Hot Shots: Rihanna Greets Fans Outside London Hotel

Published: Tuesday 26th Jun 2012 by David

Members of her British ‘Navy‘ got quite the treat hours ago, when aspiring singer Rihanna held an impromptu meet and greet for them outside her London hotel.

In the country to work on her seventh studio album, the ‘Battleship’ star signed autographs for her adoring fans in seemingly good spirits.

Good spirits, possibly brought on by news she has now sold 20 million singles and albums in the UK alone or the support she has received following her embarrassing set at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend, which saw her bleat her way through the anticipated spectacle.

Many thanks to Rihanna Daily.

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  1. Lax June 26, 2012

    Oh the joy of being able to soar on wings like a eagle, she will run
    and not be faint, because she knows that if you think it and act on
    it you can do and accomplish it, with hard work, drive and get up
    off yo b*** and take actions! in other words do something to help
    yourself better your condition what ever it might Be!

  2. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 26, 2012

    Yep, and the bitchy Queen Samantha comes out to throw shade at Rihanna once again. Funny thing is Rihanna still comes out on top whereas the flops you stan for keep losing.

    • LORD June 26, 2012

      My fave who KEEPS losing is yet to be outsold by R**** even with 6 albums released back to back.

      Plus, she’s stayed atop the Hot100 for much more weeks than R**** (+50), only with 9 #1’s.

      Another thing, Rihanna hasn’t even outdone my fave’s ONE-NIGHT number of won Grammys, even with the help of Jay-Z, Kanye West AND Eminem.

      So before you call my fave a “flop” the next time, Try to find 2 seats that’ll fit for your fat ass and Rihanna’s forehead together.

      • Lax June 26, 2012

        @The lord …..but i though you lord was just and fair and good to all people who walks this earth in spite of their short comings, sir? Anywhoo lord you bless people the way you want to bless each of them which is always different for each person and i just wonder lord why or you trying to rain on one of you beloved childrens parade, sir?
        Ti feat., Rihanna Live Your Life

      • LORD June 26, 2012

        The most you can do now @Lax, is kneel at my feet and let my p*** rain on your head. Rih-Turd.

      • LORD June 26, 2012

        I’m not even a fan, and I pissed on Rihanna’s face right after Chris Brown beat her ass.

        What about YOU, Rih-Turd???

      • Benron June 26, 2012

        Who is he talking bout?

    • LORD June 26, 2012

      Never would’ve known that @Beyonce Weave is a one-hit-wonder…

  3. joker June 26, 2012

    lol. you wanna be friends with rihannadaily? i mean you could name your blog the same. yeah. exactly. haha. or just stealing pictures to offend some “stans” to come here bash you. hehe. as if there are that many left on rihannadaily that’d read that crap here. 😉

  4. PrettigurlrockD June 26, 2012

    Am I looking correctly? Is she on drugs or something? Y is she so thin? Usually she’s thicker…

    • Benron June 26, 2012

      This site is cheap as f***, when they post pictures of her she usually looks BIGGER than usual, thats her actual size, she lost alot of weight *frowning tbh tho*

  5. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 26, 2012

    i like her look.

    and i hope she was as nice to her twitter fans as she is to her UK fans …………..

  6. Todd June 26, 2012

    O well,so we get Rihanna greats fans in London,but we dont get Mariah greets fans in London(from last night)+her million pics with Pam Andreson at the Bday party?Anyway,im kinda thinkin to forget about your site cuz im tired of seein Rihannas face 24/7(no offence to her fans,i think i like her more than alexandra burke).It really shows that u can get views/impressions (and cash for ur lame commercials and stanning for alexandra b.) via super-dumb-posts or scandals/speculations(like ”is chris brown underrated”, ”can rihanna really sing” , calling nicki minaj a queen and such acts).This is not a music site,its just a bad rehash of Perez Hiltons blog+tons of bad writing.Good luck to u Sammy

    • Todd June 26, 2012

      Oh,sorry,i forgot! Please,PLEASE TGJ,learn how to crop ur damn photos cause most of the time they come stretched!

    • LORD June 26, 2012

      For more than 03:08 , I’ve been wondering…HOO KERZ

    • LORD June 26, 2012

      How about I post the performance of “I CARE” Live @ Roseland and Kill your bloody ass now.

  7. aishaaguilerakeys June 26, 2012

    Whether she “bleated” her way through that “embarassing” set or not, she still got all the love from that crowd.

  8. Benron June 26, 2012

    The only embarrasing thing is this blog!

  9. Auntie_Jackie June 26, 2012

    Cute casual outfit. 20 million sold in the UK is impressive, that seems to be where her core audience is. Here in the U.S. people are loosing interest in her music, and focusing more on her personal life—more than ever. I can imagine when her career grows stale over here that she’ll focus more on the UK.

  10. karla June 26, 2012

    Speak for yourself Jackie. I live in the US and Rihanna is still the top bush right now. Is that why she made Forbes. Hot 100 list and was listed as time magazine most influential. People voted for Rihanna and I know all the votes didn’t just come from the UK.

    • matreiya June 26, 2012

      no, the time clock has punched on her in the US. She is the top bush where? She has 2 hit singles on that laughable album and serial killers have been voted Time Mag’s most influential before. I don’t know who voted for her, but no one over the age of 13 who has taste in music could have.

      • Auntie_Jackie June 26, 2012

        Time Magazine’s ‘Most Influential’, like the poster said above, isn’t the best gauge of success. She’s still getting press, but so is Kim Kardashian (no shade). This time around it’s been so much more about that–elaborate publicity stunts, than it has been about music or ventures. Take a look at how she’s really doing here. Battleship, her first film wasn’t successful here (but did okay globally), nor was the last album. 1 mega-hit, one moderate hit.

        This isn’t to say that some people wouldn’t KILL for her career right now, even in the state its in. I’m just saying that to me, all signs are pointing to a slide here…

  11. karla June 26, 2012

    *bish. Auto correct makes me scream sometimes.

  12. RAY June 26, 2012

    Any human who has taste in music will vote for Rihanna…do you know why? Cos she is a wonderful musician…how many artist have up to 10 #1 hit singles…she has accomplished almost more than beyonce in 7 years (have in mind beyonce has been there for 16 years) Rihanna is big in every country and continent…did you f*****’ hear the crowd in london during hackney!!! She’s perfect!!!! Just so y’all bitchy haters know, she does not give a f*** what you think…and she’ll still be at the TOP till forever!!! 😛 …and for TGJ I think you people are hungry!!! -___- do something with your site you say shits from other sites especially bout Rihanna… No one would say I don’t like any of Rihanna songs except a fool, her music is an effect, and she’s a positive influence #time!!!

  13. Nunya June 29, 2012

    This girl is working on her 7th album ALREADY? She needs to take a nice long break and grow as an artist because in all honesty I’m really getting tired of her and her music. TTT was complete s***, I only liked about 4 tracks out of the whole album. Please come back when u have a good, solid album put together.

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