Should Amy Winehouse’s Third Album See The Light Of Day?

Published: Tuesday 26th Jul 2011 by David

With her friends, fans and family still in shock over her passing this weekend, various issues regarding the future of Amy Winehouse‘s music have arisen today.

One of which includes the possible release of never before heard music she recorded after the release of last album ‘Back To Black’.

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Earlier this year, various people close to Amy revealed details regarding the now controversial effort, including the performer’s Goddaughter Dionne Bromfield who described the LP as ‘very good’.

She told Digital Spy, “I have heard it, and it’s very good! I hear she’s touring a few places in Europe soon, too, but I don’t know where. Obviously I’m saying no more!”.

Reported to have spent two years working on the project, Winehouse is said to have recorded more than enough material for an entire album to be put together,  with many of her fans are hoping will be released posthumously.

However, with no confirmation as to how complete the material is or even to what extent Amy was happy with what she recorded, various issues that arose after the death of Michael Jackson have also arisen with regards to what releasing this  new music could mean.

For unlike many of her lesser counterparts, Ms.Winehouse was a creator through and through, in control of the music she released and how she released it.

With her previous material returning to chart glory in response to her death, many fans have expressed  fears that any new music released by her estate will be for the sole purpose of providing further monetary gain for her label and whoever is placed in charge of her business affairs.

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  1. Nigelahmad July 26, 2011

    Tough one. As a greedy fan I want to hear..but then i feel like im banking on her death or something..idk. I clicked “Unsure”

    If anythiing I think it should be some time before they release it.

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN July 26, 2011

    No,I just dont want it to happen

    Let her Rest In peace.

    she has 2 amazing album under her belt and I dont want some unfinished demosas an album.

  3. I.D. July 26, 2011

    I think it really depends on how the collection of material is titled.

    For example, I think it would be wrong to present the work as the finished product that Amy was pleased with.

    BUT, if the record label title the CD as “Amy Winehouse: Recording Sessions 2007 -2011”, then at least people know what they are getting.

    I think that this is HIGHLY important. The label need to be upfront and transparent about this, otherwise they will not be supported and people will not buy it. The record-buying public hate the wool trying to be pulled over their eyes. It happened with MJ’s last CD. :-/

  4. Dxxx July 26, 2011

    all musicians make music to be heard so it should be released, its just a shame the labels will make money from it but they should donate all the profit to her family who would probably donate it too a charity of the ‘winehouse’ choice!!!!!

  5. pretty RickE July 26, 2011

    Yes, why not. But i won’t be buying it. I was never a fan of her’s. Her voice was ok, but i REFUSE to support drugs addicts in any way, shape or form. I wouldn’t give $1 to a drunk on the corner, so why would I buy album from a know drug abuser. Such a talent gone to waste. There are millions of people in the world who would give up everything they own for a chance to have a platform that she did, and she took it for granted. Yes it tragic that she had a addiction, but EVERYONE knows the positive and negative effects that come with being famous and having fame, it isn’t for everyone. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO STOP SUPPORTING DRUG ADDICTS!!! Amy’s music and career ended when she died, there will never be any positive to her music now, when you hear one of her songs now, you will only reflect of her horrible life and how it was cut short due to her decisions in life!

  6. hhhh July 26, 2011

    as much is would love and appreciate a third album i would not release it. as an artist i would not want people to release anything without my blessing. and amy was A MUSICAN and as much as i know from interviews and statements, she cared for her music, so i am against the release of the last album. frank and the legendary back to black are enough to keep amy “alive”.

  7. loveCRIMES July 26, 2011


  8. Davy July 26, 2011

    People need to differentiate the person and the artist. As an artist for me i liked the Amy’s and the Whitney’s of this world, they shared there talent and gave me many memories. It isn’t my job to police there lives, all those hypocritical friends at her funeral and her parents are the one to be looking out for her as a lot of them managed to benefit from her much more than we ever did

  9. Davy July 26, 2011

    Maybe the money made from future releases goes to set up a service for addicts or one already established.

  10. Brad July 26, 2011

    Words can’t express how EXCITED I was to hear new music from Amy. In my opinion, she is a musical genius. It’s devastating, I was really hoping the best for her. I hope her label has good intentions with releasing the album, not just for money, but for the fans who loved Amy. I’d be beyond grateful to hear the new music.

  11. Topman July 26, 2011

    It should be handled like Jeff Buckley’s posthumous releases: collection of songs or a compilation rather than released like a 3rd LP

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 26, 2011

    Defintely!Since ‘Back To Black’ she has been writing almost non-stop.She had said there were some really heatfelt songs and she even wrote some reggae songs(that the label rejected, but they may release them now).And anyway, 2 albums are not enough for someone with such acclaim.And ‘Frank’ wasn’t really HUGE, while Back To Black was short.ow can she back her legacy up with 2 proper albums???

  13. Carl July 26, 2011

    People seem to be concerned with where the revenue from this potential album will go, but her first 2 albums have resurged back into the charts now & the money from those albums won’t be going to her now, it’ll probably be going to her record label, so I don’t see the big deal.

    Unfortunately, they’ll probably make money off her death either way, at least if they release the material her fans will get to hear new music from her!

    It’s be good if they could donate money from the album to charity, although maybe that’s just wishful thinking

  14. Cruz July 26, 2011

    If she had been working on a new album for 2 years, and even learned how to play the drums so she could also play music on the album, she would have wanted us to hear it. Release the fully completed songs, and the unfinished ones as a bonus disk.

  15. nice_gurl July 27, 2011

    I’m unsure. Though it would be great to hear what she’s been working on, I feel like Amy should have been able to make decisions about what she wanted to release and I feel it’s kind of disrespectful in a way if you release songs that she didn’t want anyone to hear and may be people trying to cash in. Though, it would be great to hear what she had been working on. RIP Amy.

  16. Rich July 27, 2011

    I agree with the person who said it should be called “Recording Sessions” and not packaged as an official album. I think with her folks holding the last word and with her father saying today he will set up a charity for drug addicts, we will see something new at some stage with some of the profits going towards her charity. I’d definitely buy it then.

  17. Musicismywayoflife July 28, 2011

    I like what I.D said in a previous post. “Amy Winehouse The Sessions 2007-2011, which tells it like it is. It’s not a finished product but I know for one I am desperate to hear more material. Also just to clear up the previous post by PRETTY RICKIE. Can I suggest you read a little about addiction. Addiction is A DISEASE. Amy winehouse was a sick young lady. Addiction puts people into temporary insanity. Please educate yourself before making inaccurate comments.

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