Madonna Producer: “She Has Succeeded Where Michael Jackson Failed”

Published: Sunday 26th Feb 2012 by Sam

It seems Madonna‘s taste for controversy has rubbed off on those around her; namely producer Martin Sloveig.

For, the ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ crafter made quite the gaffe when talking up the 53 year old in a recent interview.

Peep his words after the jump…

Speaking to French radio station Europe1 this week, Sloveig had the following to say when quizzed on Madonna’s legacy:

She has left her landmark in music and fashion in every era. In the 80s, in the 90s. And she has succeeded – what I think Michael Jackson has failed to do – to still be relevant in the 2000s working with Mirwais and Stuart Price. I’m more a fan of those albums than the ones she released when she started. And THAT is impressive to me.”

And that’s not all. When inevitably questioned about the singer’s “beef” with Lady GaGa, the hitmaker added:

“No (GaGa did not take her crown). I think she’s a disciple. There’s a master and a disciple. It’s very simple. We all have a role model, don’t we?”


Clearly, those Live Nation cheques have Sloveig feeling all sorts of dizzy, because he’s spouting hot doo doo on a platter. Especially when it comes to MJ.

For, in his brief 50 years, Michael achieved a level of legend (and had a cultural impact) which will almost certainly never be seen again. Ever.

Though MJ and Madonna are routinely hailed as the King and Queen of Pop, it’s worth noting that Michael achieved such status without flashing his privates, leeching on younger stars, or courting controversy. And while troubles may have consumed the final years of his career, he boasts a catalogue of hits which aren’t confined to the era they were created. They remain relevant till this very day. Can the same be said for the material which has mobilised Madonna’s longevity (particularly her latter efforts)?

And that’s not to take away from ‘M’, as her run (how ever cunning) has been wholly impressive. However, Sloveig highlights what not to do when working with an artist of Maggie’s caliber: become blinded. It’ll only lead to soundbites such as those above, which make him sound wacker than the material he’s been cooking up with Madge as of late.

Your thoughts?  


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  1. UGh February 26, 2012

    Oh please MJ has and will always be relevant. Just shut the f*** up already. People stay using MJ name to get attention.

  2. Tami February 26, 2012

    This guy needs to shut his damn mouth. Even in death Michael slays Madonna.

  3. MISHKA February 26, 2012

    Martin SOLveig is like the Jessica Simpson of French DJs.

    Like Jessica always came after Britney and Christina, Martin Solveig always comes after David Guetta and Bob Sinclar. Therefore his opinions are not THAT relevant.

  4. KAT DELUNA FAN February 26, 2012

    He is right.
    Madonna understood before MJ that controversies,using other people,being attention w**** and manipulative give you longevity because the audience has A.D.D.

    That’s the difference between :rihanna & bey /gaga & perry /diddy & dmx/jay & nas.

    Look Diddy always use people that’s why he is still around.MJ was just a good person deep inside.But being nice is a weakness in the industry.

    • DJ July 11, 2012

      MJ only had to great albums and that was in the 80’s! He had major success! But he can never top what Madonna has achieve! Michael was a mega star in the 90’s having the best Album of the year with Bad! Madonna changed music being the first female to do all sort of things! In the 90’s Madonna achieved a number one album with Ray of Light and had many hits and many of awards. MJ failed failed to be relevant at all in the 90s beside one simi-hit with Janet. fast forward too the 00’s Madonna was the biggest selling solo singer for her concerts! She she topped her self every tour out beating any woman and most men in history. Madonna has one of her biggest world wide hits with Hung Over reaching number one in more than 47 countries. Michael was still alive he also failed to produced any hits. Fast forward to the precent Madonna manages to bring up rating for the supper bowl by 3% out beating the game itself and managed to produced another number one album. Michael will alway be a great artist! But like many artist he is dated to a certain Period. Madonna is timeless and relevant! Only reason MJ ended up on the charts again was because he was died, other wise no one would have cared. So all of you guys need to look at the facts! Madonna is the greater artist like it or not.

      • CHINONYE EZEAMII October 27, 2017

        Are you crazy? You do not know music or have good taste.. Michael’s 1991 album Dangerous had many hits including Black or white. His 1995 album History was a bestseller. His Invincible album sold 2m in the U.S and 13m worldwide.
        The child molestation accusations messed up his sales eventually because they went on for too long. Madonna? The one that sings like a 5 year old at times? Her last 3 albums including Rebel heart tanked. She does well in tours only. We are tired of her and have been for over a decade. Yes, she has sold but she can never compare with M.J .M.J at a point was selling well only outside America. His This is it tour was sold out outside America but Americans did no tcare much for it. When you say, he only sold well after he died,you advertise your ignorance. He was selling well just before he died but it was in other countries like Britain . His This is it tour sold out EVERYWHERE except the U.S. The rest of the world is bigger than America.

  5. Jessica February 26, 2012

    Let me tell you something Mr. producer, does Madonna made her fans faint back in the 80’s and 90’s?? Nope. MJ didn’t have to say s*** and people went crazy, lol!!! That song she has with Nicki was trash garbage, I’m sorry Madonna 80’s music was so much better than she is releasing now. Her music now is not quality anymore point blank. If MJ was still alive and that whole scandal didn’t occur, that man will murder everyone who is out there right now as newer artists point blank and Madonna will still be in shadow. S*** even Whitney would’ve bitten her dust, also Janet, so don’t get it twisted!!!

  6. MissImpartial February 26, 2012

    Even if MJ did not sell as much in the 2000’s as when he was at his peak there is not any musician more respected by other artist from all genres as he is.His legacy is still relevant to this day at as it was back then. His music is timeless. Madonna uses young relevant stars to make her self relevant. She used Britney at her height, Justin when he was at his best, Nicky now. As for her albums the last one underperformed and I don’t think this will do much better.

    • EAB August 25, 2014

      MJ collaborated with all those artists too aside from Nicky. MJ sold out a lot more than Madonna quite frankly.

  7. Joejpaige February 26, 2012

    I stopped reading after the article claimed MJ never used controversy to his advantage please! And MJ’s lack of sexuality became a lure and therefore he and Madonna are one of the same. They just went about things differently.

    P.S. I’m a fan of both artist.

  8. Rich February 26, 2012


    MJ slays MANdonna even from the grave lol

  9. DS February 26, 2012

    No Sloveig. I think Michael will always be relevant. A lot of singers today take their inspiration from Michael’s work. I’m a vocal impersonator / tribute singer for Michael and think there were so many things about Michael that were amazing. 🙂

  10. kyle February 26, 2012


  11. Joey Blanco February 26, 2012

    Ok this b**** and everyone in her camp needs to take a seat..I am so tired of hearing statements coming from her camp about Janet, or Gaga and now Michael…like really!? clearly you arent THAT relevant that if you need to keep bringing up other artist to diss just to keep people talking about you…how about you talk about where that single of yours is on the charts??? all that hype and promo and what has the single done. If you are a real ICON and talent like MJ is you dont need to talk s*** about others to create buzz. Your talent and music should speak for yourself…..but I guess in her case she has to speak, in place of her lack of talent

  12. LIFEE February 26, 2012

    So Madonna and her people are just going to keep shading the Jacksons?

