Introducing…Candice Pillay

Published: Wednesday 29th Jun 2011 by Rashad

Singer/songwriter/model Candice Pillay has been generating quite the buzz in the UK and abroad and is now hoping to sting across the pond in the United States.  The 29-year-old South African beauty was recently signed to Bangladesh Records – headed by famed R&B/hip hop producer Bangladesh.  Though her sound has delved in R&B, soul, acoustic guitar and piano, and Europop, the songstress is no stranger to Urban pop.

Check out her take on the 2010 Bangladesh-produced Kelly Rowland banger ‘Smooches’ after the jump:

Candice Pillay: Smooches

Kelly Rowland version:

Does she do the song justice?

You can get more on Pillay from her official website here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. magic June 29, 2011

    i loved her version its hot and loved that they kept kelly on it!

  2. Ari June 29, 2011

    I don’t know if I like her. The track is so overproduced that what little actual singing she does is hidden behind the music. *shrug*

  3. A Nu day has come June 29, 2011

    These b****** are not going to last in this decade, this sound that they’ve been producing is really getting boring. They way Adele has slayed, these h*** need to really start coming with a real raw sound, all this I’m pretty, I hot, I can get pass on my looks is not going to work anymore! In this decade a whole new sound is coming, and this s*** is so typical! The time is coming for real talent to emerge.

  4. Shad June 30, 2011

    This shoulda made Kellys Album Smooches Ft Gucci Man hope they actually put in on there, I beleieve urban music is kellys strongest here in US but the UK just loves her all together and so do i

  5. freetostan June 30, 2011

    i like kellys yessssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Karly June 30, 2011

    yeah she is pretty…don’t know about her music tho…:/
    …Olive Garden eating just subs..proly couldn’t have done it if Olive Garden.. wasn’t giving away $200 giftcards..

  7. vegasgirl June 30, 2011

    Everyone’s version sounds virtually the same because of the effects that have been put on the vocals. I think I heard the Teyana Taylor version first but essentially they all sound the same. Cute song but…..

    I also hope what someone above posted is true. I really hope the industry start presenting the public more talent with more substance. Right now the formula that works is style over substance ( actually this has always worked). I don’t have a problem with someone being attractive or utilizing the visual to ENHANCE themselves as an artist but their talent level should still be way better than some middle school/high school talent show mess. It shouldn’t be image first and then fill in the blanks somewhere along the lines. In fact artist that have substance are starting to dumb it down to appeal commercially, not good.

  8. Gabrielle NYLA June 30, 2011

    Candice PIllay did her thing BUT HONESTLY Shouldnt be compared to the performance of KELLY ROWLAND i mean we are talking abt KELLY ROW ! Has anyone seen her performance at the BET AWARDS!?


  9. t June 30, 2011

    that kelly rowland version is my video i uploaded that lol

  10. Raul June 30, 2011

    This girl is sooo HOT! i dont care how she sounds. Is she indian?

  11. that_lala July 1, 2011

    shes got a nice voice

  12. Candice August 25, 2011

    Candice is an Indian girl and she is from South Africa. She started off by singing in a church choir in SA. I’ve heard her actually sing without any added effects and she does have a good voice. She is doing what she loves so big up to her.

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