Report: Lil Kim’s Alleged Ghostwriter Tells All

Published: Tuesday 24th Jan 2012 by David

Earlier this week,  Lil Kim‘s artistry  came into question when Charli Baltimore suggested the MC was not responsible for penning any of her own lyrics.

Now, a member of the Rapper’s entourage named Antonio Walker  has come forward supporting Baltimore’s accusations, claiming that he is indeed Lil Kim’s ghostwriter.

His allegations below…

Posting what he claims to be a contract drawn up between himself and the artist’s ‘Queen Bee Entertainment‘, he alleges that he is responsible for writing a number of songs she claimed to have penned herself.

He cites Kim’s failure to pay him as his motive for uploading the below:

For his sake, he better not be lying.

Because if he is, he will be sure to feeling all kinds of heat if Kim can prove his claims are both false and defamatory and follows this up with a lawsuit.

On the other hand, Jones has a lot to answer for if details from this ‘deal’ emerge which prove Walker’s claims are in fact true.

Either way, we want to know:

Do you believe him?


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  1. MISHKA January 23, 2012

    Do we care ? Like, for real.

  2. jeremydante January 23, 2012

    damn, they just won’t let kim win. charli baltimore is definitely trying it though, she just mad cause ain’t no one f****** with her like that. she was the sideline to kim being the sideline to faith evans- B.I.G. had all these girls hating on each other. like, why is charli even credible, she probably just pullling s*** out her ass to remain relevant. thirsty.

  3. MISHKA January 23, 2012

    If Nicki Minaj used a ghostwriter she would have never released that “stupidity” her label just wasted money on.

    • Minajes January 6, 2015

      She once told in an interview that she won’t be dropping anything “hard and remarkable” till the 6th album.

  4. The Real B(randy) January 23, 2012

    SO he has/had a contract that clearly has a confidentiality section YET he is posting it to the net? WOMP! He’s playing himself, either way.

  5. ImMadAsHell January 23, 2012

    It’s wierd because Biggie, the two guys from mob deep, that DJ that works at hot 97, and Lil Cease all said Kim can write & she wrote in front of them.

  6. The Real B(randy) January 23, 2012

    Where is Kimberly Jones or Queen Bee anything mentioned in this “doc”?

  7. aisha aguilera keys January 23, 2012

    Well, do u expect them to say the contrary? Like, “Yea, Kim doesn’t write her own lyrics, someone else does”? Really? That’s probably more tolerated nowadays, but back then, it wouldn’t have been, esp for a female rapper who had a lot to prove.

  8. Sheltop January 23, 2012


  9. YUPPP January 23, 2012


  10. tyra January 23, 2012

    what this fools dnt realise is all this s*** is only getting her more publicity and more ppl will be curious about her new ep so all this negative publicity will actually work in her favour

  11. Monadanina January 23, 2012

    I believe him very much so

  12. beagle January 23, 2012

    Whether it’s true or not, it’s grounds for a lawsuit.

    If false, he’s defaming her character.
    If true, he’s breached the same damn contract he just scanned and uploaded.

  13. The Truth January 23, 2012

    Get that publicity Kim!

    Who is Charli Baltimore again lol?

  14. BlancoFam January 23, 2012

    thank you guys for being impartial and not shading her. Had to point that out cos yu do it all too often.

  15. Those That Cannot Do, Stan January 23, 2012

    We shall see I guess.

  16. YUPPP January 23, 2012


    • tony May 19, 2016

      f*** outta here!

  17. Tami January 23, 2012

    To this dude I need to see some receipts!

    I also need to see where Kim signed or her management signed anything with your name. You can’t show me a piece of paper with some typed out sh*t and expect me to believe it.

  18. beagle January 23, 2012

    Also, shouldn’t nobody be listening to ANYTHING Charli Flopsumore has to say. Kim said she wrote her own s*** except for two songs. Biggie said Kim wrote her own s***. Cease said it. Faith said it. People who were close to her and she’s now beefing with still maintain she wrote her own s***. She even used to write for Puffy.

  19. Kim career DEAD ghostbuster January 23, 2012


  20. JER January 23, 2012

    omg people let it GO. Kim’s rhymes are NOT THAT GOD to where people need to come out the woodwork and say they wrote them. pathetic.

