Hot Shots: Kelly Rowland’s 1st Day On ‘X-Factor UK’ Panel

Published: Wednesday 1st Jun 2011 by Sam

As earlier reported, Kelly Rowland assumed her position on the X Factor UK judging panel today.

Since her sensational arrival this morning, new shots of the ‘Motivation’ singer with her judging cohorts have emerged. Joining Rowland, 30, are Take That star Gary Barlow, N Dubz stunner Tulisa Contostavlos, and the show’s sole original panelist Louis Walsh.

The Destiny’s Child star, who was paid $1 million to join the hit show, is expected to divide her time between the UK and US as she promotes her ‘Here I Am’ LP.

More pics below…

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  1. fearlless June 1, 2011

    I wish she was on the U.S. judge panel

  2. BlazianBarbie June 1, 2011

    Wow, she really makes the other judges look like they are fans posing with her in that one pic. I wish she was one the US Show too!

  3. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN June 1, 2011

    Wont be the same show without simon and cheryl…. bet the ratings will be down.

  4. MUCHO GUSTO June 1, 2011


    If ratings go down its because viewers are hype munchers rather than watching it for the actual talent.

  5. mobwife June 1, 2011

    She’s all smiles while at least 2 of the others look unhappy! Anywho, I’m sure she will shine!!

  6. WHYtheHateVusilovesB June 1, 2011

    She looks so hotttt! Go kelly go muah

  7. GLYNNTALE June 1, 2011

    damn KELLY looks fierce. am so happy for her. Let the show begin.


  8. GangsterA June 1, 2011

    you know what will be epic if DC3 were the judges anyway this is great 4 kelly good for promo

  9. Ashlycious June 1, 2011


  10. Bdaboss June 1, 2011

    K elly looks great!

  11. muni June 1, 2011

    I am so excited for Kelz!!!

  12. miss v June 1, 2011

    lol louis looks the odd granddad in the group

  13. Kill Yourself Haters-Get Em Beyonce June 1, 2011

    @Taylor!!! Here We Go Again!!!!! Damn Hater!!!!! You Suck Ass!!!!!!

  14. GREG June 1, 2011

    oh so thats why she took the job…..1 million……..i guess i would have taken it too

  15. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN June 1, 2011

    @Kill Yourself Haters-Get Em Beyonce How am i hating? 3 of the judging panel have gone.. People watch it for the judges as much for the talent.. Why do you think… 99 percent of the acts get dropped after a year, and yet the show gets 13 milliuon viewers.. people watch it cause its an entainment show.. not for the talent. no one gives a s*** about 99 percent of the acts once the shows over… people forget… but people always remember the judges.

  16. I see June 1, 2011


  17. TerenceBarber June 1, 2011

    Kelly is my queen !!!!! What a babe <3

  18. JUDAS666 June 1, 2011

    Damn, how lame! All look like a panel of high school acting coaches. Fugly and untalented mish mash. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!

  19. djdunkonthatbitch June 2, 2011

    Ratings are going to f****** tank without Simon and Cheryl. Cheryl is hot and talented, kelly is bland and f****** boring. Cheryl cole >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>kelly the c*** rowland

  20. Jamie June 2, 2011

    @ djdunkonthatbitch

    Kelly is bigger than Cheryl Cole even in the UK so girl bye. Simon left AI and ratings are just fine. Stop looking for stuff to hate a person for. Your mother’s probably the biggest c***/prostitute/crack w**** in town. Come harder next time!!!

  21. Scott June 2, 2011

    American Idol did better without Simon who is not popular and the X-factor will do great with Kelly and Tulisa..Gary is part of the biggest boy band in the country and all their fans will support the show.Cheryl is only loved by chavs people know she has no real talent and cannot sing only mime.

  22. djdunkonthatbitch June 2, 2011

    Kelly is a c***

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