  13. Tc23 February 26, 2012

    michael had more talent in his white glove than madonna has EVERRRRRRRRRRR had .. michaels influence has crossed EVERY genre of music ..madonna has now begun to ride the trends not set them .. this guy desperatly needs to have several seats!

  14. meg February 26, 2012

    is he high? madonna is the queen of controversy and is known to use sexuality, religion, props (britney, justin, m.i.a., nicki minaj, (and the list goes on) ) to stay relevant. michael was always relevant, even in 2000s when he wasn’t at his best because his music spoke for him. people have grown up on MJ, he is a household name. There isn’t one person who can’t say I didn’t listen/look up to Michael. His music is classic, which is why it will be relevant and listened to by many for generations to come.

  15. Aishaaguilerakeys February 26, 2012

    I agree that LG is a disciple, however that MJ comment he made is wrong. Sam, I’m suprised u’re defending MJ so fiercely, u didn’t do this when J said B was MJ’s next coming or some crap like that. Otherwise I agree w/ what u said about him. I like MS’s music but he should stop with the schmoozing.

  16. DEDE February 26, 2012

    He is right but not everything…..madonna managed to stay the same skin colour all of these years but the only artist who praises her is Rihanna And I wouldn’t even call Rihanna an artists.

  17. RDK February 26, 2012

    i got love for madge too,but don’t get this sh!t twisted MJ never failed on anything,MJ is the man,that producer is talking out of is a-s but i don’t expect anything least from him,why is that camp shading everyone they are on some a-ss hole sh-t.

  18. JER February 26, 2012

    It’s shade, but it’s the truth. The last hit Michael is remembered for is “You Are Not Alone” 1995. Almost 20 years ago. He had his millenium attempt at a comeback but it was shortlived and was nothing memorable or iconic.

    Anyway, Michael Jackson has inspired some of the biggest names is modern music: Usher, Justin TImberlake, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, etc.

    And Madonna has inspired Britney, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. I mean come on.

    • Eric June 23, 2012

      Actually his last hit was One More chance which was back in 2004 and you are right Michael has influenced many artistes..

  19. Dunkfan February 26, 2012

    Know your facts, MJ last hit was You rock my world, and Butter flies was also a top10 hit without a video. One other thing, MJ didn’t need Britney or Justin, M.I.A, Nicki Minaj to stay relevant.

  20. danny b February 26, 2012

    The only reason why Madonna was “relevant” in the 2000s was because (a) all he old 80s and 90s hits were sooo DATED, as are, ironically, her 00s hits (b) she follows trends (musically) the same way Rihanna, Katy, Ke$ha do. The only difference is that Madonna has been doing it for 25+years.

    Name one iconic trend Madonna has created that is still used today or affects the mass of pop culture today ??? *waits*……. Cuz Michael’s whole career inspired and is still inspiring dozens of generations.

  21. Dunkfan February 26, 2012

    MJ didn’t have to cheapen his credibility for hits

  22. Kokao February 26, 2012

    Michael Jackson end up looking like a rich white lady….at the end. 🙁

  23. danny b February 26, 2012


    PREACH !!!!!


    The difference is that yes Madonna might have influenced those female artists….but Michael has influenced those male AND female artists combined. Show me a reciept when you’ll ever here Usher say “Madonna influenced me”….

    and correction: “You Are Not Alone” was Michael’s last #1 to be exact. Like Dunkman said, You Rock My World debuted in the Top 10, Butterflies was alos a Top 15 hit with no promo or video. And this is all from his LAST studio album in 2001. He hadnt released any new material since up to his death. And even fast forward, “Hold My Hand” with Akon peaked in the Top 50 with NO promo, NO new appearance by MJ himself, NO performances, and a whole bunch of controversy circling that whole ‘Michael’ project. Oh, and I guess that’s why even before he passed, his THIS IS IT tour was selling out in minutes after announcement. Fall back and find your facts while you’re at it.

  24. There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others February 26, 2012

    I love the music annd personality of MJ and Madonna as well.

    But I think there is something – hursh, but true – true in Solveig’s statement.

    MJ was not powerful. He was weak. I love his music, but persoanlly he was not impressive. He was weak.
    Madonna is so damn powerful. She has a personality.

    MJ (or his sister JJ) never had huge, impressive, powerful personality. MJ will be remembered for his awesome songs, but never about his personality.
    Madonna will be remembered both for her songs and impact on history, powerful personality.

  25. Royalkev February 26, 2012

    Here’s the thing, MJ and Madonna are in two completely different lanes.
    Michael Jackson is the undisputed King of Pop.
    He’s the biggest male solo act ever.
    He owns the record for the biggest selling album ever (‘Thriller’)
    He’s the male with the most Hot 100 #1’s (13)
    *There are claims that Elvis holds the records and places higher than MJ, (but I don’t buy all the pre- Hot 100 charts BS) . MJ stats also haven’t moved in years, even after the flood of sales that came along after his death and they still slay.

    Madonna is in a 5 way tie for the Queen of Pop. She’d have a vicious cat fight with several divas before being labelled the undisputed Queen hands down.
    Her and Celine both sold 200 albums
    Mariah has the most Hot 100 #1’s (18)
    Whitney Houston BodyGuard soundtrack is the biggest selling era by a female (45million)
    This producer can speak of how Madonna’s remained relevent in the ’00’s, but Madonna wasn’t relevant in the 90’s. That happen to be the decade where every one of her competitors saw their professional peak (Whitney, Mariah, Janet and Celine).
    Mariah & Janet were #1 and #2 for that decade, not Madge!
    So this talk about Madonna being the queen is debateable and her being more relevent than MJ is just laughable.

    • nick February 4, 2013

      Yeah and Michael’s Bad album holds the record for spawning the most number singles in the Billboard Hot 100 history.

  26. haterzstaypressed February 26, 2012

    Oh hayal nah! This dude better have several f****** seats! I heart Madonna but I stan for Michael Jackson. Michael’s album Invincible in 2001 SLAYS Madonna’s entire catalog in the 2000’s.

    Here’s the thing.. Michael Jackson NEVER had to defend his crown and title. He died with it. He was, is and always will be the King of Pop. Madonna, though having a storied career, is always trying to fight off challengers like Britney, Gaga, etc. If your s*** didn’t stank, you wouldn’t have to defend your crown, babygurl. Ya s*** is shaky. Have a seat.

