What Can Brandy Do To Get Back On Top?

Published: Tuesday 2nd Aug 2011 by David

With an upcoming spot on talent show ‘Majors & Minors’ and a new tell all documentary on the way, it seems that Brandy Norwood is  trying to make her way back to the forefront of music debate.

For after a difficult last few years riddled with poor album sales, intense personal drama and well documented label disputes, there is no denying that many of her ever loyal fans are hoping that upcoming years will serve to mark a more positive time for the performer.

We here at ThatGrapeJuice HQ are curious to know one thing.

What can Brandy do to get back on top?…

Creatively ground breaking and one of the many faces at the forefront of 90s Pop culture, Ms. Norwood rose to fame as a crossover teen sensation in the early 90s.

Gracing our ears with her unique tone and dominating our screens with the hit show ‘Moesha‘,  the ‘Never Say Never’ singer found herself at the heart of the international music scene.

R&B enough to enjoy the embrace of urban audiences but clean cut and radio friendly enough to easily cement herself as a certified Pop sensation.

However, later years brought difficulties in the form of the Beyonce‘s and Ashanti‘s of the world, which saw the entertainer go from an honored member of the  R&B royal family to the struggling less popular alternative.

Unable to compete with the chart successes of the fresher counterparts that she herself inspired.

With what many refer to as ‘real R&B’ gaining recent notoriety with the recent releases of Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland and Monica, is there enough room for Brandy in today’s charts?

If  Brandy’s team  came to you for advice, exactly what direction would you advise them to take with regards to her next album?

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  1. movieman August 2, 2011

    nothing ha career ended the day moesha got cut, oh she also a killa and going to hell

  2. FLOPRIAH August 2, 2011

    her career dead, like the woman she killed, 6 feet under, booboo.

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN August 2, 2011

    Euro Pop baby! It did wonders for Katy Perry, Rihanna and Kelly Rowland. Look how well ‘When Love Takes Over’ did.

    NOW U SAID IT ALL.go the easy route like the other untalented girls and #BOOM

  4. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 2, 2011

    Brandy needs to stay true to herself…….r&b

  5. yo mama August 2, 2011

    idk honey my be go get a real Job!

  6. Creole Boy August 2, 2011

    Her career is over despite her talent* which is debatable because her live showings where often terrible, and she herself is uninteresting and safe and we all know that for some reason now personality is apart of sales, to me she can take two routes…she can go back to acting or she can do gay club music cause the gays seem to love her. (yes i’m aware straight people do too but enough of them are not buying her music )

  7. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 2, 2011

    TGJ why do u guys constantly compare artist wen ur tryin to make an argument???

    Oh yeah – to start stan wars

  8. JJFAN1814 August 2, 2011

    She needs the right material. I don’t want her to jump on the pop/dance train where I’m sure she can get a hit given the proper producers and writers, but when it comes to R&B, you gonna need more than just a hit to sell albums.

    R&B is a tough genre to compete in when it comes to success. Unless your Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Usher, Chris Brown…It’s hard to sell and have success because they have a huge fan base.

    She needs to pour EMOTION and HARD WORK in a song. She needs to write about what she wants, which is success. People want to hear emotion to connect to it, that’s how albums sell…i.e. “21”, “4”, “F.A.M.E.”, “Element of Freedom”

    If she can have the right melody, lyrics and a producer to connect with her…She will see success again. If Kelly can get success with Motivation being a top 20 hit, Brandy can too…But she better follow up on the chart success with hard-core promotion. Don’t let a song try to sell an album, s*** don’t work.

  9. JER August 2, 2011

    she NEEDS to quit releasing singles that sound like B-sides. and quit doing what Mariah did in the late 90’s early 00’s… all that whispery s***. Come out and SING… quit trying to be all smooth ALL the time. Brandy’s always taken a page from Prince and been funky and smooth, but PLEASE GRRRL bring something edgy and rough.

  10. Tc23 August 2, 2011

    I’m not even gona address the ignorance in the first two comments I’ve come to realize some ppl are misreable human beings .. Anyway ur right brandy has inspired soo many ppl do u remember rihanna sayin how she had afrodisiac on repeat while recording good girl gone bad and the praises from almost every female rnb artist coming up .. Brandy needs to do xactly what monica did and that’s go back to her roots!! Human she tried to soften it with rnb/pop and me a fan didn’t think it was up to par with wat she can do vocally (and anyone who knows her catalouge knows she can do a hell of a lot) .. Brandy will always be one hit away from the top her voice is so distinct there is NO ONE like brandy and the industry needs her back asap

  11. YeaBey Is Heartless NOW DEAL! August 2, 2011

    @FLOPRIAH WOW thats not even FUNNY!…….AT ALL….there is opinions and negative comments but that was just STRAIGHT UP MEAN and UNCALLED for


    Brandy should do Urban/R&B Music with Pop undertones…Her voice will fit those type of records…She should not do EURO POP because she wont be able to show the FULL capabilities of her voice and it will be easily overshadowed by the beat!


    and as for Bran-Nu….she can even channel her in a few songs…if done right they could SMASH!!! hard!!!

