Christina Aguilera Gives Details On New Album

Published: Thursday 14th Jul 2011 by David

Fans of Pop belter Christina Aguilera may be disappointed  to hear that a new album from the starlet will be making its way to them later than they may have expected.

The album will be the follow up to her LP ‘Bionic‘ which spawned the tracks ‘Not Myself Tonight’ and ‘Stronger Than Ever’.

Find out more below…

Addressing the release of this new album, the performer explained:

‘It’s going to be a very heartfelt, deep routed and introspective record for me, we’re hoping for release in Spring/Summer next year’.

Here’s to hoping this next album ticks the boxes her fans may have felt ‘Bionic’ fell short of.

For despite her immense talent, Christina lives in a very forgetfully fickle music world where the successes a performer can be disregarded the moment a fresher competitor comes around.

Only time will tell how ‘The Voice‘ mentor fares in a kingdom now ruled by the GaGa‘s and Adele‘s of the world.


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  1. LaLa July 14, 2011

    “a kingdom now ruled by the GaGa’s and Adele’s of the world.”

    & She is the mixed of them both. But I’m not expecting her new album gonna be as BIG as Adele. (less expectation is better than overhyping it) 😀 Go Xtina!!!

  2. KD July 14, 2011


  3. Aaron July 14, 2011

    The hit Stronger than Ever???? That was a bonus track, not even a single.

  4. LaLa July 14, 2011

    *as big as Adele’s 21*

  5. FabulousSelenaGomezFan July 14, 2011

    She Will Slay!!!!!

  6. Corey July 14, 2011

    very excited. wish it was coming this winter though.

  7. Legendtina4life July 14, 2011

    Do I hear a Stripped part 2? Im so excited, I cant wait that long!! Since this is Chrissy we are talking about, the album might not be dropped by fall. But thats ok, because its sure to be a master peice. Shes been through a divorce, attacked by the media(again), held in custody by the police, found a new man, and has The Voice. Thats alot of emotion to channel into a new album. Hopefully she brings Sia and Linda Perry with her, the three of them together would be epic!!

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    I’m so glad she’s not sharing details regarding the sonical/musical aspect.She’s teasing us like a real diva should!GO COMEBACKTINAAAAAAAA
    I suspect it’s going to be released just before Christmas 2012 and I can wait because I know she’s about to bring it.

  9. Legendtina4life July 14, 2011

    I want to see her do a Bac to Basic level tour for this new album. B2B World Tour is her best IMO.

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    Btw, when I saw the title, I got SOOOOOOOO excited and then I clicked and read sth that she’s shared a million times before.

  11. Ayo_ronnnie July 14, 2011

    Queentina WILL slay!!

  12. Legendtina4life July 14, 2011

    Hope it does well commercially. Real music like Adele’s 21 and Beyonce’s 4 are killing it, so maybe people have finally got their taste for quality music back. Successful or not, I just want the great music Xtina knows how to deliver

  13. Legendtina4life July 14, 2011

    @ASAP (As Sincere As Possible)
    Lol same here. I was half expecting news on who will be producing it or something along those lines.

  14. July 14, 2011

    Let’s go xtina. I can’t wait to hear it. F*** these haters that has been hating on you.

  15. FabulousSelenaGomezFan July 14, 2011

    Whens the video for Moves Like Jagger dropping?

  16. #1QueenGaga July 14, 2011


  17. Casual July 14, 2011

    The first single and album should obviously drop next spring, during season 2 of The Voice. Hope the songs are better than on Bionic.

  18. Betty-Oops, I hit you in the head with a glass bottle. July 14, 2011

    why bother Xtina? What record company in their right mind invest money into this flop?

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    FABULOUSSELANAGOMEZ I suspect it will be out in 2-3 weeks time.

  20. XTINA AGUILEGEND July 14, 2011


  21. XTINA AGUILEGEND July 14, 2011

    @BETTY-OOPS. hahaha.. you’re kidding right? Speaking of flops didn’t Rihanna’s tour almost come to an end because she couldn’t sell enough? Ceelo Green had to join the tour.. then suddenly dropped out in the middle of it. The only way she can get a hit is if she collaborates with 45454 people and her music is still horrible. You’re opinion doesn’t matter looking at your profile picture.. I won’t take your opinion seriously because clearly you DON’T know what good music is. NEXTTTT.

  22. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    Btw, has MLJ been serviced to radio after all???

