Watch: Ray J Vs Fabolous Confrontation Footage

Published: Wednesday 21st Sep 2011 by David

Now more than two days since their ‘run in’ during a dinner held by Rap Svengali, Diddy, footage from Ray J and Fabolous‘ famed  confrontation has surfaced, hours after both characters  took to the airwaves to explain  each of their sides of the Twitter fuelled  story.

Watch what happens when Has Beens collide below …

Hmm, it would appear that Little Red Riding Hood was trying his best to impress 50 Cent in a case of ‘When Keeping Real Goes Wrong’.

Here’s to hoping sales of ‘One Wish‘ increase as a result of this mess, for that song does seem to be the only thing this cartoon character has got going for him.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Steffon September 21, 2011

    Interesting. Couldn’t see s*** but it seem like Ray J had the upper hand

  2. Beyonce love on top September 21, 2011

    Ray j can’t fight

  3. FactCheck1-2-1-2 September 21, 2011

    This was not at Diddy’s dinner. This was at the Palms before Fabolous’s show.

  4. truthis September 21, 2011

    saw nothing basically, rayj is a little idiot who will do ANYTHING to stay in spotlight..

    showing off for 50 cent and floyd mayweather is not what real men do..i bet they dont
    even like rayj corny ass and laughing at his stupid ass behind his back!!

  5. SWEXY September 21, 2011

    D list…

    Can we black men do better

  6. RHI RHI IS QUEEN September 21, 2011


  7. jesus lives September 21, 2011

    ray j went hard

  8. KAT DELUNA FAN September 21, 2011

    a mess
    those 2 idiots have too much free time on their hands

  9. keri hilson aol sessions 2011 September 21, 2011

    fab is a h** ass d*** in the booty ass n**** .

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 21, 2011

    This is just disgusting.All I see is a bunch of elementary schools gangster wannabes who are trying to show off.I guess I should accept that some people never grow up.I don’t know if it’s actually real, but the video (real or not) is appaling anyway.

  11. MrMajestDik aka V. Trossi September 21, 2011

    all i kno is that every time i hear bout Fab havin any type beef the outcome 100% of the time eventually somehow his foes either wind up hurt badly to a point where they go into hidin or dead, real talk and im not even a fan of his in the least. i think he need to do a lil research and see how Fab team gets down cuz im thinkin this wont b the last we hear bout this no matter how petty the confrontation was….

  12. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 21, 2011

    Fab a has been? B**** please.

    Ray J a never was trying to act tough for 50 and other assorted clowns. He needs to disappear for a minute cause he’s looked stupid for the past 5+ years.

  13. truthis September 21, 2011

    rayj soooo incredibly stupid 50 cent laughing before they even start fighting….be willing to bet rayj hyped up cause 50 in his ear and cause mayweather his homie…Aye rayj FYI
    u will be the only 1 who goes 2 jail, the only 1 who have to suffer reprecussions behind this like your career and having serious beef in the streets…not 50 or floyd they will carry on with their lives while u looking like the sick puppy u are..and mama norwood or your fake ass sister brandy not gonna be able to do anything to help u!

  14. lil minxx September 21, 2011

    i didnt see nothing. just s*** flopping around

  15. Frieda (THE VOICE) September 21, 2011

    I think that Ray and Fab are equally irrelevant. Fab is a dope dealer and Ray is a drug addict… Go figure. Does it really matter who won?

  16. angela September 21, 2011

    i didn’t see much….u can’t tell who won

  17. Jay September 21, 2011

    50 & Mayweather played Ray J so hard!!!! they manipulated him like a damn puppet!!!

  18. Lady Love September 21, 2011

    Cuz Ray J is a queen who needs to protect his ego.

  19. Madonnalover September 21, 2011


    You need to get the F*** off of this post, you stupid HYPOCRITE. Nicki minaj acts just as stupid at times and you up her fake silicone ass defendng her every move. You really need to sit the f*** down and give this kid a break, you act like FAB was the holy saint savoir in this situation, they BOTH were wrong, seriously F*** OFF, go somewhere, who comes into a post just to f****** hate? Seriously, if Ray J ends up dead then what? You gonna come up in the post about it and spread hate and b*******? What kind of biased f*** are you?? This kid did nothing against the law, he just acted stupidly, something we all do at one time. Are you a holy saint? Did he do this to your family or something? I mean really why the f*** are you so pressed, get a f****** HOBBY!

  20. Madonnalover September 21, 2011

    When was the last time FAB had a chart topper? When was the last time FAB had a top 10 on billboard?

    FAB is a f****** flop and hasbeen, on the same level as ray j. some people need to sit the f*** down.

