Kreayshawn Branching Out Beyond Rap?

Published: Friday 30th Sep 2011 by Rashad

‘Gucci Gucci’ glam rapstress Kreayshawn has been creating quite the buzz for herself since her debut single made way to airwaves.  So to strike while the iron is hot, the Oakland native has expressed interest in lending her creativity to other oulets.

Speaking with VIBE TV, Kreayshawn talked about everything from building her brand in other creative ventures (art galleries, video direction) to how it took her 3 months to finish her hit single ‘Gucci Gucci’.

Interesting indeed.  Check out Kreayshawn after the jump:

Like, seriously, like, how many times, like, did she say like, like, in this one, like interview…like?

What minute are we on her 15 minute countdown, again?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 30, 2011

    …still trying to make this chk happen, huh Sam?

  2. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 30, 2011

    This creature needs a f****** shower !!!

    IT is not clean enough … 😆

  3. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 30, 2011

    YES!She is wonderful.I cannot wait for her to branch out to classical music, opera and then straight up jazz.When she is such an established rapper with overwhelming success (1 top 80 hit 😯 The b**** is slaying!) then she can definetely take her time and extend her creativity to more genres and styles.I LIKE her ideas.


    Get this flop out of here !

  5. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 30, 2011

    @ASAP :

    😯 !

  6. Army Of Queen Bee & Aaliyah ! (ISTAN4LILKIM&AALIYAH) Who Da F*** Want War ??? !!!!!! September 30, 2011

    EW ! Raggedy Bum B****** (Where My B**** be GONE Spray) This H** Needs To DISAPPEAR With Her Flop Ass Hopefully Ms. Gimmick Minaj Wont Follow In Her Footsteps Because That Will Be Too MUCH BUFFOONERY !

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 30, 2011

    @POP Please tell me you understood it was sarcasm.It was basic!!I thought it was clear I was being sarcastic..

  8. OsO September 30, 2011

    I like her regardless!!!

    it’s not like Ke$ha is any better.

  9. `iLoveYou` September 30, 2011

    She is so talented. Hands down, the best female rapper to surface in the last 15 years. What I love most about Kreyshawn is that her lyrics come from the soul. She doesn’t rap about the material things. She raps about the struggles, and everday life. If she keeps this up, she will without takeover the rap game. The pioneers of female rap should be proud. Ms. Kreyshawn, I salute you. Continue to bless the world with your one of a kind talent.

  10. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 30, 2011

    @ASAP :

    Lolz ! I was like :

    WTF IS HAPPENING NOW o___O ?! how can someone like this b**** and someone like xtina at the same time ?! LMFAO !

    I was totally shocked 😆

    But thank god * pheww* ! that s*** was scary !! LMFAO ! do not do it again 😉

    And yeah , I felt the hilarity in stuffs like ” branching out to OPERA, jazz” LMFAO ! that was a classic sarcasm 😆

  11. Army Of Queen Bee & Aaliyah ! (ISTAN4LILKIM&AALIYAH) Who Da F*** Want War ??? !!!!!! September 30, 2011


  12. `iLoveYou` September 30, 2011

    I can’t believe some of you don’t know sarcasm when you see it.

  13. …baa , but why can’t I go topless? September 30, 2011

    So VIBE wont interview black artists but will waste time on this b*tch?

  14. Gucci Gucci September 30, 2011

    Yall basic b****** stay mad. Kreayshawn is getting her paper, and dont try to act like you dont know the words to Gucci Gucci. I bet she made more money off Gucci Gucci than you broke b****** do hating on a damn computer

  15. Army Of Queen Bee & Aaliyah ! (ISTAN4LILKIM&AALIYAH) Who Da F*** Want War ??? !!!!!! September 30, 2011

    @Gucci Gucci B**** Boo ! All Of My Faves S*** ON HER & Her GIMMICK Money !

  16. vicious vixen September 30, 2011

    All I wanna know is… How the hell is this basic h** considered “glam” with a cheeseburger tatted on her arm? Wouldn’t that put her in the same “Retarded Rap” category with Gucci Mane? 😳

  17. Gucci Gucci October 1, 2011

    I aint gonna say s*** cause I LOVE Kim. But b**** please. Kreayshawn is the only femmale rapper out there charting on the Hot 100 without selling out to pop or with the aid of a male rapper. If she was white, no one would be hatin

  18. Gucci Gucci October 1, 2011

    And how the hell is Kreayshawn a gimmick. Lil Kim is the one who had her image crafted by Biggie.

