Hot Shot: Chris Brown Attacked

Published: Thursday 14th Jun 2012 by David

Chris Brown set Twitter alight this morning when he uploaded the above snap to his ever eventful profile.

Added to the pic was the following:

How u party wit a rich nigga that hate? Lol…. Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!

Niggas is p***y!

Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol

And I’m the singer?

Niggas hiding in the bathroom b***h ass niggas!

Ok! Niggas stand behind security!!!! Ok! U don’t pay them enough!

Niggas throwing bottles! Y’all niggaz weak!

More below…

As of now, details on the attack are sketchy but have led to speculation that it may have have rooted from Brown’s relationship with the aspiring vocalist Rihanna, with whom he split with in 2009.

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on this developing story.


In response to the speculation, Ninja Sonik tweeted the picture below with the caption “Yo @chrisbrown & @Drake Thanks alot we will send u tha bill”:

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo June 14, 2012

    he got the whole world talking, deleted the tweets then posted itunes links. the things people do for their flop singles.

    he has no right calling anyone a b**** n**** considering he lay hands on a girl.

    • Kathy June 14, 2012

      It wasn’t a stunt. Someone from Drake’s camp threw a bottle at him, and before you knew it all hell broke loose. They were separated until all that happened.

      • the real xoxo June 14, 2012

        if it wasnt a stunt, then why did he
        a)tweet several times about the incident
        b)post a f****** picture right after it happened

      • QueenOfTheNavy June 14, 2012

        Publicity stunts don’t always have to be fake. Chris DID NOT have to tweet the picture and could have kept it moving. They are not the first artists to get into a fight at a club and they won’t be the last and there are plenty of fights we dont know about.
        So chris was stupid to post this picture with cocaine all up in his hairy nostrils.

      • Martyn June 14, 2012

        Erm, it’s his nose ring, not cocaine :-/

    • JER June 14, 2012

      LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO GORL YOU BETTER GO IN!!!! the things people do for their flopped singles! GET IT

  2. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 14, 2012

    There is some justice in the world. At least he now has a clue of how it feels to be attacked and bruised when you don’t deserve it.

    I can only imagine how Rihanna felt when this Chris Brown monster lifted his hands to beat a defenseless woman.

    • Kahari June 14, 2012


    • Lax June 14, 2012

      @Beyonce’s weave i heard that, love!

    • Jayla June 14, 2012

      shut your f** ass up

      • Uhh Okaii June 14, 2012

        but why u mad though?

    • Hush June 14, 2012

      LOL! Shut up…

  3. NJabzzzz June 14, 2012

    He should wake up and realise no-one cares about him, hes just an attention-seeking flop singer

    • darren June 14, 2012

      Attention seeker just like Rihanna. They are two of a kind

      • Lax June 14, 2012

        @Darrennit don’t have to be over Rih.

    • Ugh June 14, 2012

      I refuse to believe this was over Rihanna. She is not God’s gift to men.

      • TeamBreezy June 14, 2012

        tell that to my Fiance! lol

  4. DrizzyJ3ff June 14, 2012

    Excuse Me Samantha!! Next Time When I Comment On Ur Page, Don’t Ever Take My Info, Put It On Ur Page, & Delete My Comment Like U Found It 1st!

  5. Virtuoso Intellect June 14, 2012

    He’s the bitchiest b**** of them all. He needs to put away for good and the keys thrown into the Atlantic. You’re not a singer, you are an emblem of social decay.

  6. AngryAmerican June 14, 2012

    To the real xoxo shut the f*** dumb ass that s*** happen in 2009 it now mid 2012 let it go damn… Rihanna and Chris moved past it why don’t u matter of fact get a damn life, hobby, or a real job….

    • the real xoxo June 14, 2012

      i dont give a s*** about them. but the fact is, they say they want everyone to forget yet they subtweet eachother and do collabs. they both rely on attention seeking antics rather than genuine talent

      • Jayla June 14, 2012

        shut the f*** up f**

    • Iwishabitchwould June 30, 2012

      I agree…thats the problem with society can talk so much s*** from a computer about celebs…get your own life str8 and worry about that…its mature for them to move on GROW THE F*** UP.

