Hot Shots : Chris Brown Enjoys Wild Night In Cannes

Published: Thursday 26th Jul 2012 by David

Peep these snaps of Pop beau Chris Brown, enjoying a wild night at Club Gotha in Cannes hours ago.

Joined by hoards of party goer, which included socialite Paris Hilton, the chart topping singer also enjoyed the company of his entourage and good friend Karrueche Tran.


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  1. aishaaguilerakeys July 26, 2012

    But Sam, Karrueche is CB’s girlfriend. They just happen to have an open relationship.

    • mobwife July 26, 2012

      LOL don’t believe that hype! I doubt if Chris and his gf Karrueche have an open relationship. The media just insists that they do so they can constanty feed ppl lies about a Chris Brown – Rihanna reunion! I wish the media would give Chris, Rihanna & their past relationship a rest and thus the rest of us! ijs

      • zania July 26, 2012

        Actually it was Karrueche who called in on Ryan Seacrest show and said she was in an open relationship with him, because everyone was going crazy about Chris being snapped hugged up with other girls and when CB tweeted that I love you to Rihanna and she tweeted backed.

      • mobwife July 27, 2012


        I doubt if she decided to call a radio station, Ryan ‘hatin a$$’ Seacrest of all shows to make a statement like that! I don’t know who you heard but I doubt it was Karrueche Tran!

  2. Gees July 26, 2012

    Oh the subtle shade lol Kae is his boo thang…I can’t waits until they get married And have some cutie pie babies!

  3. GTFOHWTBS!! July 26, 2012

    Who said they had an open relationship?! Did you hear EITHER of them say that?! Or did you read it on a blog & run with it?! SMH! You people are gullible and ignorant as hell! You just want to believe so bad that Chris & Kae aren’t the real thing so you believe ANYTHING these damn lying ass blogs say! And don’t tell me you heard in TMZ or the Ryan Seacrest show either because they LIE too! Always claiming that their ‘sources’ confirmed something but they can NEVER give the name of the so called source! BS!

    • i&i(yardie HBDJa50th) July 26, 2012

      Co-sign, i will not believe it until I hear it from the horses mouth. Glad they are having a good time in France. They deserve it esp. CB

      • Journey Israel July 26, 2012

        Chris brown is happy number 1 album all over the wprld, demonized by the american press, belive it. real talent.

  4. Truth July 26, 2012

    This boy is just so ugly to me. Almost pushing 25 and still hasn’t transformed into a man. Sad. While Team Breezy defends everything he does.

    • Weaveney July 26, 2012

      Sing it. This is the TRUTH.

    • truth tea July 26, 2012

      if chris brown took a s*** and instagramed it, the majority of team breezy would be here for it.

  5. FRANK OCEAN’S #1 BANDWAGON STAN July 26, 2012

    Koochie-Koo looks more like a hanger-on than Chris’s girlfriend in these pics.

  6. Speechless July 26, 2012

    I guess he’s content with his album falling off billboard faster than a bra on a stripper.

    • Champ Boy July 26, 2012

      yeah, he’s rich

  7. Oh Yeah!!! July 26, 2012

    Guess they are Still Together!!!!!!!!!!!

    Poor Ri Ri. Still can’t have him!!! Keep Tweeting ur feelings away!

    • FAFRELOADED July 26, 2012

      LOL @ RiHOEna, I thought Kae & Chris “broke up” ??
      guess thats why she tweeted “Love is easy, but respect is the hard part..” like no, b****.. Love =Respect thats her dumbass problem.. she thinks he ACTUALLY loves her.. lol b**** he beat u nearly dead! I can’!!!! she needs mental help all that shade throwing & the n**** still with the RIGHT one!! Rihanna stay pressed…

      • mobwife July 26, 2012

        No he didn’t beat her nearly to death or she would have been dead or hospitalized which she was not! They had a knock down drag out fight that RIHAG started and CB finished. I’m tired of the white feminist and stupid black feminist wannabe’s like fat a$$ Oprah & Tara s*** Banks trying to make that fight she started about him being the evil, angry, black man!

      • zania July 26, 2012

        Actually CB liked Rihanna bikini picture last weekend. Explain that if its just one sided.

  8. YEA I SAID IT July 26, 2012

    Chris Brown is a washed up singer. He can’t sell albums cuz of his bad reputation. If he keep his mouth close, then maybe he can sell some albums.

