Nicki Minaj Confirms ‘Good Morning America’ Performance

Published: Wednesday 3rd Aug 2011 by David

Some may love her while others may love her less but it seems that no matter what you make of Nicki Minaj there is just no stopping her long line of recent successes.

For Rap’s Mother Superior has just confirmed that she will perform at this coming Friday’s ‘Good Morning America‘ concert.

More information below…

Announcing the news on social networking site Twitter, she revealed:

“Be sure to set your DVR’s to my ‘Good Morning America’ concert in NY barbz! This FRIDAY AUGUST 5th!!!! Check ur local listings!!!”

Currently serving as a supporting act on Britney Spears‘ ‘Femme Fatale Tour‘, the former waitress is expected to perform cuts from her debut LP ‘Pink Friday’ which is the third highest selling LP to be released by a female artist for 2010/2011.


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  1. MusicismyLife August 3, 2011

    Are yall serious….this has been confirmed for months now….lmao yall probably will delete this comment..smh ..yall are like 3 months late with this news

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH August 3, 2011


  3. Legendtina4life August 3, 2011

    Third highest selling LP released by a female from 2010/2011? In what country? Im going to need receipts.

  4. Sam has a small ego (queenbey) August 3, 2011

    *blank stare*

  5. Slaydele, Slay$ha, & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse(Slaying from Heaven) August 3, 2011

    Why on Earth would the book her? Did they not see her BBA performance? They must be trying to attract 14 year old white girls.

  6. MadonnaLover August 3, 2011


  7. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 3, 2011

    smh….She said she was gonna announce a new album in September…Hopefully the hood Nicki that i know and love is on that record and not this gimmick pop one….I mean that wig is unacceptable!!!

  8. RHI RHI IS QUEEN August 3, 2011


  9. Sam has a small ego (queenbey) August 3, 2011

    Summary in Nicki’s performance:

    Bright color stupid lookin outfit

    Talk rappin

    Funny faces

    Hyping her own self up

    Auto-tune (if its Live)

    SN: I wouldnt go to her free concert if U paid me……

    *Nicki Minaj Live performances suck*

  10. Legendtina4life August 3, 2011

    @Rih Rih is Queen
    Has Nicki won a Grammy? Nah
    Has she even been nominated for a Grammy? Nah.

  11. Jane Doe August 3, 2011

    No thank you.

  12. Kisses August 3, 2011

    Rap’s Mother Superior?! Damn TGJ, stop sucking the juices out of Nicki’s cooch. She’s doing her thing, no doubt but the girl is not rap. She’s pop. The sooner you all realize that, the sooner you all would stop making asses out of yourselves. All this ass-kissing, and she still hasn’t given you all an interview yet? 😆

  13. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 3, 2011

    Rap’s Mother Superior????
    @TGJ Define ‘rap’

  14. Sam has a small ego (queenbey) August 3, 2011


    (I have been makin typos out da ass lately)


    Dat Nicki is looooooooong gone….

    *grabs tissue box*

  15. Nemo August 3, 2011

    She HAS been nominated for a Grammy -____-

  16. Legendtina4life August 3, 2011

    For a Ludacris song. Good for her!! The majority of the awards she has won are BET related.

  17. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 3, 2011

    LOL!!! YOU STAY CRACKING ME UP….OH well tough titty for me….IDK why is that when people “make it” into the industry they become a total different person musically?

  18. SelenaFabulousGomezFan August 3, 2011


  19. ??? August 3, 2011

    @LEGENDTINA4LIFE She Wasn’t Eligible For Any Grammy’s Of Her Own D*** Head Do Ya Research Her Album Came Out In November 2010 The Dead-Line Was March 2009-September 2010 So Before You D*** Eat & Be All Wrong Do Ya Research !!! So We-ll See February 2012 Who Got Grammy Nominations ?!?!? Where Lil Cripple P**** Kim At Now !!!

  20. Queen Beyonce Stann August 3, 2011

    Seriously, The Only Person TGJ Stans For Who Is Talented Is Bey Everyone Else Is Just Gimmicks!


  21. O S C A R August 3, 2011

    Get that money Nicki! Ima either need “Fly” video soon, or a whole new album. And I’m talking like Ima need them MIXTAPE-Days Nicki!

  22. SelenaFabulousGomezFan August 3, 2011

    Lol Gucci Gucci is higher than Super Bass on iTunes.

  23. SmoothCriminal August 3, 2011

    keep doing your thing nicki,the reality is not everyone is going to like you,but remember there is people out there[including me] who have mad love for you too.

  24. that_lala August 3, 2011

    GO NICKI!!!!

  25. Malibu Barbie August 3, 2011

    SO HER LABEL IS JUST FORICNG HER DOWN OUR THROATS. cool. wont be watching or tuning in. cuz shell wear a lady gaga inspired outfit, a lil kim wig stand there and animate her face while her hypeman does all the work.

  26. TREAL.! August 3, 2011

    LOL.! the kims fans are in the buildinq today.! hahahaha.! anywayz, can’t wait.! nicki is # 3 on billboard hot 100.! so with a performance, it miqht even push it hiqher.! & her album just passed the 1.5 million album sold this week.! LOL.! nicki stay winninq.! can’t wait for the qrammy nominations to come out so it can shut alot of mouths.! : ) TEAM MINAJ.

  27. THE ICONIC LACEFRONCE. August 3, 2011

    Nothing but a waste of space. A gimmick. What a JOKE she is.

  28. HaYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy August 3, 2011


    lol selena could never peak at #4 on the billboard hot 100… or go platnium… and a lot of other things too

  29. THE QUEEN OF MUSIC August 3, 2011

    Well i guess i want have to set my alarm clock. Ill just let her horrid GMA performance b my alarm clock. I bet it will b nothing but delusional people their anyway…..who stan for gimmick b****** like nicki and her bffs S******, R**** and Messha. MESS MESS MESS MESS MESS. I take GMA must havent caught her BB Performance. Robin girl…….this is going to a hot boiling s***** mess.