  7. kingbreezy June 14, 2012

    chris brown is the most relevant on TGJ… haters make him more relevant by always commenting on his post … July 3rd

    • Jayla June 14, 2012

      i agree

      • nxn June 14, 2012

        you’ve been busy today, you know what it’s chris stans that make him look bad too with your ignorant comments if you don’t like what someone has to say then either don’t comment or comment in a way that is constructive and adult

  8. Kingphoenix June 14, 2012

    The only thing that would have made this better is if Rihanna the Bajan C*** hit over the head with the bottle herself.

    • Kingphoenix June 14, 2012

      *hit him

  9. lol June 14, 2012

    To be honest I can’t say I’m not surprised when I scrolled down at the headlines this morning , the fact remains that the once humble kid that sat on Tyra banks talk show couch from 5 years ago obviously no longer exists it was this kid who joked about not taking himself so seriously saying “Chris Brown wack” and this humbleness had people eating out the palm of his hands ! Now we have someone whose head is so big with a sense of entitlement that can’t be fulfilled.His is too cocky and hood primadonna-ish you can tell this by his tweets and overall demeanor . His anger management certificate is a joke in and of itself , he stays getting into arguments with people over trivial s*** and wonder why his is not celebrated like the Lady Gaga’s,Justin Timberlake,and Ushers of the world (because they didn’t answer to the inevitable criticism) .
    So again its no surprise somethin finally got physical and he got hurt and who would of thought one of the universally accepted softest negros in the game DRAKE !!! would have somethin to do with it . I knew this day was comin …oh i feel sorry for his loyl fans who had to see their fave like this i felt the same seeing MJ badly mistreated

    • kingbreezy June 14, 2012

      you are such a p****.. as stupid as ur tweet

    • nxn June 14, 2012

      that’s the best comment i’ve read all day ignore the trolls, they so far on Chris’ d*** the can’t see straight

  10. Xxx June 14, 2012

    You Ni**a hit. And bite a girl! Like a b**** p****? You ni**a weak!

    Damn Chris, shut up

  11. Stans Make Me LOL June 14, 2012

    Sh!t celebrities these days are as lame as f***! Chris, Drake, Meek, Rihanna the whole lot of them. What do they stand for? Why should they have people looking up to them? What positive messages do they give to the youth?
    AND NOW LOOK AT THIS on top of Chris and Drake’s shitty music now they want to be throwing bottles at one another in the club? Get out of here! They need the 4 things that not all the money in the world could buy, brains, respect, pride and morals. Stay stanning for these LAMES, you make me LOL!

    • Jayla June 14, 2012

      why would people look up to celebrities anyway, Get a f***** life

      • Stans Make Me LOL June 14, 2012

        I’m inclined to say YOU DO since you felt the need to respond in such a dramatic way to my comment.

      • virtuoso intellect June 14, 2012

        .. and every other comment on here for that matter

  12. lol June 14, 2012

    Who fights over a girl that he diss on a regular basis anyway … I bet Rihanna is somewhere laughing on a nice hotel balcony somewhere smoking her cigarette and texting Drake and meek Mill ” I love yall” tweets but “really thinkin how sad that these dudes fight over her when she really hasn’t made any of them a major priority”

  13. hunni2nice June 14, 2012

    I read chris brown sent champagne bottle to drake as a peace offering, and when chris got bottle sent back saying “im f*cking with the love of your life. deal with it” and thats when chris got angry, and drake hiding being his entourage and let them do the dirty work

    • virtuoso intellect June 14, 2012

      yall still drinkin that M** koolaid….. step off

  14. Adele June 14, 2012

    Who said they were fighting over Rihanna? What is there to fight over seriously. Most of the guys in the industry already hit that, and all she does is smoke weed, and drink, so she is no prize, and Drake is a PUNK.

