Rihanna: “I Don’t Want To Be A Gimmick”

Published: Friday 11th Nov 2011 by David

Since her debut six years ago, Pop belle Rihanna has rightly or wrongly seen her career center  more on style than on  substance.

Yes, quite unfortunately  the ever changing hair colors, larger than life persona and knee jerk approach to releasing music have led many to accuse the Island beauty of being nothing more than a ‘flash in the pan’.

Now, she has given her thoughts on her matter.

Find out what she said about being a gimmick  below…

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest today, she explained:

It’s more about the music now.

I didn’t want to make it such a big deal about what hair color or what cut. I just wanted to go right back to something simple and something flexible, something a little more natural.

I kinda just wanted to scale right back instead of having a look.

Here’s the thing:

There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘gimmick’ or having an ‘act’ if that gimmick or act is validated by undisputed talent. See Lady GaGa.

The only time it becomes a real issue is when the talent behind the ‘gimmick’ is difficult to discern. See Rihanna.

Let’s hope that in time Fenty learns to  marry the look that has made her who she is today with the talent so many believe she is  arguably yet to flaunt.

Your thoughts?

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  1. um November 11, 2011

    zamnnnn at yall slandering RILLAH.

    but i have to agree. the music still good doe. #dontbemad

  2. Luv November 11, 2011

    Luv u Rih!

  3. #1QueenGaga November 11, 2011

    Nothing more then a manufactured pop artist with zero musical or vocal talent. No one will remember her or her music in 5 to 10 years.

  4. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    This post is going to get MESSY.COM !

  5. Josh November 11, 2011

    I like her & her music,
    Just gets old fast! but then shes out with new stuff so it all evens out. haha.
    Shes cool.

    Watch the video i made OTIS.

  6. jay November 11, 2011


  7. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ # 1QueenGaga

    Worry about how Gaga is not going to last 5 yrs. with her GIMMICKS !

    You know she is the QUEEN of THEM !

  8. #1QueenGaga November 11, 2011


    Born This Way….7 million worldwide!!!!! Your comment is invalid. Have a seat!

  9. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ 1# QueenGaga

    So what…Good Girl Gone Bad sold 7 million worldwide too !!!!!!!

    Good Girl Gone Bad >>>>>>>>>>>> Born this Way

    Do you think that Born this Way will be remembered with that b******* on the album !

    So no YOU HAVE A SEAT B**** !

  10. #1QueenGaga November 11, 2011


    Awww you mad huh? Did you forget it’s only been 6 MONTHS since Born This Way was released?!?! Once again another failed comment coming from someone who failed at life.
    *blows kisses of death*

  11. Theman November 11, 2011

    Lol well then she needs to make music that reflects what she’s saying, her music is fun, catchy and produced well. Some of her songs are good. But artistically she can do alot more. “CKB”, is a great song for her. She actually sung on it. She sounded good and it was crafted well.

  12. Teacher November 11, 2011

    BTW has not sold 7 million..LOL…don’t believe the lies Jamir21…..and Loud is currently selling more than BTW..if u don’t believe me check the WW charts…

  13. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ #1 QueenGaga

    Failed Life ??????????????????

    Sweetie your talking to the WRONG person !!!!!!!!!

    Thats why Gaga is on her last minute of FAME !

  14. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ Teacher

    I`m not believing them….I know its a LIE !

  15. Teacher November 11, 2011

    LOL 7 million….LOLOLOL

  16. tomtom November 11, 2011

    This whole article is a mess, listen to the interview on ryanseacrest.com then read this article. I’m just saying people like to twist each others words. I’m not a HUGE fanatic of rihanna but I like her music 🙂

  17. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    For the people that says that Rihanna cant afford a break because she will be forgotten !

    B**** she took a break like back in early-mid 2009 and she was still RELEVANT !

  18. #1QueenGaga November 11, 2011


    Hahahahah another delusional stan with a brain the size of a guppy. You know what. actually i was wrong. As of October Born This Way sold 8 MILLION b******!!!!!

