Lady GaGa Promotes ‘Born This Way’ In Taiwan

Not content with just releasing a record and sitting on it, Lady GaGa has continued her promotional assault in the Eastern world in support of multi-platinum album ‘Born This Way’.

Speaking just hours ago in Taiwan, the ‘Love Game‘ performer discussed her love for the country and how she feels her Taiwanese fans have responded to her new sound.

Check out more pics below…

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  1. bey’knight July 4, 2011

    promotion! this is what artists are meant to do. Usher empasized in an interview, what it took goin from radio to radio, stop to stop, bringin your music to the people way before e-comunication was the bane of society. she certainly isnt sellin by sittin on her ass. i dont want to buy a cd then suddenly the artist disappears off my screen, its jus not fair

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN July 4, 2011

    IKR but sometimes You need to test your ability to sell on your name alone.She is promoting her album way to much.I am sure if she doesnt stuck to this formula ie OVERSPAMMING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE each time,she wont get the same sell.

    Example:GGGB is a shining example,now she had to be everywhere and release a single every 2 months

    Gaga looks good as a granny 🙂

  3. loly July 4, 2011

    I truly wonder how long her reign as the worlds biggest pop star will last. I mean, I know Rihanna is gonna snatch the spot soon, but Gaga is making her rounds.

  4. nice_gurl July 4, 2011

    LOL at the glasses. She’s doing so much promo at the moment.

  5. ISTANN4GAGA July 4, 2011

    Exactly,@Bey’Knight but @Kat Deluna fan has a point…

    The thing is,I don’t want to see Gaga burn out while doing this promotion…..

  6. ISTANN4GAGA July 4, 2011

    anyway,this seems like one of her tamer outfits…

  7. BAA July 4, 2011

    @Loly Keep dreaming! The only thing Rihgoat is snatching is that hay in the barn yard. And for the record, if u want to be the queen of anything, u have to have more than number singles. Your album sales must be through the roof. You must know how to sing ur ass off. You must know how to entertain or dance ur ass off. Other artist n the game must respect ur craft and look at u as a icon or untouchable. With all that said…………..Girl R**** dont have a chance n hell!

  8. Help Me, Rhonda July 4, 2011

    she is tame, because Gaga is in Asia: they don’t play that boobie poppin ish out there. gotta be conservative in Buddhist and Muslim prominent countries

  9. lady caca July 4, 2011

    Lady Caca peed on stage, like Fergie once did.

    These are adults that apparently never heard of the toilet.

  10. lady caca July 4, 2011

    People need to stop doing drugs and drinking too much alcohol, specially if they are about to sing in a stage in front of many people. Otherwise, they might end up peeing all over the place.

    Lady Caca needs to stop using drugs, what a crazy b******.

  11. mobwife July 4, 2011

    This b*tch looks like a train wreck! OVER

  12. Lanely July 4, 2011

    look like the wicked…stepmother..smh
    …Subway giving back after laying off over 1,300 people.. $100 giftcards..s*** i grab 3 of

  13. Skin. July 4, 2011


  14. bey’knight July 4, 2011


    I get where u both are comin from but. w/o takin awy from her artistry, hype is gaga’s niche. when was the last time anyone made it so big so little time? last i rmbr is britney spears and she was thrivin on the teenage sweetheart image, the moment she started to cut herself from that, her popularity stood on one foot, this period i believe, began with her 3rd album

    justin bieber shares tha niche as wel, the moment he decides to “grow up”, i cringe at the thought of wat may become of his career

    pink was the rebel
    xtina – bubble gum turned bad b****
    beyonce – i guess her performances and body
    jlo – thriple threat, queen of brand
    alicia and the piano
    rihanna – well GGGB says it all, she was pretty much bajan beyonce b4 then
    gaga- needs hype n headlines to sell and she plays off of that well. thats how she got this far. if BTW single had been released w/o the hype that preceeded it , would it have solf half as much? i dont think gaga can pull an Adele and pull it off. besides “adeles” come once in a blue moon

    and u also have to keep in mind she’s been movin to diff territories, we only see it all cus of the internet

  15. Yellow Gorillah July 4, 2011

    No I am not going to lie I LOVE The way she is promoting her album

    This is how ARTIST are supposed to promote you take your self to every corner of the earth and make sure people know who you are and hear your new sound. Yes it can have a negative side example over exposure but she only needs to do it for at least half of the year b4 she tours.

    Lady Gaga is smart she knows she is in her hight and she is milking every moment she has b4 her minutes are over. I respect her grind

  16. WildChild July 4, 2011

    Her dress is cute. I would would actually wear that. 🙂
    Gaga has these idiots shook. Look at the dumb haters. Gaga is still living her life while you losers are checking for her. I agree with @Beynight and @I stan 4 Gaga.

  17. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    @ WildChild:

    She’s living HER life…???

    WHO is she, after all…???

    Do we see a PERSON there…???

    Or just some weird pack of CLOTHES…???

  18. pop royalyty July 4, 2011

    damn ! respect the lady ! she did in 3 years what took your favs 5 albums and still no #1 album !!! i love rihanna but her stans make everyone make fun of her because of her annoying fans “some of them” ! btw i searched google about ” rihanna reign ” and i found this
    ————–> !!

  19. ERIC July 4, 2011


  20. MusicFan July 4, 2011

    I don’t care what any of you haters say, I’m proud of Gaga. Do it Gaga!

  21. SHESDUMB July 4, 2011

    U GO GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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