Starships: Nicki Minaj Enjoys 16 Weeks In US Top Ten

Published: Thursday 7th Jun 2012 by David

Peter ‘Drake Won’t Return My Calls’ Rosenberg and Funkmaster Flex may hate it, but it’s quite apparent that  US listeners can’t get enough of Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Starhships‘.

Her biggest smash since 2011’s ‘Superbass’, the Red One produced cut served as the lead single for her sophomore LP ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’, this week has seen it score quite the feat.

As of yesterday, it has spent its 16th week in the US Top Ten.

Details below…

Now perched at #5, ‘Ships’ has held the same position for the last three weeks despite Minaj being outside of the country, fulfilling dates on her ‘Pink Friday’ world tour.

This, makes it the Rapper’s longest running Top Ten hit, surpassing efforts scored by ‘Bass’ which was certified Quadruple platinum for digital sales of 4 million units last month.

Quite interestingly, the jam has also spent 16 consecutive weeks in the UK’s ‘Official Singles Chart’, extending her lead as the longest and highest charting Female Rapper in British history following its ascent to #1 back in April.

As of this month, ‘Starships’ has been awarded Quadruple Platinum status in Australia, a Platinum certification in the US, double Platinum status in New Zealand and a Gold certification in Sweden.

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  1. Jenn June 7, 2012

    My thoughts?

    Its STILL a b******* song.

    David is a hateful F**

    Sam is a hateful F**

    • -____- June 7, 2012


      • Noel June 7, 2012

        I know, right!! Haha.this person (jenn) is such an idiot.

    • BLACK MADONNA June 7, 2012

      You have issues.. Shout out to Nicki tho

    • HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 7, 2012

      DEAD at the Krimlins thumbing up. Sad that they enjoy living under NickiMinaj post instead of their fav’sflop music.

      – Raz (YourLeader)

    • bedstuyfly June 7, 2012

      F*** INDEED!

    • Jaymalls June 8, 2012

      i agree… its a typical top 10 b******* song targeted to little girls and gay dudes in and out the closet! Nothing more, nothing less! It sounds just like every other top 20 hit, mater fact it ACTUALLY SOUNDS LIKE A LADY GAGA THROWAWAY if you ask me! I will applaud Nicki when she starts pushing boundaries and testing herself as an artist!

      • OnyxThaKid June 9, 2012

        She’s pushing boundaries and buttons as we speak, that’s why you are feeling some kinda way about her music. People don’t like what they don’t understand. Yall want her to stay in this “Hardcore Rap Femcee” box.

  2. NO1CUR June 7, 2012

    Congrats to her, 16 weeks, wow.

  3. BeyHive June 7, 2012

    That trash is so terrible and generic, just like the rest of Pink S***: Roman Reloaded.

    • BLACK MADONNA June 7, 2012

      Yet you were the 3rd to comment on a Nicki post about the song?..even before the fans? Bish a fan

      • Have a SEAT June 7, 2012


      • HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 7, 2012

        Well said BM.

        – Raz (YourLeader)

  4. MONSTERHIVE June 7, 2012

    I’m proud of that she surpassed Superbass, I was afraid she couldn’t make another hit without Taylor & Selena & she proved me wrong. Not my favorite song on the album but it’s still slaying. Pound the Alarm will snatch Starships’ wig, just watch.

    • monsterhive June 7, 2012

      “Im proud of that she” ughhh I’m such a fail, thumbs down me, I sound illiterate.

  5. naturalbeauty June 7, 2012

    Damn I though people would be tired of that song by now. I agree, Pound the Alarm is gonna slay Starships, she needs to release a video asap. But Va Va Voom would be a better choice in my opinion.

    • HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 7, 2012

      Yes I’m a VaVaVoomer All Day.

      – Raz (YourLeader)

    • Kissy_Minaj June 7, 2012

      I love Pound D Alarm, but Va Va Voom is my jam. Its gonna be epic! PF:RR is about to explode.

    • OnyxThaKid June 8, 2012

      I can’t WAIT for “Pound The Alarm” to drop, but “Masquerade” is one of my top faves off the album! Wow 16 Weeks tho?! That’s what’s up! I am an UBER Nicki D*** rider, but I don’t like starships that much. The more haters hate, the more she puts money in the bank! HA!

  6. Tbozfan10 June 7, 2012

    This guy above me just called somebody hateful and then called them a f**. Wow you’re a hypocritical idiot.

    Oh and don’t forget “Beez in the Trap” ft. 2 Chainz is top 10 on the r&b/ hip-hop chart!

    • truth June 7, 2012


  7. MusicExpert June 7, 2012

    Hip Hop Sell Out

    • HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 7, 2012

      So that means Kanye is a “sell out” Jay. Wiz, he is on that Adam Levine song which is pop. Waka cause he has that new pop sounding song GetLow. Eminem. TI had a song w/ JustinTimberlake so him too. “SellOut” = AnArtistThatDoesn’tLiveInABox + I’mRichBitch

      – Raz (YourLeader)

      • Kia June 7, 2012

        Kanye never mad so stupid pop sh*t like Starships.

