Watch: Rita Ora Rocks ‘RIP At Radio 1’s ‘Hackney Weekend’

Published: Saturday 23rd Jun 2012 by David

One of the event’s headlining acts, minutes ago saw Rita Ora perform her #1 single ‘RIP‘ at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend.

Joined by a live band and those ever in tune vocals, peep her performance below…

Your thoughts?

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    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 23, 2012

      OH god , YOUR GIF game is SICK 😆 😆

      • Suicide Blonde June 23, 2012

        Haha i have to do it.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 23, 2012

        lol 🙂

  1. HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 23, 2012


  2. bigboi June 23, 2012

    IM not knocking rita ora but that grape juice make me sick. always posting about rita roa? I wonder if she is paying you for the promo?

    • susanna June 23, 2012

      Have you ever heard of a small thing called SKIPPING THE DAM POST????????? Nah, its easier to stop, read the post, then spend another 2 minutes commenting. Stupid hater.

  3. speaks truth June 23, 2012

    …this is what happens when a blog starts accepting checks for subtle promo, they start going down hill. I want exclusives and new releases! Not repetative shyt

    • susanna June 23, 2012

      No, you want TGJ and everybody to stop talking about Rita period. You desperately want her to fail, so if only they would stop giving her promo, then Rihanna little goat voice can continue to shine. *Giggle* Rihanna stans know that the more people see Rita, the more they wonder why we stan for this chick Rihanna. Rita looks better, sings better, is smarter, and has all the connections Rihanna has, without the whorishness and ignorance of they fav. Now I see why the navy is scared of Rita.

      • speaks truth June 23, 2012

        Im not a rihanna stan……so the hours it took you to come up with the b******* i didnt bother reading was useless!! Sit the fk down

      • DatChavisBoy June 24, 2012

        mite wann get ur eyes check Rita has nothin on Rihanna in the looks department!!!

    • susanna June 23, 2012

      Yes you are a goatanna stan, hit goats will holla. LoL And hours for a 1 paragraph #clapback??? Shows the collective kmowledge of you pathetic trolls, while your “comrade” LAX types the a small term paper. And you didnt bother reading? Then why you mad; ho. Bahhhhhhh *goatenese* bahhhhhhh LoL

      • susanna June 23, 2012

        knowledge* #clapback #OraArmy

  4. Benron June 23, 2012

    No offense but how does she perform she has like 3 songs LMAO She avoids harder notes like her twin, and her music is sexual and about drinking/drugs liek everyone else. Yawn!

    • True Blood June 23, 2012

      My question to you is why when I go to twitter, and search Rita, you’re commenting on her; when I youtube her videos, you’re commenting on her; and here again, you’re comenting on her. Are you a stalker. I find it funny you’re evrywhere Rita is being mentioned. So either you’re a stalker, or being paid out of some navy slush fund to cape for rihanna all over the blogosphere. Get a life loser.
      Bey hive, C squad, Ritabots all should unite. This girl is who the navy fears so support her. Tired of your fav being bullied by the navy cult. Join together and buy ORA.

  5. kelly June 23, 2012

    So, this is the girl that is gonna destroy Rihanna and be the biggest thing in the music industry. OK?! Sow what is the difference between Rita and Jessie J? Right now, I am not seeing anything different between Rita and Jessie.

  6. tb4life June 23, 2012

    Rita Killed IT ready 4 that album

  7. Lax June 23, 2012

    She has a chance just like the rihanna’s of the world has a chance.
    While the fan clubs act a dam fool they or all making that paper, coughs*
    Who’s singing ” Girls???????Hmmmmmm, keep clowning…

    • TEAM BREEZY June 23, 2012

      SO FUNNY

  8. Rita ora is the future June 23, 2012

    Let your haters be your motivators, go Rita!!

  9. slimsexy June 23, 2012

    So excited for rhinna to that we can have an objective comparism between rhianna as a performer vs rita as a performer.

    • Rita Ora is the Future June 23, 2012

      Hahahahaha that will be a funny thread. But the some of navi have hearing disorders so be prepared for the pitchiness and stiff moves to be “groundbreaking” and the “uniqueness” of her voice. Also be prepareded for the words “it” factor to be thrown around instead of clever songwriters. And I like Rihanna, but lets be real here.

