Ester Dean Inks Roc Nation Deal

She’s the pen behind some of music’s biggest hits, yet 2012 will finally see Ester Dean step out from the lucrative shadows, after signing a new deal with Roc Nation.

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Writing on Twitter today, the Oklahoma native said of her new label:

“I’m so Grateful 4 my Team Past and Present! Bringing in the New Year with my new Team @RocNation 2012”

Sources close to That Grape Juice confirm that the ink is still wet on the 24 year old’s management deal with the Jay-Z helmed movement.

A hit-making machine, Dean is the brainchild behind Rihanna‘s ‘Rude Boy’, Beyonce‘s ‘Countdown’, and  Katy Perry‘s ‘Firework’ – a list of chart-smashes she’s hoping her own releases can sit next to.

Some may remember Dean’s first foray into the forefront with moderate hit ‘Drop It Low (ft. Chris Brown)’ back in 2009. Yet, if what we’re hearing about her being a high-priority at her label Interscope proves true, the masses will be very familiar with this young talent very soon.

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  1. Roman January 2, 2012

    I don’t think she has what it takes to become an instant pop star. I preferred her penning the songs. I hope it’s not gunna be another album filled with boring ballades like Love Suicide…

  2. beth January 2, 2012

    U know, just because u are a good song writer doesnt mean u are a star.

  3. lola January 2, 2012

    You guys are disgusting. Had she been “exotic” looking or lightskinned, y’all would’ve been excited for her deal.

    I think that it’s stupid to sign with Roc Nation. Jay-Z doesn’t do s*** for his music artists. The only big name on there is Rihanna and she hoed her way up to the top. She would need to make sure to have some good ass managers and PR team in order to even get a single officially released to radio stations and an album released.

  4. beth January 2, 2012

    Dont be an idiot. This girl is very very regular looking. It has nothing to do with being dark skin. she can be as dark as chocolate, however, if she gives of swag and interest me from that photo on top, i’ll be excited. Too add, although her songs her big hits, none of them are timeless, they are just that, big hits. Nothing special.

    The Dream, Keri, and others are examples of song writers that have no business being artists.

  5. that b**** January 2, 2012

    She is ok I like her y’all allways have to make fun of some one damn get a f****** life

  6. Imgunnacheckuboo January 2, 2012

    @LOLA, Explain Keri Hilson then? All that love she gets…..smh. You either have it or you don’t. Ain’t got ish to do with your hue.

  7. ismokeuchoke January 2, 2012

    This is bad news for Keri cause honestly they both have the same style and that lane but with her signing with Roc Nation they will take her to the top and she is a better writter than Keri

  8. A January 2, 2012

    glad for her! Im all for new talents/faces in the music industry

  9. ismokeuchoke January 2, 2012

    I see a bunch of stupidity going on about how Ester looks look at Missy hit after hit if you got a hit record that is all that matters … her skin complexion has to do with anything the girl got talent she is the force behind Rihanna honestly she can dance she got a swag about her that is unique her voice is unique she will do well i can see her having a few urban crossover hits like Ciara Goodies era in fact i see that lane open for her

  10. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012

    why roc nation? they suck when it comes to promoting their artist……the only person jay z promote is jayz,

    rihanna is not on roc nation label yet..she is managed by rock nation…

    as soon as she gets out of def jam she will join rock nation….

    why ester? u have so much talent..its going to go wasted…on roc…..

  11. Jay Jay January 2, 2012

    There is a lot of room for this chick. Im tired of hearing the same artists on the radio.

  12. chuckster January 2, 2012

    She is a highly talented writer, so lets hope she can do well. Certainly, Keri, looked good before she tried to make it, but has been hella disappointing. Some writers should just remain behind the scenes, but i think Esther has the writing chops to penetrate.

