Global ‘Fortune’: Chris Brown Sold…

Published: Saturday 14th Jul 2012 by David

Whether his critics like it or not, Chris Brown‘s market power isn’t as ‘depleted’ as many had previously assumed.

Flexing his commercial muscles with his US #1 album ‘Fortune‘, Brown also celebrated the same success in the UK where the LP became his first to hit the top spot in the country.

Now find out how well Chris fared worldwide below…

Global chart position: #1

Global sales generated in first week of release: 208,000 units.

Shifting 29,890 copies in the UK in its release week, Brown’s UK success with ‘Fortune’ is a far cry from the chart  slump he faced with its predecessor ‘Fame‘ which only peaked at #10.

Will he hold the top spot for a second week on tomorrow’s UK Album Chart?

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice to find out tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Benron July 14, 2012


  2. Ratedxxx(TEAM “REAL” BAD BISHES) July 14, 2012

    album sales aint got s*** to do with, how great the album is….

    but, I didnt buy the album, never heard a song from the album, so….I cant say how great or bad the album is…

    I know people are going to say he has alot of fans, so he should sold more…true…but

    not everybody supports their favs, when they feel the album is crap…

    • frankie July 14, 2012

      Teambreezy ain’t s***. All they do on twitter is talk about Chris d*** and begging for him to follow them. These young kids are not there to support him. Usher is another one not doing well. Where the hell are these fans at. These artists don’t have fans anymore, they are slowly pushing away from their fave. Ne-yo & Trey is next. The bad part about this is that Teambreezy is not even requesting on the radio. Another thing Chris needs much more mature music without cursing. He needs to make songs for an older crowd like from 18-35 because these kids are horrible fans. Teambreezy are fans in name only

      • Nacole July 14, 2012

        So true…I think people are tired of these people now which is why Frank Ocean is doing so well.Frank shows emotion and his lyrics are not basic.Chris only sold 208,000 WW but he sold 270,000 for FAME in America so dude has really fallen off which is no shock to be honest.

      • Nik July 15, 2012

        Music died wiv Michael Jackson he us a icon a true legend who can’t b copied by eneryone miss him 🙁

    • Mobwife July 14, 2012

      Fortune is a wonderful CD! It’s unfortunate you didn’t grab a copy to support the young brother.

      I was just think about the way the POWERS THAT BE shoved Jazmine Sullivan and many of her ilk out of the music industry! I fell bad for her as I really loved her sound, her style and music! As you can see, R&B artsits are not supported by their own ppl nor are they supported by the media/music industry unless they are a “media darling”. Jazmine was not a “darlin” so they cut her thorat and shoved her out o fthe music industry! I’d hate to see them do it to Chris because he had 1 fight as a teenager 3 years ago. And that’s the only thing the POWER STRUCTURE uses to review his MUSIC by make no mistake about that!

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 15, 2012

        Shut up. Dont bring Jaz Sullivan into this. Her music is 100 times better than this cheap excuse for a musician’s. Its always excuses with u TeamdumBreezy.

      • Nacole July 15, 2012

        Actually I supported Chris after he got in trouble with Rihanna.I supported him multiple times on Graffiti and FAME but his ungratefulness to his fans turned me off. He’s been in twitter beefs with everyone/threw a chair out of a window in NYC the same day FAME was released.

        Chris is an arrogant / ignant and immature jackass with too many ugly tattoos who is desperate to reclaim the status he had pre -fight but is having a hard time accepting what will never be again…..

        I choose to support REAL artists that care enough to make good music for fans of MUSIC and I am indeed a music lover…..Chris need to realize that no one OWES him anything.

  3. MonsterHive July 14, 2012

    Omg! I’m truly embarassed for him. Thank god I don’t stan for him.

    • Benron July 14, 2012

      His stans could care less anyway, they will give a million excuses just like for everything he does.

    • BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 14, 2012

      His fans are the worst, they talk a lot of s*** but will not put their money where their mouth is, the numbers speak for themselves.

      • Jasmine July 14, 2012

        Usually fans are not the main people that buy albums. This album lacks promotion, marketing, and is very subpar. The album sounds like leftover recordings from his last album with a couple new songs. The overall album is simply immature and forgettable music.