    On another note, everytime BeYAWNce gets flack about her “songwriting” you queens say it’s tired and to leave your 4lop queen alone. But when it’s Kim you press on and on trying to prove she never wrote anything. PULEAZE

  21. ME January 23, 2012

    @TheRealB(RANDY) exactly anybody people will believe anything and he a fool because he can be sued all kinds of ways this proves nothing but people will do anything for attention, thirsty as hell good bye

  22. ME January 23, 2012

    and why does authorized sig say n/a thats some printed up b*******, yall gonna have to come a little harder

  23. YUPPP January 23, 2012

    why would he lie? he was in the videos with kim– obviously kim didnt pay him.

  24. Davide Laffe(Nyc nominated Best nightlife photographer) January 23, 2012

    haha tgj there to put that ass on blast

  25. Jayla January 23, 2012

    Honestly, She can get all the attention she wants, nobody still won’t buy her album

  26. MichaelAngelo January 23, 2012

    This document is fake.

  27. key1 January 23, 2012

    Where’s a signature?

  28. key1 January 23, 2012

    Where’s a signature???

  29. Damani January 23, 2012

    Its crazy Lil Kim is a living legend and all you guy at this site do is trash her. She is a legend either way. this site has a lot of credibility to gain, Kim has nothing to prove. I understand Sam and the Team love Nicki but stop throwing shade at Kim because either way she’s a rap icon and you guys are obviously intrigued by something about her.

  30. DaHotNig January 23, 2012

    Once you fail to pay, the terms of the contract become null and void unless he’s supposed to be silent also in the event of him NOT getting paid which I doubt if that’s in there. Well Nicki a stupid h**! LOL

  31. gossipgirl January 23, 2012

    come on really? do u expect me to believe a guy who follows charlie baltimore and foxy brown. plus he’s retweeting teamminaj’s & teamfoxboggie’s comments. they will believe anything if its negative about kim. anyway word on the street is he was apart of the IRS now I know the haters can agree 2 this those dudes are garbage. Kim spits wayyyyyyy better than them. Besides come on i know teamfox should be saying s*** because u can go the songwriters database and on the majority of her songs jay z and shyne are credited 4 writing her s*** so Keep it real haters.’ oh and charlie baltimore u had 2 hits w/ murder inc. and u were big’s 3rd rate mistress .

  32. Brittany January 23, 2012

    Dear Charli Baltimore you’re irrelevant so stop tryna come for kim to gain relevance

  33. TEAM QUEEN B January 23, 2012

    LOL the FACT that people have to question whether Kim wrote her own lyrics only solidifies the fact that PEOPLE LOVE HER MUSIC/ART WORK. You would have to be a FAN and ENJOY the music to actually care WHO wrote it. This is basically reiterating the fact that KIM HAS ALWAYS HAD HOT MUSIC. Thanks TGJ…and this n**** must be broke if he’s feening over a little penny contract between him and Lil’ Kim….

  34. ILuvLilKim January 23, 2012

    So, you mean to tell me you were Kim’s ghostwriter n you made her into a multi millionaire n you probably still in the hood, live off foodstamps n s*** while the QB still lives in the most expensive zip code in the US? YOU N CHARLIE BALTIMORE sound real dumb right now n then have the nerves to type some bogus contract. Aren’t you violating your contract’s confidentiality u idiot.

  35. ILuvlilkim January 23, 2012

    N y is Charlie Baltimore always mentioning Kim’s name in an interview is this how she tries to stay relevant.

  36. trulo January 24, 2012

    omgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he is such a LIAR! rotflmaoo you all are sooo sooo sooo dumb for believing him! rotflmaoo omy side hurts from laughter!!!

  37. Layla January 24, 2012

    That is a fake contract.This guy is TeamFoxy and cool with Charlie Balitmore.

  38. Lea January 24, 2012

    This is fake.Sam you need to do better,This site is going down hill.

  39. Maylashia January 24, 2012

    He type that fake sh*t him-self.He retweet Foxy Brown fans and Charlie Blatimore.This guy is a joke.

  40. TeamKIm January 24, 2012

    Charlie Baltimore payed this guy to write a fake contract.Pathetic.