      • LOL June 7, 2012

        @Kia So true

        @HausOfRoman Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa was never hip hop to begin with.

      • Papa Preached June 8, 2012

        All of the “TOP SELLING” rappers went outside of hip-hop:

        Lil’ Wayne —> Pop (“How To Love”)
        Jay Z —-> Rock (“Encore”)
        Kanye —-> Pop (“Stronger”)

  8. YUMADTHO June 7, 2012

    It’s trash, it’s not rap, she’s ugly, she’s fake, Lil Kim is better, blah blah blah blah blah. The song is still slaying & being pressed gets you nowhere so just deal.

  9. Viciousss June 7, 2012

    She found her niche. I didn’t think the song would chart this long but she was telling the truth when she said she knew what she was doing.

    Sidenote: Flex and Rosenberg are some dumbasses. Didn’t one of them say Starships wasn’t as good as her other pop stuff, looks like facts aren’t on their side again.

  10. INPUT June 7, 2012

    Rosenberg is dumb cause even Nicki said Starships wasn’t in the lineup for Summer Jam, she knows what the audience wants & core hip hop fans don’t want Starships. She was gonna perform Did It On’em, Hov Lane, Champion, ext.

    • Kissy_Minaj June 7, 2012

      She was also gonna perform I Am Your Leader with Cam’ron

  11. checory June 7, 2012

    People keep comparing her to FEMALE RAPPERS.. but if she isnt rapping and these songs are not rap songs why arent we comparing her Accomplishments to those like Ri Ri , Katy Perry, Brittney Spears etc.. i think they just trying to strike a nerve with Female Rappers.. but if we compare her accomplishments with these singles like Starships to those of Ri Ri and Katy then Nicki Minaj hasnt done anything that hasnt been done …. just something to think about Stop giving this b**** too damn much

    • OpD2 June 7, 2012

      even though the second part of her album is r&b pop dance and so on she still drop a rap verse on them,i think she song right through marilyn monroe and fire burn only.

      • checory June 7, 2012

        Nicki Minajs Raps are lazy now.. go listen to Roman Holiday.. she rapped one verse and stalled the rest of the song huffing and puffinn and s***

    • HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 7, 2012

      You obviously haven’t heard her album. Half is straight StreetShit and even in her pop songs she raps. Rap is a vocal style HipHop is a genre. You look stupid.

      – Raz (YourLeader)

      • RDK June 7, 2012


      • checory June 7, 2012

        I have her album… Nicki minaj got all the HOOD folks on her album to conveince the hood that she is still street..and this is after she said she wasnt goin to have any features. So she lied there. 2Chainz even did a interview tellin us why she choose him for the album. he stated she got him because his street credit and that came from her teams mouth he follows up with .. … and the songs where she is rappin she is talkin about the same s*** . also when she isnt talkin about the same s*** she is talkin about NOTHIN!!!

  12. Kingphoenix June 7, 2012

    She better enjoy this success while she can because Ke$ha is coming back for her “crown”

    • HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 7, 2012


      – Raz (YourLeader)

    • Kissy_Minaj June 7, 2012

      Chile plz!

  13. Roman June 7, 2012

    I wish she would just release Whip It. That song craps all over Starships and Pound The Alarm. PTA would be a mistake, the UK will love it but the States won’t.

    Anyway congrats to her that’s 2 top 10 hits from 1 album.:D

  14. Auntie_Jackie June 7, 2012

    I think it’s held on so long because it a fun, silly song that doesn’t have too much of a signature. I think it’ll ride right on through until mid-summer.

    Nicki can do better than that song, though. Or, maybe she can’t?

    • HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 7, 2012

      It’s her biggest hit hush.

  15. KAT DELUNA FAN June 7, 2012

    good for her l dont like the pop songs
    cant wait for “leader” to smash

  16. NASTYBAM June 7, 2012

    So we gone praise nicki Minaj for her singles but throw shade at rhianna for hers.. Hmm.. Single queen but yet nicki album didn’t go gold yet, she post to be a PLATNUIM SELLING ARTIST.. TGJ be going on that ban wagon tip.. Yo follow me on twitter @NastyBam

    • OpD2 June 7, 2012

      nicki album PFRR is gold.

      • SadBarbz June 7, 2012

        So, we’re praising gold albums now?


  17. NICK June 7, 2012

    I LUV THE ENTIRE ALBUM, vava voom would work but POUND the alarm is cute too, I mean i like them all, hahaha

  18. Tbozfan10 June 7, 2012

    I’m not a big Rihanna fan but the person above me is so right that TGJ are hypocrites when it comes to who they like and don’t. They stay on talking about how Rihanna supposedly only has big singles but not albums. If it is someone they like, they post all kind of glorifying posts when their album sells 500,000 but with Rihanna she can sell 800,000 or in case of “Loud” 1.5 million and they say she isn’t selling lol. Weird.

  19. Peter Griffin June 7, 2012

    When I first heard Starships I was disappointed in Nicki the rapper. But now I see her as a popstar who raps a bit, I think the songs great. Best pop song of the year for me so far! Like the album too, both halves!

