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Published: Saturday 16th Jul 2011 by Sam

Following Jennifer Lopez‘s announcement that she’s divorcing third husband Marc Anthony, many insiders are claiming the writing had been on the wall for the couple for some time. A look at the lyrics of  ‘One Love’ (from her latest LP ‘LOVE?’) certainly makes for an interesting read.

Check it out after the jump…

Oh Oh Oh x4

Took a shot with the bad boy from the block
Picked my love right from the start
Mr wrong, he plays his part
Back to begining, now round two
Trying my luck with something new
we danced until we said “I do”
my luck is bad, No more us two,
no me and you

Is too much to ask
for a real love, something that will last

Is there One Love, only once in a life time
It’s too hard to find
The perfect one to call mine
Is there One love, somebody that compliments me
and Makes wanna never leave
Made just right for me
Is there One Love
One Love
One love
One Love

Its take three could there be a part for me?
Came and swept me off my feet
Went no where but kept the ring
Once again I’m lonely
Number 4 you sing to me, but I’m not sure
So worn out but loved you so
Made me want to try once more
and I couldn’t say no

Is too much to ask
for a real love, something that will last

[repeat chorus]

What’s wrong with a girl
Wanting everything good love, real trust, true meaning
Who truly completes me
I’m good on my own
But I have to know

[repeat chorus]


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  1. SparkD July 16, 2011

    Jennifer should have went with her gut, when she wasn’t sure, it wasn’t right.

  2. OSO July 16, 2011

    I never paid attention to the lyrics, mainly cause I only listen to the RedOne tracks of the album. lol

  3. dionita July 16, 2011


  4. crazyfan jlo July 16, 2011

    Great Breaking News Jennifer Lopez Leaves Marc Anthony!!!!!

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are headed to splitsville.
    Just one month after celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary, the couple announced their decision to dissolve their marriage.

    “We have decided to end our marriage,” the couple said in a statement to E! News. “This was a very difficult decision. We have come to amicable conclusion on all matters. It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

    No further details were provided on the reason for the split, or whether divorce papers have been, or are being, drawn up.

    Lopez and Anthony tied the knot on June 5, 2004 and have have two children together, 3-year-old twins Emme and Max.


    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s marriage has hit a sour note: The superstar couple announced Today (Friday) they are breaking up.

    The two married in 2004 and have 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

    In a Friday statement from Jennifer’s publicist to The Associated Press, the pair called the decision to end their marriage a “very difficult decision.”

    They say they have come to an “amicable decision” on all matters and ask for privacy.

    It’s Lopez’s third marriage, Anthony’s second.

    We all hope the best for Jennifer Lopez and hope she has continues success and know she can do much better. Some friends and I had to send special love to JLo, we had some special news come through to us and had knowledge of this since June. Special thanks to my undisclosed sources. We all wish Jennifer the best with her kids, her career, her personal life, family, her next relationship, and her future. All of your fans love you Jennifer Lopez God Bless you!

  5. Beyondgossip.com July 16, 2011

    Well since we are gossiping…I heard that j-lo’s soon to be ex was married when they met and he left his ex wife for them to be together…Not saying she deserves it but such things never end well! if it’s true that is!

  6. Forreal July 16, 2011


    Nope they were seperated, the were in a process of a divorce, Marcs ex wife was dating that spanish actor from Prison Break and then Terrance Howard, she just tried to cover that up and play the victim for publicity

  7. antertain July 16, 2011

    Funny how she is huge again he cant make it work.
    She even brought him in on American Idol to try keep them together.

    Well it lasted a lot longer than I expected so I just hope the looks of the twins start heading in J. Lo’s direction because Marc Anthony is errmmm, yeah, well YOU know!!!

  8. YeaBey July 16, 2011

    Good to see that I’m not the only one who saw subliminal messages in most of her songs when this news about the divorce was released! One Love is the Best Song on the album IMO!

  9. James July 16, 2011



  10. Nini July 16, 2011

    Pretty obvious they broke up because Mark couldn’t satisfy her anymore.

  11. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 16, 2011

    I love her and I hope that it all works out for her.She is a genuine person and evokes a lot of positive energy, so I think she’ll be fine.I also hope that she won’t have to deal with custody problems.
    (The lyrics of this song show that she has a vision and she’s not one dimensional.She makes songs about clubs and crushes, but she also talks about the real stuf)

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 16, 2011

    DEAD at people calling LOVE? a flop.After 3 months she still sold more than 40k ww, relying on just 2 singles, 2 videos, promotion only in select european countries (UK, France and Italy) and one performance in the US.

  13. Sherry July 16, 2011

    In the US, there had been several blind items related to them that started heating up. It’s not a pretty picture. A lot is about to come out. There are account witnesses of him physically abusing her in public. At a recent photoshoot, he came drunk and verbally abused her. The media were shocked but they missed the tidbits on these two. Either they were too busy covering other couples or were fooled like everyone else and didn’t believe it. NOW that explains his strong presence on Idol. I felt that was odd. He was on there every week, if not in an episode featured but in the audience. The finale was just plain creepy and I felt something was up. There were hints of abuse when they first got together. Looking back, it makes you wonder if he was controlling her. Marc had an unhealthy obsession with her from the get go. People like that when they feel their obsession is drifting, they flip. People may or may not like her, but she is a human being. And that strong chick from the Bronx persona out for the public to see may be different than how she is. I feel bad for her and het children. I hope she keeps her head up.