  23. FabulousSelenaGomezFan July 14, 2011

    Nothings more eww than GaGas nose

  24. JER July 14, 2011

    Bionic had potential but she got lost somewhere on the way with her vision. She took too long to record and in the meantime Lady Gaga happened… IMO Christina second guessed herself on the album. She should have scrapped it and started over it because it sounds like 3 different EPS shoved together and it’s not a good thing. SUCH an immense talent. She vetter bring it with this new album or shes over

  25. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    I hope that she’ll have a song on the album that will give us a slight insight on what happened with her and Jordan.I would like to hear more about the break up from HER point of view and it will be good for her to get all this out of her chest

  26. Christinasreturn July 14, 2011

    @ Betty Oops-

    a flop? b**** please! 2 #1 albums, 4 #1 hits, a successful movie that surpassed its budget, a hollywood star, first inductee in the gay walk of fame, over 50 million albums sold etc…

  27. Legendtina4life July 14, 2011

    Make sure your following the Queen on Twitter @TheRealXtina

  28. Legendtina4life July 14, 2011

    @ASAP (As Sincere As Possible)
    It hasnt been released to radio yet, IDK why though.

  29. GangsterA July 14, 2011

    I’m not here for this If they ask me release a new single in sep and album in nov all this year

  30. XTINA AGUILEGEND July 14, 2011

    @BETTYOOPS Christina has had multiple Grammy’s. The first artist EVER to cross over and get a Grammy in a different language. Christina would have had a successful album if her handlers would have chosen the right singles to release and would have promoted it correctly. She had many potential hit-songs on that record. But.. why am I even responding to you? You have a Rihanna picture as your icon, which means you probably don’t even know what a Grammy is. Lmao.

  31. FabulousSelenaGomezFan July 14, 2011

    If their doing a video for it, they should be releasing to radio soon.

  32. Kenneth July 14, 2011

    I hope christina makes a great return cause she has the best vocals. And can sing a heartfelt song like nobody’s business. I feel like all the singers I grew up liking just started falling flat. Like beyonce fell short(only like 1+1), britney fell short(I like all her albums but her performance skills have crashed and burned).

    Right now Gaga is Idol, well she will always be. But I still feel hope for christina, beyonce, and sorta kinda britney. As far as other pop stars I really like Katy Perry but can’t stand rihanna

  33. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    MLJ should be serviced to radio next week, not later, IMO.It’s possible that the label is holding back because Maroon 5, who are the main act on the song, haven’t had a SMASH for quite a long time, but with Christina on the song and the success that was ‘The Voice’ it will get some adds fast and then with the video, radio will eat it up…

  34. Kellymotivation July 14, 2011

    Bionic flopped so hard because she was trying to be something she is not………hopefully she comes out with beautiful songs for the album…….she has one of the best vocals and its a shame she was putting it to waste with that Bionic b*******

    She needs to make more songs like “Soar”

  35. FabulousSelenaGomezFan July 14, 2011

    Co-Sign 100%

    I think it might be issues with different labels, but it needs a radio release before it falls out the Hot 100

  36. Just a fan July 14, 2011

    I would really appreciate if everyone watched a video I made of Christina Aguilera video on my YouTube. It has many photos she has had during her career up till now and includes the songs Genie 2.0 & The Voice Within. Thank you!

  37. Malibu Barbie July 14, 2011

    music is dying…

  38. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    Correction : Music is being buried ALIVE
    but music will never die

  39. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2011

    ^^^and I hope that the statement was not Christina shade

  40. that_lala July 14, 2011

    i hope this album is way better than Bionic was..Idk wth that was..but it wasn’t an album.She has to be on her a-game this time around!

  41. S*** July 14, 2011


    *4 ALREADY outsold FLOPonic in just 2 WEEKS!!(700+K)*

  42. S*** July 14, 2011

    & Bionic FLOPPED simply because it was TERRIBLE!!

    Her voice is GONE… Shes OVER!!

    She needs to stick to ‘The Voice‘ where she gets to mentor REAL singers. 😀

  43. LULU July 14, 2011

    Isnt she in the new muppets movie, ya know-playing the character of Miss Piggy???-no make-up or visual effects needed.