  4. Benron July 14, 2012

    flop. he officially makes the list of album artist you can make fun of

    SAID list
    Ciara (No explanation needed)
    Madonna (MDMA(ectasy) fell of the charts faster than she gets more wrinkles
    Christina (HAHAHHAHHA)
    Britney (Just femme FATAL sales)
    Beyonce (Just with 4 cuz the rest slayed every1 on this lists lives.)

    • Honestly Speaking July 14, 2012

      You need to take Britney and Madonna off that list. They may be experiencing a decline in album sales at the moment but both of those women have enjoyed Diamond certified albums in the US on more than one occasion. You’re starting to sound more and more like a Beyonce fan with lines like “Beyonce (Just with 4 cuz the rest slayed every1 on this lists lives.)” because the last time I checked Beyonce has not had an album to sell even 8 million in the US, despite her apparent popularity. People on this site are so delusional.

      • Benron July 14, 2012

        I hate beyonce. and I mentioned for Britney and Madonna I just meant that album.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 15, 2012

        Did Madonna, mariah carey, Pink, christina aguilera, pink, Usher, britney, rihanna, lady gaga, taylor swift, alicia keys’ last album sell 8million worldwide? Its easy for u to pick what amount of sales is a flop for which artists when all u do is miserably hate on people who are worth more than your entire lineage combined. If it’s so easy to sell 7 million copies not only Adele would’ve passed that mark last year. It’s interesting Beyonce’s popularity becomes so immense when its time to undermine her sales. Anyways im not surprised you’re a hater so nothing you have to say in regards to Beyonce will ever be objective. Hope u stay bitter

    • Sleazy July 14, 2012

      All those artist you mentioned has MULTI PLAT selling albums You sitting on a computer hating! Who’s winning? Lmao check yo self

  5. coco July 14, 2012

    That’s my baby, Leggo

    • Benron July 14, 2012


  6. Ratedxxx(TEAM “REAL” BAD BISHES) July 14, 2012

    chris will be alright….

    dude is a great singer, dancer, and songwriter……

    yes, songwriter, he actually write some of his music, and music for others too…

    he’s getting that paper

    • Benron July 14, 2012

      He co-wrote disturbia, its funnny cuz he is insane…

      • Mobwife July 14, 2012

        No he wrote it for Rihanna the right person to sing it. Oh by the way do you know how many times that song as been used in commercials, movies, and re-recorded by others?………LMAO, CAN YOU SAY CHA-CHING….CHRIS BREEZY IS GETTING PAPER SNITCHES AND B******!

  7. Journey Israel July 14, 2012


  8. Benron July 14, 2012

    THIS MAKES ME FEEL GREAT INSIDE. These were the same p**** ass b****** that linked “Talk that talk” leaks EVERYWHERE for a week before it came out and it still sold 500k worldwide. This is what the #TeamBruisy GETS! Dissing every1, spending more time attacking people on twitter for their deranged fave then he does promoting. THIS IS HIGHLARIOUS.

    Now what will this lypsyncing, bottle dodging, woman beating, chair throwing, phone stealing, tantrum throwing, rice cake eating b**** do know? Well, Chris maybe if you’ve been “Missing Rihanna’s body” so much you could go become a background dancer, cuz thats really all you do on stage for your delusional fans.

    Your career was fun while it lasted and you made good music pre-2009 )even some fame tracks were O.K) but your career is over so you better start saving up and move far away from the “angry media” with RiceCake.

    • Jayla July 14, 2012

      He still winning over you though

    • Sugar July 23, 2012

      LMFAO YOU WIIILD.<3 Love you,Benron.

  9. Meh July 14, 2012

    Wow that is very low. When TGJ post it I thought it would be at least 350k. That is very low damn.

    • Nacole July 14, 2012

      I thought so too,LOL! I actually supported Chris on Graffiti and FAME but I passed on FORTUNE because he is just so annoying to me now and he seems ungrateful.

  10. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 14, 2012

    This is embarrassing, are you telling me that Drake still shifted 500k more copies in one market than Fistopher Brown did globally? This is just so sad. And he did 29K in the UK? That is just dismal, unfortunate was really a FLOP and I guess I wasn’t exaggerating.

