It Takes Two: The Best Of Diva Duets

Published: Friday 10th Feb 2012 by Rashad

 As fans embrace ‘The Boy Is Mine’ successor ‘It All Belongs To Me’ – the dynamic R&B reunion of belters Brandy and Monica – the song looks to kick off what may be a year of diva double teams.  With Keyshia Coleseeking the assistance of Ms. Norwood as well, (now silenced) rumors ofRihanna and Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keysentreating Adele, and now news that Britney Spearsmay be featured on Queen of Pop Madonna‘s forthcoming ‘MDNA’, the divas are joining forces like never before to tackle the Billboard charts.

In honor (and anticipation) of these 2012 alliances, That Grape Juice has collected 12 of our favorite diva duets.

See who made our list after the jump:

(in no particular order)

Whitney Houston/Aretha Franklin – ‘It Isn’t, It Wasn’t’

Brandy/Monica -‘The Boy Is Mine’

Lady Gaga/Beyonce – ‘Telephone’

Britney Spears/Madonna – ‘Me Against the Music’

Celine Dion/Barbra Streisand – ‘Tell Him’

Mary J. Blige/Faith Evans – ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’

Whitney Houston/Cece Winans – ‘Count On Me’

Jennifer Hudson/Fantasia – ‘I’m His Only Woman’

Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey – ‘When You Believe’

Keyshia Cole/Monica – ‘Trust’

Whitney Houston/Deborah Cox – ‘Same Script, Different Cast’

Alicia Keys/Beyonce – ‘Put It In A Love Song’

Honorable Mentions:
Whitney/Brandy – ‘Impossible’
Beyonce/Gaga – ‘Video Phone’
Beyonce/Mary J – ‘Love A Woman’
Mary J/Jazmine Sullivan – ‘Gonna Make It’
Rihanna/Britney – ‘S&M’ (remix)
Beyonce/Shakira – ‘Beautiful Liar’


Tell us some of your favorites? What diva duos did we miss?

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Your thoughts?

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  1. Bey Fan… February 10, 2012

    Ummm I def think Whitney and Deborah C** is one of the best….
    But Imma have to go with

    WHITNEY AND ARETHA are really above this list. So Im not gone even mention them. Those women are vocal gods….

    1. Whitney and C**
    2. Bran/Mo
    3.Whit / mariah
    4. Mary / Lauryn Hill
    5. Mary / faith
    6. Whit/Bran
    7. Beyonce / Alicia
    8. Beyonce / Mary
    9.Beyonce / Shakira
    10. Beyonce / Gaga

    OK…..good night

  2. Bey Fan… February 10, 2012

    Ohhh I’ve never heard this Celine and Barbra song….lawd where have I been???

  3. N**** Please February 10, 2012

    1. Monica & Brandy – Boy Is Mine & It All Belongs To Me
    2. Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey – When You Believe
    3. Mary J. Blige & Beyonce – Love A Woman

    #MYTOP3 🙂

  4. Bey Fan… February 10, 2012

    OMG…. I didnt see “Count On Me”…… yeah that was great.

    And this Celine and Barbra song is da s*** too……


  5. Adrian February 10, 2012

    WHITNEY AND MARIAH all day 🙂 Based on popularity, success, & quality of the single. Plus, it’s a personal favorite!!

    Thank you so much for doing this article. I had never heard a few of these! very informative…didn’t know what I was missing out on.

  6. Carl February 10, 2012

    Brandy and Monica. Dont like them 2day but thy started the mainstream diva double team. Ever since, they haven’t had any diva double team to match their single.

  7. Teacher February 10, 2012

    Queen Whitney and Queen Mariah!

  8. Teacher February 10, 2012

    Some of those aren’t even duets


    You missed Donna Summer and Barbra’s song called “No More Tears” and as for this post…I have no comment.

  10. LaLa February 10, 2012

    Brandy-Monica & Whitney-Mariah!!!!

  11. F*** mY Body February 10, 2012

    Ciara and Janet Feedback?