  44. S*** July 14, 2011

    #IM DONE

  45. YeaBey July 14, 2011

    Kidz Bop dragged her though! A XTINA FAN TWEETED” KIDZ BOP NEEDS TO STOP COVERING AWESOME SONGS” and @KIDZBOP replied ” Well our cover of Not Myself Tonight sold more than Bionic” (something like that)…..but it has to do with sales…that’s really….wow

  46. IDAOI July 14, 2011

    Christina is still one of the best singers of the generation. However she needs different writers and producers. I like Linda but damn find someone else instead of making those reject 4non blonds ballads Linda has had in her basement since the 90’s. Her up tempos all sound the same too

  47. Teyah July 15, 2011

    I have a feeling this will be her comeback album since she’s a coach on The Voice. The show will save the album from flopping. I hope she makes real music because she has the voice for it. And not release something slutty like Not Myself Tonight..

  48. Yurges July 15, 2011

    I’ll still buy it, =)

  49. King B July 15, 2011

    @ KellyMotivation:

    Soar is one of my absolute favorite songs from her. I hope this upcoming album will be as powerful and diverse as Stripped. And I hope I really hear the rock influence that she talked about incorporating into her music.

    @ #1QueenGaga:

    And you wonder why stans for other artists come to start s*** on Gaga posts.


    Please stick to trolling the comment sections of Beyoncé videos on YouTube.

  50. MileyfabulousCyrusfan July 15, 2011

    Unfortunately she’s being ignorant by gaga and adele. She was in her prime during the arly 2000’s. So Idk how successful she’ll be. She’s on the same level as ciara now which is a flop. I like christina but it’s the truth.

  51. MileyfabulousCyrusfan July 15, 2011

    Sorry, I mean’t “ignored”. Not ignorant. Lol.

  52. MileyfabulousCyrusfan July 15, 2011

    @yeabey why was kidzbop covering not myself tonight anyways? That song kinda adult. Lmfao. I can’t…

  53. YeaBey July 15, 2011

    @MILEYFABULOUSCYRUSFAN i know right? and they are so rude I’m really wondering if its their official twitter but the way they keep talking about their “upcoming album” i think its legit!

  54. MH July 15, 2011

    Unlike many others I really thought Bionic was a strong album, it just wasn’t for her. I could tell that her label had a big hand in many of the songs on that album. I can’t wait until her next album! I’ve been her biggest fan for about 10 years now. I hope she doesn’t repeat herself and do a Stripped Part II, I really want her to continue to experiment and try different things because that’s what her career was built off of.

  55. Rosie July 15, 2011

    she needs to go back to old christina on this new album.

  56. bbq July 15, 2011

    This is great news! I kind of figured that she wouldn’t put out the record this year. she really needs to focus on the quality of the music. I’m excited for this next era! Xtina better bring it!


    Sadly, FLOPtina’s prime is over. She should wrap it up. She will flop similar to Caca who is selling 30k a week now & similar to FLOPonce who only sold 232k ww this week. What a shame.

  58. The Man July 15, 2011

    Christina has a great voice, and is very talented. Her next album will be a success. Bionic’ is a really good album, but all of the Gaga comparisons and amongst other thing, and radio just didn’t help her cause. Christina will be fine. All of those other artists have nothing to do with her album. Sam stop trying to sway things. “The Voice”, will help her alot with the album, but she’s gonna do great regardless.Congrats on that hit that she has with “Maroon 5” as well.

  59. The Man July 15, 2011

    Christina is gonna do great things with her next album. “The Voice”, is just gonna be a booster for her. She is great. The other ladies have nothing to do with her success. All of the illadvised Gaga comparisons and radio not playing her singles, didn’t help her album. She’s gonna be good though.

  60. LaLa July 15, 2011

    FYI: BIONIC is my FAVORITE Album from XTINA 😀
    more diversity, less scream, playfulness but also deep lyrics.
    I’m kinda sad the album being ignored & just have 2 singles release.

    but Oh well… Life goes on.
    I’ll wait for her next album
    (no matter how long the release date will be) lol

  61. VAN July 15, 2011

    I think this album has a shot. I’m just afraid people will automatically judge her work based on her previous effort.

    “In a kingdom now ruled by the GaGa’s and Adele’s [and Beyonce’s] of the world” I think she can make it since talent is starting to reign again.

