Adele Spends 15 Weeks Atop US Album Chart

Published: Wednesday 11th Jan 2012 by David

If you thought the arrival of 2012 would see sales of Adele‘s ‘21‘ slow down, you were wrong.

For, this week almost a year since its release worldwide, the project is this week’s #1 on the Billboard 200- for the 15th time.



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If the project goes onto hit the #1 spot again next week, it will match the record currently held by the ‘Titanic’ soundtrack and extend the belter’s status as the highest selling artist to debut within the last ten years.

As well as this, the project now ties  with Whitney Houston‘s debut album for the third-most weeks atop the chart, and if it continues to sell as many copies per week as it did last year, it will have combined sales of 30 million copies worldwide by the end of 2012.

Want to know where everybody else charted this week? click here.

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  1. Geronimo Deuces-Champion January 11, 2012

    Go adele go

  2. Songscribe January 11, 2012

    cant wait for this overweight, overexposed and over rated b**** to disapear!

  3. Chile Please!! January 11, 2012

    WTF!!! Why??? I mean I don’t think she’s a great singer AT ALL! SMH! People like anything now a days. NEXT!!!

  4. TrucieB January 11, 2012

    who run this mutha? lol fall the f*** back beytards!

  5. Marvin January 11, 2012


  6. Minajesty January 11, 2012

    well it was the best album of the year. kids these days care more about chart positions than quality of music, e.g rihanna

  7. WHUT January 11, 2012

    Minaj as in “Stupid H**” Minaj and we’re discussing quality of music? LOL!

  8. lostonez January 11, 2012

    Congrats to Adele hopefully she can stay at #1 for 20 weeks or more that would be dope!

  9. lostonez January 11, 2012

    she is not gonna sell as gud as she did last year cuz of course the album gonna be out for a year this year and everybody already have it

  10. BAA January 11, 2012

    @Trcieb…..Ur one pressed f***** lmao…What the hell does Beyonce have to do with this? Stay mad F*****. Anyway congrats Adele! She is one talentive musician. Im starting to really love this woman. Every since i heard Chasing Pavements….i knew she was here to stay!……..@Whut….Question? Who is that Ugly Ass Woman n ur gravtar? That b**** looks a mess…with that ugly ass red wig Lmao

  11. zed January 11, 2012

    adele deserves it! amazing song writing, amazing songs, beautiful voice, always sings live and down to earth. a billion times better than any manufactured s*** out these days…yes even Rihanna is manuactured! In a decades time, Adele’s album may go on to become second biggest selling album of all time, only behind thriller!

  12. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) January 11, 2012


  13. tenne January 11, 2012

    Adele is still slaying beyonce in 2012 love it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  14. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) January 11, 2012

    @BAA…..Thats Ms. Ronald Trump girl.

  15. TrucieB January 11, 2012

    @BAA lol

  16. TrucieB January 11, 2012

    such anger! tsk tsk. you’re the one sounds pressed my friend. But hey keep rep’n’ the real Beytard!

  17. Theman January 11, 2012

    Greatttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!1

  18. ChristinasCOMING January 11, 2012

    That Adele reign just won’t let up. It’s now been confirmed that 21 will remain at #1 next week too tying with Titanic. Your favs couldn’t.

    21 is the full package. It’s got its ballads, midtempos, jazz, country, blues…

    Set Fire to the Rain is most likely going to hit #1 on the Hot 100 next week.

    Those of you saying the quality of her music sucks need an embracing reality check if you think Rihanna is better. And for those calling her fat and overweight…Adele is relevant and many of us relate to her music…that’s why she’s reigning right now. Y’all just made that your favs could never sell over 16 million worldwide off just 1 album. Most have to release albums simualtaneously just to stay relevant and out there.

  19. JohnVidal January 11, 2012

    She´s way far form that. i mean there are lots of albums that have sold 20, 25 or 30 million copies or more. I can´t see “21” becoming the second highest selling album in history. She would have to sell 40 million copies. Sorry but not gonna happen

    I´m so happy with all of this. She definitely has the biggest era since the 21th century began. But it hurts a little that there´s no one that can stop her, there are no new albums coming in the next months that you could see they are coming for her. And surpassing Celine´s or Whitney´s records… it´s a little too much for me. I think the total record is at 20 weeks at #1 by Whitney. I CAN definitely see that happening

  20. BAA January 11, 2012

    @Trucieb……F***** just STFU because ur ass is bioplar ass hell Lmao…how am i pressed, i didnt come n here and said someone was slaying someone else…ur stupid ass did…F***** GOODBYE. Anyway Adele, Beyonce, Christina A., Pink, Alicia K and a few others are the only real talent we have n music. I wish we can go bac to the Sanging Divas. These women have voices, so i hope they use them on their next projects. Enough with these Gimmick b******..*cough Hihanna*

  21. A Nu Day Has Come January 11, 2012

    F*** that! You b****** mad cuz a b**** feeling what she singing about!! I haven’t played her in 2 weeks , and it still sounds new, and fresh! This b**** made a really good f****** cd!! Overexposed??? F*** your so called queen, could never do this s***!! All this s*** bout her baby and s***!! You stans can’t see that s***, but your queen is done, sorry face the facts!!

    oh here people check out Esperanza Spalding new cd sampler to her new album Radio Music Society! B**** Beyonce will never make music this good!!!

  22. @antertain January 12, 2012

    Adele is like the GRAND SLAM CHAMP of music. WINNING in all seasons.

  23. Jazmine January 12, 2012

    Yes her and Bey are my faves. Adele’s voice is the s***. I mean I’ve never really seen someone’s ALBUM stay at #1 like that, so glad for her! Love her!

  24. Time to flop January 12, 2012

    Take that floponce & t***** caca. Someone mentioned adele is overexposed. No, these 2 are because of their cheap gimmicks to stay in the headlines.

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