  12. REALRasta February 10, 2012

    I love the past DUETS and wait for wat 2012 new duets ladies will bring to us

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  13. xtinacoming2012 February 10, 2012

    Always shading xtina…beatiful sets her apart from every even stripped album. If she had her ups or downs she has always pulled throughy like a true champ and singer…..true talent always shines….

  14. Theman February 10, 2012

    Sam stop inflating sh*t. How did Brit/Madonna get those high numbers that fast. He does stuff like this for hits.

  15. LMFAO February 10, 2012

    Honorable Mentions:
    Rihanna/Britney – ‘S&M’ (remix)
    Beyonce/Shakira – ‘Beautiful Liar’
    Whitney/Brandy – ‘Impossible’
    Beyonce/Mary J – ‘Love A Woman’
    Beyonce/Gaga – ‘Video Phone’

    Tell us some of your favorites? What diva duos did we miss?

    Britney Spears/Madonna – ‘Me Against the Music’

  16. biggestwhitneyfan February 10, 2012

    whitney is mentioned 5 times… she still is a queen, whitney -mariah and whitney deborah the best..

  17. JER February 10, 2012

    Sorry, but T all the diva duets are whack. There’s not a decent one in the mix. Divas shouldn’t duet because it’s always a let down. The only memorable “duet” was THE BOY IS MINE but that’s more of a straight forward collaboration.

  18. aisha aguilera keys February 10, 2012

    Love don’t live here anymore is my all time fave, much as i love Alicia that song w/ B wasn’t the deal, whitney and mariah when u believe, whitney and deborah c**, boy is mine, alicia and xtina- impossible!

  19. aisha aguilera keys February 10, 2012

    oh yea, “Count on me”, my graduation song! Sniff, memories!

  20. JuanR February 10, 2012


    Mary J./Aretha Fr


  21. Army Of Aaliyah February 10, 2012

    Whitney Houston/
    Mariah Carey – ‘When
    You Believe’ They SLAYED This Song Even Though Whitney Kept Trying To Snatch Mariah’s Wig I’m The Live Performances 😉


  22. MissImpartial February 10, 2012

    Am I the only one who would love to see Beyonce and Christina do a duet and than perform it together??? Best duet has to be the Monica and Brandy the Boy is Mine and the worst has to be Rihanna and Britney. Loved Me against the music video and song.

    I don’t know why Beyonce and Alicia didn’t release the video for their collabo.

  23. MISHKA February 10, 2012

    I’ll go for BRANDY & MONICA.

    Aside of the fact that the song came out during one of the best years of my entire life, that duet had EVERYTHING you could dream of: two up & coming young beautiful ladies of the same age, with equal success, looking the same, singing the same, loving and fighting for the same guy and killing them harmonies!

    A lot of the other duets where expected by the audience and by critics: Whitney/Mariah, Beyonce/Alicia, Beyonce/Lady Gaga, Celine/Barbra. But BRANDY/MONICA is an ALL TIME WIN!

  24. welinton bailame February 10, 2012

    Britney y Madona a sido el dueto de la Historia, Britney y Rihanna, Beyonce y shakira.

  25. JohnVidal February 10, 2012

    It´s so OBVIOUS Whitney/Mariah and Cleine/Barbra are the best duets on here and BY FAR. I mean, did you see the QUALITY of those songs? The REAL voices, in fact some of the greatest EVER?
    Anything Britney, Rihanna, etc involved can´t hold a candle next to those 2 duets. And also sorry for Brandy or Monica fans but they just can´t compare to those 4 DIVAS

  26. JohnVidal February 10, 2012

    I´m glad there are still people with common sense and agreeing
    are the best. the rest of that list can´t make you shiver. Those 4 ladies are on the highest league

  27. ARYO February 10, 2012

    telephone & me against the music >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  28. @antertain February 10, 2012

    Brandy & Moinca = EPIC
    Whitney & Deborah C** = BIG
    Whitney & Mariah = GREAT
    MJB & King B = HOT R&B
    Jen & Fanny = Powerful
    Celine & Barb = Class

  29. UGh February 10, 2012

    That Rihanna/Britney remix has to go down as the worst duet of all time…..lmao

  30. The One and Only Miss Perrylicious February 10, 2012

    Britney Spears & Madonna is full of epicness.