  12. YeaBey Is Heartless NOW DEAL! August 2, 2011

    Look at the POLL that sam made…..he obviously wants some Kelly stans to come in here and start trouble…smh

  13. Nathan August 2, 2011

    Brandy can come back.
    All she needs is a GREAT song. And STOP taking LONG BREAKS. That’s been her problem.

  14. truthis August 2, 2011

    Brandy needs to be herself POINT BLANK, she comes across as Fake sometimes and her self esteem issues dont help…She has a nice voice and can appeal to a decent audience. Sorry to say this but the recent stuff i been hearing seems brandy tryin to go with the formula monica went with…(Jrecords her new label and now she doing a documentary similar to the single,monica first show before her reality show), It worked for monica cause that just what it was for MONICA…Find your own lane and way to do things for yourself brandy..AND do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel she will do decent and make some noise but she needs to reinvent overall and not go down someone elses road!!

  15. B4REAL02 August 2, 2011

    I agree with some stay true to your roots go the R&B route but come with strong vocals and stop whispering like Janet Jackson. I know she has it in her I have seen the Bathroom videos on youtube, hell I was shocked to know she could do all the runs and project as well as she did.

    So get the right producers and writers and come back Bigger than Life!!!!

  16. prince August 2, 2011

    im soirry but alot od pple think she jus needs a hit single and she will make a return but thats not true…I think the closest artist to brandy is Kelly rowland in terms of popularity, but the problem with that is kelly had a huuuge summer hit and did absolutely nothing for her. she still onlky sold 70,000 copies of her cd. I just think and im a huge brandy fan that she shldnt be trying to recapture major spotligh success cuz shes competing with too many people, instead she jus needs to make music for her fans cuz she love doing it. I think her mahor superstardom is over

  17. Eric Armand August 2, 2011

    Brandy’s selling point is her voice; she is the VOICE of her generation and has inspired so many of our singers today! Everyone in the music business knows she can’t be touched, but now it is time again to show that to the world. If we emphasize Brandy’s vocal abilities, everything else will fall into place. I am 100% behind her, as will be all other true R&B fans! #GOBRAN!

  18. yo mama August 2, 2011

    but I have to say Brandy is a better singer then kelly.

  19. Kerry Johnson August 2, 2011

    brandy should kiss me, than she’ll be back on top 🙂

  20. Kerry Johnson August 2, 2011

    Kiss me


    Like I said with Ciara,I’ll say with Brandy

    DON’T GO POP!!!

  22. eded August 2, 2011

    Point blank, Brandy has helped pave the way. She was one of the first girls that were a multi- media sensation. (black or white). She has sold over 30 million records, a covergirl, with sucess in TV, movies and endorsements with even a barbie doll, all done at a time when there were real power house artists out like MJ, Whitney and MAriah and Celine. All brandy needs is the marketing and promotion dollars as we all know thats what it takes to make a persons name BIG. Her music is ground breaking and trendsetting, she has osund all her own. She needs to preparing herself to come back as a world class performer.

  23. Vg August 2, 2011

    @Prince Kellys never had the solo career brandy had .. Brandy was everywhere she was a covergirl!! I love kelly but u can’t compare the too brandy has proven herself as a legitimate makertable artist while kelly is still on the come up 3 albums in

  24. ohyeah August 2, 2011

    She is also going to be on “Drop Dead Diva” for three episodes and will be back as a regular next season

  25. Beano August 2, 2011

    Stop singing in her nose and so deep. Start using her upper register more. Get confident!

  26. ohyeah August 2, 2011

    @beano I agree with you.

  27. MISHKA August 2, 2011

    What’s up with those “special polls” lately TGJ? Are you getting paid by labels or something? lol Anyway…

    Brandy has been around since 20 years. I don’t know a single person born before 1990 who wasn’t a fan of Brandy circa 1995-1998. She’s a talented and award winning singer. She was THE black teen star. In her case, it’s no longer about proving her skills, it’s about remaining relevant. She needs to do what Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg or Diddy do since 20 years: always reinventing themselves, working with new producers/songwriters/DJ, singing duets with hot newcomers.

    As an established act, it’s all about keeping her name out there.

  28. Dave August 2, 2011

    @FRED OMG she’s a beast and to beano it takes confidence to commit to runs like that and kill it everytime .. The industry NEEDS brandy desperately ughhh

  29. MrBeyonceFAN August 2, 2011


  30. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 2, 2011

    when I see real talented females like brandy getting passed over for some other chick who cant sing or dance..man, that s*** kills me..

    please brandy stick to R&B, do not crossover to that dance crap…

    my heart goes out to her

  31. Susan August 2, 2011

    @FRED how she snatched a few wigs with that showing soundin better in her bathroom then most sound on stage …. Smh

  32. Warren August 2, 2011

    I voted for the third option.

    clearly the best one.

    The genre is not the most important thing to be a hit artist.

    The most important thing is to release the BIGGEST singles possible, whatever the genre is.

    She has to push the producers to give her their best. If she gets that, she will be on top easily.

    But on other side, she is at another point in her career right now, she has the new reality, her documentary, her Drop dead diva episodes, some hype after Family Business and Dancing with the stars…

    with a strong first single, she will be top 10 easily. both album and single charts.