  30. Malibu Barbie August 3, 2011

    just because someone is actually honest about nicki minaj does not make them a LIL KIM fan!

  31. Malibu Barbie August 3, 2011

    i was shocked ppl still took nicki seriously after that billboard performance she spent most of it trying to throw shade LIL KIM’s way/// she was out of breath, fixing her b*** pads every 5 seconds and tryna keep up with the dance moves! shes WACK! but shes behind young money so regardless of what we think as sam said.. shes still going to make moves that other talented female mc’s should have been making. shes destroying female rap. no1 aint gna take femcees serious after her.

  32. gotterdammerung August 3, 2011

    Malibu Barbie you talking about the Label is forcing Nicki down peoples throats,i am sure that they didn’t hold a gun to your head,and for you on this post are to listen to her music on the radio,are to watch her videos online are on Tv,i don’t mess with alot of artist and no one can make me watch there videos,listen to there music are go on any post that involve them,the thing with you you always have something negative to say about nicki,it,s people like you that is dragging out this beef with kim and nicki when they are off on other stuffs,i bet if you see kim and nicki on a stage hogging and making up, then release a hot @ss collab the next day,you would kill your self,because you would have just lost your reason for leaving…get a grip b****.

  33. Mystery August 3, 2011

    @malibu barbie female rap was destroyed before Nicki came in to revive it. You Know it. Nobody was checking for female rap before Nicki get real with ya selves.

    And haters give her time to get a grammy nomination and other awards, double plat, and other things. The CD just came out the end of last year. It took some Female rappers years to reach double platinum.

    And beyonce fans have no right calling nobody pop, Nicki ‘s doing better than your beloved beyonce these days I guess that’s why you so mad. Huh? A female rapper excelling over “Queen Bey” No?

  34. THE QUEEN OF MUSIC August 3, 2011

    @Malibue Barbie True that! That performance was one of the worst musical performances i have ever saw. She was stiff ass hell, she sounded like Ren from Ren and Stimpy trying to rap and then when Britney came out, she was falling her like she was KIM circa 1998. The whole performance was like s*** n a toilet. These dumbass Garbage Minaji fans thinks, cause she has a platinum album and hit songs…..that shes doing something. Um….when Garbage is still here 5-8years from now and still relevant……thats when Garbage Minaji can be taken seriously and maybe half way comparable to the UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF HIP HOP AND RAP K.I.M!!!!

  35. TREAL.! August 3, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE ; i just said the kim fans was in the buildinq.! thats it.! insecure much.?

    @MALIBU BARBIE & @THE QUEEN OF MUSIC ; its just odd to me how you quyz seem to study ever move nicki makes but you claim to hate her so bad.! i can’t even remember the last performance kim has had.! (if there even was one) but its because i don’t care.! you seem to waste more of your time findinq thinqs to hate nicki on instead of findinq new info on kim & whats she doinq.! (nothinq obviously if you steady on a nicki post).! when you realize that no matter how much shade you people throw, nicki is still qonna be doinq her thinq.! & when you say iqnorant stuff, & then nicki accomplishes somethinq else, we just lauqh.! cause we know at the end of the day, we don’t have to worry if nicki is relevant or not.! cause obviously, she is.! : )

  36. STELLA August 3, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE girl you are always so pressed by the NEW QUEEN of raps POSTS.

    SUPER BASS is #3 on Billboard. When was the last time a KRIM single even seen top 20?

  37. Mia August 3, 2011

    @Stella Superbass was pop of course it going to be all over the radio.

  38. Lea August 3, 2011

    @TREAL.! Man shut your @ss up.Y’all Nicki fans be all over Kim’s youtube video’s talking sh*t and bashing her on twitter.Nicki aint doing nothing for female rap but destroying the art form.People are laughing at her.Nicki pushed female MCs 20 years back.They only reason why she is winning cause she got a buch of dim-witted followers who don’t know nothing about real hip hop.Her fan-base rages from 9-17.She is a joke and will be gone 5 years from know when her hype died down.

  39. Tina August 3, 2011

    Ugh this thing is a rapper? ”

    Rap’s Mother Superior”?? Ugh! Kill yourself.

    She destroyed female rap and everything Queen Kim and Empress Missy did for the females in the rap game. She made it into pop garbage crap like her album which required POP fans to go platinum something Kim or Missy never did. And plus Nicki can’t even freestyle, what a joke and a sell-out

  40. Tina August 3, 2011

    Nicki is a pathetic excuse for a rapper who will never influence hip hop the way Kim, Foxy, Missy, Da Brat and MC Lyte did

  41. nice_gurl August 4, 2011

    She better bring the energy to the stage.

  42. TREAL.! August 4, 2011

    @ALL THE KIM FANz ; say what you want, but at the end of the day…. nicki is winninq.! thats all thats needs to be said.! call me when your fav can release an album in 2011 & sell 1.5 million of it in 8 months & call me when she has a top 3 solo hit on billboard hot 100.! NUFF SAID.! TEAM MINAJ.! : )

  43. stbaby August 4, 2011

    Do your thing King Nicki minaj , am solidly behind you girl but most importantly God is with you.i live in Ireland so i dont know how to watch you perform but trust i know by Gods grace you will do well. goodluck.

  44. BEANS August 4, 2011




  45. gotterdammerung August 5, 2011

    BEANS thats the sh!t you want to hear,f that run to nicole b!tche are some other chick gosip site with that sh!t.and nicki keep doing you i am watching that concert right now.

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