  21. Robier September 21, 2011

    Ms Norwood Take a damn seat Lil girl and get ready for ur flop album

  22. Royalkev September 21, 2011

    You know what, after seeing this clip I do feel that RayJ doesn’t come across as delusional as he appeared to be prior to viewing this footage. Fab made it seem as if there wasn’t any real physical interaction. RayJ said he approached him and hit him (and I do believe I hear Fab in the background saying “you’re touching me”). After that the 2 of them seem to be going at it. It clearly makes sense that there must have been some kind of a tussle here after the exchange of words between them. Therefore, Ray J hasn’t completely lost his mind. I still think both of them are being foolish and that Ray should change his circle of friends. 50 is looking very shady in the background and no one is trying to be a mature adult in the bunch.

  23. Malibu Barbie September 21, 2011

    another day another beef. between two black people. YAWN. shoutout to this ghetto website promoting it. worldstarhiphop part two???

  24. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA. September 21, 2011

    SMH…….And some of us wonder why other races give us Blacks the side-eye. 😕

    *Plays the episode of The Boondocks about N**** Moments*

  25. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 21, 2011

    LMAO Madonnalover

    B**** go sit down somewhere before I eat you for a light snack. A MILLION negative comments directed at Ray J and you reply to me. Broke down h**. You don’t even know what I’m saying because Lord knows reading is NOT your strong suit.

    Up Nicki’s ass. H** please. Fools like you want to brand others to satisfy your own small minds and I simply knock you down everytime. I can hate, reply, gush or bash. Free speech butch. I’ll defend a fact but I damn sure won’t ignorantly attack another’s opinion. That’s for you and other simple minded fools.

    I sure hope Ray J at least f****** you the way you foaming at the mouth to defend him because half the s*** you said was gibberish. I need to get a hobby? I have one. Making b****** look stupid…thanks for giving me my daily practice.

  26. Madonnalover September 21, 2011

    You had the most negative comment last time, and one of the most negative this time. I think the hate this kid is getting is quite frankly unneeded. What good is it doing for you to trash this kid? Seriously, what has he done?

    I wont even comment on your lame attempts at insults. Girl you f****** fail.

  27. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 21, 2011


    Grow up. No one has to like Ray J and people are allowed to say whatever they want to say about him. ‘one of the most negative comments’ f*** out of here. If you can’t handle comments thats your problem and I hope you get help for it. Ray J isn’t a kid he’s a grown ass man who CHOSE to call radio stations bragging about this foolishness. Since he felt the need to brag and act thug I’m disgusted.

    You have nothing to comment on because much like him, you too chose to stick your neck out so it could get chopped off. Now crawl back to your hole.

  28. Deveal2014 September 21, 2011

    After seeing this I believe Ray-Js story he had the upper hand fab sounded like a b**** and he lied and said Ray-J said “I cant touch you Fab?” I didnt hear any of that . Plus I remember seeing fab run out of Fox bar & Grille A Atlantic station in Atlanta with tight ass pants on lookin like a b**** one night cuz a couple people was fighting .

  29. Madonnalover September 21, 2011

    Yet, you do the same when Nicki is bashed, am I correct? Okay.

    I’m not begging you to like Ray J. Noone is, that’s not what angered me about your comments and some of the other comments. But you are clearly being biased. There are THREE sides to every story, before you praise FAB and trash ray J, maybe you should dig a little deeper. ROYALKEV hit it right on the nail. Yes, RAY J acted in bad taste, but so did th people arnd him. 50 cent basically escalated the fight, but did you find him at fault? NO. Theres a possbilty FAB lied about this account based on this video, but did you take that into account? NO. All you did was bash RAY J. I mean, I’m not a big fan of the kid, but come on. Cut him some slack.

  30. shalonda September 21, 2011

    @MadonnaLover Shut up Brandy and get your lil brother some help!

  31. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 21, 2011

    Please. I NEVER stop or respond to people when they bash Nicki. Only time I’ve EVER commented is when people try to compare album sales. I deal in facts because I don’t plan to waste my time when people have the right to their opinion. But you will NEVER find a word of me defending Nicki if folks want to trash her act, call her style ugly, dislike her rapping style, mock her looks because that’s their right. What ends up happening is I make a general comment and someone starts insulting me acting like I have to play by their rules when I reply to something…just like now.

    I didn’t find 50 at fault?? What part of ’50 and other assorted clowns’ did you have trouble with? Or did you somehow think that was a compliment? Secondly I never claimed the fight
    NEVER happened but Ray started this mess acting a straight FOOL.

    Fab never approached this like an opportunity to make himself look big, black & tough for the audience THAT’S why I’m offering him some respect.

  32. Misfit September 21, 2011

    Just saw this on tmz. So stupid are these little men.

    Grow up…..

  33. credits September 21, 2011

    is it just me?….i can barely make out what is going on in the video.

  34. ImMadAsHell September 21, 2011

    First of all, two many people on the way. Ray J could have hitting anybody. What TMZ post you couldn’t see. People that was there post on twitter that Fab beat up Ray J. RayJ probably mad that all Fab had to do is put RayJ hoodie over his head then shake him a little.

  35. nice_gurl September 21, 2011

    I can’t even see what’s going on in the video. It looks like they both were as bad as one another, even though I think Ray J started the fight. They both need to grow up.

  36. SDomeThaLo2c October 11, 2011


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