  33. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 2, 2011

    R n’b with some pop elements is the way to go (urban pop but with more r’n’b’ and less pop).That’s what she’s good at, that’s what’s been successful for her and that’s what I would personally like to hear.However, her comeback is not just about the material.She should be a bit more present (she COMPLETELY abandoned ‘Blue Moon’ because of her pregnancy, which is normal, but then she neither resumed nor release sth else for 2 years and then she delayed ‘Human’ a lot too.)And if she thinks that she can’t dance, she shouldn’t try to, like she tried to do with the promo for ‘Talk About Our Love’

  34. Joy August 2, 2011

    Everyone is doing RNB, I think public got lost in what is Brandy’s exact lane. Being though she was always a little more mainstream and less convincing as a total urban artist. Artist like Beyonce Adele Monica etc. all does what she does on both ends of the spectrum but better and better vocals.

  35. Bite me August 2, 2011

    Yall are some terrible people up here… u claiming she going to hell? as if God isnt watching u pass judgement on her?

    As far as her music goes… brandy will forever be America’s Sweetheart! All it takes it a hot singles and its a wrap…

    For u saying her career is over…

    Give it 2 more months and u will be hanging on to her beef curtains…. Fickle ass haters

  36. BrandyFan August 2, 2011

    Filming Moesha kept Brandy from really honing her stage skills the way other artist, like Beyonce, did. Brandy has singing downpat; however, performing has not been her strong suit. She needs to REALLY emphasize the stage aspect of selling music. We all KNOW she can sing, that’s not the issue. Can she take the stage and make us LOVE her? That’s the task

  37. VA STAND UP!! August 2, 2011

    Oh here we go again, another ‘what can they do to get their career back’ post and this time it about Brandy.

    Brandy used to be my GIRL back in the day! She was my favorite singer and I still listen to her first two albums all the time! I really don’t think there is anyone in the industry that has a voice like hers. It’s so unique.

    We know Brandy has still got her voice from her Youtube video’s that she has posted so her talent is still there it’s just what do we do with it. I definitely don’t want to see her doing that Euro Pop sound. I don’t think it suits her voice, it’s too deep & soulful. Monica had a very successful r&b album and she didn’t have to go pop.Brandy can do it too if she just has the right material and work with good producers & song writers that can give her the material that suits her voice.

    I would love to see her work with Rodney Jerkins again, Ne Yo, maybe The Dream ( no matter what people think of him he is a hit maker) and Timbaland & Missy. I defintely think Tim & Missy can give her the type of material that is more modern and will appeal to mainstream.

    All & all it just depends on the music and whether or not people will actually go out & BUY the album to support her. She can have a few successful singles but album sales are another thing especially for r&b artist. I think she has a audience and people want to see her do well, but if she doesn’t have the music to get people’s attention she’ll never truly have a ‘comeback’.

    I also think that new talent show she is gonna be on will also help get her out there.

  38. Ruff August 2, 2011

    I LOOVE brandy since day ONE.

    I feel like she´s loosing her harmonies on the past cds. I used to love her voices coming together with the heavy darkchild beats, but they now desappeared…

    Darkchild only makes pop/europop now and the songs she made seems to doesnt have all the vocals she used to put in the beggining…

    I remember putting my best headphone to listen to all the voices backgroundson on the songs, the tracks were linked, the album was pure ART….

    COME BACK WITH THAT BRANDY. Nobody EVER did that like you did.

    I´ll be waiting cause I believe in you.

    And I’m one of your stars!!

  39. Davey1 August 2, 2011

    NO ONE does rnb like brandy by readin these comments ppl need to be reminded .. There’s a difference between bein a technically good singer (which brandys harmonies and arrangments are literally on another level all together) but tappin into a song and really singing it like it means something is brandys specialty .. I hear from the grapevine that’s xactly what she’s goin for this time and I couldn’t be happier .. Ppl need a wake up call to how great of an artist brandy truely is

  40. Imgunnacheckuboo August 2, 2011

    To me it is not IF BUT HOW YOU FLOP.

    Every artist flops eventually. Whether or not you flop loudly is a great indicator of your odds of a comeback.

    Mariah had one of the biggest flops ever. It got more attention than some of her previous hits. Not to mention her personal turmoil. All that kept the public’s interest until she could eventually return in a HUGE way.

    If Xtina hadn’t had such a huge flop of a year or so then I’d be questioning whether or not she could come back but I’d put her whole flop/meltdown on par with Mariah’s. All she needs to do is deliver some quality material.

    BRANDY HOWEVER IS A DIFFERENT STORY. She has been flopping for years now. Her reality show flopped, her albums have flopped and not a soul could be bothered to even mention it.

    She killed someone and still barely got a headline. I just think people are over her. Period.

    A hit is possible because they always are but as far as a MAINSTREAM career, in the vein of Rihanna or King B? NOT HAPPENING.

  41. jamir21: I STAN 4 THE BEEHIVE&THE NAVY !!!! August 2, 2011

    She should stick to her roots and do R&B !
    Leave the Euro thing to Rihanna, Katy, Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki and Britney !!

  42. honeydip August 2, 2011


  43. Edward Ponton August 2, 2011

    She has to REINVENT!!! Thats all.. Make a great single and she’s on her way in my opinion

  44. lola August 2, 2011

    she looks evil in this pic, its the eyes

  45. Imgunnacheckuboo August 2, 2011

    SMH @ my own damn self for this: “She killed someone and still barely got a headline. I just think people are over her. Period.”