  62. The Perrylicious is taking over… [ the real queen on ‘that grape juice’ ] July 15, 2011

    I hope the best for her!
    She is a true talent… not like garbage-Gaga who only hoping gimmicks to survive.
    She said wanna do some works with Britney, I hope it’s gonna happen. 🙂
    Both under RCA and can’t wait to see her next music direction.
    Go Christina.. give Gaga a lesson. Gaga’s live vocal sucks, show your amazing voice! 🙂

  63. The Perrylicious is taking over… (The Queen of TGJ) July 15, 2011

    When Colbie Caillat selling better than 4 on iTunes this week..then you know how bad the sales of Bey’s new album. Stop making stupid words Bey-delusional-fans. Hahaha

  64. Remey July 15, 2011

    Bionic may not have been commerically appealing, but Xtina got lost in the “Pop” genre that she once belonged to. She tried a different sound, but it wasn’t what the masses wanted. However, I think she knows from “Bionic” that she will keep her voice near the a soulful sound similar to Adele. While I am hopeful that she will release an epic LP, I am not too sure it will measure to everyone’s expectations (which seem to be beyond belief). Xtina just doesn’t have the epic star quality like her contenders. She sadly gets stuck in the shadows. But that’s the business…sometimes, talent isn’t everything. We’ve seen with Xtina vs. Britney. Rihanna vs. Ciara. Lloyd vs. Trey Songz. Kelly vs. Beyonce…..

  65. Martyn July 15, 2011

    I know she’s put on weight, but she’ll never be as big as Adele. LOLOLOL.

  66. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 15, 2011

    @MH I know where you’re coming from with the comment about experimenting, but I think that this era is not going to be built around a specific persona.I can’t imagine what she could do for her 6th album, though…Hopefully, she will start releasing albums every 2-3 years from now on.We need her on the scene

  67. aisha aguilera keys July 15, 2011

    Now, isn’t that great?! Just when I thought I couldn’t wait anymore! Take ur time, Chrissy, I’ll be there to buy that album when it drops.

  68. crazy July 15, 2011

    FIrst of all Bionic was a great Album….the world is just filled with bandwaggons. Mayb wrong single first but bionic could have easily been a commercial success. A unexpected Divorce and to promote an album …#imaginethat…she promoted burlesque …and it did very well. The Voice + a New album from her plus new tour! Cant wait. she’ll b aiight…ILL buy that album for sure

  69. TinaSouthAfrica July 15, 2011

    She will be bigger than she ever was before I’m sure her new music will be her biggest hit of her career!

    I hope sahe does castle walls pt2 with T.I if his out of jail at the time!

    She’s a vocalist and not just that but a writer!

    I need a stripped prt 2 because stripped is what put her apart from every singer because that record had it all! Soul, tears, happy, fun, party, survival, church with all the different genre’s she did!

    Never count the greats out! She’s a POP ICON! & the voice of our generation! I love her and the strong women she is!

  70. Legendtina 1998 to infinity July 15, 2011

    I’m need new Christina Aguilera songs in my iTunes and M** player!!!!!!! I need new Christina Aguilera CDs in my CD collection!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for the new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super happy!!!!!!! : D

    Christina Aguilera makes the most beautiful, epic pop songs. Great lyrics, THE MOST BAD@** VOCALS OF ALL TIME, the best melodies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christina f*cking wins by default!!!!!!!!!!!!! No need for hype, number 1 singles or sales.

    Christina Voicelera is the best.

  71. Yellow Gorillah July 15, 2011

    I’m here for the REAL Voice of this Generation to make a come back

    No Shade but Yhh ok Bionic FLOPED But everyone is allowed to have ONE Flopped ERA. Let’s just hope this era is bigger and better You Lost Me was such a BEAUTIFUL song I can’t believe it was Slept on SMH. She is one of the greatest vocalist out there I just hope she stay’s true to herself and not try to Hard this time round. I hope all the things she has been through in the last years she will use that to creat great music I’m rooting for her. She was apart of the 00’s Trinity Her britney and beyonce

  72. BabyGalClaire July 15, 2011

    I never forget when she was not doing well this site constantly bullied and said some nasty things about her and I bet they will do it again when this album is soon to be coming out, anyway Bionic is a very good album it just wasnt promoted properly I still listen to it sometimes, I would love her to do a reggae/dancehall vibe album or a soulful one, unlike Beyonce her voice would sound good on any genre of music, cant wait for it to come out

  73. irene46 July 15, 2011

    @ remey…

    christina has just as much star quality as her contenders. it’s just that the media would rather exploit her short comings (which all artists have) instead of focusing on her successes such as how well her movie did and her tv show. they do everything to give her as little positive promo as they possibly can. -your right. talent isn’t everything. media favor is big time important for the free hype. ————————————————————————————————————————
    it’s hard for me to believe that her great song with maroon 5 has fallen so far so fast when so many garbagy song stay in the top 20 for what seems like forever. it probably got little air play because christina was featured.

    i won’t be surprised if her new album gets the same media shade treatment to prevent it from being a success. then they’ll talk piles of crap as to why it’s all her fault if it flops.