  27. danny b February 26, 2012

    @There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others”

    I think you have the term “powerful personality” confused with diva-esque, stuck up, bitter and cocky. Michael AND Janet were EXTREMELY humble in contrast with their out-of-this-world talent. That in itself, is POWER. The dynamics of being an incredibly talented performer and the most sweetest and humblest of character is what really sticks out. Look at Beyonce. Madonna on the other hand, has the personality of someone you would think had the talent to match, but doesnt. Her “powerful” personality is something expected of someone like Michael Jackson. However, its backwards. Her limited talent is overshadowed by her over-the-top attitude and perspective.

  28. Girrrl February 26, 2012

    Madonna and her crew need to have a reality check. Even in the 2000s MJ sung incredibly (Butterflies anyone?), that’s an area where Madonna failed her entire career and MJ still has the best selling album of all time another area in which Madonna has failed. That superbowl performance was crap just like everything Madonna has done since the Ray of Light Album. So she can take her menopause-jump-on-every-“hot”-trend tail and sit down somewhere.

  29. Justathought (Azealia Banks is coming…) February 26, 2012

    Absolutely ridiculous.. That’s all I have to say

  30. LaLa February 26, 2012

    tbh I see nothing wrong about what he said… *shrug*
    maybe another slow news huh TGJ?

  31. NAYAH82 February 26, 2012

    Oh Please even after he passed, he’s still slaying Madonna. I’m a huge fan of both…But her camp is making me not like her, cuz they stay talking s*** about other singers.

  32. CBE February 26, 2012

    OK b**** now I really had to comment! I kept ignoring the shading of Gaga and all these h*** coz I couldnt give a s*** but Madonna’s crew had to spit out the name Michael Jackson from their dirty mouths.

    MJ is in his grave knowing he left a legacy that cant and will not be disputed and a true great(wont say legend as the word is too overrated and thrown around alot).
    Madonna needs attention to sell her album but the b**** need to becareful MJ has lots of fans thats all I gonna say… B**** MJ is a no go! keep it over there,shade gaga.

  33. Petricia February 26, 2012

    Madonna did succeed where Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston failed.

    She didn’t let drugs and/or alcohol take over her life.
    She didn’t let the opinions of others around her make her or break her or form her.

    Madonna may be a lot of bad things but she’s also very strong, a fighter and, yes, talented. Using s** and controversy doesn’t take away from her accomplishments (and she is the top selling female artist of all time with numerous successful tours, you don’t accomplish that by being a “talentedless w****”) anymore than grabbing ones crotch excessively and fake for television romances took from Michael Jacskon’s. That’s only to mention the public personas.

    Michael, Madonna, Whitney – for better or worst (and they both added a little of each) they formed the pop music scene we still see today.

    I don’t agree with this producer though. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Madonna could all have crashed and burned in the 2000s completely and still have been relevent in the 2050s. I don’t agree, but I think he has a bit of a point. Had Houston and Jackson not died too early, we would have had the same thoughts about them we had in the yeas before they died. That was they were talented superstars, who once ruled the earth in terms of music, who appeared to throw away their success yearsssss ago. We would have squirmed as we watched news stories about how far they had fallen and squirmed as we were unable to see them climb back up.

  34. Joarmy February 26, 2012

    Mj is still relevent today and very iconic and he reached a legendary status that no one in a loooongtime will ever reach. Madonna’s status is easy to reach. Hell even barbra streisand shits on madonna.

  35. Matthew Charlery-Smith February 26, 2012

    It seems that he wasn’t thinking too clearly when he said that. He wasn’t entirely off as Madonna’s career hasn’t been partially damaged by huge controversy. However, as a big fan of MJ and hardly a fan of Madge I need to ask where Madonna’s potent hits are in contrast to MJ who just had to appear on stage and cause men, women and children to faint and go to the hospital. Al of MJ’s albums are memorable or are certified musical masterpieces. If it wasn’t for Michael it’s fair to say that many of today’s artists including singers, dancers, writers, producers and video directors would have remained quite unchallenged. Whenever he was bringing out a project people would be nervous because we knew we were going to hear the NEXT LEVEL of music. That can’t be said for Madonna. Her stuff is creative and provocative sometimes but not groundbreaking. Off the Wall and Invincible are 22 years apart and still 22 years ahaed of the production today!

  36. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 26, 2012


    Thats why he had to PAY his team to say negative s*** about THE GREAT MICHAEL JACKSON to distract the general public from his FLOPPING single AND album.MANFRED is nothing but a FLOP T*****,much like his nephew T***** Caca.BOTH GIMMICKS.

    MJs Posthumous music>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SHITdonnas ENTIRE catalog.

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.

  37. Petricia February 26, 2012

    Re; Fainting. Although not typical for female artists, I’m sure Madonna has caused a couple of fainting spells herself. Not that I measure success in how many fainting spells an artist causes anymore than I’d measure it in how many books about s** an artist sold in 3 days.

  38. JOSE February 26, 2012


    MJ failed at using controversies to get attention? Yes he failed at that, that’s UR thing Madonna ppl with talent don’t have to do it! Plus, if MJ only sold ONE album in the 2000s, he’s STILL outsold Madonna

    Guinness confirms that Madonna has sold 275 Million records worldwide(2011 edition ) mike has sold over 350 + albums


    • Eric June 23, 2012

      Michhael has sold between 750 and billion records not 350 million…

  39. Kingphoenix February 26, 2012

    Madonna keeps throwing all this shade and now how this negative energy shrouded all in this new era, something bad is bound to happen…*sipsteaandwaits*

  40. Jen February 26, 2012

    Well at least Michael didn’t have to go around dissing other artists to remain relevent. I cannot stand artists who do this.

    Plus all my younger cousins, friends etc. know who Michael Jackson is and they know his work. I could not say the same for Madonna.

  41. JOSE February 26, 2012

    MJ said something along these lines once when asked about Eminem dissing him in his video

    Not exact words but it stuck with me because he was so respectful even when ppl disrespected him

    ” I’ve been in the spotlight since i was a kid and i never had to disrespect another artist , GREAT ARTISTS DONT HAVE TO DO THAT”

    He said something along those lines rip

  42. Lauren February 26, 2012

    Mr. Jackson said that he never dissed another artist…and he never did. He also said that real artists don’t do that. Enuf said.

    And, sigh, I suppose Kokao and Dede are either ignorant or choose to ignore the fact that Jackson suffered from vitiligo; look it up. Has nothing at all to do with the topic anyway. Your bias is showing.

  43. Ray February 26, 2012

    Very true. Madonna is the Queen of Pop because people named her so.
    MJ named himself King of Pop. Such arrogance.
    The one with cultural impact that goes way beyond pop music is Madonna.
    She is still relevant today.
    MJ only became relevant again, because he died.
    His new albums haven’t done well on the charts. People still only want his old hits.
    MJ lost a lot of his legendary status when he was accused of child molesting and buying those people off.
    Still, I did buy all his albums and dvd’s. I love his music and video’s. But to me he’s nowhere near the legend that Madonna is.
    I do think he probably was a nicer/kinder person IRL than Madonna though.