  13. A Nu Day Has Come January 2, 2012

    Well unless this b**** can really bring something other that boring ass pop radio s***, she not going to last! These artist trying to come up, keep thinking that they have the advantage, because the music is so f***** up right now, but there comes a time , when the same type of style of music gets boring, or the fact that most of these artist coming up, are coming up in the last bit of the generic era!! I’m not going to hate on this women, but baby if you can’t pull Adele number, please sit the f*** down! Real talk!!

  14. Arie January 2, 2012

    Happy for her but this means that she will have to come with a different style/sound. She has been writing for Rihanna for so long that if she came with the same style she is gauranteed to flop.

  15. Lax January 2, 2012

    S*** i hope you all start looking at people hearts, eyes or something
    rather than stay stuck on stupid calling Easter DARK SKINNED WHAT DOES
    COLOR HAVE TO Do with the price if tea in china???? Duuuuh i did not realize that there or so many BLACK PEOPLE Who or dam Color struck. Theres Light, Bright And Dam Near White Black People and white and a

  16. trillafood January 2, 2012

    Shes signed to INTERSCOPE. Roc Nation will be managing her and they did hell of a job managing J. Cole and Rihanna. Esther Dean is dope.

  17. Dev January 2, 2012

    I’m happy for her, although when you hear her demo’s for Rihanna songs Rihanna has basically stole her style from ad libs to vocal style.

    Good luck to her

  18. bey’knight January 2, 2012

    singer vs songwriter debate has always intrigued me

    i dont like it when credible artists are discredited because they dont write their material. everybody has their stake, a talented singer should not have to stifle her gift cuz she cant write songs and someone blessed with the ability to write songs shouldn’t automatically feel they have a right to a record deal if they dont have the vocal ability. anyways i think songwriting is overrated in pop music anyways, every newcomer now comes in saying they write their own stuff like that automatically validates it. Ester here for example, her songs are hits and that’s it. if there were categories for song lyrics, they wont exactly be winning em, most pop songs wouldnt but i do like Start Over though lol

    Anywho, wish her best of luck, if she can write for Rihanna, sing for Nicki , should be able to break out just fine. We could do with more sisters in the mainstream market

  19. Yellow Gorillah January 2, 2012

    I’m excited for this I think she is a really talented women. It don’t matter if she ain’t light skinned it’s not all about that, she just needs to get her own swag and make sure she does not come out sounding like rihanna. Sometimes I think song writers she just stay song writers people like the dream she just stick to their jobs. I think she has what it takes she could take Ciara spot #SHADE

  20. Killakidd January 2, 2012

    I’m so happy for Dean. I know she gone do well. for the record: she don’t just write pop, this girl wrote Number One, Invented S** & Lay it down. she gone be hell & as for the keri comments, she’s written a lot of keri’s stuff too & there’s where u drawin similarities. Kill Em Dean!!

  21. Aunt Jackie January 2, 2012

    Lady Gaga HAD to be wacky because she’s ugly. She had to go the artsy pop route rather than the s*** one. So.Stopit. Skin color and looks DO matter–let’s not kid ourselves. People root for Rihanna because of the way they style her more than anything else. But all of that looks mess won’t stop her from succeeding if she drops hit after hit and comes with the proper image/swagger. Plus, um, she’s CUTE and she’s dope! Like @ YellowGorrilah said, Ciara’s spot is vacant right now. Keri never quite filled it out….

  22. 14t33 January 2, 2012


  23. DONT TRY IT B**** January 2, 2012

    A Nu Day Has Come

    January 2, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Well unless this b**** can really bring something other that boring ass pop radio s***, she not going to last! These artist trying to come up, keep thinking that they have the advantage, because the music is so f***** up right now, but there comes a time , when the same type of style of music gets boring, or the fact that most of these artist coming up, are coming up in the last bit of the generic era!! I’m not going to hate on this women, but baby if you can’t pull Adele number, please sit the f*** down! Real talk!!


  24. JP January 2, 2012

    She appears to be a very talented artist with an ear for creating great music.

    Hopefully, she will earn success.