  41. Jessica January 24, 2012

    So Lil Kim had a ghostwritter, so damn what?? Everyone has a ghostwriter back in the day anyways and they were the s***!!! GET OFF KIM’S D***!!! 1. SHE CAN RAP BETTER THAN THE WACK ASS RAPPERS THAT ARE OUT NOW. 2. Kim is OG and she doesn’t give 2 shits about this crap piece that people put out to make her that she’s not good. I lost respect to Charlie Baltimore, there were only 2 songs I liked from her back in 1997 but that was it, Kim had more hits and I still listen to them in 2012, GET OFF KIM’S D***!!! SMH!!

  42. Itsme January 24, 2012

    The contract is not even signed…hmmmmm

    AND even if you wrote s*** for Kim you SUCK because she has not had a hit…so your skills as a so called ghostwriter suck!and so what if he paid this n**** to write a hook or two..big f****** deal…

    That Grape Juice LOVES some Lil Kim…damn do yall work for YMCMB or something because yall stay trying to come for Lil Kim silicone…

    Lil Cease had the perfect opportunity to say Kim didnt write her shyt and he ALWAYS says that she did…so at the end of the day imma roll with Lil Cease…

  43. ladt January 24, 2012

    HE JUST ADMITED HE LIED THO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. kayla January 24, 2012

    They wont let kim win????? B**** get the F*** OUTTA HERE!!!! She already fuckkin lost
    “As for your career, dead ghostbuster”…. everybody and they mammas mamma know she dnt write her own, so dnt feel bad…

  45. OLB January 24, 2012

    Lmfao..This b**** Charlie Baltimore has been trynna establish herself as a credible female rapper since the 90’s. What a fail! Even Nicki Minaj wouldnt say that.

  46. Lisa January 24, 2012

    @YUPPP You have to be real stupid if you believe this.No where is Kim name mention or a signature by her.I hope you never become a lawyer.

  47. Maylashia January 24, 2012

    Charlie Baltimore is pathetic and Bitter about Kim’s success.She needs to get a 9 to 5.

  48. RHI RHI IS QUEEN January 24, 2012


  49. Lala January 24, 2012

    Ever since Nicki flopped with “Stupid H**”.Sam be trying his hardest to shade Kim.Just face it Sam.Nicki is falling off badly.

  50. Cyrstal January 24, 2012

    @KAYLA Girl shut your Nicki c*** riding @ss up.Nicki should be shot for making that wack @ss song and video.

  51. DUNKFAN January 24, 2012

    Like Drake isn’t writing for Nicki and Lil Wayne.

  52. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 24, 2012

    OOPS…and teamkim wonder why we always questioned kim about her writing credibility. Well, we weren’t that delusional.

  53. REALRasta January 24, 2012

    I gues if these people aint trying to get money one way, they try another… This is so old,,many successful ppl in the industry do use Ghost writers,, so wats new….

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  54. SMH@UNDERCOVERCIARAFANS January 24, 2012

    This is a mess if he was a ghostwriter his name would still be on the credits wouldn’t it? T.I. & Jay-Z & even Jermaine Dupri wrote for artists but they never complained like who cares seriously if he got his checks he shouldn’t be complaining but I’m sure he ain’t getting his checks now because he spoke up about it lol SMH & I don’t see a Kimberly signature on these documents.

  55. Nahjee January 24, 2012

    Now I know a lot of people may not like lil Kim & her music but you gotta respect where she took female rap back in the 90’s like nobody was doing it like her.. Now I’m not the biggest lil Kim fan but I respect her and what she has done for female rap.

    Charli girl look what you started all this just for you to stay “RELEVANT” boy I hope teamkim is drag your ass on twitter cus you just started some dumb s*** smh. Get a life

  56. Dope or nope January 24, 2012

    It a shame artist want attenion so bad that they pull a move like this wow charli you need to put out some music baby girl some hits for the radio or 106andpark hit videos (yea we all know) lil km needs to put out some hits to (but lil Kim got a respect level) that she is on that she gets a little pass on.