  14. YOOSONDALOOSE July 16, 2011


  15. Scott July 16, 2011

    SHERRY you are telling the truth the whole marriage has been a sham.Marc has been abusive to Jennifer from early on.He has been jealous of her success and the attention she gets.He is very old fashioned and wants to control her.She tried hard to make things work but could not take much more.She is not a BIG DIVA but someone who wants a stable home.Marc will never make any woman happy he has too many issues and has a long history of abusing women.

  16. Sherry July 16, 2011

    @Scott-I agree with what you just said. Not only that, but Marc was cheating on her. He got caught with one of their back up dancers not long ago. He also owes money to the IRS. Weird that his latest rampage happened not long after she decided to stick with Idol. I was thinking it had to do with her career upswing her indecision on Idol. But knowing he had wanted her to work with him on their own version of Idol for the Spanish market, it makes you wonder. That fool was probably threatening her. You never know what goes on behind the scenes. People had been trying to get her to leave him for a while. He needs to seek rehab and counseling. Some of the stories coming out regarding his behavior is plain terrible.

  17. nice_gurl July 16, 2011

    I hope Jennifer keeps her head up, looks after her children and continues promoting the album. But I want to know, if these lyrics are about splitting up, why did she wait so long to get a divorce? They looked happy together the last time I saw them together, though he wasn’t at BAFTA with her.

  18. VFB July 16, 2011

    JLO PLEASE SIT YOUR OLD ASS DOWN AND RAISE YOUR KIDS. Will somebody please tell me why this woman can’t keep a man?

  19. Kellymotivation July 16, 2011

    Married three times and divorced…..SHE HAS MAN ISSUES………she is moving too fast and she needs to slow down before she is awarded with Elizabeth Taylor’s reputation.

    I was really hoping that they last together.

  20. Onyx July 16, 2011

    J.Lo has marry three times, other celebrities do the same thing and nobody make a big deal. so why some people are so cruel with her. I don’t think this is a promotion for her album, this is very personal thing for her. I don’t think she continue to promote Love? after the split. she try to be a wife but sometimes things don’t work, that’s all. Stay strong J.Lo.

  21. hhhhot July 16, 2011

    ONXY ) well Said i so agree with you. and to jlo i say the same, stay strong

  22. hhhhot July 16, 2011

    and that is 1 beautifull photo of jlo

  23. J to the L O, Hello! July 16, 2011

    Does anyone else find it weird that William Levy the model in the I’m into You video has recently divorced from his wife too? Coincidence?

  24. I AM……SHESDUMB July 16, 2011


  25. jlonation July 16, 2011


    Moving on>>

    The empress will be fine.

    You’ll be surprised to read about all these other A-List couples’ dirty laundry.
    Especially the ones that keep their lives sooo private…
    Anyway the empress is better off, if this is what will make her and all of us happy.
    I can’t wait for her to get that GLO back, and for the next video release !!
    I really hope hat she’ll have the 2 african dancers and keep the choreo in the same theme as the snippet in “I’M INTO YOU” 🙂 Having it on blast right now…

    It’s funny how The Empress inspired so many women in her industry; just look at their music, style & fashion, and business ventures. She was the 1st to be a fashion and music icon, while having successful movies, business ventures with perfume and clothing line.

    It all started with Jennifer Lopez: Songstress/actress/business woman/dancer/mentor….

    She even took a break, was in tumultuous relationships & marriage, enlarged her family, AND ON TOP OF IT ALL, is still able to make it work…Wow, just writing it down like this blew me off again, what a strong woman!

    “Nah nah nah nah eh eh eh” :))

    YEA BEY & NICE GURL: (open to others too)

    Could this mean that “Start Over” (one of my 2 faves of her album) indicates Jay Z & Beyonce’s marital troubles ?

    “I can see that we’re not happy here
    So why would we keep pretending when there’s nothing there
    Maybe you like it, but I don’t
    And maybe you’ll settle, well I won’t ”

    or even

    “I know I called you selfish but that’s a lie ” and “I’m tired of fighting ’bout the same old things”?

    What do you also think about “I was here”? Is she really going to retire after this album?

  26. JER July 16, 2011

    i don’t care about J.Lo or really what she does but… that’s really sad. Those lyrics are kinda like “Wow.” i checked if she wrtoe it and it’s the only song on that album with her name on the writing credits. For pop lyrics those are pretty powerful. Will she ever find true love?

  27. Cray July 16, 2011

    Cant Believe people on Here are Talking about this is ONLY PROMO FOR LOVE?
    STFU! how dare you!

  28. Rican-kid July 17, 2011

    Please her song Starting Over said it all especially her last line!

  29. nice_gurl July 17, 2011

    @JLONATION: I see Bey’s Start Over as more of a song where she’s saying we cannot “let this good love die”, so when they have a fight, they should start over. And I Was Here….I think that after this promotion of the album, she is going to have a family, but surely a few years after she will release another album. Well, i’m hoping.

  30. jesse lopez July 17, 2011

    @ I am clearly she wrote or co wrote this cause it is about all her relationships and love troubles,from diddy to ben to marc. marc does seem like a contolling type but I want say that he is because I haven’t seen it only jlo seems kinda timid and submissive(not particularly a bad thing) around him but in control alone.

  31. jesse lopez July 17, 2011

    ^^@I am shesdumb

  32. jloration July 17, 2011

    @NICEGURL Good point, thanks 😉
    @ ASAP Ditto

    jenniferlopezonline >>> on islanddefjam dotcom

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