Hot Shots: Ameriie and Hubby Hit the Hills

Published: Thursday 27th Oct 2011 by Rashad

R&B vixen Ameriie was spotted out with husband/manager Lenny Richardson yesterday in Beverly Hills shopping and sight-seeing.  The ‘1 Thing’ hitmaker, who reportedly has her sights on a new LP and accompanying tour, is said to be readying fans for the release of her forthcoming LP ‘Cymatika Vol. 1’.

While it’s lead single, ‘Fire Starter’, was pushed back from its original summer 2011 release, the songstress is still eyeing a spring 2012 unveiling of its parent album.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of the two below (via TT):

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  1. lola October 27, 2011

    What I would like to know is HOW THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE EARN MONEY???? Amerie hasn’t had an album or a hit single out in years. If he’s her manager, then he isn’t getting paid either. Do they like, have businesses on the side? Has anyone else ever wondered how these people, who haven’t had music out and haven’t made millions in the past, make a living?

  2. Mely B October 27, 2011

    @ LOLA – Amerie gets paid appearance fees and does mini-shows in clubs in the US & overseas. She also has commercial endorsement deals overseas in addition to whatever royalties she gets from her songs. She doesn’t look pressed for cash and doesn’t flaunt an OTT lifestyle so she’s probably “good” – (living a better life than me at least, sitting here @ work doing a job I hate around people I don’t like all day).

    I love her music & cannot wait to hear what she’s been working on!

  3. Wesley October 27, 2011

    @LOLA And who says she ain’t had no hits in the last few years? She has atleast 1 or 2 hits of every 3 singles she releases on all her albums! Last hit was whit her latest in 2009 called More Than Love!

  4. KAT DELUNA FAN October 27, 2011

    that s my girl,cant wait for her album

  5. kool kid October 27, 2011

    Why a story on this one hit wonder?

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE October 27, 2011

    She looks amazing, wish she would come back even bigger but she doesn’t seem to have a rush in doing so!
    Come on Ameriie, we are waiting, ‘Firestarter’ sounds promising!

  7. ANTHONY October 27, 2011


  8. NovaLidole October 27, 2011

    Beautiful A *blushing*! Im so happy my fav has found love and now she truly has the fairy tale ending. Hopefully we get new single in coming weeks! Cymatika may be taking long in production process but that only means us fans will get the concept & theme 110% more if A takes her time & let’s all her writers juices flow. So Cymatika can reach its peak creatively speaking!

  9. VA STAND UP!! October 28, 2011

    They look cute together, can’t front. I’m happy for any couple that is truly happy and in love and they seem to be just that. I have no interest in her music anymore though. I liked her when she first came out but since then she became just so..boring. I wish her luck though. *shrugs*

    I’m still mad she added that extra ‘i’ to her name. Like, WTF was the point?!

  10. HONEY October 28, 2011


  11. Wesley October 29, 2011

    @KOOL KID why showing up on this topic whit a nonsense comment like that!

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