    By the way, Samantha “gurrlll” you need to stop letting Fistopher use you like this, you have been jumping up and down doing his dirty bidding. You need to realize that Fistoper Brown does not love you. What you need to do is play Eykah Badu’s “Tyrone” song on full blast and tell Fistopher to call Omarion to help him get the 250K “return to sender” copies of “Unfortunate” that are sitting at your house, out of your house because I am starting to feel bad for you. Your naivety is getting embarrassing on your part.

  11. RIH&BEY July 14, 2012


  12. nana July 14, 2012

    lol. this is so low.

  13. -_- July 14, 2012

    Damn that’s pitiful! Poor team breezy 🙁

  14. LindseyMari July 14, 2012

    Those numbers are not impressive though… not when you consider how long he’s been making music, the cross-over genres of music on the album, and that 208K units is what he should’ve sold in the US alone.

    • Mobwife July 14, 2012

      Have you bothered to look at others in the industry not the “media darlings” or industry favorites but EVERYONE ELSE? Chris’ numbers are very good compared to the avaerge and also considering:

      1) The media attacks him on a daily basis and even resorted to turning an assult on him, NBAs Tony Parker and several dozen WOMEN into a media freenzy in which he was somehow to blame dispite eyewitness accounts.

      2) Chris is an R&B artists who really produced more of an R&B CD similar to Beyonce’s 4 which everyone and their mother critcized! What is the problem with R&B artists making their own type of music? Why must every song be a cross-over Pop song in order for R&B artsist to thrive?

      3) This is his 5th studio CD in his 6 1/2 career in the music industry not his 15th studio CD in 20 years! What are you saying?

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 15, 2012

        Beyonce did not have songs like dont wake me up, turn up the music (which was a top 10 hit btw) on her album so pls dont compare. True R&B artists will never have autotune on their records plus they have more to sing about than s** and other immature self-serving themes on their albums.

        The media attacks him on a daily basis

        Oh boohoo. So who’s not attacked by the media? Gaga? Beyonce? Rihanna? All are attacked and even they carry themselves alot better than that pseudo thug. Noone is entitled to kiss his ass by any means so if his waiting to be treated like a golden untouchable boy (gangsta), thats not gonna happen. Advise him to grow up instead of makin tired silly excuses for him on a daily basis

  15. Salvador July 14, 2012


  16. Benron July 14, 2012

    Rihanna platinum worldwide in three weeks= HORRIBLE FLOP!
    Nicki Garbaj Not platinum worldwide after almost 3 months= AMAZING HIT
    Fistopher not platinum after 15 months and selling 208K worldwide= SPECTACULARLY AMAZING HIT
    Beyonce 4 stuggly to catch up with an album (TTT) that has been out half the time worldwide them winning a BET award. (STUNNINGLY AMAZIN CRITICALY ACLAIMED HIT.)

    All your are not on the top of the chart like you pretend, they are on the bottom! Which is probably why you like them, seeing your all bottoms.

    • That B*tch July 14, 2012

      I could have sworn you were a Rihanna stan….hmmmm….

    • Mobwife July 14, 2012

      Rihanna is the person who has been on a WOOO IS ME DAMN NEAR 4 YEAR PITY PARTY! She always manages to do an interview that is released at the exact same time Chris Brown drops a CD…hummmm, what a coincidence right? Rihanna’s numbers should be much higher considering the amount of MONEY that’s been spent to boost her career especially at Chris Brown’s expense!

      Awww…… hi Thomas ha ha ah 🙂

  17. aishaaguilerakeys July 14, 2012

    You know it didn’t do as well as expected when Sam brings up world sales.

    • YouDoRealize… July 14, 2012


  18. Viciousss July 14, 2012

    That’s HORRIBLE.

    Smh, ain’t even like there are any good songs left on the album save for 2 more. I don’t know how he’s gonna bring those numbers up.

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 14, 2012

    I’m not stanning for him, but I give credit where it’s due. The album is doing incredibly well. The actual sales figures are lacklustre, much like every other album that’s been released this year, but his peak positions are his best so far. I don’t think ‘Fortune’ will end up outselling ‘Exclusive’, but he has debuted very high in most big markets, which shows he’s established himself internationally. If the album was of better quality (not that it’s horrible), it would have done better imo.