    I read that back and winced. lol

  46. Susanna August 2, 2011

    take a break and come back…u have to let people forget you and all the thoughts they already have formed about you…like trying to get back with an ex too soon..
    5 Reasons White People STILL #Winning http://goo.gl/tWVcq <MUST See crazy

  47. Dante J August 2, 2011

    She needs the right promo.
    Human was not pushed as it shouldve been
    I don’t get where everyone saying it didn’t have the right material… It did
    It was barely promoted. 1 Trl performance and BET concert and that was it
    Long distance came out and NOTHING…

    If her team handles her right
    She’ll be back where she needs to be

  48. trucieb August 2, 2011

    nothing. she can’t do anything to get back on top but do Brandy. Chips will fall where they may. You can’t make consumers love you. It’s a natural thing. Besides she’s already been on top. Has had a great career and I don’t really understand why she’s trying so hard all of a sudden. She trying to cater to completely different genre of listeners. They don’t know a thing about Brandy’s music. They don’t know anything about good music.

  49. todd August 2, 2011

    @Movieman and @ Flopriah……really need to grow up, Brandy didnt kill the lady, and her career will be fine cuz she has talent, and y comment if ur not a Brandy fan? If you hate her keep it moving!!!

  50. VA STAND UP!! August 2, 2011

    Eric Armand
    August 2, 2011 at 1:33 pm
    Brandy’s selling point is her voice; she is the VOICE of her generation and has inspired so many of our singers today! Everyone in the music business knows she can’t be touched, but now it is time again to show that to the world. If we emphasize Brandy’s vocal abilities, everything else will fall into place. I am 100% behind her, as will be all other true R&B fans! #GOBRAN!


    Um…’voice of her generation’?! I don’t know about all of that. And if she ‘couldn’t be touched’ then I don’t think she would be in the predicament she is in now. Clearly the likes of Beyonce, Alicia Keys & even Rihanna have accomplished what Brandy has and even more. Brandy is talented and all but she is really gonna have to step her game up if she wants to be in the same playing field with the chicks in the Game today.

    I think you were reaching a bit with that comment.

  51. Lucifer August 2, 2011

    She cannot let Monica be the only 1 still making hits, now can she? Perhaps she could be the hook girl for someone popular right now – just to get her name back out there.

  52. JP August 2, 2011

    I love Brandy.

    Full Moon is still one of the most underrated albums to date. Whatever Brandy does, I’m going to buy it, but I’d prefer she go for more of an edgy pop sounds as opposed to R&B. Human is probably my least favorite Brandy album, but I play it over and over again.

    All of Brandy’s albums are top-notch but her talent is just not being rewarded in today’s music industry. Def anticipating her next album! I love the things she does with her voice.

  53. 4evercHaZzY August 2, 2011

    Brandy can be back – but if we would know what to do – we would be on the way ^^ I think she needs some real mainstream. Something easy on th ears like a summer song, but stll with he talent and flavor. I am not sure, I love her to be her but she needs some mainstream like The Boy Is Mine did back then. For real, talent doesn’t count today in Europe, with exceptions like Bey, Alicia etc. they have it all and Brandy can BE it all.

    And stop the murder-hate – I have been in a situation like this and it’s enough already ! Haters are blind and just believe the media … dumb …

    Brandy – we love you – you’ll do it !

  54. Kellymotivation August 2, 2011

    Get back on top of what????

    B**** looks like a frog with make-up……..

    Maybe she is better off releasing a s**-tape like her brother


  55. The Naked Truth August 2, 2011

    She needs to Stick to R&B!!!

    She still has some more Hits left in her!

  56. Kellymotivation August 2, 2011

    And she did kill that lady…it might not have been directly but she killed that women indirectly……Either way you look at it, SHE’S A MURDERER.

  57. Almond Joy August 2, 2011

    She really thinks she can be a major star when she is nothing more that an Amerie, Kelis or Keri Hilson aka supporting player. She was only big in the 90’s due to her acting and having better management than Aaliyah & Monica. As soon as DC rose to fame then Brandy became less vital and soon after, Ashanti snatched her wig and never gave it back until Murder Inc closed. Monica is a traditional R&B singer and will always have a career if she continues to play her part. Brandy isn’t traditional, she’s commercial so that mean she has to keep up with whatever is hot to compete. Well she can’t which is why she has been such a failure as an adult.

    She relies so heavily on producers to craft her albums that you really don’t know how talented Brandy is or who she really is as an artist. She seems lost she can either make an album like Kelly Rowland or at the very least be the female Drake / Frank Ocean.

  58. Ned23 August 2, 2011

    NO ONE does rnb like brandy by readin these comments ppl need to be reminded .. There’s a difference between bein a technically good singer (which brandys harmonies and arrangments are literally on another level all together) but tappin into a song and really singing it like it means something is brandys specialty .. I hear from the grapevine that’s xactly what she’s goin for this time and I couldn’t be happier .. Ppl need a wake up call to how great of an artist brandy truely is

  59. savt1st August 2, 2011

    she had her moment in pop culture already, and her prime years are over…………….

