JLS Reveal ‘She Makes Me Wanna’ Cover

Published: Wednesday 1st Jun 2011 by Sam

Pop divas JLS today unveiled the cover for their new single ‘She Makes Me Wanna’. The Dev assisted cut serves as the first release from their as yet untitled 3rd studio album.

Loving the rainbow colours!


Your thoughts?

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  1. BEYONSLAY June 1, 2011


  2. KAT DELUNA FAN June 1, 2011

    this look like a facebook profile pic #kayneshrug

  3. demi June 1, 2011

    bunch of queens

  4. MC LAMB 4LIFE June 1, 2011

    “Loving the rainbow colours!”

    LMAO………………. #SHADE

  5. wateva June 1, 2011

    ‘She Make Me Wanna’ do what? Paint her toenails & do her hair something fierce??

  6. redskin339 June 1, 2011

    JB looks bored lol

  7. Brandon33 June 1, 2011

    I didn’t know they were filming another season of Noah’s Arc….

  8. Part Of The Blanco Family June 1, 2011

    @brandon33 _____________________________________ << YOU KILLED ME!

  9. Your Queen! June 1, 2011

    They ALWAYS have the cheapest, uncreative, uninspired and frankly shitty art work and this one is no exception.

  10. SWEETHE♥RT (A.K.A. ICON) June 1, 2011

    Oritise and Marvin are s***! The other two are defo fruity. smh.

  11. Greg June 2, 2011

    Oh lord, tackiness to the fullest!!
    NSYNC is so washed up, so I don’t understand why they think it would be cute to try & swaggerjack hasbeens??

  12. 16 Inches of my own hair June 2, 2011

    You kno what Brandon 33 im mad at you right now… i read your comment and almost had a heart attack… and i think they added a “S” accidentally… i think they meant “He Makes me Wanna” and unless they goin shopping or pillow fighting i kno “She” dont make them wanna do nuttin… And im so mad at why these fellas cant just admit there gay… Hey i aint mad at you wit all these fine brothas walking around i’d prolly be gay too if i was a dude… But looking at this Cd cover with that rainbow shining harder than there lipgloss they aint fooling nobody but there selves… But there makeup is Fierce darling its Fierce (cruela deville voice)… JLS you better werk… 2 snaps up and one snap down… and im still mad at That Grap Juice for writing “pop divas”… WORK

  13. Scott June 2, 2011

    Black people need to stop being so hard on gays that is why too many brothers are on the DL .

  14. RHI RHI THE QUEEN June 2, 2011


  15. JJ Fierce June 3, 2011

    Lol. Pop divas. Rainbow colours. I can’t!

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