  19. tyra October 1, 2011

    b**** plz u r a gimmick thts all u are u white trash created to counter the effect of nicki minaj thats all

  20. Fantasy Ride October 1, 2011

    damn this b**** hasnt even released an album yet and shes already got b****** pressed!! well done Ms Kreayshawn

  21. dada October 1, 2011

    b**** please

  22. Seira October 1, 2011

    @ Gucci Gucci
    FYI Kreayshawn has done very poorly on the Billboard top 100. Her peak was at #58 contrary to Minaj who charted in the top 10. Gucci Gucci has received so many publicity (MTV nomination etc…) She should be in the top 5. Kreayshawn is all about hype.

  23. Gucci Gucci October 1, 2011

    Nicki didnt get her first top 10 until Super Bass, a pop song, her 7th single. Massive Attack failed to chart in any country or on any chart and it had lots of promo(BET, Mtv, A powerful label led by the most powerful rappers today). With that logic, all of Nicki’s singles should be top 10, including a #1 by now considering all the hype, media attention, generic sounds, and promo she gets. Gucci Gucci began charting before Mtv started cover Kreayshawn and peaked at #57 in the U.S

  24. Gucci Gucci October 1, 2011

    Nickis real hip-hop songs dont chart as good as her pop songs:
    Massive Attack failed to chart
    Romans Revenge with Em peaked at #56
    Did It On Em peaked at #49

  25. Fantasy Ride October 1, 2011

    massive attack got a vma nomination too plus nicki had a powerful label and alot more promo+hype when she first came out than kreayshawn has now. alot of ppl were surprised when it didnt chart, which is why nobody thought she could sell albums

  26. Slaydele Slay$ha & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse October 1, 2011

    The difference between this h** and Nicki Garbaj:
    Gucci Gucci makes sense; Kreayshawn can explain what it means. Massive Attack???
    Kreayshawn didnt have to w**** her way on everyones song and swagger jack to get notice
    This h** is a decent freestyle rapper. Nicki???
    You want find Disney stars singing a Kreayshawn song
    Kreayflop isnt a sellout, but both are fake

  27. _mark October 1, 2011

    kreayshawn is a born entertainer. she’s hilarious. get over it. 😀

  28. Army Of Queen Bee & Aaliyah ! (ISTAN4LILKIM&AALIYAH) Who Da F*** Want War ??? !!!!!! October 1, 2011

    @Gucci Gucci IDGAF Is Kim Was Crafted By Biggie Cause Minaj Was Crafted By Wayne & I Bet Kreyflops Label Has Crafted Her In Some Way Too So………. ! & Kim’s Whole F****** Career Shits On CRAYONS But Imma Be Respectful Because You Are A Kim Fan

  29. Seira October 1, 2011

    kreayshawn is a One Youtube Wonders! Lot of trolls in this page (her family? her PR people?). We got the message. Nikki Minaj or Massive Attack NEVER got the hype that kreayshawn has when they started their career. Never heard of Nikki Minaj hosting the Red Carpet when she just started.
    Kreayshawn is not credible and is also a risky investment for any commercial label or major artists! Who is going to take a chance to endorse someone who is associated and work with an artist who use the N word! kreayshawn has a big imagination. Matter a fact who is a famous white artist who hangs out with kreayshawn? Her life stories are also incredible! LOL!

  30. Gucci Gucci October 1, 2011

    Name one major rapper who hasnt used the N word.

  31. Get Real October 1, 2011

    Why don’t we address her by her govt, Erica?

  32. TartAmanda October 2, 2011

    kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob language reminds me of George Bush style of communication (“they hate us”, “you are with us or against us” etc…). Lack of respect for people with an education or an analytical mind.

  33. Halloween October 5, 2011

    Please join the petition to stop Kreayshawn to perform at Smith College. Let’s get rid of ignorance and red necks posing as liberals.

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