  74. LaLa July 15, 2011

    ^I dunno why ALL THE RADIO against her, by not wiling to give her song any airplays. I think it’s conspiracy bandwagon-ing to “Let’s suffer Xtina career”. Even if Maroon5’s “Moves Like Jagger” (or something relate to her) ‘falling down’. ALL THE BLAME is on Xtina…

    But I hope when the MLJ’s mv out, it’ll back on the right track 🙂

  75. nice_gurl July 16, 2011

    Can’t wait to hear it, but i’ll have to wait a while. I need to hear some good music again, and amazing vocals and ballads.

  76. linker nippel July 16, 2011

    lets hope for a big hit comeback
    love you xtina
    you are amazing

  77. maya July 16, 2011

    she has only one album that flopped she will do better next time

  78. irene46 July 16, 2011

    as long as the media continues to shade or ignore constantly christina and the radio refuses to give her any decent amount of airplay her future projects have a possibility of being a flop.

    you seldom see her featured in celeb mags or mentioned on shows such as ‘et, tmz, show biz tonight or e! t,etv, etc . jessica simpson, who sold about 12 copies of her last album, gets more lip service from the media than christina. if it wasn’t for her successful tv show and tgj she would be practically invisible!

    christina fans need get behind her with strong support and loyalty similar to that displayed by britney fans. not to say we should support her if she were to become a lip-synching, studio produced zombie…lol. but that won’t happen because her talent is not manufactured by a bunch of smoke and mirrors and media hype.

    put these tv and radio stations on blast by demanding more christina news and airplay when her projects are released. as a matter of fact we should demand to know how she’s progressing prior to their release.

    start screaming FAIR TREATMENT FOR CHRISTINA!!!

  79. Dirrtyboy July 18, 2011

    I personally loved Bionic and though that it was one of the best pop albums out in 2010. Not Myself Tonight turned me into a hardcore Xtina fan, whereas before I was never that interested in her career. I love her ‘slutty’ songs, she’s hot and a bad@** biatch! As much as I love songs such as Beautiful, You Lost Me and Fighter, I enjoy your more uptempo s*** party music such as Dirrty and Not Myself Tonight … Desnudate also being a favourite!

  80. Jordan July 18, 2011

    with her voice, she needs to target a fall or Christmas release…

  81. Xisme July 18, 2011

    now all Christina needs to do is start the publicity mill spinning she needs to drop a little hint here and a little hint there to get people excited again, Bionic was a crap album and i have 2 copies of it, it was a mess and the artistic flow that your introduced to in the beginning is whipped out by the 9th track and even that half of the tracks in the first 9 are crap. once she knows a date for this album she needs to start promoting a single about 2 months before it drops with a strong video and alot of promotion that Bionic never got, which she even admitted that Bionic lacked Promotion. She also has to stop boring her fans with baby stories during interviews, its boring as much as we all know she loves her son i don’t think her fans want to really know. Christina Aguilera will be back strong once again, to her Star status shes far bigger than Ciara could ever dream the last time i checked every album of hers flopped and i dont see her status on the walk of fame or the gay walk of fame not to mention best her name on best vocalists of all time list, Christina will always inspire people in the right way that the music industry is ment for, Vocally and true classic songs, Candyman, Beautiful, Hurt, Aint no other man etc, these things not even gaga or Adele will ever achive, there big now but in 10 years will not have gained what christina has gained in that short time which Christina is close if not hitting the Legendary status.

  82. Xisme July 18, 2011

    p.s the last time i checked Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque album is selling pretty steadily with no singles at all! and limited promotion! its back in top 25 itunes and amazon and is charting in top 70 Billboard Hot 200 still!… infact burlesque is selling more lately than Britney spears femme fatale in these 2 shops alone! and they are rather big music shops in the US.

  83. Christina Fan July 19, 2011

    This picture of Christina is so S***. I just love this look on her not to mention how she looks now.

    She was great on the Voice and Burlesque and I can’t wait for her new album.

  84. Ray July 20, 2011

    If she makes her next album as classy & beautiful as ADELE”S 21

    then Christina WILL DO ………….NO…….. WRONG…

    Bionic flopped because is sounded generic with all that forgettable electronic production that is rammed down our throats by the music industry these days.

    when Christina keeps it simple she is unstoppable PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Christina Fan July 20, 2011

    You are absolutely correct, although I liked a few songs from Bionic, I rather Christina do more ballads. I just love her voice. So sweet.

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