    • Eric June 23, 2012

      You are totally wrong Elizabeth Taylor crowned him the king rock pop and soul and then the public Michael never once called himself a king or said he was a king his fans proclaimed him that…

  44. JOSE February 26, 2012


    Skip to like 1:40 !

    And Madonna is nowhere near MJ’s status, sorry. She will always be below. MJ never called himself the King of Pop, his friend, Elizabeth Taylor called him the original King of “Pop, Rock and Soul” sometime ago..some award show I forget

    Anywho, if he called himself the King of Pop which he’s never saidso what? He IS! I’m not denying Madonna as the Queen of Pop but simply stating that michael didn’t use shock to get to where he was and he didn’t need to that’s what separates the two artists

    plus, madonnas new single has tanked so don’t talk about MJ’s new material, it did fairly well then plummeted within a week…same thing will happen with her album it will have no longevity her time is up

    And how did he lose alot of legendary status? the molestation allegatons dampened his career for about 15 years but he is still the most successful black artist of all time and he STILL outsold Madonna without clinging onto new artists and controversies for attention, thriller 25 sold 3+ million copies in 2008, ppl love the old MJ

    Madona keeps the jacksons names in her mouth. shes just mad because she tried to throw dat ass at mj in the 80s and he did an interview saying that he didn’t want it. but seriously he did say that he was about to do a song with madonna but he couldn’t becase she was too sexual and classless for him lmao guess she’s mad???????????????

  45. Tbozfan10 February 26, 2012

    You guys are right that this guy is crazy and wrong when downplaying Michael Jackson’s accomplishments, but so are you when you downplay Madonna’s accomplishments. For this producer, he is completely wrong when he says MJ wasn’t relevant in the 2000’s. His CD “Invincible” while panned by critics and not quite as big as his previous records, managed to sell more than 2,100,000 copies in the U.S. and was certified double-platinum. You don’t produce multi-platinum albums without being relevant. That’s a fact!

    But you guys are dead wrong when you say “MJ accomplished this without showing his privates.” Perhaps, but he grabbed his crotch while performing all the damn time! And you also lost me when you said this:

    ” while troubles may have consumed the final years of his career, he boasts a catalogue of hits which aren’t confined to the era they were created. They remain relevant till this very day. Can the same be said for the material which has mobilized her longevity?”

    Yes, absolutely it can.

  46. NAYAH82 February 26, 2012

    MJ sold one billion records worldwide 1972-2012…CASE F****** CLOSED!!!

  47. VA STAND UP!! February 26, 2012

    SMH. Is this fool serious?! I don’t really consider this a MJ ‘diss’ but what he said was beyond reaching! Being that he works with Madonna just makes him look like an ass kisser! You don’t have to shade other artist just to big up the one you work for.

    Well there is nothing I can say that everyone else hasn’t already said & Sam for ONCE I can say that I totally agree with you. Madonna stays relevant by selling s**, being controversial & using other younger more popular artist to keep her name out there. Madonna may be known as the ‘Queen of Pop’ but she certainly hasn’t had he impact that MJ has had on pop culture. At least MJ never had to stoop so low & pull the stunts Madonna did to stay relevant. MJ was known as the King of Pop and he earned that tittle on talent ALONE! No gimmicks! Madonna can’t say that!

    Madonna team is really making her look bad. Her album flopping will be the ultimate Karma.

  48. Tbozfan10 February 26, 2012

    Btw, madonna’s haters think every single thing she says about other artists is a diss. She didn’t even diss GaGa. If you actually watched that interview she said mostly all incredibly nice things about her. The only thing she called “reductive” was GaGa’s version of “express yourself.” they ASKED her what she thought when she first heard “born this way” and she said what she honestly thought. You’d be an idiot to not think “born this way” Sounds a lot like “express yourself.” period.

    And the supposed Janet digs are even more grasping at straws. When she said “you don’t have to show a nipple to be interesting,” that was a response to the interviewer asking if she was going to have any surprises LIKE when Janet bared her breast. Her only point was that there’s more things that can be done to suprise than just that. She was explaining that to the interviewer. No dig at Janet at all.

    Btw I really like Janet, but you’re silly to think she was the poor innocent victim who just had stones being thrown at her by another artist. The whole supposed beef between Madonna and Janet began in 1993 when Larry king on CNN asked if what Janet does, dance music, was sort of like what Madonna does. Then came Janet’s response, “let’s just say the difference between what Madonna does and what I do is that what I do has class.” again, I like Janet but girl if you could see the future then you would have realized you sound like an absolute hypocrite!

  49. VA STAND UP!! February 26, 2012


    February 26, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Even if MJ did not sell as much in the 2000′s as when he was at his peak there is not any musician more respected by other artist from all genres as he is.His legacy is still relevant to this day at as it was back then. His music is timeless. Madonna uses young relevant stars to make her self relevant. She used Britney at her height, Justin when he was at his best, Nicky now. As for her albums the last one underperformed and I don’t think this will do much better.



  50. VA STAND UP!! February 26, 2012


    February 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    Ok this b**** and everyone in her camp needs to take a seat..I am so tired of hearing statements coming from her camp about Janet, or Gaga and now Michael…like really!? clearly you arent THAT relevant that if you need to keep bringing up other artist to diss just to keep people talking about you…how about you talk about where that single of yours is on the charts??? all that hype and promo and what has the single done. If you are a real ICON and talent like MJ is you dont need to talk s*** about others to create buzz. Your talent and music should speak for yourself…..but I guess in her case she has to speak, in place of her lack of talent



  51. VA STAND UP!! February 26, 2012


    February 26, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Know your facts, MJ last hit was You rock my world, and Butter flies was also a top10 hit without a video. One other thing, MJ didn’t need Britney or Justin, M.I.A, Nicki Minaj to stay relevant.



  52. MichaelAngelo February 26, 2012

    Never…this guy is nutz. Michael Jackson issssss the blueprint.

  53. Dancing On The Ceiling February 26, 2012

    Only Michael Jackson can bring Madonna’s dead career into relevancy. She knows it….that’s why she sent her male servants to do her dirty work. Give interviews ..namedrop MJ’s name in every paragraph and free publicity will follow.


  54. BadGirl23 February 26, 2012

    He’s right, MJ was never the attention w**** like ol’Madge. This is classic Madonna tactic right, controversy!!! MJ was never the fake fraud and phony that Madonna is. This chick I give her credit though because she is still around doing the SAME ish that got her famous, showing her pus, sleeping with whoever and staying shady oh but wait she’s a mother now, writing children books and speaking in that fake @$$ British accent pretending to be dignified all the while releasing garbage music. So yes, he’s right MJ failed horribly in the dept of staying in the spotlight serving up controversy.

    Lil boy, MJ’s catalog is untouchable point blank period. Her’s on the other hand no matter how many songs she has is trash when it come to quality. Quantity isn’t worth ish, you must have your Q words confused, son!!!