    But back to you charli you need to suck the right d*** to get on you prabley sucking the wrong ones that’s why your ass is stuck on irrelevant land

    This post gets a nope! Don’t make no sense

  57. SMH@UNDERCOVERCIARAFANS January 24, 2012

    The Document also says: This work for hire agreement is as Effective as Dec. 11 2009 By & between Queen Bee Entertainment Inc. & Antonio Walker (she never signed it & neither did he) She wasn’t doing music in 2009 the only song she did was Computer love after that she was busy with dancing with the stars so when did they get in the studio & write records if she was doing dancing with the stars? She stated in January of 2011 that she would be working on her 5th studio album…..So my question is when did they work together?
    I researched my facts & I’m making my own opinion & I don’t believe it it’s not that I dont want to it’s just I need to see some signature’s & valid dates to go by. Also there is a lot of rappers in the past & today that has “Ghostwriters” or people helping them write records for/with them but who really cares? at the end of the day I just want good music : )

  58. Jasmine January 24, 2012

    He’s lying
    He’s lying
    He’s lying
    He’s lying
    He’s lying
    He’s lying
    That is out for money and pay back from the one and only queen of rap

  59. _eriicc January 24, 2012

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m a hugggge, die-hard fan of Lil’ Kim, and even if he did claim to write her songs, from 2009 (When the contract was signed) until Present, he hasn’t done a good job. The Black Friday Mixtape, lyrically, was weak, and lacked depth (Except the song Black Friday), and the song Spend A Mill, which i can’t find any words that say how i feel. Lyrically, it’s horrible.

    Team Lil’ Kim has noitced the lyrical change, and i blame this ametuar bozo, who came forward with this allegation.

    I feel Kim wrote her new song, I Am Not The One herself, and that she is one the rise again to take back her throne, especially if she doesn’t have people like this on her team!

    – Queen, keep doing your thing! Write songs so we can qoute thee! –

  60. Houston January 24, 2012

    This the same guy that said Gillie Da Kid wrote Lil Waynes Rhymes,now he is after Kim?He just looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

  61. ok? January 24, 2012


  62. Truff January 24, 2012

    SAM GO SUCK A FAT ASS D***!! WHETE IS KIM’S NAME B****!! DONT COME FOR THE QUEEN B or we will do to u what Beyonce fans did to Keri Hilson…BOOMBARD YO ASS WITH LIL KIM CD’S!!! NOW DUCK B****!!!

  63. Moe January 24, 2012

    Sam’s A Damn Hater….suck a d*** man, Kim is “The Truth”(my dawg) and we dont believe u cause u a one sided, Nicki d*** ridin, feminine actin, no hope having, p**** as dude using this page to try to bury Kim along with all the other haters that jump on any train smokin……when Kim drop that heat all ya’ll b****** gone b sweatin!

  64. truth January 24, 2012

    @ MOE-i completely co-sign MOE!!

  65. Doesn’t Matter January 24, 2012

    The first copy does state QUEEN BEE ENTERTAINMENT for those asking wheres Lil Kim’s name on this. If he didn’t get paid then thats a breach of contract so it doesn’t matter if confidentiality no longer remains, this only applies for the duration of the contract. But now he’s lost all chances of ever getting paid just for making this document public, but i don’t think she can sue him since she failed to pay. In the confidentiality clause it states something about $50,000, so I’m sure she would owe him more than that, so he figures if he’s not gonna get paid then the least he could do is put her on blast.

  66. mobwife January 24, 2012

    Who gives a f**k? Really, no one cares if this clown wrote a song 15 yeras ago. It is Lil Kim’s delivery of those words that had us all enthralled with her. Lil Kim will always be ‘QUEEN B’ b**ches live with it!

    **sidebar: Didn’t “I Will All Ways Love You” just register on TGJ as the best song every recorded by an artist (or something along those lines)? Dolly Parton wrote those lyrics BUT IT WAS WHITNEY HOUSTON that breathed LIFE into those words. No sit down with this bullsh**!

  67. mobwife January 24, 2012

    January 24, 2012 at 12:57 am

    This foolishness coming from a stan of the biggest joke in the music industry? Now that’s a “BWAHAHAHA ” moment! 🙂

  68. chillnigg12 January 24, 2012

    Its so sad how he comes out the shadows after all this time…after all his arrest for petty s*** i guess Kim was taking care of him. so he resulted in boosting from department stores …see NY POST police blotter here>>>>>>>

    also his recent firearm charge in VA, please see below

    i guess times are hard…

    TEAM KIM!!!!

  69. Jasmine January 24, 2012

    That is fake. So some dummy posts a pic of a ghostwriter contract that can be used by anyone and people take it to be about Lil’ Kim. That is dumb.