  20. sirlegacy June 7, 2012

    I thought the first single was, roman reloaded, then stupid ho now it’s star ships… way to cover her flop singles.

    • INPUT June 7, 2012

      No she always said those were buzz singles, even before they were released.

      • checory June 7, 2012

        They were on her album so they were singles and they were released on ITUNES before the album was.. ppl use this “BUZZ” single s*** to see how the song hits.. now think about it .. if the other songs would have took off like Roman in moscow.. that would have been her 1st single that b**** is like SAMS.. givng us samples to see what we like

  21. Justathought (Azealia Banks is here) June 7, 2012

    TGJ is such hypocrites. They want to s*** on Rihanna but applaud Nicki? I’m sry but this song is wack. Starships made me appreciate Superbass a hell of a lot more. And lets dead the Hot 97 thing already the DIRECTOR of summer jam “Ebro” stated there is NO HEADLINER and that Nicki and YM stated earlier that they said they may not even show up for summer jam before Rosenberg even made that comment. He didn’t give a s*** that she didn’t want to perform and that came out his own mouth.

    • OpD2 June 7, 2012

      whatever he will say anything to cover is @ss nicki was the headliner.

      • Justathought (Azealia Banks is here.) June 7, 2012

        There was NEVER a headliner at Summer Jam ever. So you could be delusional all you want. Like Dr Dre stated the only people she let down were the fans that wanted to see her. Summer Jam sells before her and it will afterwards. Like Ebro said look at the ticket…” It says Hot 97 Summer Jam. There’s NO artists name on the ticket. There is no headliner for summer jam…SUMMER JAM is the HEADLINER.” So yea I’m taking the word of someone who’s directed this show for 20years plus over fans who are still bitter about what happened.

    • OpD2 June 7, 2012

      like i said nicki was the headliner fight it as much as you want,the facts are out there,so keep trying to make me and everyone else looks stupid,the more you do the more you look like a r*****,no disrespect to you i am just saying what is already out there.

      • Justathought (Azealia Banks is here.) June 7, 2012

        You are doing a pretty great job of making yourself look stupid…no disrespect. I’m almost positive you’ve NEVER been to summer jam being that you are saying she was the headliner. Matter of fact, I’m positive you’ve never been to one. Nicki herself hasn’t even uttered the words “I was the headliner” so for you to keep believing that is funny. Matter of fact TGJ you should post that video of Ebro breaking everything down.

      • truth June 7, 2012

        b**** please THERE WAS NO HEADLINE H**! DEAL!!

      • RDK June 7, 2012

        nicki is Very Strong And Lead Many Girls In The Positive Direction Haters Broadcast her Failure But Whisper her Success.

    • QueenSize June 7, 2012

      WHAT? That would mean Nicki lied!

  22. A “rapper” that sings? Ok, whatevs. June 7, 2012

    So I guess this makes Nicki a “singles artist”, too, just like y’all say Rihanna is?

  23. Liam June 7, 2012

    good for you nicki! i’m proud of her… 🙂

    (Study Shows) 1 Out of 4 Women Pray on Their Knees at Church in the Same Position They Give Head In …wow!

  24. LTM (Wide Awake) June 7, 2012

    Its barely gone platinum in the U.S? And its been in the top 10 for 16 weeks? Thats not impressive at all. Especially for a pop song.

  25. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 7, 2012

    It´s not impressive at all, I agree. The song is just platinum in the uSA, like any other generic pop song nowadays. We could be talking if it were double, or 3 or 4 times platinum

  26. I Judge Flops June 7, 2012

    Wow this is a “nice accomplishment”

    It’s sad that her only two hits are SELL OUT TRACKS. She had to sell out and do “Katy Perry” songs just to get “Top 10s”

    Not to mention Pink Friday Roman Reloaded is a HUGE FAIL in sales.

  27. GirlBye June 7, 2012

    Looks around for a Grammy. Nope! *Kanye Shrug*

  28. WHOCARES June 7, 2012

    WHY ALL THE HATE? WHY CAN OTHER RAPPERS CROSS OVER INTO OTHER GENRES (Nelly, Snoop, etc.) and they’re not sell-outs? Is it because the song is so successful and more successful than other of her rap songs?

    Why does she have to limit her self as an artist to please the hip hop community when clearly the white folks will show up and show out for her? S***, I say keep it up. If Starships pays more bills than Beez in the Trap, keep it going.

  29. QueenSize June 7, 2012

    With all the marketing and promotion, all the controversy and beef, and being the only female “rapper” out the album still ain’t gold. This b**** done shipped wood. Sophmore Jinx you silly ho.

    • stop the bs June 8, 2012

      Nickis album is gold. Some of you need to do your reasearch and stop listening to othe rpeopl

  30. stop the bs June 8, 2012

    whoever said starships was only platinum. Do your research, it is double plat close to triple plat and it will get there.

  31. danny b June 8, 2012

    I’m not a Nicki stan..but Im also not a Nicki hater. But y’all are so pressed to realize she is winning. Get over it. Definitely wont knock her success, despite what you think about her.

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