  55. GREG February 26, 2012

    I think that comment is an opinion, cause in my book Michael has always been more relevant than this old, talentless, attention seeking hag…..she has always sold records from the beginning with controversy rather than talent…..put Michael on a stage without all the theatrics and we would have seen that madonna is a prop, and an old prop at that.

  56. Onyx February 26, 2012

    Michael Jackson status is the top of the top but i think Marting comment is kind of right Michael did not have success in the 2000’s while Madonna has the Confessions album and Tour, using publicity, young people to stay relevant or not she manage to have a career that is still relevant as when she debuted, not that Michael decline but we have to be honest he’s career slow down with the years maybe because he used the same formula in his albums while Madonna is a Chamaleonic, like it or not is like that, but Michael has more talent yes is true, i’m a huge fan of both they are to me the greatest of Pop, i’m personal preffer Michael Jackson but i give credits to Madonna for stay ahead in her times, she is the trend and she can change the trend wherever she wishes, Prince is also one of my favorite Artists but he decline with the times when in the 80’s he was so big, i feel bad because i think he deserve more attention, i love my Pop Royalty members, don’t hate Madge because of Marting comments, also i think he is right when he said that Madonna is the Master and Lady Gaga is the Disciple, the same i think for Whitney and Mariah, The Master and the Disciple.

  57. Gloria February 26, 2012

    Madonna is a clown. This producer is mad because the song he did for her is a flop. Maybe they can attack Whitney next and prove what a dirtbag Vadge really is! Hey Mandonna, what do you sell when you have no s** left to sell?

  58. Wise Owl February 26, 2012

    f*** that! I’d like to see Madonna get struck by a skin disorder which changed her skin colour to say green, then extorted and accused of raping a small girl and then retain her f****** success!!! arrrrrg angry rant!

    MJ’s later music was ahead of it’s time, take say Invincible, the abulm was not appreciated fully at the time of it’s release, but is now hailed. tracks which have leaked in the last few years such as Slave to the Rhythm, Escape etc also very current. Awesome tracks. MJ’s work had QUALITY, INTEGRITY, and LONGEVITY. Michael was versatile in style and adapted his image every bit the chameleon just as much as lady “M” (muck)……. he collaborated with artists and stayed just as up to date with current trends, so much so that he was often one step AHEAD of trends.

    Madonna will very soon be M for MUTTON with her desperate attempts to retain her appeal to younger audiences and to stay “Hip”.

    They have both done some great work musically, and influenced others, and seen great levels of success but I would say there is no comparison besides.

  59. juney7 February 26, 2012

    Judging from the prior 60 something comments, the opinion that Madonna accomplished something Michael Jackson could not, did not go over very well, and we know why right? Michael Jackson left a legacy that will never be matched, including his humanitarianism, care for underprivileged and childrens’ causes, and warrior strength in the face of unfathomable media slander. Michael you are missed still and forever.

  60. Theman February 27, 2012

    Madonna didn’t sae 200 mil albums her label exaggerates her figures. Celine has sold alot but i don’t know that it’s that much.

  61. Theman February 27, 2012


  62. Bad February 27, 2012

    Madonna is the w**** that everyone loves. Thanks to the press. For the press, a prostitute is better than a black guy.





  63. Vegas Girl February 27, 2012

    He should shut up. MJ was relevant 2 decades BEFORE Madonna even surfaced. He is truly the ONLY artist that various generations of people can say were into his music, the only one.

  64. Vegas Girl February 27, 2012

    And most of what Madonnas music in the last decade (2000-2010) is NOWHERE near the level of her earlier catalogue, so what she’s still making music? It’s not because of what she’s doing now, it what she did then.

  65. Suzy February 27, 2012

    Depends on what you call relevant. Michael Jackson has three albums (Thriller, Bad, Dangerous) those sold more than Madonna’s best selling album ever, so Madonna basically never had such a high standard to live up to in terms of sales as MJ did. What I mean is that after Thriller critics labelled everything MJ put out a “flop” just on the basis that those albums didn’t sell as well as Thriller. However what is often overlooked is that those albums were still among the best selling albums of all times and, like I said, two of them (besides Thriller, of course) sold more than anything Madonna ever did!

    As for the 2000s. The comparation is simply not fair, beceause Madonna was never distracted by other issues and she always remained kind of a media darling, while MJ had his hands full with false allegations and his trial and a very brutal verbal lynching by the media. Yet, after all he went through, after all the horrible allegations against him and the verbal and written torture, all the efforts by the media to ridicule and destroy him, in 2009 he still sold out 50 O2 shows in just a couple of minutes! If that is not staying relevant I don’t know what is.

    Madonna was simply never attacked as viciously by the media as Michael Jackson, she was never on trial for false accusations, the media never paid to people to spread false and very serious allegations about her, they never put effort in turning her into a tabloid caricature. So compared to MJ she had it easy. Yet, her last album sold only 4 million copies world wide. And obviously it’s a matter of taste but I don’t think she’s done any good music since the early 90s. Her latest video was quite frankly embarassing to watch. A 53-year-old woman acting like a 18-year-old and desperately trying to fit in with the current trend of the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and so on.

  66. Suzy February 27, 2012

    Oh and I haven’t even talked about pure talent yet, where Madonna simply cannot hold a candle to Michael (she knows that too). BTW, you got to love the majority of the responses here. Kind of shows who’s more relevant of the two. LOL!

  67. Marissa February 27, 2012

    ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘failed’ in the same sentence does not compute. Martin Solveig, you’re lulzy and moronic …and now you’re off my ipod.

  68. bob February 27, 2012

    Jackson was a worldwide success in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, and 00s. That puts his longevity ahead of Madonna’s.

    Yeah, Madonna’s done well to be where she is today. However, she was big in the 80s, stumbled in the 90s, had some successful material in the early 00s as well as dodgy material (Hollywood!). She’s spent the last few albums leeching off the young talent to cling onto some success but instead lost her self respect. Give it up madge. Her latest attempt seems to be failing completely. Give it up madge.

  69. XOXO February 27, 2012

    people need to stop giving a sympathy point to dead celebs.

  70. BEEyonced February 27, 2012

    What could Mandonna do if she wasn’t such a Jew H**?

    WHAT?!?!?!!!!!! She could sell maybe burgers at the corner, that’s about it!

    Besides that MJ has 15 yrs. ahead of her with a bigger impact and a way bigger catalogue, MJ was fighting against wind-mills who support her like tidal waves on the other hand!
    Superior Jew money-power who tried to destroy him beginning after Thriller when he simply became to powerful und uncontrollable for above reignment.
    Had to much money and artistic freedom of the last cut/edit and say in everything, he worked for hard since age 5 to be on such level.
    And then for all his hard work he had to pay the price Illuminati style.
    Not singing about the s*** ‘they’ want but talking what HE wanted to as he pleases. Heal The World instead of premarital s**, pimps and h***. Man in the Mirror instead of drugs, violence and money-greed.
    And through all media manipulation, against all rumours and trys to ‘get him out the way’ …..he still out-sold that cheap s*** by lightyrs.