    Look no further…..and stay mad!!


  19. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ #1 QueenGaga

    You actually believe WIKIPEDIA ! SHAKE MY HEAD

  20. DUNKFAN November 11, 2011

    She ain’t a gmmic, she also isn’t a entertainer.

  21. #1QueenGaga November 11, 2011


    Is that suppose to be a threat??? hahahah lame. Gaga haters been saying that since she came out 3 years ago. My girl Gaga is still going strong and snatching wigs left and right. Don’t make me make you sit in the corner!! Facts will always defeat opinions B****.

  22. KRYLON November 11, 2011

    Rih doesnt even speak of anyone claiming she’s a gimmick. She doesn’t even mention

    the word. I can see how her speaking of not having a look, and doing thing naturally this

    time around would make thatgrapejuice think that someone claiming she is turning out to

    be a gimmick could possily be her inspiration & reasoning for doing this but even then

    let a girl live….

  23. CREEPY GAGA. November 11, 2011

    @ #1QueenGaga

    Please don’t argue with them.

    and will y’all SHUT UP with “Gaga is on *insert number less than 15* minute of fame” assumptions???? IDC HOW “OVER HER” YOU SAY YOU ARE. you don’t know how long she’s going to be here just like I don’t know how long Gaga’s going to be here

  24. Teacher November 11, 2011

    November 11, 2011 at 5:52 pm
    @ #1 QueenGaga

    You actually believe WIKIPEDIA ! SHAKE MY HEAD

    This^^^….and Loud is currently outselling BTW on the WW charts…smh…a year old album outselling a 6mo old album….LOL….hilarious!!!!!!!!!…….hilariously sad lol!!!!!…Yay for BTW!!!Go GaGa GOOO!!!!…LOLOLOL

  25. Teacher November 11, 2011

    @Creepy GAGA…True…we don’t know how long she’s going to be around…I agree w/ u on that…

  26. tyra November 11, 2011

    no offense but she is a gimmick in many ways

  27. Sleazy November 11, 2011

    O_o she said that she Is sad and talentless

  28. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011

    Rihanna is the goddess of POP MUSIC


  29. tomtom November 11, 2011


    Right? haha she doesn’t even say “gimmick” or speak bad about anyone being one.


    I love gaga, but come on, why the hate? gaga preaches love & acceptance I hope her fans will too. ❤

  30. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    You know what I take that comment back about the whole “Gaga is not going to last 5 yrs.” thing !

    Cause we dont know !

    But one thing for sure Loud is the best pop album of 2010s decade !

    Born this Way not so much !

  31. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    Will you shut the hell up already Damn……

  32. CREEPY GAGA. November 11, 2011

    Y’all have to think,after “Rated R”,people were saying it was OVAH for Rihanna.Look at her now! she released one of her most successful albums to date.Are you really going to do the same thing to another artist as those people you were trying to fend off a few years ago to yours?????

  33. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011

    Talk that talk>>>>>>>>>>>Your fav’s CD 🙂

  34. JohnVidal November 11, 2011

    Oh girl! Then you just don´t want to be you! haha

    So you think Gaga will not last 5 more years but Rihanna will??? You are a kid, but a slow one for damm sure. Talent always prevails in the long run in case you don´t know
    And, yeah Born this way is pretty much the 2nd best mainstream album of the year after “21”
    We know how is already looking Rihanna´s one again after hearing her first two singles (generic and annoying goat vocals again)

  35. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ Johnvidal

    You are such a DUMBASS !

    If you think some Electronic trash is better than Loud

  36. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    I dragged you out on the last Rihanna post. Dont make me do it again q**** 🙂

  37. #1QueenGaga November 11, 2011

    Will a kiss make you happier?? Cause you seem mad boo…

    Oh gawd..there you go again…IN FACT Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster was the highest selling pop album of 2010.