    • Benron July 14, 2012

      CHART positions mean nothing (contrary to the stanbases known as “Beyhive” amd “Team breezy) If he is only sellling so much than its still a flop. If he sold 300k and debuted at 200 his label wouldn’t care cuz they gettin money. No matter how high he did he flopped, and his label is probably disapointed.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 15, 2012

        Music outlets have always hyped chart positions. In the UK christmas NUMBER ONE is always an event. Only rhitard salvation army try to downplay chart positions cus riganja cant get a number 1 album. Not only that, she can barely shift more than 200k 1st week. It takes 99cent discount, xmas discount sales to push her anywhere near a million. Zero starpower. Thats why she’s only jus makin forbes list on her 6th album

  20. candy July 14, 2012

    Where is ZANIA? lmaooo

  21. the real xoxo July 14, 2012

    this is a flop considering that he is the biggest sellout, highly publicised dude in the game. what use is 10 million followers of only 208k will buy your cd?

  22. …. July 14, 2012

    Christopher will slay those numbers by the end of this month and y’all will ALL DEAL. I would put SUPER GLUE on your wigs right now… Y’all ain’t prepared for what’s about to happen soon…. 😉

  23. X,Y,”and Z” July 14, 2012

    @Brandon Gillian, Digger Bey, and NIck –

    Why the defensiveness? Why the hostility? I’m absolutely sure Frank would disapprove..

    K, tell you-all what, there’s only ONE ‘life preserve’ left, and only food/water for one – we hungry sharks are best with two, but one will suffice. YOU three, Brandon, DiggerB, and Nicki, you NOW get to “Play God”:

    1.) Frank Ocean.

    2.) ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’.

    Brandon, Diggger, Nick, there’s only room/supplies for one – NOT TWO! And whoever YOU three choose, HE then goes overboard, and you three MUST then “join in” while the we maneaters feed..

    If there is indecision by you three, if the jury is not unanimous, then Frank remains the default, and becomes “fish food”. Trust, I can EASILY mask my IP address/identity and flood the Urban Blogs, then ringing-up serious “anti-frank” hostility!!

    X,Y,”and Z” – waiting… (*tick-tock-tick-tock* Time runs short for “pretty-bottom” Frank…)

    • TARBABY RANGER July 14, 2012

      Wow you are proud of not having a life and having the FREE TIME to go into blogs and troll? Do you think that’s cute? How much do you weigh? I hate fat ugly bottoms. They act like you.

      • James227 July 14, 2012


        You are to much lol. But I’m enjoying what I just read

    • Nacole July 14, 2012

      You attack everyone and I see you are now picking on Frank Ocean and you even speak of masking your IP to target Frank as if he has done something personally to you because you see him as a threat to Chris Brown. Is it really that serious for you? Fact is Frank is game changer because he has shown people that didn’t know him that TALENT does exist and music lovers will crave that type of talent instead of “autotune bandits”…

      Your obsession with Chris Brown is very unhealthy.

      • honey July 15, 2012

        Huh X, Y, Z (hello Chris)

        Hows its going with paitning all that crappy graffittti around … I still dont understand what you are trying to do .. please stick to tattooing your body silly boy and using auto-tune to drive everyone insane and please can we have more bar fights – its doing so well for your career . oh and next time on any award shows DO wear a ballerina tutu while you lipsync .

  24. Ugh July 14, 2012

    The industry is DEAD

    • Benron July 14, 2012

      Chris’ career is dead, next week the top spot will go to someone nobody has heard of selling 100k more than Chris, shameful his fans make such excuses!

      • Mobwife July 14, 2012

        LMAO what’s truly SHAMEFUL is a person trying to blur the issue. We all know why all of a sudden a no named individual will have a surge in his record sells! 🙂

        The PURE COMEDY

  25. Lax July 14, 2012

    Hey let the fellow live give him some more time on the clock!
    Coulda, shoulda do not make it but if his efforrts keep sprouting
    legs then perhaps he can still close this era up Decent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. That B*tch July 14, 2012

    Another big ass FLOP! That’s why Chirs Brown needs to sit his wannabe thug ass down. This is where ACTING hard will get you.

