LA Reid Signs Melanie Amaro To Epic

Published: Tuesday 3rd Jan 2012 by Sam

X Factor USA star Melanie Amaro has been ear-marked for sure-fire success after winning season one of the Fox talent search.

However, as many an industry analyst will know, how her $5 Million dollar record contract is handled has a direct correlation to how successful she’ll be. Everything from A&R, to producers, to marketing the finished comes from the seemingly bottom-less pocket – essentially creating way for a profitable success or a highly expensive failure.

Put simply, the young starlet would need to be in the right hands for her dreams post-show to come to fruition. A fact Simon Cowell seems to know well, as he has negotiated a deal for Amaro with fellow music mogul and X Factor judge LA Reid.

Full story below…

It was today announced that Reid has signed the 19 year old to Epic Records – which he is heading up after leaving Island Def Jam last year.

Renown for both launching and rescuing the careers of many an Urban Pop star (see: Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Pink, among others), Reid – for many- is the man the songbird needs at the helm of her career.

Speaking on the deal, Simon Cowell said:

“We all agreed that Epic would be the right fit for Melanie. L.A. made it clear that he wanted the opportunity to work with her and with his track record, you can’t say no to that.”

Epic, for those not in the know, resides under the Sony Music umbrella – the same corporate force which handles all X Factor output. Needless to say, Mr Cowell is “winning” all-round.

Amaro joins the likes of Ciara and Cher Lloyd on label – which is said to potentially be adding Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez to its roster in the near future.

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  1. UGh January 3, 2012

    …..and he was the one that said she was boring and often criticized her. I knew all along he wished Melanie was on his team with his fruity mac makeup wearing ass.

  2. Marvin January 3, 2012

    Good for Melanie! So excited to see what she does. 🙂

  3. D.Scott January 3, 2012

    I think she has a bright future ahead of her

  4. My name is Tom January 3, 2012

    Get ready for the monarch programming!!! =]

  5. musique January 3, 2012

    L A reid also messed up TLC and Toni Braxton so I’ll wait

  6. B Lamont January 3, 2012

    Wishing her much success, but LA Reid is a shifty little man so she better get ready for Rihanna to take precedence…cuz that’s the only artist he really pushes. oh and Mariah too, even if the singles aren’t selling and no one is buying the albums.

  7. Bread January 3, 2012

    im not sure it will work.
    No matter what label she is on.
    I just don’t see her being an big star or have any type of longevity.
    That is my big problem with these talent contest. Just because you win doesn’t mean you will sale.

    Like how would they even market her?

  8. Geronimo Deuces-Champion January 3, 2012


    January 3, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    L A reid also messed up TLC and Toni Braxton so I’ll wait

    tell me about it i was gonna say the same thing, i think she needs to be more careful, LA is something else when it comes to money

    m happy for her though

  9. Geronimo Deuces-Champion January 3, 2012

    @ Bread

    y negativity…. she will sale

  10. ITAINTYOBABY January 3, 2012

    I sorry there is no way I would sign a record deal with LA Reid he’s as shady as they come and what has LA done to make Rihanna successful unless im missing something I could of swore Jay Z was the president of Def Jam and the one that sign RiRi and bless her with a verse on her first major hit. Babyface had a lot to do with success of the artists on Laface Records not Ried

  11. teena January 3, 2012

    How did he mess up Toni Braxron when she went multiplatinum over 3 times and became an arena artist??? She should be grateful for the songs he gave her b/c what she has released lately is nowhere near as good as the songs he and Babyface wrote for her………….. TLC surely was not messed up b/c they are the top selling female group of all time…… they sold more CDS than DC3……. not his fault they cant manage their money…. Melanie is getting paid by Simon already so shes ok..

    I hope he gives her songs like…… Hero from Mariah and I Remember fom Keyshia Cole…. that song is the most beautifully produced song…. listen to it all the time.

    Since is working with Simon & Melanie, maybe he can work with Alexandra Burke to..shes REAL a star but she needs some R&B joints to make it in America.

  12. Jay Scorpio January 3, 2012


  13. earl January 3, 2012


    L A Reid’ s ex wife pebbles siged TLC and their contract was shady as hell which is why after all those hits they had no money

    L A Reid was 1/2 of LaFace records with BabyFace that signed Toni Braxton and her contract was shady as fuccck. He along with Face gave her good songs because they and they alone benefitted from her sales. Check what Toni said after selling millions of cds she got a check for $2k

  14. earl January 3, 2012

    Also simon ain’t true either. If you don’t sell, he will drop you in a heart beat. Go look for all the past Xfactor uk contestants starting with the one before last, Joe McElry who was just dropped as well as many more. Winning doesn’t mean anything. David Archueleta was just dropped from Idol, Simon was there there.

    Where is the winner from idol who won and adam lambert was runner up? exactly, at county fairs and countless other idol winners who have not done well. Sometimes the runner up does better

  15. LAX January 3, 2012


  16. Bey’knight January 3, 2012

    Tbh i dont see her bein huge either. Sam said somn once, the ratings-generating tv viewers arent necessarily the record-buyin consumers which explains why majority of Xfactor UK winners have subpar careers now.

    Wha the hell is up w/ Americans spelling “sell” as “sale” their meanngs are totally different. All of yall grade school teachers need to be fired! Disgrace

  17. nuhoh January 3, 2012

    she’s not a Country artist, so she may struggle…Scotty McCreery, the current Idol winner and a success, has sold a ton because he’s a Country artist..RnB Melanie will not sell…they better try for some kind of Adele sound vibe….

  18. Bread January 3, 2012

    Scotty hasn’t sold s***….where’d you get that idea? For the last 5 or 6 years winner nor runner up or other contestants have sold impressively

  19. nuhoh January 3, 2012

    well..he’s done better than the last few winners…He’ll at least go Platinum in the States…that’s better than the Voice contestants…doubt Melanie sells platinum…Platinum from an Idol is good nowadays..even Kelly Clarkson can’t get to platinum (still hope with the new single?) and Daughtry is flopping, RCA bought his Gold plaque and the latest album at like 300k…so Scotty has done well considering the sales of other TV competition alum..I’m not a fan of Scotty or Country music, but that genre sells in the States….

  20. @DaRealRastaBwoi on Twitter January 4, 2012

    Congrats Bc i was voting and teamMelanie all season, u deserve it ,… now lets get the 1st single…and it better be hot !!!!

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

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