  70. KEEP IT ORIGINAL January 24, 2012

    personally i believe that Kim and Biggie both wrote her s*** for her first album but after that it all her, i think thats why Kim has always been so grateful to Biggie cos he helped her become who she is including helping her to become an artist that can write her won songs, i think this contract is a B******* hype tactic for Charli to start a beef with Kim to bring her name back to the mases

  71. AliensAreOurMasters January 24, 2012

    This isn’t shocking. Majority of entertainers have ghost writers. Avril Lavigne or whatever the hell her name is a producer she worked with exposed her about not writing anything and she gets credit for. Gaga claims she writes everything though she has like 3-4 people working on each song how much is she putting in if it has 3-4 people working on it and it’s 3-4 minute song. Madonna has done it as well unfortunately. You guys know Beyonce has done it and I’m sure she does it more than we’ll ever know. There was an article about this a lot of them put their name there a writer knowing they didn’t write anything or only put a few words down.

  72. HaterzStayPressed January 24, 2012

    It would hold more weight if he took her to court. 😆 Far be if from me to defend Kim, but everybody knows if you have a breach of contract due to non-payment, you take it up in a court of law. You enforce the contract and SUE… shut s*** down or else.

    So, I take this claim with a grain of salt. If you ghostwriting and you didn’t get your s*** upfront? Boo-boo da foo on you.


  73. Real January 24, 2012

    I’m #teamminaj but its obvious that this contract is fake. Man, I be feeling bad for Kimmy. I’m about to be part of #teamlilkim soon though since Stupid H** came out. What an embarassment! Lil’ Kim did say that she would be exposed. I believe her now!

  74. Lawl January 24, 2012

    “real” kill yourself cuz you sounding real FAKE right now.

    Anyways….. how do you all know its fake how many of you are lawyers… don’t worry ill wait. This juice is on ALLL the blogs girl. Don’t be mad b/c Kim is rotten garbage. Where’s that EP? The ghostwriters can’t write fast enough?

  75. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 24, 2012

    Whether it’s fake or not at least we know kim affiliates herself with a lot of ghostwriters. I guess she aint that great….

  76. Its Me January 24, 2012

    This site has become Mediatakeout…

    I am tired off all thees face stories and Lil Kim bashing…

    if he is writing for Kim #showmethereceipts and please let me know what HIT he has penned…

    He is down with Charli Baltimore and you can clearly see that they are BOTH trying to release albums in the next few weeks…

  77. Deveal2014 January 24, 2012

    Lol this the same dude that said Kim & Nicki really friends.

  78. AmbeRussell January 25, 2012

    well to be quiet honest, al rappers pretty much have ghost writers. i mean look at tracking list, n look at how many rappers have more than 1 name on their songs. wayne samples a whole verse from aaliyah for crying out loud. n why else do you think u can have a rap song called 1 thing, but the topic of the verse doesnt match? and didnt many ppl say lollypop was written by somebody else? i mean that song did have FOUR other names listed as writers besides wayne, which was his most successful single to date bc that was during his peak, so… go to show every1 has ghost writers. but i dont believe this. why shade some1 when u should be lockin their asses on up n gettin ya money. hustling ass backwards.
    amberussell on youtube

  79. SAINT January 25, 2012

    Ugh… here we go again. Didnt this b**** try this s*** like 2 years ago? Its sad what a bitter lame no talent having ass b**** will do for a speck of attention. Lets say Kim did or does have a ghostwriter… she can deliver any flow like no other. Who ghostwrote her acting or modeling career? She may have not had an album or hit in a few years but guess what b******… shes still the talk of the town and creates a news worthy buzz. The only time Charli is heard is when shes bitching, whining or hating on Kim. Get off it b****. You need to talk s*** about Kim to even be heard. Lame grasping ass b****. Hit the unemployment office and do yourself a favor by doing something constructive with your time besides hating.

  80. ImMadAsHell January 25, 2012

    MC Lyte & Queen Latifa had ghostwriters too, Now what!!! & that garbage Nicki write, she needs a few herself.

    • EDwin May 20, 2013

      Well if that’s true, it’s sad that “legends” had ghost writers being so “lyrical”, I’d said you just say Nicki sucks because you can’t understand her metaphors, only her fans do…she’s a Legend already, she has done things that any female rapper did, she broke countless records, and she’s officially the most successful female rapper of all time, so garbage or not, she’s Winning and you can’t stop that :PP

  81. :l January 25, 2012

    we all know that kim is a ghostwriters junky,but i won’t support what this dude is doing to her here it,s bu.ll.sh1t…but i guess when you don,t pay people[if thats really the case]they will expose you… on the other hand this is why kim is going ofter nicki talking about she is going to destroy her so kim is saying some one is f-cking her over and she don’t like nicki so she is going try and drag her down too,come on kim you have a bigger beef with your ghostwriters they are the ones you should be worried more about they are the ones in your house.