    Not to mention his impact, his true artistry ….which cannot be measured in numbers. You can sell all kind of S*** over media, from Bieber to Spears to the b**** who initially started #TeamNonTalent, all you need to do is suck jew c*** and propagand Jew ish like Kaballah and you’re safe! They’ll take care you are and remain A STAR over public image and media.
    Let’s talk about art? What has she done? Standing nekkid onna street got nothing to do with art. She has not one remarkable song. Not one! She has no unique sound, changing like underwear running after the trend. 80iesPop, 90ies RnB, 2000 country then disco ….fukk me not!

    MJ touched all kind of genres but constantly AND in big difference each song was him. His style. His flavor incorporated. No matter classical or gothic, RnB or rock, within seconds on the radio you knew it was him. Madonna I could never recognize. Neither on the street with her common face and changing haircolors nor in a song on the radio. Her voice is just that plain and simple.

    What’s honesty and talent got to do with it? What’s her fan-base? She ain’t got none! Regular ppl with no taste in music grab a CD cuz ‘her name sells’, since they see it all the time in the media. Noone can tell me out of all singers, you’d pick her voice. Noone can tell me out of all sounds, you’d pick her. Noone can tell me out of all performers/dancers, you’d pick her. TBC

    She is an icon of WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD ….and ppl feed into it!

    PPL open up your eyes and connect some dots. Don’t just say money is the root of all evil, when you don’t make no effort to question who invented it for what and why. Who owns the majority of money. Who pressures you into debt and a working-slave, so the Rothschilds & Co. Fams get richer and richer! Talking trillions.

  71. BEEyonced February 27, 2012

    P.S. Jesus was murdered. MJ was murdered! THINK!! SPREAD!!!

  72. myheartmjj February 27, 2012

    Yes indeed she has suceeded where MIchael failed: SHE CONTINUES TO MAKE AN ASS OUT OF HERSELF AND HER MANAGER HELPS HER TO SUCEED IN THAT. Funny how people are trying to make themselves better than Michael AFTER he is gone. NO ONE NO ONE will ever compare to him because he is MICHAEL JACKSON simply THE BEST!!

  73. mrkareemruiz February 27, 2012

    Madonna (1983) THATS 12 albums modonna=sales 300 many more albums to sell
    Like a Virgin (1984)
    True Blue (1986)
    Like a Prayer (1989)
    Erotica (1992)
    Bedtime Stories (1994)
    Ray of Light (1998)
    Music (2000)
    American Life (2003)
    Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005)
    Hard Candy (2008)
    MDNA (2012)
    MJ 6 Albums= 1 billion sold. Are you that slow to now understand he didn’t have as many albums her if so he would sell more.Have many seats.
    Off the Wall (1979)
    Thriller (1982)
    Bad (1987)
    Dangerous (1991)
    HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I (1995)
    Invincible (2001)

  74. mrkareemruiz February 27, 2012

    This woman is a joke. She can’t ever sang like MJ&Beyonce.

  75. Dead February 27, 2012

    Sigh, people never learn. Trying to bash legends, and when they die, they do a turnaround.

    Some facts are twisted: In the 2000s, Madonna had Music & Confessions that sold well that didn’t need the help of younger artists. It’s Hard Candy & this new album that she used them…so it’s not every-time.

    Anyway, I’m just gonna cherish who is alive, and from the 80s greats, there is only one that survived, and that’s all that mattered.

  76. madonna February 27, 2012


  77. Nick February 27, 2012

    Hes 100% correct. Michaels music stopped in thr early 90s people. Madge is still on pop radio 30 years later

  78. THE TRUTH February 27, 2012

    I agree and disagree with this statement. I wouldn’t say that Michael failed, he just stopped releasing new material after a while. He basically retired.

    But to all the MADONNA haters:




    You may not like her but plenty of people do… STOP HATING SAM!


  79. tony February 27, 2012

    MADONNA = S***

  80. BRITNEY February 27, 2012

    Still Michael jackson was far more loved sorry. Old trash can’t sing for s***.

  81. Jackfitsy February 27, 2012

    Martin is RIGHT! Madonna is a professional to the end! Michaels only REAL success was Thriller, the rest? Average… Madonna has been GLOBALLY consistent for three decades, Michael bombed after 1991! As for fashion and cultural impact, no one dresses like him! Sure JT and Bieber dance like him but hey, ALL the girl stars look up to Madonna! Beyonce, Kylie, GaGa, Rihanna, J-Lo!!! And Madonna NEVER got invovled with controversy like Michael, he was musically gifted, but mentally unstable! Madonna epitomises strength, control and talent.

  82. Heidi February 27, 2012

    I wish I could submit a report on this lousy and distasteful article! You guys are just plain rude and ignorant! There’s no need to even put this crap on here! Oh yea and also tell Madonna’s producer (if he even really said this) to shut up! Long Live MJ! RIP Michael!

  83. quran February 27, 2012

    I hate white trash. Rip king MJ

  84. mellie February 27, 2012

    Martin Sloveig– is just proving how ignorant — and irreievant he is. Michael Jackson influence continues to this day. Madonna copied him — and so did every other artist making music today. Mr. Sloveig before you open your mouth again– take a listen to Michael’s Invincible CD– released in the 2000’s. And then , you may realize how relevant , Michael Jackson was and IS — but it will also prove , how ill-informed you are . There is NO need to trash Michael Jackson– to bolster Madonna. But your comment proves how desperate you have become.

  85. Julie February 27, 2012

    It’s easy to see Michael Jackson influence everyone.

  86. ANNIE February 27, 2012

    @ Jackfitsy
    Thriller wasn’t his only success. Bad and Dangerous are also among the best selling albums of all time and both have outsold worldwide all of Madonna’s albums. In 90’s, besides Dangerous, HIStory also outsold worldwide all her studio albums that were released in the same dacade. And in 00’s Invincible has reportedly sold about the same as M’s album Music. So, according to your logic, if Michael’s success after Thriller is just average, then I suppose her success is below average? And she hasn’t been as consistent as you think: the first half of the 90’s, American Life, Hard Candy….. As for what you wrote about fashion and cultural impact: MJ has influenced pretty much everyone, from the way he dressed (balmain jackets, fedora hat…) to the dancing (it’s not just JT and Bieber that dance like him, as you say). Even Madonna herself has mentioned him as an influence. I’m not going to comment on the rest of what you wrote.

  87. ANNIE February 27, 2012

    The point is: I don’t know why Martin Sloveig had to mention Michael’s name in the first place. He could have complimented Madonna without bringing up MJ. And how can you define relevance anyway? For example, selling out 50 shows at the O2 in minutes doesn’t count as being “relevant”? And let’s not forget that MJ was in the music business since he was a kid, years before Madonna even appeared.