  15. winning June 14, 2012

    Who cares except for teenage black girls and the men who do their hair ( and one pscyhotic biatch named Xy and Z)…boring

    • Jayla June 14, 2012

      u care, you’re here, and took the time to comment

  16. Huh? June 14, 2012

    Tgj always reaching for the stars . So in love with Rih they have to make 5+ post a day about her and when it isn’t a post about her still manage to squeeze her name in there . It’s pathetic .

    • virtuoso intellect June 14, 2012

      r u dunce? Meek was in the building and he linked this to rihanna. her drive-thru p*ssy caused this

  17. Viciousss June 14, 2012

    So he had fists for Rihanna but didn’t handle this when it was going down?

    Don’t tweet about n****** Chris, if you can’t shut s*** down when bottles are being thrown after all this ‘hard ass’ s*** you keep trying to sell then just peace out now. Its a wrap.

    Smh, fool gonna end up with ANOTHER person (club) taking him to court.

  18. joker June 14, 2012

    wow. now that’s something i’d call “gangsta” if you mingle with your real competition. instead of throwing that lil b**** in for your promo. 😀

  19. Viciousss June 14, 2012


    If this s*** ain’t fake then it’s brain dead. How the f*** you gonna tweet about every damn thing in your life? Reading over the tweets Chrissy must have whipped out his phone and went straight to typing instead of getting his face fixed or handling his damn business.

    Smh, some f***** up times when being the first one to make it to Twitter makes you a ‘real’ n****.

  20. KingBey June 14, 2012

    You b****** need to shut up about chris tbh I mean for once he is innocent in this s*** !! So apparently Chris sent a bottle of Champagne to Drake for a peace offering but when chris go back the bottle it said ” I’m f****** the love of your like deal with it”. This s*** could only be referring to Rihanna, I mean i dont like her but Drake continues to diss her and she keeps going back with him, this makes her look bad.. I love Chris but Rihanna need to look out for Rihanna and drop both those d**** out her life PERIOD !!!

    • virtuoso intellect June 14, 2012

      what biz does chris have making a peace offering? rihanna is NOT his girlfriend. drake n rih can do whatever, they both single, chris aint ….. allegedly

      • KingBey June 14, 2012

        He probably sent it to Drake because he wanted to clear the air or something so that it would be any hard feelings there is nothing wrong with that.. Rihanna right now is the INDUSTRY S*** they both dissed her on many occasions even Meek Mill but she still seems to find her way back partying with drake or doing some other s*** with him… Yes Rihanna can do whatever she wants but when a man dissed you in a song that millions hear and you still go back all the time it just show she has no dignity or class and she let everyone know it!! WHAT A SHAME!!

  21. geeeeeesssss June 14, 2012

    he needs to go On a sabbatical away from the media away fro the celebrity world find out what life is about before its too late

    where are his parentssss

  22. i&I(yardie) June 14, 2012


  23. Lisa June 14, 2012

    Both Drake and Chris Brown our b******.

  24. B4REAL02 June 14, 2012

    Lol… what I need is for both individuals to GROWN THE HELL UP!!!!! Fighting over a female is not the bizness!!!!!!

  25. jasmine king June 14, 2012

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  26. Kayla June 14, 2012

    drake aint no p**** you are!! there are no rules in jsy rather beat the F*** out of a girl rather than a dude. clearly your not as hard as u got yo fans think’n soooo….go get ya bandaid && STFU! Punk ass
    and ya GF a ratchet asd h** for not fighting 4 you, what, oh she is just a cover up 4 ya BF? sorry i 4got.

    • KingBey June 14, 2012

      Drake hid behind is bodyguards gurl he is a p****. If was as bad as he say he wouldnt have to hide

  27. Lala June 14, 2012

    ‘aspiring vocalist Rihanna’ LMAO. The SHADE this site be throwing at her is hilarious.

    • Lax June 14, 2012

      ****Aspiring and Rih made over 50 million dollars this year.

  28. -_- June 14, 2012

    Chris REALLY has the audacity to call anyone a b**** ass n**** after he hit and BIT a female to a pulp? That bottle should have conked him harder on that dome of his and knocked some sense into him. F****** p****!