  31. bs February 10, 2012


  32. Dev February 10, 2012

    Brandy & Monica is the best duet! everything from the singing, production and lyrics. The opening intro gets me everytime.

  33. Frachella February 10, 2012

    I’m sorry but the Beyonce and Alicia song was horrible. Severe let down! Brandy and Mo are second to anything WHitney has done, and that is a huge compliment!

  34. Diana Lourenço February 10, 2012

    1. Telephone – Lady Gaga / Beyoncé
    2. Me Against the Music – Madonna / Britney Spears
    3. Put It In A Love Song – Alicia Keys / Beyoncé
    4. Feedback – Janet Jackson / Ciara
    5. Same Script, Different Cast Whitney Houston / Deborah C**
    6. Trust – Keyshia Cole / Monica
    7. The Boy Is Mine – Brandy / Monica
    8. When You Believe – Mariah Carey / Whitney houston

    You can Listen this playlist here:

  35. Yellow Gorillah February 10, 2012

    BRANDY + MONICA ——————->

    The Rest Can NEVER

    Whitney + Mariah duet did slay thought

  36. MelyB February 10, 2012

    My favorite duets of all time are:

    Brandy/Monica “THE BOY IS MINE” &

    Donna Summer/Barbara Streisand “NO MORE TEARS”

    One that is actually a trio but still a great fave of mine:

    Whitney/Faith/Kelly Price “HEARTBREAK HOTEL”

  37. MelyB February 10, 2012

    * Sorry just had to chime in that I am sooooo glad that AKeys/Bey duet (video) NEVER saw the light of day. The worst use of 2 superstar singers ever!

  38. Guess What February 10, 2012

    Oh yeah, this is the best article. Here we go.
    1. Whitney & Mariah
    2. Mary J & Faith
    3. Mary J & L Boogie
    4. Monica & Brandy
    5. Whitney, Faith, Kelly Price
    6. Lady Gaga & Bey
    7. Mary J & Bey
    8. Whitney & CeCe Winans

    These are my favorites in no particular order, just saying.

  39. Still most wanted February 10, 2012

    BRITNEY and MADONNA of course

  40. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 10, 2012

    Anything with Ms Whitney Houston will do.

    All the other songs are too inferior for THE GREAT LACEFRONCEs good taste

    T***** Caca and BLEACHonce had the worst duet out of them because they were GIMMICKS and the song sucked like THE GREAT LACEFRONCE predicted.Also to make things even greater , BOTH their albums FLOPPED LMAOOOOO

    Also Manfreds new single Gimmick all your Luvin is a FLOP and he is stale.Queen Khia doesnt have to bring GIMMICKS like Dicki GARBAJ in order to stay relevant.TBH THE GREAT LACEFRONCE was not impressed by his RASPY vocals on Britneys track .Manfred should go sit down and take his GIMMICKS and his nephew Steven with him.

    Queen Ri and Janet will slay as a collabo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  41. deeboy08 February 10, 2012

    Jennifer hudson ft fantasia im his only women

  42. TheOneAndOnly February 10, 2012

    BEY FAN…
    February 10, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Ummm I def think Whitney and Deborah C** is one of the best….
    But Imma have to go with

    WHITNEY AND ARETHA are really above this list. So Im not gone even mention them. Those women are vocal gods….

    1. Whitney and C**
    2. Bran/Mo
    3.Whit / mariah
    4. Mary / Lauryn Hill
    5. Mary / faith
    6. Whit/Bran
    7. Beyonce / Alicia
    8. Beyonce / Mary
    9.Beyonce / Shakira
    10. Beyonce / Gaga

    OK…..good night


  43. divatrust February 10, 2012

    I like the collobarations of Whitney/Deborah, Keshia/Monica, Monica/Brandy(the boy is mine), Mary/Faith. But the best as of now, right now is the one by Mary/Beyonce “A Woman’s Love” their vocal’s are crazy and both sang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and put their feelings all in the song.