  82. :l January 25, 2012

    IMMADASHELL well atleast no one will come out of the closet talking about they wight for her and be trying to take credit.if nicki song do bad are good it,s all on here no one the blame but her self,win big and loose big..she isn’t playing it safe like them ghostwriter junkies who is trying to get hits on every song.

  83. GyrlSpeedRT January 27, 2012

    What’s the date on that contract? December what? 2009?…correct me if I’m wrong…

  84. Ray February 2, 2012

    It say on the bottom of the document about the signature Queen Bee Entertainment Inc. so there’s all your proof that you guys can’t see.

  85. nilelata July 21, 2012

    He messed up b/c his upload of the “contract” (even as a screen cap) can be used as evidence against him in court. If it’s true to what he said, he thus voided the contract and any further entitlement to payment. Kim’s ppl not paying him for his work ISN’T a breach of contract; it’s loss of wages. The point of the contract was CONFIDENTIALITY, and he voided HIS side of it. That would’ve been 10x the amount he was entitled, had he just filed the loss wages suit and had it go to trial… :smh:

  86. EDwin May 20, 2013

    LOLand Kin’s fans Nicki ripped kim off and that she was the queen bee and blah blah blah…but she can’t write her own lyrics? Hahahahah that’s sad, that’s why she hasn’t come up with an album.

  87. Ryan August 6, 2013

    Sooo many ppl say and have seen LIL KIM WRITE HER OWN RAPS LOL ,


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  92. RayShon NaS Higgins April 20, 2021

    Hey guys. I wrote for Columbia Records in the 1990s and I was Kim’s ACTUAL ghostwriter. I’m from Buffalo, New York. Kim always “Paid her (Buffalo) Bills,” so to speak. If you listen to the song “Shut Up B****” by Kim that we wrote together, we touch bases on using a ghostwriter. In the song you can hear people saying “A Yo, Kim can spit. Man, she don’t write her s***. Nah, Biggie wrote her s***. ‘SHUT UP B****.'” In this song we created a platform where Kim could explain herself for using a writer, to support herself and get her money. She says that Without a ghostwriter, she wouldn’t have a much money as she does. Without a ghostwriter, “All this petty chitter chatter only makes my pockets fatter,” Kim says of ghostwriting calling the craft “chitter chatter.” Besides I wrote for EVERYBODY! Being a ghostwriter was a luxury of being on a label. Nobody had to write especially if they had writers block or couldn’t write at all. It was my job to write and I did it well. So I took advantage of every opportunity I had. I never had to collect money from Kim as an artist. I never had to make any contracts. As long as you were at the label, it was my job to at least write you an album for free. Like I said, the label paid me, not the artists. Kim says that “Some people’s job is to talk about Lil Kim… I’m a way of life for all of them,” in the song titled ‘SHUT UP B****’ But that was my job. My job was to talk about Lil Kim and Lil Kim only. I was a ten year old ghost writer and Kim was a 20 year old budding super star. She would show up o the label and the studio in fancy rides and lavish clothes just to see me, her ghostwriter. She would spend precious time with me, just the same way I made time for all of my other artists. But “Shut Up B****” is probably the closest to a defense that I can compile right now, other than Kim backing me up herself, but it’s the song that fits for the topic at hand, ghostwriting. I’m not sure if Kim was shopping around for a writer after I left the label, which she may have, but I’m not sure who Antonio Walker is at all! Kim rolled with BIGGIE, LIL CEASE, and a very big rich dangerous clique. She was always around the rich and never around the poor. I won’t say how much the label was paying me to write for all of it’s artists but it was only about 5% per artist. But this is the truth. The only thing with ghostwriting is NOBODY IS GONNA BELIEVE that 1) Kim actually used a ghostwriter and 2) I am the ghostwriter. Any who, If you have any questions about Kim or any other artis of the 1990s or want to work together, check me out on twitter: @HigginsNas and instagram: nasty_the_ghost_phantom_writer

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