Jennifer Hudson Duets With Self in New Weight Watchers Ad

Published: Thursday 22nd Dec 2011 by Rashad

‘Feeling Good’ wailer Jennifer Hudson was feeling herself in more ways than one when she was joined in her latest Weight Watchers ad by..umm…her (former) self.  The songstress, who was recently spotted on VH1’s revamp of ‘Divas’, took stake in that claim to new heights as she belted out a rendition of inspirational tune ‘I Believe In You and Me’ for the spot aired during tonight’s X Factor Finale.

Along with the interesting clip, Hudson is readying a promo tour for her forthcoming memoir ‘I Got This’. The book, due January 10, chronicled the Chicagoan’s weight loss journey and details the diva’s drop of 80lbs.  For those who ever sought a side-by-side, before and after shot of the singer, you can get your new view of Jen times two after the jump:

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  1. AD December 22, 2011

    I love it, JHud is the BEST in showbusiness!

  2. Twista December 22, 2011

    It’s inspiring that she was able to make that happen, getting healthier and all, but her presence in the media this year has largely been about her weight loss. There has been little to no attention focused on the album, and that’s a problem.

  3. Imgunnacheckuboo December 22, 2011

    *Palm hits face* I just cannot.

  4. cw December 22, 2011

    it looks really cheap. they didn’t put no thought into it, just spliced an image together and despite them using an older version of herself, when they sing together, they sound very mismatched. the blending of the voices is way off.

  5. rozay December 22, 2011

    shes doing her shittt :] im so happy that she lost weight and shes proud of it

  6. tanya December 22, 2011

    i love this do the thing GIRL

  7. dvinewrite December 22, 2011

    Umm….??? *sighs*

  8. RATEDXXX(Y R U MAD???) December 23, 2011

    I hate when these singers first come out and say, im fat and proud, i love my body b*******, when they first come out on the scene…

    but as soon as they get a little shine, they are quick to lose weight…..

    jennifer irks my nerves..her voice too…

    its one thing to lose weight to get healthy but another thing to lose weight to compete with other skinny chicks….

    she didnt lose it to get healthy..

  9. Tc23 December 23, 2011

    awwwwww I’m so proud of her!! I struggled with my weight most of my life and just recently got to a happy place so I’m glad when someone else gets to feel that .. Whether its for health, looks or whatever its a long hard road and she looks stunning!! Good for u jhud!

  10. COOKIE -DIVAS- TONI BRAXTON & RIHANNA December 23, 2011

    Girl BYE!!

  11. pop royalty ( BIRTHDAY CAKE ) December 23, 2011

    girl , are u famous because you lost weight ?!

    are you the first one in history to do it ?!

    GURL bye and FLY ! you milked your “weight loss” story , i wonder what’s next in your To-do list ?!

    it was “cute” at first , but now , i’m sick of hearing about you with your weight loss story , million of fat b****** lose weight better than u ” and they look better than u after doing it” , but they do not do what u do !!

    here we had J.lo after giving birth to her babies , she was fat as hell , but now after she lost it , u do not see her milking that story 2 years later !!!!

    girl , you need a new idea to stay relevant !! you have to options : focus on your career in music business , or stay being lOST !!

  12. Jessica December 23, 2011

    Always bitter people on here all the damn time!!! Is it because Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar or is it the singing that people hate her so damn much?? I don’t get it!!! The woman has talent. She doesn’t strip to sell records, she doesn’t have a damn useless s** tape out there, there is never a damn scandal about her, wtf is it?? When she was thick, everyone was “oh she has to lose weight” now she has “oh she faked the weight loss” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? People quickly forget her family is gone!! Her mom is gone, her brother is gone, her nephew is gone. What do you want her to do, eat herself to death? SMH. You people don’t know her family history- diabetes, heart issues, kidney issues or other health issue that she has in her family line. So what she lost the weight, she feels better about herself and she taking care of herself. You know what is so funny, you people complain Gabby Sidobe needs to lose weight, so what if she did lose the weight, ain’t you people gonna say ” oh she had surgery, who is she fooling” Really people?? GET OFF JENNIFER HUDSON’S ASS AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN ISH!!! SHE’S FINALLY HAPPY AFTER HER WHOLE FAMILY WAS KILLED, GET OFF HER BACK!!!

    • Tubbie June 6, 2012

      Amen! Give the Lady a break! She has earned her props!

  13. Lax December 23, 2011

    Cosign Jessica

  14. UGh December 23, 2011


  15. JP December 23, 2011

    I’m utterly shocked there are so many cantankerous posters on this topic.

    So proud of Jennifer Hudson. I admire her transformation and new outlook on life. Keep doing your thing, Jen Jen. Tell dem hatin ass ****** go to work.

  16. Keith December 23, 2011

    @JP: Was that a reference to Kalenna’s song “Go to Work”?

    I liked the commercial and I am really proud of what Jennifer has been able to accomplish for her health (ultimately)….I do wish she could get some quality music, though.

  17. CDarayl December 23, 2011

    I’m happy for J~Hud! She’s had a rough few years and deserves to have happiness and success. There’s always going to be those who try to pigeon-hold celebs, but Jennifer is laughing all the way to the Bank! SpreadDaWord. Com

  18. dede December 23, 2011

    errm she still cannot sing better than she did when she was fat…..fat singers are always better…..Adele, Aretha Frranklin i could go on all day

  19. hu December 23, 2011

    happy for her..but boy was that rough on the ears…

  20. DC_Diva December 23, 2011

    That was cute. Funny how looking back, she didn’t look that big from jump. Love you Jennifer. You inspire me.

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