    • Lax June 14, 2012

      So true, so true!

  29. Tru Voice June 14, 2012

    A MESS!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! The shade on this site plus the foolishness of Chris is too much.

    Chris needs to stop. Ri Ri’s box must be amazing because this is crazy.

  30. Navy STFU June 14, 2012

    Chris beat Drake up then Drake p**** ass n**** got his entourage involve drake s not strong

    • Lax June 14, 2012

      Make the navy stfu….

  31. Navy STFU June 14, 2012

    Who cares about Rihanna Rihanna f*** h** go die I’m glad now Chris beat her up now he beat Drake up ahahga

  32. Beyonce the Legend June 14, 2012

    TRUTH: Drake fights with Chris Brown and you’re all hating Drizzy. Chris hits Rihanna and your proud he’s got his career back. Oh!

  33. Hunter June 14, 2012

    Hey Breezy, you know what? Get some education, “N****”!

  34. @cbDani June 14, 2012

    What was supposed to be a celebratory evening turned ugly when Chris Brown was attacked at a nightclub. The “Turn Up the Music” singer was toasting Teyana Taylor’s new deal with G.O.O.D. Music when the altercation occurred, prompting speculation that Drake and his crew were to blame.

    Brown, along with Drake, Trey Songz, Meek Mill, Wale, and French Montana, was at W.i.P. at Greenhouse in New York on Wednesday night when bottles were thrown in his direction. One ended up striking his face and leaving a nasty cut. He recounted the incident on Twitter before deleting his tweets.

    “Ni**as throwing bottles! Y’all ni**az weak!” tweeted Chris in the early hours of Thursday morning.

    “Ok! Ni**as stand behind security!!!! Ok! U don’t pay them enough!” he added. “Ni**as hiding in the bathroom b**** ass ni**as! And I’m the singer?”

    He posted a photo of the injury on Instagram, but brushed it off. “Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol,” he said. “Ni**as is pu**y! How u party wit a rich ni**a that hate? Lol…. Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!”

  35. Benron June 14, 2012

    If Drake was hiding from him then it was not an “ATTACK” Chris brown and drake fought.

    Funny how this, stealing an Iphone and breaking a window seems to not break his rock hard probation. What a dumb b****, who could be fans of him!

  36. Lisa June 14, 2012

    Ciara in movie that’s my boy june15 with Adam sandler!

  37. RAQUEL June 14, 2012


  38. Suicide Blonde June 14, 2012

    Breezy, this guy can’t stay away for trouble.

  39. i&I(yardie) June 14, 2012

    He has no one to blame but himself for forcing himself upon people who clearly do not like him. I swear he is losing me as a fan as the days go by.

  40. Nana Applehead LovesSwift June 14, 2012

    Chris again?

  41. JER June 14, 2012

    how. ironic.

  42. Uhh Okaii June 14, 2012

    smh..they need to grow up..both parties and focus on their music careers, and leave the drama for the birds..nuff said

  43. ass June 14, 2012

    Shout out to my boi jah jah from ninja sonik!

    Back to the story. Rih got that juicy that make these boys go crazy! LOL.

  44. kingbey June 14, 2012

    Kanye done f***** that. Jay Z done f***** that. Drake done f***** that. And if Drake f***** it, you know Wayne f***** it. If Wayne f***** it, you know Baby f***** it. If Baby f***** it, you know Slim f***** it. If Slim f*** it, you know Nicki Minaj curiousity just had to kill the muthafuckin cat.
    What Is There To Fight Over?

  45. tbozfan10 June 14, 2012

    WTF is he saying? This is why my love has always gone to Trey Songz. Chris is just so immature, it’s like he still acts like a teenaged boy. Trey is a man.

  46. Jay1 June 16, 2012

    I will be so glad when this child finally grows up. He is not going to be satisfied until he is back in the VA washing cars.

  47. bthe1983 June 17, 2012

    Ugh this is so STUPID! and Chris Brown at least have the decency to fully cleanout your nose of all crack substances before tweeting a pic of your “War cut” …you aint never get no sympathy from me.

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