    Loud…nowhere to be seen. LOL

  38. Jwellz November 11, 2011

    She’s been a gimmick for majority of her whole career.Each album a different hair color & style.I wonder what style & hair she will have during her 7th album

  39. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    Yes it would, and if you keep rihanna’s name out your mouth 🙂

    SO KISS ME 🙂

  40. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011



  41. bey’knight November 11, 2011

    lol i guess seh and Jay havent had THE TALK, ” like why the hell did u sign me after me aftr butchering a destiny’s child top 10 hit at my audition”


    i know its all about opinions but i gotta say 4 is a better body of work than BTW, even it metacritic score is higher. eexcept you were speaking in terms of sales of course.

    it really depends, Bey is obviously the more impressive vocalist/ emoter while Gaga has deeper thematic/ lyrical content

  42. CREEPY GAGA. November 11, 2011

    On another note….

    Anyone seen 50 cent’s hairdo lately????? *giggles*

    SMH That alone is Logout worthy! 😆 😆

  43. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011

    Guys touch my soft spot and ask me how I like it 🙂

  44. #1QueenGaga November 11, 2011

    Well since I just destroyed some of these delusional navy stans. I can offer you one…only because you is the more sane one in here. *close eyes and kiss*

  45. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    Yay!!!! 🙂

  46. JohnVidal November 11, 2011

    Not here hun! We could hurt slow kids feelings talking about talented artists in this post. It´s too much for them 🙂
    (But I have to say “4” is Bey´s best album by far to me, but still I prefer Born this way, it never gets old after these many months, on replay, I loved it from the start)

  47. Aries November 11, 2011

    all you guys are taking ish so personally….

    lets be real…..lady gaga writes her own music FACT and clearly has an amazing voice FACT and sounds amazing live FACT…..she has heart FACT ….and she is also incredibly intelligent FACT. She truly is a pioneer who has turned pop music on it’s head. Oh yeah tha girl can freaking dance too FACT

    Rihanna does not write her own music (apart from rated r and we all know how that turned out) FACT however, her team, management and partners i.e. calvin harris, Dj Luke, XX, chase and status – create the perfect mix for killer hooks, beats and number 1’s. While her voice isnt the greatest in terms of dynmaic FACT something about it is addictive. Rihanna got spunk that real people can identify with FACT and this is why she does so well. Young girls LOVE her FACT.

    I BELEIVE THAT BOTH of these artists will be around for a long time – they are amazing in their own completely different ways….Stop being haters and just love tha music. PEACE!

  48. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    OH MY GOSH !

    Here comes these Bey STANS !

  49. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011

    BEY STans can kiss my lightskin ass

  50. JohnVidal November 11, 2011

    Why do Rihanna stans always say Bey fans are the ones talking s*** about Rihanna? You have on here Gaga fans and music lovers in general. We have to defend talent kid!
    I personally only stan for Mariah Carey, Whitney and Celine. I can´t help it, but I don´t care cos they are among the true greats. You are just ridiculous. That´s just the difference

  51. riffraff November 11, 2011

    November 11, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    all you guys are taking ish so personally….

    lets be real…..lady gaga writes her own music FACT and clearly has an amazing voice FACT and sounds amazing live FACT…..she has heart FACT ….and she is also incredibly intelligent FACT. She truly is a pioneer who has turned pop music on it’s head. Oh yeah tha girl can freaking dance too FACT

    Rihanna does not write her own music (apart from rated r and we all know how that turned out) FACT however, her team, management and partners i.e. calvin harris, Dj Luke, XX, chase and status – create the perfect mix for killer hooks, beats and number 1′s. While her voice isnt the greatest in terms of dynmaic FACT something about it is addictive. Rihanna got spunk that real people can identify with FACT and this is why she does so well. Young girls LOVE her FACT.

    I BELEIVE THAT BOTH of artists will be around for a long time – they are amazing in their own completely different ways….Stop being haters and just love tha music. PEACE!



  52. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ Johndival

    You are just so PRESSED !

    I like Mariah Carey too

  53. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    This isnt a mariah, whitney, or a celine Dion post

    So #SITDOWN that my final warning to you

  54. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


  55. bey’knight November 11, 2011


    right! true talk, lets keep our cards close to our chest and walk away


    wow, nice to see u too kiddo, do u keep your heart in an incubator? its so warm

  56. jill November 11, 2011

    She sucks, 6th albums in she just released this? Too bad she don’t have talent, can’t wait until ciara take her out.