  60. Remey August 2, 2011

    It’s hard to say stay in the R&B lane because what R&B artist (besides a few) have just dominated the charts? The ones that had success (Beyonce, J. Hud, Chris Brown) don’t really have a specific formula. R&B hasn’t enjoyed much chart/commercial success like Pop and Euro Pop has. This leaves Brandy with one of two options: Reinvent/New Sound or Stay R&B. There’s not really a winning solution.

    If she reinvents her sound and goes Pop, she risks losing long time fans. This will result in potentially an okay single on the charts, but not enough to push an album. Remember, loyal fans are what drive album sales. Trends are what drive singles on the charts. Look at Beyonce and Rihanna. Beyonce’s “4” singles are not really doing well on the charts, but her album is #1 simply because her fans are loyal. Rihanna’s album did okay, but her singles are killing the charts because her music appeals to the current trends.

    Staying R&B keeps fans…but only the ones that she’s been able to keep up to now. She probably won’t gain any new ones…This route only guarantees her mediocre success as oppose to a complete train wreck. So….either way has its pit falls.

  61. Set it Straiter August 2, 2011


    One of the best comments so far, and with that..I really just want brandy to act like the superstar that she became by herself… drop the past..pick up the future…bring some dance-heat to the stage.. work wid Frank Ocean, that Poo bear producer guy..

    as for her material,any stringed- type instrument lining the melody, and sitting beneath her vocals seems to be the perfect production direction she should take for this album..


  62. Susan August 2, 2011

    @ALMOND JOY I can’t even begin to dissect all that is wrong with that post .. “She relies so heavily on producers” hav u heard a brandy album in ur life .. She uses her voice as an instrument!! Her harmonies her arrangemnts her adlibs are UNMATCHED I advise u to go listen to her song a capella (somethings missing) where the only instrument is a 20 second guitar riff and she uses her voice as ALL the other instruments and completely shits on ppl with full orchestras.. Rihanna talked about how she played afrodisiac on on repeat when recording good girl gone bad .. Chris brown said on twitter a year ago he was vibin in the studio to unreleased brandy songs she’s a beast!! “Direct quote” .. And I LOVEEE u mentioned ashanti who has said COUNTLESS times brandys never say never album was inspirational to her ..her last LP human was to pop and she’s not a pop artist she’s a classic rnb singer who needs to go back to her roots .. .. I agree with ned23 brandy u need to come back asap cuz these ppl need to be reminded how great and inspriring u are and hav been to the industry

  63. credits August 2, 2011

    @TC23 ……..is it possible that you could be that TC?!?!?! the singer/songwriter, the one who wrote acapella on brandy’s human??????????????????

    Brandy is amazing!!! like no other. To the staff at thatgrapejuice, i want you guys to dig into her catalogue of unreleased material, even when she is not at the forefront, Great music is leaking from brandy, left, right and center. Make a post about these songs. “THE BEST YOU NEVER HEARD” isn’t that what you guys call it? ‘perfect love’ ‘drum life’ ‘right here ft. ne-yo’ there are soooooo many!!!!!!!!!

  64. antertain August 2, 2011

    She got soul she can kill an R&B track.
    some of the greatest harmonies in the game PERIOD!
    Writing ability and ability to make sick dance tracks (sweet nothings, drumlife)

    Urban is where her main basis should grace, HOWEVER she can also carefully place some crossover sounding songs (2-3) as long as flows with the album.

    R&B banger and a ballad to kick start this next phase of bringing the package and BRAND which is Brandy.

    It’s just gotta have the right feel and textures to keep it interesting cus with Human it was quaility written and sounds but tooo mellow with wrong singles and lacked a R&B core.

    Brandy has the qualities, so like i said in a previous post its about fine tuning the right balance.

  65. nikki August 2, 2011

    Stick with the R&B…step out of her comfort zone and try some new producers…

  66. credits August 2, 2011

    @almond joy

    are you crazy, you just said brandy relies heavily on producers to craft her albums when it is the exact opposite. Producers have relied heavily on her talents to craft masterpieces. Listen to timbaland’s “whenever you like’ where brandy IS THE BEAT. Would Darkchild be where is today if he never worked with brandy back in the day????

  67. Almond Joy August 2, 2011

    Darkchild worked with Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige before Trandy…. he was gonna be a super-producer regardless.

    Her voice is drowning in autotune with a nasty vibrato on Something Is Missing. She is merely a muse aka a vice for a producer to show off his fancy beats and showcase his crew of songwriters.

    I could careless about who she supposedly inspired. Rihanna is a joke, Chris Brown is p*** poor singer and Ashanti who? The girl that snatched Brandy out the game in 2002 with Foolish. LMAO Trandy fans are so delusional. She committed murder and yall have the nerve to call her innocent.

  68. MrIncredible August 2, 2011

    WTF… Kelly Rowland has been credited with bringing back real r&b… i missed that.