  25. James227 January 2, 2012

    I like her better as a writter because I feel she really can’t sing that well. Easter girl this is not for you. You can do bad by yourself, go back to steady writing

  26. James227 January 2, 2012

    What you peope think going to happen to Ester. Do you really think Jay will make her a better artist than Rihanna. Come the f*** on lets be real girl not going no where with this company

  27. JP January 2, 2012

    @ James,

    I actually agree with your second post. When I think of Roc Nation, I don’t even think about jay-z, Rihanna comes to mind first…people can say what they want about her but she has been playing the game very well. jay-z takes good care of her.

    I’m not really sure why any other female artist would trust Roc Nation with their career…that’s clearly Rihanna’s label now.

  28. Cutie wit a booty January 2, 2012

    Lol um ya the last time I check all the bitchist that are on top in mainstream are liteskin even in music videos that’s all you see and that’s all u hear these rappers talk about is lite skin femeals so stop the bull it is what it is the game is cold boo!

  29. shell517nj January 2, 2012


  30. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012

    i understand why sometimes songwriters become singers..

    because u have fake bishes in the music industry who claims they write every damn song..when their fake ass know they cant even read or write..

    so thats taking money out of the songwriters pockets..

    s*** if i was a songwriter, and i had a chance to make millions becoming a singer too..s*** i would jump at it..

  31. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012

    yes in certain cases songwriters makes more money than the actual singer…

    but when u have a singer asking for 20% of ur work, even thought they didnt write s***… f**** up ur money…

    every basic singers now are trying to be songwriters.

    my thing is, if ur ass didnt write the song, ur name should not be on it..i dont give a damn if u just added comma, period, change a couple of words…

  32. number1k9 January 2, 2012

    Can def see her having the Keri Hilson fate.

    But she’s even more notable (dare I say, a better???) songwriter than Hilson.

    Tricky situation… Almost wanna say, Ester Dean should have just stuck to writing hits for other artists.

    OH….. And WHYYYY would you list Bey’s fail “Countdown” like it was a hit for her, would be better if you listed Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight,” which she wrote. Better yet, just list a song she is known for like:
    “What’s My Name?”
    “Super Bass”
    … must I go on?

  33. James227 January 2, 2012

    To clear all confusion, EsterDean has a management deal with Roc Nation and a record deal with Interscope.

    This is what I just found out

  34. Lax January 2, 2012

    Rude Boy!

  35. Lax January 2, 2012

    Ester sound great i guess its hard to find a sound like Rihanna’s after all
    she was born with it . Theres something to that sound of Rihanna i mean that caribbean laced accent it’s a Unique & Different!

  36. NIkNak January 2, 2012

    I see she has lost some weight.

  37. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 2, 2012

    LMAO @ Rated XXX comments! Tell us why they took the money from YOU, girl?

    Anyway, I honestly think she should stick with the songwriting. It’s more money guaranteed and it’s less work, TBH. Now I don’t think she would have the same fate as Keri Hilson, because I do think Ester KNOWS what kind of artist she wants to be and what lane she’ll be in as an artist as oppposed to Keri who’s just kinda…..there. The main songwriter turned artist that is successful that comes to my mind is Ne-yo, and he came in with his own lane, with his own sound, he was distinctive. I think Ester should be sure she has her own sound and not sound like the artists she’s written for.

  38. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012


    ur bothering me because?

    this is a comment section..people are entitled to say what they wanna say….

    rolls eyes, ur taking my comments to the heart because?

    are my comments affecting u in any shape or form?

    ur trying to start drama with me for no f****** reason..stay in ur lane

  39. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012

    shes signed to roc nation…rihanna is the only person beside jay z whos going to get promotion….

    rihannna is always going to be roc nations top money his focus is always going to be on her…

    thats y i laugh when i see people saying, if rihanna takes a break shes not going to be relevant anymore…

    umm as long as shes with jayz..shes never going to worry about revelancy..

    i wish only the best luck for ester..cause bay bay shes going to need it..ask nas, ll cool jay,melanie on…ur never going to get the full promotion ur ass need…

  40. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 2, 2012

    LOL! Who’s bothering you? The only thing bothered is my abdomen from laughing so hard at your comments!