  57. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    You suck more than she do


    And did you say ciara LMAO!!!!!!!, You got some nerves 🙂

  58. kimberly November 11, 2011

    how can she get rid of the gimmick. That is her career? That is what she is known for. and to say It is more about the music NOW? means that it was never about the music before

    btw i don’t know why gaga fans are arguing with rihanna fans. Gaga has the gimmick but still has talent. They are arguing about a stupid generic album with no substance. Gaga music is way better, production, vocally, artistically and they know that. ain’t nobody gonna listen to loud after 5 years?

  59. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ Jill

    Did you just say Ciara is going to take Rihanna out ??????


    OMG you need to sit down for that !

    Ciara will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER beat Rihanna !


  60. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    Will you shut up, your career is dancing at a strip club !!!!!!!!

    Rihanna holds your life in the palm of her hand

  61. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ Kimberly

    Here comes yo old PRESSED c*** ass !

    Gaga has better music yeah okay !

    Born this Way was terrible……..

    The Fame >>>>>>>>>>>>> Born this Way

  62. DIONFATALEI November 11, 2011


    Rihanna has written on Drake’s album as well as TTT. FACT.
    Rihanna CAN sing FACT.
    and she can Dance. FACT.

    What are you saying?


    Gaga has deep lyrical content??! I Cant!!!!! What is wrong with some people? That girl’s lyrics arent THAT deep or meaningful then Kesha’s, She is NOT f***** Radiohead. Yall doing TEW much.

  63. ChristinasCOMING November 11, 2011

    I’m glad she’s finally realizing that her crazy gimmicks would only go so far.

    I like the more natural look for her. I’m loving the new CD too with the exception of 2 songs.

    Now if she would just give herself a year break to grow more musically as an artist.

    Lady Gaga should take that advice as well.

    But Rihanna knew what she had to do to appeal to the masses and it worked for her but now I’m glad she’s getting to that point where she wants to go more natural. You can def tell that Def Jam put a lot of pressure on her to uphold a certain image for relevancy.

  64. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    “Loud” is one of the best pop albums of the early 2010s decade

  65. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ Christinacoming

    Finally you are respecting Rihanna !!!!!

    I`m sorry about all of the comments that I made about you and Christina !

  66. DIONFATALEI November 11, 2011


    Gurl. STFU.

    Rihanna’s music will forever live on because she’s f****** RIHANNA. She has millions of supportive fans whom have been with her through it all and she’s made her spot in Pop history. You sound Delusional b****.

    ..And far as you thinking Gaga’s music is better, that’s your opinion, that’s your taste. Not a fact. I Prefer Rihanna’s music. Gaga’s is to repetitive and she tries too f***** hard IMO.

  67. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011

    LOUD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Your fav’s social security number 🙂

  68. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011

    DAMN.. im itching for a kiss 🙁

  69. becky November 11, 2011

    I can’t with the blatant Beyonce stanning that goes on in these blogs -_- Rihanna makes fun music…that’s about it. Her gimmick is weak, her vocal ability is almost nonexistent and her music is uninspired. Good for her for managing to be so overwhelmingly popular with such minimal ability.

  70. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011

    Kiss my sloppy lips 🙂

  71. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    PLZ sit so I wont have to hurt you 🙁
    Dont try me please don’t!!!!

  72. kimberly November 11, 2011

    @ nonfatal you are so pressed it just shows that you level of talent is limited cause your favorite is just a weak as rihanna, or may i say at least Rhianna try singing live. I wonder if you would pull that cd after 10 years and listening to that annoying girl when you have been through so many life experiences. stop being foolish. although i am not a huge fan of gaga but she can be given credit for so many things, don’t hate on her. rihanna absolutely nothing and to think that she can dance? or even sing, thank the studio engineer but we know what it is live.
    ever wonder why these low talented artist are hardly praised cause there is nothing to be praised.