  10. I’m not throwing shade, but… June 23, 2012

    Is that it TGJ

  11. TEAM BREEZY June 23, 2012


  12. monstarebel June 23, 2012

    You guys force feeding Rita on us is just guna turn people away from her, she already guna have a hard time in this industry just for the simple fact that the first time you introduced us to her as the next rihannna, which that navy hates!!! Let her music speak for itself insted of hyping up corny ass single like party n bs!

    • Rita Ora is the Future June 23, 2012

      F you. You was gonna hate regardless cause yall are scared. Deal with it, there’s another bad b**** on the block and she’s here to stay. Never seen more pressed fans. TGJ didnt even say the name Rihanna and here yall go rushing in with gifs, and videos like 5 year olds. Oh no, rihanna did this and rihanna did that. Who cares?? Where are the smart, normal navi fans who just want to rep there fav, not this pressed lot who want to tear people down.

  13. Rita Ora is the Future June 23, 2012

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they get mad at you….. THEN YOU WIN!!!!! Go Rita.

  14. whyohwhy June 23, 2012

    Yes Ms. Rita!!!! She had on clothes worthy of her talent, in tune, hit the notes, backtracking? No!!! Watch what the no talent one will do!!!

  15. speaks truth June 23, 2012

    Lol @ ppl acting like party and b******* and how we do have been so groundbreaking. Nothing this h** has done musically warrants the hype around her. Its obvious that she is marketed around being so similar to Rihanna that it gets people talking. Her ticket to fame will be replication as opposed to actual music making. I will not board her lame ass train though,

    • susanna June 23, 2012

      She’s not your mother. She’s not a h**. Take your lame ass to Rihanna Daily with the rest of your cult members. Funny how earlier you wasnt a navy member, now you in here again capping for that dirty b****. Only s***/w****/h** who let the whole industry treat her like a s*** and then laugh at her is rihanna. LoL How many songs in the last month have Chris, Drake, and Meek made laughing at that c** bucket OMG and the navy calling other chicks h***????? 😀 #OraArmy

  16. fatu sankoh June 23, 2012

    i love rita she is good and talented

  17. Rita Ora is the Future June 23, 2012

    Yall know Rita and Rihanna hanging together at Hackney right now while yall arguing and making fools outta yourselves. Dummies. Shout out to the Ritabots and Rihanna Navy.

  18. kelly June 23, 2012

    I have just heard Rita Ora Shine your light. It is a Umbrella rip off – even written by the dream. It was a reggae song, compete with fake west indian accent, white girl stiff whine, talking about ” lighters up ” which is a west indian thing. Saying ”eeh yo eeh yo , which is just like ” eh eh eh ” . Anyway. Umbrella was career launching worldwide smash hit put Rihanna is the Alist. Nothing from Rita Ora has done anything to launch as THEE global smash of 2012.

    You know when an act is will become Alist with that one song. Lady Gaga – Lets dance. Rihanna had Pon de replay – I knew from pon de replay she would be a big singer, and I knew from Umbrella she would be Alist.

    RIP, How we do, Hot right now and yet…..nothing.

    How we do is at number 65 on billboard . It is has been on radio since Feb ( when Jay Z took her Z100 – it has been out for a month, and it is only at 65.

    She is a flop. End of,

    • kelly June 23, 2012

      I mean How we do has been out for a month and is at 68, not 65. She is flop. Justin Biber feat Ludacris debuted at 22 , which means he has a smash on his hand.

      • kelly June 23, 2012

        Justin bieber song with Big sean has debuted at 21. Rita cannot even touch Bieber

  19. kelly June 23, 2012

    Even Cher Lloyd that white girl from the UK xfactor, with La reaid debut song has performed better than Rita,. Her song is the biggest climber on billboard. It debuted at 75. Rita debuted at 90 or 100 and is struggling to climb.

    So, Cher Lloyd will be bigger than Rita Ora in the USA. La Reid is smarter than Jay Z. Rihanna career was really LA REID.

    LA Reid will never of wasted money, in a struggling music business on this Rihanna wannabe old 35 looking wrinkly WW.

  20. Godyonce June 23, 2012

    Carlae Rae Jepson > Rita Ora

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