  88. Doris February 27, 2012

    Michael Jackson has always succeeded. Michael was loved by millions of fans from all over the world and still is. He was and will always remain the best entertainer ever. His 02 tour sold out in minutes. Can Madonna say that about any of her tours? His albums sold millions. When an album was released, fans could not wait to purchase it. The quality of his music is awesome. There is absolutely NO comparison at all between Madonna and Michael. This Sloveig character considers Madonna stable and he claims Michael was not. Well, he had better look again into Madonna’ s past. Michael was more stable than Madonna will ever be. The only reason Madonna was so popular was with the men because she was half naked all of the time and acted like a s***. Michael was loved as a human being and as an entertainer.

  89. Teresa Smith February 27, 2012

    Its a sad testimony that Maonna even allowed this statement to be released.. SHE knows better, As far as controversy goes , Mike had more than he ever wanted ,, But he didnt rely on that to get his job done..MJ relied on pure, unadulterated TALENT.. And if He didnt release as many albums as some other artist He had his reasons.. His songs had purpose and meaning He would rather release nothing, than something imperfect and of no value. And his Music, and his genius had an impact with or without an album release.. What garbage these paid lackeys spew.. Even with Michael gone, On Madonnas best day she cant hope to equal him.. Michael brought the whole package he personofies Music..Its hard to give any weight to this mans words because … Thats all they are.. And when Madonna is gone she will no doubt be remembered.. But for what I wonder, Will it be her Music? Will it be all the contoversy, and shocking behaviors? … But Michael will live on for many lifetimes, for his Music, His contrversy, His tortued soul, Or will he most be remembered for changing Music as we know it, and for through him the birth of many amazing talents,,..MJ forever will live in many heart as one of the best of Gods gifts to us..

  90. Big Ro February 27, 2012

    Madonna is an OLD FRAIL HAG! She is a shady ass desperate Queen of Flop! She really thinks she is GRAND PRIZE huh??? Janet would first of all beat that ass, second DANCE & PERFORM that Skeletor Looking Casper the friendly Ghost GRANNY under the damn STAGE BABY! ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

    I really wonder if Madonna would step to Janet in her face backstage somewhere you know? Janet would BASH THAT B****… That would be some good s*** to see!!!

    Madonna could NEVER touch MJ’s career in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM! PERIOD!

    It’s a shame that these crazy ass producers with there stupid ass side comments on someone elses career like MJ is really tired and obviously transparent!!!

  91. GREG February 28, 2012

    when Madonna can sell out 50 shows at the O2 arena and still have thousands of people still requesting tickets then we can talk…..that right there shows that Michael was relevant…

  92. love February 28, 2012

    Madonna and this guy needs to STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madonna is so pathetic as of lately…wasnt she the same one at the vma’s after MJ dies talking about how close they were??? SMH..She is such a old ass attention w****, it’s pitiful…She needs to sit her ass down with that wack ass song with Nicki Minaj..Rolls eyes::::::::::

  93. Sue Jackson February 28, 2012

    Martin Solveig is just another ignorant idiot who is on the ‘let’s diss Michael” bandwagon because he’s a NOBODY who can’t be known unless he’s hanging on the coat-tails of Michael Jackson, the Greatest Entertainer Ever, Bar None!
    I mean, Come On Martin Solveig: Michael Jackson NEVER FAILED at ANYTHING and you know it! Just because Madonna has some hits but her performances are a load of over-indulged amateur dramatic theatrics while selling s** – thank God Michael Jackson never needed to resort to that! He had more talent in his pinkie finger than Madonna ever had, End Of! Not to mention just look at the results of the Grape Juice Poll – they’re really rather revealing arent’ they?! ie Michael LEADING in EVERY SINGLE POLL – where’s Madonna????!!!! Very far behind by the looks of it if even mentioned – that should tell you something!

    And while I’m at it ; addressing the hater trolls here: Michael Jackson had a skin pigmentation condition by the name of Vitiligo – he didn’t look like a “rich white woman” at the end; that’s pure mass media brainwashing hype! He didn’t bleach his skin white; he had Vitiligo and if you don’t believe ME go try reading the autopsy report; it’s CLEARLY STATED on there, making Mr Jackson NO LIAR!!!! Thank you; good day!

  94. Marty February 28, 2012

    In the 2000’s Jackson released one studio album that, with only two live performances (in the same venue), no tour, no commercials and a vendetta against it to fail by the very company that was releasing it managed to reach number one in all major markets (including USA) and sell over 13 million copies. Even with a superbowl performance Madge couldn’t break the top ten of most territories with her overly hyped single. Madonna is a great artist, but Michael Jackson was a legend beyond anyone else in music save for The Beatles and Elvis Presley (the latter Michael outsold although Wikipedia would have you believe otherwise… #JustSayin’)

  95. Tbozfan10 February 29, 2012

    I have no doubt were MJ still alive a whole lot of you would be trashing him and were Madonna dead many of you would be talking of how youve been her fan since the 80’s. No doubt about it.

  96. truthmarathons March 1, 2012

    Oh please! Relevency in the 2000’s–I believe Michael’s “Invincible” outsold any CD Madonna produced in this time period. He has the largest fan base in the business–and has added the “younger” generation to those numbers. In 2009, he sold out 50 concerts at the 02 in London in 4 hours, with 250,000 people still on queue for tickets—-Michael Jackson could sing and dance circles around Madonna.

  97. Elke Hassell March 2, 2012

    I think that these comments on here speak for themselves and answer quite easily the undisputed relevance of Michael Jackson. I as well never forget MJ’s humble words “I have been in music business for 4 decades and never dissed another artist. Good artists don’t need to do that”. To compare anybody with Michael Jackson is a wasted effort. A recently published book by the Author Joseph Vogel “The Man in the Music” (a must read) top selling book in list, explains the unbelievable Genius Art of each and every song of Michael J. Jackson. People also tend to forget that MJ was there long before Madge breaking records left right center, as a 8 year old singing lead in the Jackson Five. Michael Jackson did not need anything else but his microphone, phenomenal powerful lyric songs, which can be related to any one of us at some stage in our lives. He was a spokesman of humanity, encourager of LOVE, a light of the world in many trying times and situations. He stayed humble, true to himself, kind and loving right to the very end. He was God fearing
    and always put him first for his success. People got to learn to understand the difference between pure and fake, When MJ performed a song, you can feel, live, and know every inch of emotion he put into it, like he himself said, he would not sing or perform a song, if he does not feel it from within. That is the vast difference between him and any other stars out there, including Madonna. I am not even going to talk about his records of achievements, they are well documented in the Guinness Book of Records. There is one person that called MJ weak, Lord have Mercy, if that statement is not the worst, than I don’t know which one is. A man that has literally been used as the human punchbag in any worst way possible for over 20 years, that survived with dignity the most evil form of Man Hunt in human history, and still continued to spread his love for the human race, that alone puts him in a different kind of league. Madonna is a pawn of the so called “Elite” that run the music world, especially witnessed in her showdown at the Super Bowl. She lasted this long because she obeyed their rules. Michael Jackson musical pleasures were taken from us because he exposed them, hence all the bad evil press started about him. People need to wake up in live, and start analysing things from a different angle. Michael Jackson was no God, but by God his messages were Godlike!