  69. Sam August 2, 2011

    @almondjoy brandy uses autotune!!!!!! Hahahahaha wow ur right someone is delusional here .. Like u really cnt believe wat ur sayin I mean seriously … wowwww

  70. Ben24 August 2, 2011

    @Almond Joy
    soo ignorant get used to it LOL sayin she’s a muse for a producer is right (I think u dnt kno the definiton of muse which doesn’t suprise me at all) muse is inspiration and yess producers are HEAVILY inspired by brandy .. Babyface has said if he had to work with one artist for the rest of his career it would be brandy .. USHER who I dare u to day is a p*** poor singer has said how he’s been tryin to get in the studio for an official duet .. John legend who again I dare u to even question his musical ability sought out brandy for a duet on his last album and they created the MASTERPIECE that is quickly I advise u to go listen no autotune there honey .. R u sittin on ur keyboard cuz u really seem to be talkin out of ur ass

  71. iloverihanna>beyonceislame August 2, 2011

    I’m sorry to say but just cuz your talented doesn’t always mean you’ll be on top. Beyonce was one of the lucky ones of course. And Rihanna we just think she is cute and makes fun music!!! Brandy is a great r&b singer but she needs to get more pop!!!!

  72. Dennis August 2, 2011

    She needs to sign to an independent label and make music for her. Being on top isn’t the be all and end all, sometimes being on top is crap music.

  73. iloverihanna>beyonceislame August 2, 2011

    to that person that mentioned adele. She’s not an r&b singer. She’s blues!

  74. iloverihanna>beyonceislame August 2, 2011

    Adele is on top she’s not crap music. Sometimes, yes. But it’s all about promotion that determines whether or not you will get the recognition and sales you deserve as an artist.

  75. Tristan August 2, 2011

    I honestly believe Brandy can be back on top, being that she has the ability to touch so many people with her unique voice. Her music is unique as well hence ‘Full Moon’ and ‘Afrodisiac’, but I think after Brandy went through that spell of the lying about the marriage, the car accident, and the label disputes, it’s been a task for her to find her brand and where she exactly stands in today’s music scene. I honestly think Brandy going back to her R&B roots is more than a smart idea and I think she’ll be able to make a splash on the urban charts as well as mainstream. She’s that kind of artist and for those who keep saying Brandy needs to do pop, she’s done pop hence 2008’s ‘Human’, where it was a mixture of R&B and pop and it has that commercial sound going on, but people weren’t receptive towards and that’s CLEAR being that it only managed to sale a little over 200K. I wish Brandy the best.

  76. Brian August 2, 2011

    Ok. Brandy has an imeasurable talent of a voice with incomarable control and multifaceted layers of tone and harmony’s! Producers and singers all over the world will tell you this. The problem is in this 2005 – current era of the industry African American female artists (especially) in order to reach the success that Brandy once had, have to sell s**, period. The videos must be s** driven, the lyrics etc. I mean come on everybody Kelly Rowlands HIT Motivation is just as raunchy as it gets, it was only until she stooped to that level that she has new found relevance. Music is not the same ppl . Brandy’s has never had a bad CD foreal.. The singing , harmony’s and production has been above par. The issue is that honesty the general public is dumbed down now to s** on a platter and gimmicks that last for 2 weeks. They are not as open mined and conscious (really listening to meaning of words in song). BRandy should not be concerned with chasing that same high of popularity because she is not gonna take off her clothes and show crotch shots and stipper moves (beyonce/rihanna). She is not a white girl that they can slap on a pop track. She should stick to R&B , flood TV with her presents and keep it pushing . She has millions of fans… fans that will cuz yo ass out if you even think about disrepecting the road that she has paved for so many

  77. I’madiva August 2, 2011

    She needs to stick to real R&B no pop like songs bcuz that will only turn r&B fans off. Every song on the album must be “hit” potential & she has to make songs that will be played on the radio! It definitely has to be Trendy r&b/hiphop flava! Go the Monica or Marsha Ambrosious route…. I was thinking she should do a song like Kelly Rowland’s Motivation but Brandy really can’t do s*** songs bcuz she’s not really s***…

  78. KNUCK August 2, 2011

    Queen Ghandy rayALLAH Norwood will have no problems.. I’m sick of this speculation. These long breaks really has people’s wigs dry as STRAW. Fools are forgetting the force that she really is and that her music doesn’t sound like anybody else’s!!!! She needs to hurry up because these damn kids have forgotten who she is! She is very youthful and can give sensation once again, whereas Monica gives old lady teas, no shade because I love her. A new set of teenagers shape radio every 3 or 4 years (just like the amount of time you stay in middle school or high school). So by the time the next set comes up nobody knows who Brandy is because she stays gone for 4 years!

  79. Heavy Metal Lover August 2, 2011

    Brandy can definitely make a comeback, she’s only 32 so why are people counting her out. She’s inspired so many of today’s artists such as Beyonce, Ciara, Brandy, Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Jazmine Sullivan and Amerie have all said Brandy has influenced them. Brandy has a very edgy, raspy voice that spans close to 3.5 octaves, so she has the voice, she’s a very good performer and when she does write her material, it’s great. Brandy and Never Say Never are still two of best R&B albums I’ve ever heard, especially Never Say Never and when you’re fave can sell 16 million with one album like she did with that album, holla at me. Full Moon was a great album and Afrodisiac still ranks as one of the best reviewed albums of 2000s decade. That album is a classic, as well as Never Say Never. All Brandy has to due is find that Urban/Pop sound but with not as much Pop. Brandy, Ciara and Ashanti are all in the same boat and their all gonna find land very soon, especially Ciara.

