Cheryl Cole : “I Can’t Relate To My Own Lyrics” / Debuts New Song

Published: Thursday 14th Jun 2012 by David

Rising to fame as the breakout star of ‘Pop Stars: The Rivals” back in 2002, Cheryl Cole‘s story- albeit turbulent- is nothing short of fascinating.

For, by way of conveniently timed melodramas between she and footballer Ashley Cole, Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor‘ , and the benefit of her ‘Girls Aloud’ platform, Cheryl has seen her water turned to premium wine. All, without a trace of discernible talent.

So, it should come as little surprise that in a recent interview with Pop Justice, she admitted to having no connection with her own lyrics.

Her comments and brand spanking new single below…

Excerpt taken from Pop Justice:

Regarding the lyrics on the album, the point you seem to have made in interviews elsewhere is something along the lines of: “Don’t question me about the lyrics on the album relating to my personal life, because I didn’t write them so they can’t.”

Which is an amazing response, really.
It’s the truth!

Most popstars spend half their careers trying to pretend they do write their lyrics when they don’t. And you’re just going: “Nothing to do with me! Not my fault!”

It continued:

But how does that work? You obviously have a connection to these lyrics. Or at least in order to be able to have a connection with your music, you must tell yourself a story about how a song makes sense to you?
Well what I do is, I get loads of records sent. Sometimes I get just a beat. That you can just fall in love with. Or just a hook. And I’ll write the verses, or I’ll say, “can someone please write the verses to this”… Sometimes it takes a lifetime to master your craft. To be an amazing lyricist doesn’t mean you’re a good performer.

There are some people out there who write the best songs in the world and their idea of hell is going on stage and singing those songs. But to collaborate with someone like that, and to create a pop song out of it, is amazing, and I’m not afraid of that. I don’t care that I didn’t write it, I just appreciate other people’s talents.

I didn’t grow up listening to songs thinking, “well they didn’t write it”. I loved those songs because they were great songs, and that’s still how I feel when I’m making my music.

Then, it what might be the most telling part of the conversation:

Can you explain the lyrics from the chorus of ‘Call My Name’?
You’ll have to ask Calvin.

What do they mean to you?
Just fun! It’s a pop song.

Do you wonder what they mean?
They don’t feel deep to me. But if you ask me what half Girls Aloud songs mean, I’d say the same thing! They don’t have a meaning, they have a feeling. I think it’s quite a sexy lyric? Um… It’s really not that deep. We’re not saving the world with lyrics or anything.

Would you like to save the world with a lyric?
No, I’d like to just feel good.

Listen to Cole’s latest release ‘Under The Sun’ below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Matthew Charlery-Smith June 14, 2012

    Well, at least she can admit it! There are TOO many others who shall remain nameless who love to tout how they “write songs”. If that isn’t your talent then so be it. You perform that song, you make it your own. Whitney and Celine never pretended to write what they hadn’t. Michael Jackson (Who was an AMAZING songwriter) never claimed to have written “Rock With You”, “She’s Out of My Life”, “Thriller” or “Man in the Mirror” yet he has all the respect.

    Some of Whitney’s biggest hits were covers, “The Greatest Love of All”, “All the Man That I Need”, “I Will Always Love You” yet she OWNED those songs to the point that you struggle to remember who did the originals. The industry rules need to be tightened up. Since when has it become ok to add a full stop and claim songwriting credits? Bun dat!!!

    • the real xoxo June 14, 2012

      admitted or not, she is talentless.

  2. QueenOfTheNavy June 14, 2012

    It’s a sad day when artists cant even explain what their music is about. Regardless of whether she wrote it or not, her general attitude to making music is the reason why she’ll never be respected.

    • paul June 14, 2012

      LOL. She’s got a lot of respect from fans. Of course, she’s not respected by haters. LOL. If you live in UK, you’ll know she’s very popular because of her fans that, of course, respects her.