  73. Aries November 11, 2011


    Rihanna cannot dance in comparison to lady gaga or other singers like beyonce. Yeah she sorta moves but she doesnt really dance. She does not base her career off of dancing i’m sure she would even tell you that. all you need to do is watch her live to know that.

    She has an amazing voice yes….again in comparison to artists like gaga or beyonce – her range is not great simliar to ciara. She has a certain tone about her voice which makes it unique and great to listen to. She also has a bit of difficulty singing live but she still sings live which i give her credit for. Again all you need to do is watch her live to know that.

    And as for her song writing skills….she co writes songs with other artists and partners. She is not a great song writer and rated r is a testament to that where she only wrote SOME of the songs and it’s not exactly song writing at it’s best. Again in comparison to lady gaga who writes ever word on every album – rihanna needs help from her team which alot of artists are like – beyonce, britney etc

    Pop music has always been about hooks and how catchy the song is. Thats what rihanna does best. No need to get all pissy about it…..i freaking love rihanna and shes one of the main artists i listen to. I was just trying to shed some light on differences between certain artists. anyway have fun writing back cuz I’m off to da beach!! ciao motherlickas

  74. PaigeJ November 11, 2011

    Rihanna is the new Britney spears. All this hype and success around her right now then a few years from now she’ll be nothing but dust on a bookshelf.


  75. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    Shut up b****, You’ll be nothing 🙂

  76. Vandrea November 11, 2011


    Wait a minute, what? Did Rihanna actually have the audacity to say that? She doesn’t wanna be a gimmick. Of all people, *she* says this? Where’s the Wendy Williams “I Can’t” gif when you need it?

    Okay Rihanna…

    Here’s a test to prove whether or not you’re a gimmick: take a 2 year break then come back and see if the audience and interest is still there.


  77. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    Alright for that comment dont be knocking at my door at night for some s** babe 🙁

  78. mobwife November 11, 2011

    Ummm, Ryan Seacrest (who should be tarred and feathered for that sham Karadshian wedding) need to have several seats. This man is the king of creating and promoting non-talent (see the Kardashian clan for details)! I don’t care to hear his thoughts on anything!

    “I don’t want to be a gimmick”…LOL don’t make me laugh. Well dear its a little too late for that now! It’s really sad. She had such potential. I loved the GGGB era. Her music was on point and her attitude was cute and classy. Now’s she just horrible and “assy” ! But perhaps she can turn things around. We will have to wait and see!


  79. Kerry Johnson November 11, 2011


    The comment above you goes to you as well, my door will be lock so dont come creeping in my bedroom.You diss Rihanna NO S**

  80. kimberly November 11, 2011

    @ aries I will have to disagree with you on one thing. Every detail of beyonce career is beyonce. evrything done and posted, sang is beyonce. she approves evrything and have more lots of input if you are a fan you would know. her costumes, her stage , her lightening, her camera angles, dancers, band members, dance moves she approves. she is present when everything takes place, everything! she determines her songs, her sound and change some of her lyrics. her photo shoots she makes sure the magazines have a special theme and approves her photos. she is now her own manager means she is now 100% involved. she produces her vocals and co directs her s***. what she says goes not what her team says. to say that she is helped by her team is a ridiculous statement. she hires and fires. every artist has a team but Beyonce knows every detail of her career.
    just wanted to clear this s*** up. sorry. since you mentioned her name i have the right to direct you to her documentaries and interviews

  81. ChristinasCOMING November 11, 2011

    @ Jamir 21

    I don’t have respect for artists who uphold a certain image because it’s what their label wants. I like artists who go against the grain and have control over every aspect of their career. But because Rihanna seems to be getting back to what made me fall in love with her, Pon de Replay, let’s see how well she holds up.

  82. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    @ Christinacoming

    Ditto !

  83. jamir21 November 11, 2011

    Youtube needs to take the age restriction off of S&M !

    There is nothing bad about that video !

    There are some videos that are way worse than S&M !