  44. Nichole February 10, 2012

    I’m sorry but I thought When You Believe was one of the most boring duets EVER, even though both ladies vocals were pure perfection on the track and during live performances.

    Out of this I would go with MATM by Pop Queen Madonna, and the Princess of Pop Brit. Also, TBIM by Bran, and Mon. Ah yeah….Count On Me was one of the greatest duets ever. There is no way WYB by Mariah, and Whit tops that one. CeCe and Whit threw it down on that one.

    I thought the duet between Mariah, and Whit could have been better than what it was.

  45. Onyx February 10, 2012

    The best by far is Celine/Barbra and Whitney/Mariah but in Pop Music, real Pop that’s would be a duet by Cher and Madonna or Madonna and Lady Gaga, the Britney Spears duet with Madonna is great is part of Pop music now but will lost in front of a due by Madge/Gaga.

    My opinion is:
    Lady Gaga and Beyonce collaborations doesn’t fits together despite the success of the singles, i mean is like Madonna would duet with J.Lo or Rihanna but everything could happen (see Nicki and M.IA. collab.), Aretha and Whitney are classic, but i would like to see a collaboration between Celine Dion and Whitney Houston that would be Epic.

  46. JohnVidal February 10, 2012

    Wow have u noticed we totally agreed again? I said on my comment the two best BY FAR are those two… Whithey; Mariah, Celine, Barbra…wow. By miles. And of course Madonna/Gaga would be better than with Britney. Come on… that´s obvious

  47. Onyx February 10, 2012

    could this mean something, you and I had more in com…that we think….

  48. Burst Yur Bubble February 10, 2012

    How come I don’t see Auto-tune listed here? He’s done MANY collaborations.. L’il Wayne, Drake, Rihanna, T-Pain in da Ass, Britney … the list goes on and on!

  49. irene46 February 10, 2012

    here we go with another poll with britney stans voting multitudes of times. there’s no way in hell she would be busting out the way she is without cheating stans. Brandy & Monica mops the floor with mdna & britney.

    the best duet by far is Brandy & Monica! i haven’t heard them all but the ones i’ve heard don’t even come close.

    i agree with ‘4flopstay’ barbra s and donna summers ‘enough is enough’ should have been on here. they’d be my next pick.

  50. irene46 February 10, 2012

    @ xtinaco,ing2012…

    i agree that xtina is always getting shaded but what does that have to do with this post. did she do a duet with someone?

  51. Small_Angel February 10, 2012

    Xtina with Britney
    Xtina with gaga
    Xtina with Mariah

    Impossible things to happen.. but im hoping…

  52. 9 February 11, 2012

    britney and madonna Best duet

  53. follow me @gdboyratedloud February 11, 2012

    me against the music was a f****** flop you f***** ass stans of pop music make me sick!!!!! F*** will vote for their fav no matter what.

    I love Rihanna but I will always keep it real.

    Beyonce artist of the decade and anything but them terrible pop duets wins best duet.

    I HAVE SPOKEN B****.

  54. bs February 11, 2012


  55. BRITNEY FOREVER February 11, 2012


  56. KatyCat February 11, 2012

    Impossible by Christina Aguilera & Alicia Keys>>>> every song on this list.

  57. Royalkev February 11, 2012

    I think the best duet is Brandy & Monica.

    Whitney and Mariah has the most musically impressive one.

    Beyonce and Shakira visually was perfect (as far as blending two artists goes). I still wish that duet happend between Janet and Aaliyah, that would have been so hot!

  58. ipan February 11, 2012

    britney n madonna ….. sensasional in the world…

  59. Craig Smith February 11, 2012

    it think it has to be brandy and monica….. they started it and that song is the most successful

  60. ITS BRITNEY February 12, 2012


  61. B**** February 12, 2012


  62. Gus February 12, 2012

    Whitney & Mariah!!!! And brandy & monica

  63. Kristopher Davis November 16, 2013

    Monica slays!!!!!

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