      • skintightjeans June 15, 2012

        How much respect can a 12 or 13 year old give to a 28 year old idiot who doesn’t have a clue how to write songs or music?? Artist care about respect from their PEERS and CRITICS. Not a bunch of kids who go and spend their lunch money on a cd. She’s not aaaaaany different.

  3. the real xoxo June 14, 2012

    who cares if she admits it or not!
    Okay, ill go make music and admit i cant sing, buy my records!
    the fact is, she is beautiful but has very little musical talent. i dont take artists seriously if they dont take their work seriously, ie lip syncing and not writing or having input into music.

    • paul June 14, 2012

      LOL. I take it that you don’t like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.

      • the real xoxo June 14, 2012

        they get away with it because of their outstanding voices.

  4. im not throwing shade, but… June 14, 2012

    Thats okay, she has no connection with her vocals either, so…

    • im not throwing shade, but… June 14, 2012

      But Cheryl, they are not great songs, they are songs of the time

  5. gio88 June 14, 2012

    wow she can’t sing and can’t write her own lyrics….why is she a singer??

    • Entertain101 June 14, 2012

      Tell that to the Rihanna Navy lol.

  6. Curtis June 14, 2012

    Cheryl writes a lot of her stuff and the title of this article is b*******, that is not what she said or intended. Call My Name is exactly what she said it was, and you wanna drag her for being honest instead of a fake pretentious b****.

    F*** off Flop Juice. Bookmarking this site off, so annoying all you guys do is post about people you hate every damn minute of the day. Give us some f****** NEWS, this PopJustice interview has been out for two weeks.

    • skintightjeans June 15, 2012

      ok well bye then.

  7. Music Junkie June 14, 2012

    Wow, and do you know what the worse part is… she doesn’t even care. With Cheryl I feel like she only wanted to be famous and rich and singing was merely a path for her to achieve these things. People like her take the art out of music… sad!

  8. jermany June 14, 2012

    She can perform..! And she can hold a note..she is not talentless..! Goin in the studio and interpreting a song is hard..!! She is a great live act..i would love to see half of ya’ll haters even “mime” and do the routine to “call my name” in heels in front of 80,000 people..ya’ll are some haters..cheryl has grown up and she is humble and sweet..! Ya’ll could stand to be that way..bein a bitter hater does nothing for your soul..!

  9. paul June 14, 2012

    I’ve checked the tracklisting of her albums and she’s actually co-wrote some of them. And here you are saying she doesn’t write anything at all.

  10. Jolien June 14, 2012

    The most “telling part” of the interview is her saying that pop lyrics don’t really have a deep meaning but are fun and s***? Okay then … *cue eyeroll right about here*
    Some artists in the music business aren’t writers. They select a bunch of songs from talented writers/producers (who don’t necesarily won’t to perform those songs themselves) and put their vocals on them. (And for the record, it’s not because you can’t pull something of live that you wouldn’t be able to do in the studio when you have the luxury of trying more than once. People too often conclude that a bad live vocal means they autotuned the artistst in the studio) They try and put their vision into an album. The end result , whichever way you look at it, clearly has Cheryl’s stamp on it. And this isn’t even fully the case for Cheryl, she actually (co-)wrote quite a few tracks. Moreover she’s an excellent performer.
    See, a healthy dose of criticism is one thing. But constantly throwing shade at the same artist and picking apart everything they do is a different story.

  11. Sterling Infinity June 14, 2012

    I’m happy she is being honest about what type of artist she is…

  12. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! June 14, 2012

    Call my name is heading for number 1 on sunday:)

  13. Isabelle June 14, 2012

    Oh, that explains it. Could Calvin explain what “How’d you think I feel when you call my name, you got me confused by the way I change” means ? I still don’t get it.

  14. antertain June 15, 2012

    She is a performer who does a job

    SHE IS NOT AN ARTIST as her vocal shows and her answers reflect.

    Even if you don’t write the song you can interpret *sideeye*

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