    • That B*tch July 14, 2012


    • Champ Boy July 14, 2012

      He still shitting on u

      • That B*tch July 15, 2012

        How bout you go sit your ass down too next to the FLOP you’re stanning for.

  27. SpeakTheTruth July 14, 2012

    Christopher will sale more in the future weeks to come, and he will eventually go platinum and guess what? Y’all will then ALL HAVE TO DEAL. Put Super Glue on your wigs right now, because it’s about to be SNATCHED. Like I said before, y’all ain’t ready….

    • Nacole July 14, 2012

      Apparently you have been sniffing too much glue if you actually believe what you say….

      • SpeakTheTruth July 15, 2012

        Apparently your wig is loosen and sliding down your face as you speak if you don’t believe what I said… 😉
        Guess Christopher SNATCHED YO WIG HARD with ONLY these numbers, because you are PRESSED. 😉 lol!

      • Nacole July 15, 2012

        No wigs on this head but the wig you have on apparently is turned around and your eyes are blinded from the strands.

        The only one that seems pressed is you but numbers don’t lie and the number in debut week for FAME was 271,000 and for FORTUNE the number is 134,000 and I will assume you know that is 137,000 less,so he lost more sales than sold this time around……

        Difference you say ,people such as myself didn’t support this effort as we did last time. Chris wouldn’t have even sold what he did with FAME if DEDICATED fans wouldn’t have bought multiple copies and get this I was ONE of those fans and the key word is WAS…….

      • SpeakTheTruth July 15, 2012

        No wig on your head because it has ALREADY BEEN SNATCHED. And it doesn’t matter if you are not a fan of Christopher anymore. Christopher has a lot of supporters. And I do know the numbers don’t lie, but these numbers aren’t that bad at all. Lol! It’s what I expect from most artist these days because we are in 2012. Albums don’t sale as they use to back in the day. The fact that he even sold more than my prediction makes me satisfied, and he is Number 1 on Billboard and his first number 1 in the UK so that’s good, what more can you ask for? Lol! Y’all are not looking at the good side of the situation… Instead you are focusing on his previous album sales. To be quite honest, sales doesn’t equal music quality. There are many good albums that I have run across that sounded pretty damn good, but they didn’t even sale that much. I am happy with the numbers. And that’s all that matters.

  28. whatever July 14, 2012

    Bravo!!! for Chris apparently a lot of people can’t read or don’t comprehend that he has achieve not only US success but global success. All the elementary students see are sales. He is #1 Globally… something he did not have with Fame or any other album ; which means now he is The International Super Star. The young man doesn’t even have to step a foot in the UK and he is still has a #1 Album and #1 Single. No other young R&B artist who received as much backlash has succeed like this. It is hilarious how certain people try to down play but its okay. No one this site are CEO of a record or have a record deal. It must really be upsetting that has a career and will continue to have one. While you are sitting at home wishing bad luck. I’ll I can see is Karma is real. Once again Congratz!! Chris 🙂

    • Champ Boy July 14, 2012


    • honey July 15, 2012

      which proves you can beat the crap out of a woman and still come back … thats a lesson Ike shoud have learnt

      Yeah Team Banshee for life

  29. Mobwife July 14, 2012

    Yeah 3X Kid!! 🙂

    I am so proud of my boy!! Against the constant racial hatred DISGUISED as SOMETHING ELSE ( “oh you hit a girl” yet Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston, strangled Denise Richards, stabbed Brook Muller and beat up a naked prostitute in a NY hotel room and is LOVED BY ALL IN AMERICA)! <– imagine that 🙁
    And Black ppl wanting to see their own fail at all cost as if the downfall of one black will give rise to them, when it's just the opposite you idiots. LOL

    You think the music industry is dead huh? Just wait until the only artists left are those hand picked by the establishment. Let's see how happy you will be when the only Black Men in the industry are the ones they deem controllable and weak. Or when they only promote Black Women who will strip naked, wiggle, and drop it low! Let's see how overjoyed you negros will be then!

    • Benron July 15, 2012

      Um, The thing is what your complaining about only makes sense for the (much larger white media).

      Almost every single urban blog LOVES Chris Brown, Usher and Beyonce. Same said that they HATE Trey Songs, Rihanna and any1 they preceive as a threat 2 Beyonce!