    She didnt F*** somebody on screen !

    She didnt SUCK nobody off !

    So get rid of the F****** AGE RESTRICTION !

  84. Music=Life November 11, 2011

    A D E L E !>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all the other lames her age 🙂

  85. SHESDUMB November 11, 2011


    B**** WHAT MUSIC????


  86. nicegirl November 11, 2011


    I agree with everything you said. She said ‘It’s more about the music now.’ So it never was about the music. She is so hungry for #1 songs.

    If she doesn’t want to be a gimmick, she needs to start creating more mature music, get better at live performing and stop worrying about her #1 songs.

  87. JER November 11, 2011

    spoken like a true BeYAWNce BEY-side

  88. jamir21: The SLAYER of PRESSED B****** November 11, 2011

    These haters are never ever going to FADE rih NEVER !

  89. riffraff November 11, 2011


    I’m not even sure if Gaga’s BTW sold 8 million BUT I don’t get why it’s so funny to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did since she’s sold more than 10 million before with her Fame album. Has Rihanna been able to sell more than 10 million with one of her 5 current albums? From my understanding, even with a re-release, GGGB still was not able to break the 10 million mark, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  90. RihannaBeyonceLadyGaGaMadonna&Company November 11, 2011

    Everyone, just chill out. Don’t hate on people. Rihanna is slowly writing her own music and is gonna take next year off to focus on acting as she was asked to act in an upcoming movie. She is getting out of her gimmick phase and making it just about the music. Her new videos are even getting deeper (man down & we found love). According to the review of her new album it sounds like she is gonna slay. Everyone just relax and be nice.
    Oh and i stan for lady gaga and beyonce also so im not really biased.


    Ummm…Rihanna…honey…the gimmick train left the station a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago! U been arrived in Gimmick-Ville since the GGGB era! SMH! She is delusional…

  92. LTM November 11, 2011

    November 11, 2011 at 7:04 pm


    Rihanna has written on Drake’s album as well as TTT. FACT.
    Rihanna CAN sing FACT.
    and she can Dance. FACT.

    What are you saying?


    Gaga has deep lyrical content??! I Cant!!!!! What is wrong with some people? That girl’s lyrics arent THAT deep or meaningful then Kesha’s, She is NOT f***** Radiohead. Yall doing TEW much.
    Lady Gaga fans:SHE. CANT. DANCE. Let it go!!!

  93. LTM November 11, 2011

    what is the deep lyrical meaning to songs like Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game, Paparazzi, Alejandro? Lets not.

    and Born this Way has not even pasted 5million world wide yet, so please dont talk s*** about LOUDs album sales.

  94. KERRON November 11, 2011

    if you count up BTW sales using a credible source not WIKI….It hasnt even sold more than 5 million

  95. S*** (U MAD?) November 12, 2011

    BTW = FLOP & Rih is only HALF the GIMMICK that CACA is.

    Sam is a HYPOCRITE if he thinks its okay for caca when shes just as TALENT-LESS as Rih-GOAT!!!

  96. VA STAND UP!! November 12, 2011

    Lol! I live for these post! They are so messy and predictable. TGJ ya’ll never cease to amaze me the lenghts you will go through to p*** off the R****** stans. Lol!

    *DEAD* At the Beyonce GIF! I feel the same way Bey!!

  97. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 12, 2011

    Rihanna isn’t a gimmick. Thats why she sings live unlike lip sync spears and Fraudriah carey. She is just a pretty girl trying to make music. I’ll be honest. Haven’t been a fan her whole career but rated r is when she rly started to blossom into an artist.

  98. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 12, 2011

    Ltm: shut up. Katy perry is a flop princess. She has nothing on rihanna who is a pop princess.

  99. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 12, 2011

    rihanna>>gaga>>katy perry

  100. TeamBreezy November 12, 2011

    Do half yall even know what a GIMMICK is??? … u want GIMMICK .. see Lady GaGa, she reaks GIMMICK! …Noting wrong with being a gimmick, but A b**** cuts or changes her hair-do aint much of a gimmick…

    Compared to her peers Ri seems a lot more Authentic and thats whats made her so appealing to the masses.