  80. NICK August 2, 2011

    BRANDY IS SO UNDER-RATED!!! 1 of the BEST REAL R & B DIVAS PERIOD!!!! EVERY ALBUM HAS BEEN AMAZING (2 me), I LOVE EVERYTHING SHE DOES!!!! I hate to say this, BUT it is over for her tho, I mean loo k@ Kelly with a banger like Motivation & only sold 70sumthin thousand????!!!! no no no balck music is dead honey, even Beyonce lost a few fans (which I do NOT understand), BUT hey it is all about the Katy Perrys/Laga Gagas, NOT B/C they r good r better, BUT B/C white folk support they people. CHILE AINT NO BLACK PEOPLE BUYIN MUSIC NO MORE!!!! sad BUT true!!!! LOVE BRANDY THO I WILL BUY ANYTHING SHE DOES, I am about to look up Moesha on dvd now actually, hahaha, LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!

  81. Cam August 2, 2011

    Keep looking like she does in that photo above, come with an Afrodisiac/AAliyah type album, make sure the first and second singles are a smash and she will soar.

  82. Audreanna Jennnings August 2, 2011

    For the first few comments that said brandy is a killer and her career is over yall b****** need to get a life and stop being a hater cause she didnt kill nobody and her career definitely isnt over its sad people say things to make themselves look good but yall really making yall self look bad and I wonder if it was you or sumdody in your family in the same position brandy was in would yall like it if sumbody call you a murder even though it wasnt your fault so grow the f*** up and yall need to stop bringing up her past and it really doesnt matter wat yall think or say about her she have alot of fans that got her back so you or your lil negative comments are NON MUTHA-F****** FACTORS

  83. b**** please August 2, 2011

    That is what makes teh industry so sad least to say. People write you off before you can even start. They did it with even the so-called king Bey when she sacked her daddy and despite not so well single she went on to release 4 which has already gone platinum. Brandy ain’t going no where so you better believe that and deal with it.
    Most of the people she started with ain’t even getting a job let alone a record deal and maybe Jive beleive anything is possible that is why they’ve given her the second chance to once again make it. Before you hatez can go further with you negetive views just remember that anything is possible so Never Say Never!

  84. BRockahstan4eva August 2, 2011



  85. brandy fan from brazil August 2, 2011

    wow!!! I can’t beleive how some people can be so negetive about the queen of rnb, Brandy. This is woman is known like everywhere in the world and yet people are talking like she never even made it in the industry before. #starz all we need to do is to go on facebook on her page, twitter and most importantly support that album when it comes out cuz I don’t see why she should be left out when certain persons can spit and still get #1. All Brandy need is her fans to support her period!!!!!!!

  86. kwame August 2, 2011

    Brandy is a beast and will never let anything come between her amd me. I will also support her forever. Its very good to have both positve and negetive comment because going one sided would’ve been very bad. Go Brandy.

  87. vocal bible August 2, 2011


  88. ICON IN OUR GENERATION August 2, 2011

    Brandy no matter what everyone especially those narrow minded folks says you are always an icon due to how you’ve touched so many hearts since coming in the industry over couple decades now. keep your head up and so far as you’re still alive there’s always hope to make a difference.
    Long live Brandy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Brandy fan from uk August 2, 2011

    Brandy does not need to do anything to come back on top except a massive promotion and teh fan supporting her that’s all.

  90. xfactor August 2, 2011

    Yayy brandy os getting those haters made like crazy..lol

    #starz just support brandy and she will always go back on top.

  91. king b August 2, 2011

    brandy will always be here so haters stay mad.

  92. kelly August 2, 2011


  93. ASHANTI August 2, 2011

    Brandy is already a winner so deal with it.

  94. monicastan August 2, 2011

    brandy has always be my idol after ofcourse Monica. I love these two women like crazy. Brandy will be back on top again soon if we support her like anything.

  95. tc August 2, 2011


  96. 4EVERLOVE August 2, 2011


  97. ThatsRightiWentThere August 2, 2011

    she can sell her soul just like everybody ELSE in the industry…so stay tuned for the very dark n demonic freaky lookin brandy coming soon…just watch.

  98. nice_gurl August 3, 2011

    She needs to stay with R&B because her trying to do europop will only make matters worse and she will lose fans. She needs to promote like crazy and just bring great material.

  99. Butch August 3, 2011

    What sets Brandy apart from most of these artist today is her soultry voice, she needs to stick with the R & B sound

  100. Moni August 3, 2011

    she needs to do the kind of music she loves to do. that’s music with meaning, and music that inspires and touches people. these girls in pop don’t put out that kind of music. it sucks. so Brandy, please don’t go that way. they sold out for the love of money. please don’t do that!

  101. Moni August 3, 2011

    she needs to promote big time. let the people know that love you know you’re back and that you still have it. focus on the people that love it. the ones that don’t will not buy your album anyways. screw them! 🙂

  102. Moni August 3, 2011

    and top tryin’ to be “on top” again. just do you!!!! these girls sold the hell out for money. you see what they are doin’? takin’ the clothes off on stage. barely wearing a damn thing girl. don’t do that. don’t let the industry make you into that kind of artist sistah!

