  36. ME May 8, 2011

    gonna hold my review till the full but what happen to “Play This Twice”? That was even more catchy Iove that song.

  37. rick May 9, 2011

    JoJo is reaching a little further than she needs to in this song. It would be just as effective without the “F—-in” and “other b**** ” lyric which are really too strong.

  38. HALF AMAZIN May 9, 2011

    JoJo has a really nice voice and what’s sad is that this song could be sung by any marginal pop singer. “Edge” shouldn’t be traded for “generic”. So many people want to be edgy now that its no longer believable and frequently laughable. I immediately channeled PINK! and would actually prefer to hear her sing this song. There is totally room for JoJo to be different but the Avril Lavigne/Pink thing doesn’t do it for me.

  39. lola May 9, 2011

    Blanco Family
    I totally agree! She sounds like she got influence from Teairra Mari and also PINK!

    I don’t know if it’s just this type of song, but JoJo, I mean, THIS B**** is not that great of a singer. She has nice vocal control, and a light soprano voice, but she’s not a strong singer. Honey, the PINK and Avril don’t work for you. She sounds so forced and like a poser. This song is stupid and generic. Also, it’s a desperate attempt to try to sound “grown” with all of the cussing.

  40. May 9, 2011

    I disagree with the comment above me. JoJo is not being desperate. This version wasn’t supposed to be heard anyway and JoJo isn’t a soprano.

  41. Bri May 10, 2011

    Before you say she is not a strong singer, make sure you checked out her songs 25 to Life which Marsha Ambrosius praised or Hollywood. And also her cover of Jill Scott’s Whenever your around which Jill Scott praised and posted on her own official site.

    But back to this song, this is different from what I am used to from Jojo, and I do prefer her singing R&B, but I don’t mind her trying something different and like it so far. I am excited to hear what the official version of this song will sound like.

  42. Amanda May 13, 2011

    to the morons who are actually saying JoJo can’t sing? you’ve obviously never really heard her, or you wouldn’t be saying that. this song is different for her, but I think she can make it work. I don’t see why anybody should have a problem with the cussing, everybody in the music industry cusses 10x more than Jo, and 96% of the music out now blows, everybody is so untalented and has to use autotune to cover up their bad voices. JoJo has real natural talent, and it’s a shame that people are judging this new song when they haven’t heard it in its true light, this isn’t complete, she’s mentioned it her self on Twitter, and she didn’t want anybody to hear the dirty version. I think if we just give her a chance and wait for the new album, we might be mildly surprised at how much she’s truly grown as an artist. I’ve been a fan of hers since day 1, and I stayed listenin’ to her, through the albums and all the leaks. She’s worked her ass off for this album. She got all my respect and patience throughout this whole ordeal, and she ain’t losin’ it!! Good luck, Jo! I’m ya #1 fan! Mad love & support! <3

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