  101. honeydip November 12, 2011


  102. YOOSONDALOOSE November 12, 2011

    Love the Bey pic ahahaha!



  104. B@tch Please November 12, 2011

    RiRi is only 23 she wants to experience and trend set (DUH)

  105. mr.m November 12, 2011


    STFU, birch!!!

    KAKA’s BTW sold 1.1 copies in it’s first week <<< thanks to the HYPE.COM + 99cent .. ect

    and for the rest of SEVEN MONTHS it sold +700k copies = FLOOOOP!!!

    1 week = 1.1 million
    7 months = 700k

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!

  106. mr.m November 12, 2011

    suck it

  107. RHI RHI IS QUEEN November 12, 2011


  108. Yellow Gorillah November 12, 2011

    Rihanna was NEVER A gimmick Changing your hairstyle is not a gimmick I know black girls who change their hairstyle every week

    If you want a Gimmick go to LADY GAGA!

    I hate how her fans think just because she writes her own music she can get away with her smoke and mirrors,

    Lady gaga would be NOTHING!!!!!!!!! without her crazy costumes FACT!!! because she could not get signed by any label until she started started dressing crazy, Rihanna did not get signed wearing a red wig. Her first #1 she did not use gimmicks just PURE MUSIC. people need to stop reaching ….Using a gimmick is not bad but when the Gimmick takes over your career like Gaga then we know your just a manufactured the fact gaga cant make a NORMAL video or perform with no smokes and blood shows you that she is not that great of an artist.

    Rihanna going back to brown she want’s to prove that she does not need purple, red, green hair to sell, it’s all about the music and it has always been about The music to rihanna that is why I love her she makes some of the BEST hit’s..

    BTW has sold 5million and has SHIPPED 8million it has not sold 8 because it just passed 5million a couple of weeks ago and BTW sales are slowing down. LOUD it even outselling it in the world chart’s.

    Rihanna Co Wrote 6 songs
    and she also Co Produced a song on TALK THAT TALK so those who say she has no say in her music need to Eat there words she has written for Rated R and she has now co written and co produced on TTT. Rihanna is not a puppet she controls everything he does she just get’s HELP! Acting as if your fav does everything B**** plz all of them got a team doing the work that what they are PAID to do,


  109. Yellow Gorillah November 12, 2011


  110. ~BirthdayCake~ November 12, 2011

    I was skeptical just like the rest of you guys when I heard that Rihanna was working on a new album because I never really got the chance to enjoy her previous album,Loud.But I heard a few snippets from the album,Talk That Talk, and I can’t wait to purchase the album.Rihanna has the gift of style,she writes her own material(doesn’t have to steal material to be #1),and she puts on good shows.Give her the props she deserves.

  111. ADC143 November 12, 2011

    Rihanna IS a gimmick. She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she has no command of stage and usually looks awkward and lost when she performs — and the performance is almost always bad or boring. All she has is a “stance” that is sellable for the time being; from there they hire songwriters and producers to create hooky songs for her, and stylists to create a look.

    Real talk: “Rihanna” is the invention of record label executives. They grabbed some random girl off the street and decided to make a brand out of her; gave her the outfits, the wigs, the producers, the songs, etc., etc. And basically told her to play this part that they created. She’s not authentic or in control of anything significant. They tell her what to sing, what to wear, when she’s gonna record, who she’s gonna work with, who to pose with, etc., etc.

    Rihanna is basically a puppet. A creation of industry suits and is 100% THEIR gimmick, who they shop around to the 9-21 year old demographic, who knows no better, accepts fluff pop and in their callow youth buys into her the same way they would a tube of Play D’oh or a board game. They’ll continue to milk her for all she’s worth for as long as they think she’s profitable, but as soon as something goes wrong and they think that she’s not the money maker she was, or that they can make more $$$ with some other interchangeable girl they pick out of a shopping mall, it’s curtains for her. That’s why all I can do is chuckle at her giving an interview where she attempts to “introspective” about the long haul of her career.