  103. Brandone August 3, 2011

    She needs to stick to her R&B roots. She needs to go back to the braids, because that’s what she was known for. And she needs a reality show. Reality television is the new thing…I love Brandy and I hope she makes the right decisions. She deserves to be on the same par with Usher, Monica, Mariah, Beyonce, etc… Love Brandy and much success to you.

  104. jg August 4, 2011

    ALL u haters shut the f*** up, cause u dont know what u are talking about… brocka is the s***, and thats why u fuckers are hating!!!!smh… i think bran’s going in the right directiion with the show, going bac to r&b and rock the braids,,,,,,cause thats what people remember u for,. u can change up just a little… But bring some of the 90’s bac in because thats where u started from,,,u and monica….ex…..just like monica brought bac the short look,,,,,B u just rock dem braids….. And the voice is already ready……………….

  105. Vee August 4, 2011

    Brandy is an RandB Queen!!! Beautiful voiice! She just needs to release the right singles and get the right amount of promotion, with this album release singles like water, she CAN and WILL get back to the top!!!!

  106. Ray August 5, 2011

    Brand is in the same boat that Ginuwine in on the man side of R&B and really what brandy need to do is go back to her old root making songs like Almost Doesn’t Count & Have You Ever and also start to work with other top singer, Look at Monica just few year ago she was the same way and now she back in business, that what brandy need to do to get known in Music world again.

  107. Ray August 5, 2011

    Everybody talking about Brandy and what she need to do but where our girl MYA

  108. Mary August 6, 2011

    All of you broke A@@ idiots talking about Brandy and her career, Brandy can sing rings around Beyonce, Monica and Rhianna! These none talended freaks will do anything to sell a record. Brandy sweetheart, stay true to form and do your R&B singing. Keep rocking that straight long hair, take your time and find the right producers to produce your sound and show all these so called female artist you’re BACK! Not only can Brandy act, but she has soultry voice and sing the dictionary if need be! Keep rocking BRANDMC/BROCKA and show all these broke A@@ critics and these negative A**es you’re on your time not their time. By the way, Brandy can buy all you broke A**es on this website, so stop hating and since some of you haters can talk about Brandy’s career, what can any of you’ll do, can you sing? I thought so, keep on rocking BRANDMC/BROCKA!

  109. xixihaha567 September 10, 2011

    Aw, this was a really fantastic post. In concept Id like to create like this also taking time and real energy to create an outstanding write-up but what can I say I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to get something carried out.

  110. asia fletcher February 24, 2012

    I think brandy should do what she feels and believe in herself she can get back on top r&b style

  111. MARIE April 25, 2014

    What do you mean by “on top”? Look, we have about 50% of the adult population that is functionally illiterate and their music consumption habits are less sophisticated than those who were born in the 70’s and came of age in the 90’s.

    Beyoncé has a behemoth marketing team and budget behind her, so that is a real factor as to attention that is automatically given versus the mental attention and patience it would take to sit your self down and listen to what all is really going on with a song. I’ve noticed that people seem to be kind of falling off Beyoncé a bit though: partially because that is just the nature of the fickle tastes of people consuming entertainment and buying into the artists, but I think it’s also because people can only take so much p**** popping, booty shaking and body swirling as 70 or better percent of most of her performances.

    If you were successful just now at missing the point, you thought what I just wrote was a pit of Brandy against Beyoncé–Uh, no. Just look at the simple fact that the music business is very volatile as it is without the extra complication of barely literate or illiterate, impatient, unsophisticated, hyper-sexualized consumers driving the market and what is considered “hot”.

    For the record, Beyoncé has a strong set of pipes and I am not unaware of her tremendous hard work down through the years, but the fact remains also that I’m seeing more and more people who think her material has become too “hoodrat-ish” of late. There is no one who sounds like Brandy, she has a sick combination of rasp, husk, and smoky in her voice that can sometimes have a “wetness” to her phrasing, she was the first one to start doing all the complicated runs and was way ahead of the whole melisma technique. My boyfriend is from Japan and she is huge out there; when he refreshed my memory about Brandy, (I had fallen off R&B to a great extent because I felt it was too reliant on sexually explicit lyrics and running/riffs and especially falsetto–too many male singers doing it, like a gimmicky formula) it was the first time I really listened to her and I was blown away. And as far as her runs, she doesn’t overdo it, and it’s crisp; my boyfriend said, “She sounds like Autotune” I said “No baby that’s all her, and she sounds even better live!” he said, “Like she’s got it in her throat or something” I said, “Yeah, I think she could tune Autotune!” Then I happened upon her videos singing in the bathroom–WHOO!

    One important lesson as a mature consumer of any kind of entertainment and culture is to realize that just because someone is not the “hottest” or topping the charts or the “it” at a given time, it DOES NOT MEAN that person is not as talented as the one who is. There is a whole marketing and promotion machine that supports artists that make the executives at a label happy by complying and comporting with THEIR vision of what people need or want to hear or what kind of icon they want to place before people, so please keep that in mind. It’s because of shows like The Voice and X Factor and even Idol that we see there are so many extremely talented and even rarely gifted people out there who work at freakin’ TJ Maxx; so it’s good to keep things in perspective.

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