    Taking your comments to heart? *laughs harder* How? You’re amusing me, not upsetting me, as opposed to your previous comments which have “UPSET” written all over them.

    Shame on you for using profanity (which you eloquently define as a sign of immaturity when addressing others on this site). I’m sorry that I find it extremely amusing that your subliminal shade made you soooooo upset. LOL!

  41. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 2, 2012

    She’s good at writing hits. She should be given a chance to offer herself into the music world. Not just a writer either.

  42. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012


    ur point is what? u laughing at me suppose to do what exactly?..I mean really..

    u came at me first..never even acknowledge ur presence…so again why are u bothering me?

    its always the ones i never acknowledge, that wants to start some b******* with me….are u that pressed for my attention, ?

    i throw shade? if my comments apply to ur fav, than thats not my problem..

    i cuss…SO THE F*** WHAT? WHAT THE F*** UR GOING TO DO ABOUT IT… for future reference, unless i acknowledge ur presence…skip my name…

  43. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012

    i throw shade? i’ve said many times i hate beyonce’s fake ass and her dumb stans…

    so where is the shade?

    beyonce is not the only fake ass singer, claiming songwriting credits…

    this is a post about songwriters who turns singers..i said i hate singers who claim they write their own s*** but dont..

    why the beyonce stans assume i’m talking about beyonce? is she the only fake ass singer out there?
    its call a hit dog will holler, syndrome

    again if my comments sounds like ur fav..than its not my problem

  44. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) January 2, 2012

    i hate beyonce fake ass and her stans……so is that shade enough?

  45. Geronimo Deuces-Champion January 2, 2012

    congrats ester….. now lets get into business

  46. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 3, 2012

    Still using profanity? Somebody is REALLY mad, eh? LOL!

    Lmao @ you actually admitting that you hate a “fake” celebrity and random people on a blog. I cannot!

    Can you explain to me how you hate people you don’t know? You’re referring to someone as dumb, but I can’t find anything dumber than actually hating a person that you’ve never met personally or even seen. Hmmmm, that’s dumb, stupid, ignorant, and beyond childish. And I refuse to actually believe the notion you were NOT referring to Beyonce. Keep convincing yourself that, fool. Your ENTIRE purpose on this blog is to be ALL about her in some way and you certainly do find a way. Kudos to you.

    BTW, I am NOT a stan. I stan for NO ONE, only good music. Now continue on with your rant of how much you “hate” strangers. LOL!

  47. MISHKA January 3, 2012

    Great news !!!

    She’s an amazing songwriter, she deserves more attention.

    She also co-wrote Beyonce’s “Start Over”, one of my favourite tracks on ‘4’.

    She’s pretty much aware of the fact that she’s no Rihanna or Katy Perry, but hopefully she will get the exposure Linda Thompson or Diane Warren get for their songwriting skills.

  48. MaZ January 3, 2012

    It’s her time to shine now!

  49. D January 3, 2012

    She sounds like s***. Non-singing, ugly @$$ b****. She talented at her penning skills. I just don’t want to hear that horrible voice. YUCK!

  50. Sing.Along January 3, 2012

    Lol @Amazing Lee, Rated xxx has turned a new leaf on this blog. I used to enjoy reading her comments but now…
    @Rated xxx where did all this hatred come from? Damn, hating ppl u don’t know…What did Bey do to u? Smh.

  51. Chris Cole January 5, 2012

    Ester Dean is the mastermind of many of these big hit songs that everbody listen to. She is the voice behind Nicki Minaj’s singing in everyone of her songs and shes singing back up and hooks on Rihannas new Talk That Talk Album. I think she got the patential to have it. Hey look at Keri Hilson. Been in the game since she was 16 and just now getting something big in 2010. She also wrote and sung back up for so many artists. I say go Ester. I’m behind you.!! 🙂

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