  112. MissHerr November 12, 2011

    LOL I Like Rihanna
    But I Feell That Her ”Legacy” Will Be Based Around Her Image And Her No. 1 Singles On Billboard Hot 100 Than Her Actual Talent…Whatever That May Be…

  113. Cuntina Piguilera November 12, 2011

    It’s obvious Rihanna didn’t get signed off of her talent
    But probably her producer wanted some p**** and she was cute and underage

  114. ChristinasCOMING November 12, 2011

    Honestly, considering that most of Rihanna’s fan base love her because of her Euro sound I don’t think this CD will do that well. They know her for her Hawt Euro tunes and that’s it.

    from the sounds of it this CD is a GGGB and Rated R combined which like I said before sounds reallly good. It’s not epic or groundbreaking but just a breath of fresh air for us.


    I agree with your comment, but that name suits you to a T. I’m glad that the government allows you to name yourself.

  115. lola November 12, 2011

    LOL at TGJ saying she said she didn’t want to be known as a gimmick when she didn’t even mention that. Whether she cares if she’s seen as a gimmick or not…. she f****** is! Her stans are the worse. They can be crazier than Beyonce’s. I just hate how they act like she’s a true artist. This slutty b**** doesn’t write or produce her music or f****** direct her own videos… how is she an artist? And she’s not a singer either because she has a horrible singing voice with a limited range! “Man Down” didn’t have a powerful message. The video was about some stupid, slutty girl who went into a back room at a club with a stranger and got r****…. wtf do you expect? And “WFL” is about some dirty, drugged out, sexual relationship. WTF else is new? How did she ever have powerful messages in her music videos? She f***** some dude in her latest videos and no one cares? Even if she did have “powerful messages” she didn’t create it! Madonna creates her own s*** and so does Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a gimmick, manufactured, and copies off of her idols, but at least she creates a vision. Rihanna does not. Loud and Talk That Talk have shallow, catchy, singles about f****** and liking a boy or being hurt in love. We’ve heard this s*** 1000’s of times already!

  116. gotintoririfever18 November 12, 2011

    aahhhhhhhhhhhhhw! no hair change?!!! the f*** riri! the what makes u special

    hair+style+voice= QUEEEEN OF MOTHAFUCKIN’ H***!

  117. Robier November 12, 2011

    Bwaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So she heard whats said outside of her bubble.
    This made me laugh Haaaard

  118. lela November 13, 2011

    But this girl smh! F it I’m OVER HER. Go away Rihanna just go away!

  119. Talk That Talk November 14, 2011

    I dont even go to Rihanna Daily anymore, I get all my Rihanna updates here!!! Thanks TGJ!
    Talk That Talk!

  120. lol the truth (again its me) November 14, 2011

    jamir and queen gaga are giving me so much joke……LETS SAY THIS ….I LIKE RIHANNA (NOT LOVE BUT LIKE HER MUSIC) PEOPLE HATE ON HER WHEN SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING…MEDIA BUZZ CREATES GREAT PROMO!!! Lady gaga: I LOVED HER FIRST ALBUM BUT BORN THIS WAY SUCKS…its just dull i hate judas and born this way it might as well be really s*** techno music…..and im bored…i thought she was gonna smack it….yes she sold many albums but people are buying into her gimmicks……i hope her next album prevails

  121. Pucci November 15, 2011

    My 2 criticims arent even about Rihanna persay… I think that my only problem with her is that she actually made an album worth listening to “Rated R” anybody but me think that that album was her most musically/artistically crafted??? And ppl weren’t buying @ all. So she changed her format & went back to her old music.

    To Sam & fans alike, if Rihanna’s music is forgettable ppl wouldn’t be talking about songs like “Pon De Replay”, “Umbrella”, “Take a Bow”, “Rehab” as of today. Those songs are all over a 4 years-old & they havent been forgotton about.

  122. Kevin November 15, 2011

    That GIF! bwahahahhaa

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