  30. Mobwife July 14, 2012

    LOL, how can his career be dead when he has accomplished something with Fortune, he never accomplished in his young career? He is #1 on the R&B Charts in 22 countires. He is #1 Worldwide. He is not a “media darling” in fcat. he is the “fly in the ointment”! He’s the one they can’t figure out how to stop. At such a young age, he should have been BROKEN, NEVER TO RISE AGAIN according to them…….. GOD IS GOOD!!!

    • HOTSTUFF July 15, 2012

      god is good ? you are one delusional h**, you better pray and ask god to see better cause this has FLOP written all over it!

  31. Mobwife July 14, 2012

    As for the idiots that keep trying to compare Frank Ocean’s possible number next week to that of Chris Brown…stop it! If the same stunt was pulled by Usher, Chris Brown, Trey songz or Ne-Yo you would see the same result, an increase in sells!Are you a kidding me?…LOL All of a sudden ppl are staning for Frank Ocean because he admits to having s** with men and women 0_O? Really, that’s all it takes now? Have you heard his CD its not staright R&B either? So now you have to be an Indi, Alternative, “R&B” artist in order to sell records? What’s the big difference? Other than the fact that Frank is now being used as the new poster boy for a certain interest group!

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 15, 2012

      Oh i guess releasing pics of your d*** just b4 your album drops is not as good a stunt, no?

      • honey July 15, 2012

        you mean the photoshopped elongated needle one ?

        Karucche or whatever can you please elaborate if its really that elongated

    • the real xoxo July 15, 2012

      chris brown fans cannot speak about publicity stunts considering he has done so many in the past year! e.g nude pics, rihanna remixes, drake diss etc.

    • Benron July 15, 2012

      Zac brown band will take the top spot next week, Not francinea Ocean!

  32. FireIce July 15, 2012

    So Sam has a hard-on for Chris too, eh? Why do I get the feeling that Sam is “swishy?” Sashaying through the mall like Tyra Banks, listening to Nicki Minaj and Gaga, while staring at magazines with Chris and Frank on the cover.

    Fathers: start being there for your sons. Because this is what a 3 year old boy who doesn’t have a male role model grows into. They start wanting to be girls, while wanting to be WITH other boys.


    Chris’s #’s are horrible; especially considering how everywhere he stays in the media. You can’t escape him on the radio, you can’t escape him at award shows, you can’t escape him in magazines, you can’t escape him on Twitter, you can’t escape him on Tumblr. He’s overexposed.

    • honey July 15, 2012

      Are you saying Chris wants to be with BOYS . I guess if you look at Karrueche she can be termed as a small Asian 10 year old boy.

      Can deny the numbers are bad . RCA is sending him on tour offcourse how else can he stay out of the news and mint some money for them considering how much they are pumping into him

  33. Kayla July 15, 2012

    WTF Ever for Chris brown right now. Yeah like 2-3 songs from the CD are good but that’s IT! He’s not what he used to be. He’s not the person that sung poppin, ya man ain’t me, take you down, damage, yo(excuse me miss) and all that good stuff…he’s totally different and btw, for he to be beefing with drake ‘Fortune’ sure does sound a lot like ‘Take Care’…I’m just saying…all the slow songs like come on, this is Chris brown. For him to not have more than THREE uptempo songs on a 19 track CD? *smacks teeth* like really, he wants to sound and do like everybody…and oh my my my how ‘Dont Judge Me’ sounds EXACTLY like ‘Marvins Room’ (<_< ). Boy, find yaself and maybe you'll be relivant with ya lip syncing, tired dance routines ass!! I mean I like and pinch of your music but for the majority, your DEAD TO MUSIC. That's why you gotta suck d*** to hop on everybody s***. Bye

  34. Peaches July 15, 2012

    Hey there,

    Please check out the video Afrodisiac by soul siren Teni and rate, comment and subscribe. She’s the new generation Sade! Afrodisiac the debut album is out on iTunes on 5.9.12. Spread the word! Follow her on twitter @teniofficial! Thank you

    • Nacole July 15, 2012

      Thank you!!! Ihave heard of her too .