  98. HuongNguyen March 4, 2012

    @Elke Hassell
    Totally agree with you. Very well said. Thank you for speaking for me too.

  99. Budz April 12, 2012

    ok so i was gonna leave a comment here blasting madonna and this useless “dj”. but i see u have all already beat me to it. I wish madonna would just stay in her care home and leave the music to talented ppl. All this b**** ever does is use the late4st trend to get herself noticed again, then slams on other artist, way more talented than herself, to keep to press attention on her. U look like beef jerky u waste. Give back the african kids and give up!

  100. dream May 2, 2012

    Haha funny story actually. Even michael didn’t make any records or album for 20 years he is still beat her. Besides madonna is making album every year. Sorry but admit it there are many queen of pop who beat madonna. But there is a one KING OF POP and it always will be 😉

  101. MDNA November 29, 2012

    I never understand why people think Madonna was a bad role model. Her music was always excellent and the messages in her lyrics extremely positive. And while she may have been overtly sexual big deal. She actually lived her life as a good girl, it was all an act. Besides S** is what makes the world go around and it’s how we all are created. Get over it. Michael and Whitney had great voices and talent but come on, they had issues. Whitney was on crack and Michael was a p********. Overall I think madonna will be remembered as the bigger star. Liked all of them but still love Madonna. She’s a musical constant!!!

  102. Brittany B January 4, 2013

    Okay this is the s*** that pisses me off.People need to stop saying that just because MJ died he became relevant because that’s b*******.If MJ wasn’t relevant he wouldn’t of sold out 50 shows at the O2 Arena within minutes and back in 2001 when he came to TRL he wouldn’t of shut down Time Square.If MJ wasn’t relevant so many young artist like Usher,Chris Brown,Ne-Yo,Lady Gaga,etc wouldn’t of payed homage to MJ in their music videos and live performances way before he died.Like someone had already commented Madonna had it easy she was the medias little darling they never had one negative thing to say about her.They let her live her life,they let her enjoy her success,and they allowed her to continue her career with no problems.While on the other hand MJ was bullied by the media for being different and being a successful black artist.Now this producer guy whoever the f*** he is is either A.Jealous of MJ’s huge impact,wide range influence,and success even beyond the grave B.Threatened by MJ’s huge impact,wide range influence,and success even beyond the grave or C.Both jealous and threatened of MJ’s huge impact,wide range influence,and success beyond the grave.You decide because it’s either one,the other,or both.

  103. Brittany B January 4, 2013

    Now Madonna fans want to talk about facts and how Madonna is the greater artist well since you guys put up Madonna’s achievements let me put up some of MJ’s achievements:

    Guinness world records (just to name a few)

    Best Selling Album of All Time
    Best Selling Music Video
    Most Successful Entertainer of All Time
    Youngest Vocalist to Top the US Singles Chart
    Highest Paid Entertainer of All Time
    Most weeks at the Top of the US Album Charts
    Most Successful Music Video
    First Vocalist to Enter the US Singles Chart at Number One

    MJ has been inducted into 7 hall of fames

    BET Hall of Fame
    Grammy Hall of Fame
    Music Video Producers Hall of Fame
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (twice)
    Songwriter’s Hall of Fame
    Soul Train Hall of Fame
    World Music Awards Hall of Fame
    Walk of Fame (twice)

    And for the person who said MJ’s only success was Thriller needs to do more research on MJ because that’s b*******.Lets see MJ’s Off The Wall album was the first album to generate 4 top ten singles in the US and 5 top ten singles in the UK.Thriller was the first album to generate 7 top ten singles in the US,spent the most weeks at number one,and of course became the biggest selling album of all time.Bad is the fifth best selling album of all time and is the first album to generate 5 number one singles.Dangerous became the biggest selling New Jack swing album of all time.History became the biggest selling multiple disc album of all time and the song “You Are Not Alone” from this album debuted at number one making MJ the first artist to do so.Blood on the Dance Floor became the biggest selling remix album of all time.Invincible sold as many copies as Madonna’s album,so therefore she didn’t outdo him with sales considering they were the same.So to say MJ’s only success was Thriller is totally incorrect that’s the only album you guys want to give him credit for.

  104. Brittany B January 4, 2013

    To those of you who keep calling MJ a drug addict or a p******** please come up with something new because tbh the s*** is getting old.Whenever people bring up MJ’s talent you all try to brush it off or write him off,I mean are you all threatened by his talent is that why whenever his talent is mentioned you all bring up old s***.That’s really pathetic.

  105. DJ April 3, 2013

    Sure he probably sold more than Madonna. But what does it matter? Madonna is more relevant; She has been relevant in the 80s, 90s, 00s, She broke the ground for a new generation of videos, takes the cake for pushing the limits, is the modle for most of today’s female singers, has a much larger wad of cash (buddy is broke, and its quite well documented.), And has a fanbase that spans two generations.

    MJ was relevant, and broke ground. But the fact is he isnt Madonna.

    Madonna is more than just music, she is a one word name. The Younger generation sees michael Jackson as a bit of a train wreck.

    Sure he has had 13 number one singles, and Madonna 12. But what does it matter, all that matters is relevance. Sure her film Carreer wasnt the best, but on the same account she did win praise for Desparately Seeking Susan, D*** tracy, A league of their own, and Evita.

    To popular culture Madonna is far more an icon that Michael Jackson, and much more tallented to boot. So arguing things based on music sales isnt really a fair metric, you are comparing a unifacited music star, MJ, with a multifaceted individual who has been successful in, though not always in, film, music, and writing. You just cant compare the two. Madonna is Madonna, and well MJ is the washed up faded former star. Who cares who has sold more. In 100 years when they look back at our periods pop culture MJ will be remembered for his legal troubles. Madonna will be remembered as having been the largest pop culture icon of our time.

  106. Bruna gabrielle September 5, 2013

    fala serio.

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    Really enlightening….looking forth to coming back again.

  109. EAB August 25, 2014

    I find it hilarious that people still question Madonna’s talent after 30 years. You may not like her but don’t down play what she has contributed to the pop world as we know it. Secondly, Martin Solveig doesn’t speak on behalf of Madonna. She has no control of what he has to say. He stated an opinion and I guess truth hurts to some but he didn’t lie. MJ tried at a comeback in the early 2000’s and did moderate for his standards but it was a far cry from what he used to pull in. People were more interested in his bizarre antics and alleged pedophilia.

  110. Marilou October 17, 2014

    Having read this I believed it was really informative. I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put
    this article together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both
    reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

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