  35. truth tea July 15, 2012

    there is nothing funnier than reading the thirsty excuses.
    he had so many publicity stunts! and he still sold HALF as much first week in the US. and he sold 62,000 MORE in the US with FAME than he did with #AUTOTUNEJULY3RD worldwide.
    he done straight up pop music and compromised his own integrity for a flop album

  36. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 15, 2012

    that number is not good !!

  37. MISHKA July 15, 2012


    Please stop acting like you’re the teambreeziest around here… “Fortune” is a flop, capiche?

    You made it look even worse with your global figures.

    What you wrote about Ciara and micromanagement applies to Chris Brown too. He needs someone who is going to mash up his 1001 talents and shape it into something marketable and (please Lord!) logical.

    Christopher, this mess has got to stop.

  38. Nah July 15, 2012

    Nice picture, Chris Brown looking for money in his pocket due to his latest.

  39. LOURDES July 15, 2012

    The problem with Chris is that his music is very forgettable. He doesn’t really show any growth. “Fortune” honestly sounds like a rerelease of “Fame”. I used to LOVE Chris when I was in high school (five years ago), but as I grew, so did my taste in music. I don’t mind hearing certain songs in the car or the club, but I’m NOT gonna buy an album full of lackluster, generic material. I don’t expect Chris to be making Maxwell-type music, but he needs to be aware that his ORIGINAL fanbase grew up and thinned out. His new aged fans are crazy 14 years who aren’t going to support his music…..

    • truth tea. July 15, 2012

      i agree. his 13 14 year old fans from the “with you” days are now 18 19 years old and have grown up.

    • Nacole July 15, 2012

      Very forgettable! I am still listening to frank Ocean’s mixtape from last year because it’s that good as well as Channel Orange.

  40. zania July 15, 2012

    I wasn’t even going to commit, because I never been the type of person to celebrate a person down fall. I didn’t do it with Rihanna, Nicki or any other artist. This is so juvenile to me. But I will congratulate CB in establishing his first #1 album world wide in spite of the sales. CB album is actually really good. Don’t judge me is actually better than all his songs on FAME because he is singing from his heart. I love that song, I play it 5 times straight in my car. I only wish the old CB will come back, and I am not talking about the young CB, I am talking about the CB who was focus on his fans and career, instead of women. He worked hard last year in promoting his album. He did Ustream, talked to his fans all the time about his projects, he did personal videos to reach out to his fans. During Fame promotion, he did radio interviews around the whole country, he had several album release parties. He put a whole lot of effort into his career last year and now this year, with all the twitter fights, love triangles, two diss records, in the news several times in a negative way, snatching phones, club fight, and now the Judge want to audit his community work. Like I said before CB needs to stay out of the clubs for a while, cut down on his crew he hangs with, and no serious relationship, until he get himself together and his career where he wants it to be. Let the world see him working on himself in a positive way, because I think he turned a whole lot of fans off his drama. It really wasn’t cute anymore. It pissed me off following him the past three years and seen how hard he worked to get back to the top last year and now he has to start all over again. I bought 4 of his CD’s for friends and I hope other people look past his drama and buy his CD because he has some deep personal songs on there and I am over 21, no kid.

  41. Tbozfan10 July 15, 2012

    “You think the music industry is dead huh? Just wait until the only artists left are those hand picked by the establishment. Let’s see how happy you will be when the only Black Men in the industry are the ones they deem controllable and weak. Or when they only promote Black Women who will strip naked, wiggle, and drop it low! Let’s see how overjoyed you negros will be then!”

    Are you seriously going to sit here and say the Chris brown’s videos don’t promote that image of black women? I mean, get real. You’re talking like Chris brown is Malcolm X or somethig. Give me a break!

  42. Jessica July 15, 2012


  43. melody July 16, 2012

    I purchased Fortune and this cd is absolutely wonderful. For all the haters in this blog drop dead. Chris Brown is a wonderful and talented young man. His album will soar as more people hear it On the radio. One of My favorite songs is Please don’t judge me. Chris has put his heart into this album. GOD has always shined On this young man and he will continue. thank you Chris for Not giving up On your true fans.

  44. DONALD ZOLANSKI July 18, 2012

    I can’t take Breezy~~~!!!!!! Front to back the album is SICK!!!!!! Team Breezy All Day

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