    • Nacole July 26, 2012

      Chris can’t sing and he has a high pitched voiced with no depth.In my view he sounds like a cat in pain.He often surrounds himself with non Black women and yet you have Black women going hard for this clown which is why he gets no more of my money!

      He is overexposed!

      • mobwife July 26, 2012

        LOL you sound desperate and crazy with this comment!

        1)You obviously have not listened to a R&B song by Chris Brown. Although you can hear him harmonize quite well on his Pop tunes. The boy can sing. He’s no gimmick. Had he been, the media and music industry elite would have been successful in trying to REMOVE HIM FROM THE MUSIC INDUSTRY and replace him with Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Jay Sean and ever other TOM, D*** & HARRY they thought could replace him!

        2)He needs tour money like he needs a hole in the head! Kee your change and pay a bill.

    • mobwife July 26, 2012

      YAWN! No matter what he says or does you fools will say the same damn thing so stop it!

      • Nacole July 26, 2012

        It’s clear to me that you are a Chris groupie and to people working with a functioning brain it’s clear I am not although I did support him at one point.

        The groupie love you have is not relevant to what sound good to my ears so get the hell over the fact that I don’t feel that Chris sing.

        Of course Chris don’t need my money and he won’t be getting it either because I choose to support REAL talent as opposed to “a overly tatted non singing bird like Chris”,I leave that task to desperate birds like you to do and you go broke doing it to,LOL!

      • mobwife July 27, 2012


        YAWN b*tch! I’m not a groupie but I do like some of the kid’s music. Since his altercation and the biased media’s hatred toward him, I do pay closer attention to him & his plight! I see a nasty scheme afoot and that captures my attention more than anything. Everyone can’t be weak and silent when foolishness is abound!

        Again, you don’t like Chris Brown, that’s cool but your constant comment about the $12.99 you will or will not spend is simply laughable. Spend it or not, no one really gives a damn! LOL

  9. That B*tch July 26, 2012

    TGJ needs to stop, you know damn well that’s his girl.
    I love these two together, I hope Chris has enough sense to keep this one and stop throwing himself at this h** who almost ruined his career (this girl shall remain nameless).
    Goodluck to CB and K Tran.

    • MC July 26, 2012

      Rihanna didn’t almost ruin his career, he himself almost ruined his career. You need to start holding him accountable for his actions. He decided to beat-up a woman then he has to man up and face the consequences. Some of you need to stop condoning such tasteless behavior.

      • mobwife July 26, 2012

        No, he took responsibility for the two of them. Rihanna admitted to beating on him first (see CFMs report). Rihanna has used that 1 teen fight to make herself popular. She only uses Chris for publicity. She could give less than a damn about the damage she caused his life. She needs to also FACE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR HER LIES AND DECEIT! She is a coward but GOD is good! The universe will ultimately correct itself and she will be made to suffer for her part in that fight! She has spent damn near 4 years milking it yet never speaking on her actions that night!

      • MC July 26, 2012

        They should both be accountable for their actions, but the commenter before me said Rihanna almost ruined his career and it was putting all the blame on her. I don’t even like Rihanna, but god don’t put the blame on one party both should be accountable.

      • That B*tch July 26, 2012

        @ MC
        Don’t get me wrong hun, in no way do I condone domestic violence. Chris Brown made a mistake and he’s still paying for it like he should be doing but as MOBWIFE said Rihanna has been milking that fight b/w them for a while now. On Diane Sawyer she said she wanted to be a role model to girls that may be going through the same thing, fast forward 3 years later and she’s making a song with the man that beat her senseless. This is why I can’t stand this b**** anymore, this is coming from someone who used to be a huge Rihanna fan. I have her last 4 CD’s. She only uses CB’s name whenever she needs some publicity.

      • That B*tch July 26, 2012

        This woman has rode the coattails of that fight to super stardom and even after she made 2 songs with him she is still using his name constantly. I’m so over it. As soon as CB started to regain his almost dead career that’s when she decided to hop on the bandwagon and befriend him on twitter, hang out with him in public (even though he has a gf), wish him Happy B-day, etc. She needs to stick to her word and keep it movin.

      • Nacole July 26, 2012

        @MC…You are so right.It’s clear that he is not all there and one example I will cite is his throwing the chair through a window in NYC just because he didn’t like the questions being asked by a reporter…

      • Full of S*** July 26, 2012

        All of you b****** are delusional!

      • mobwife July 27, 2012



        How did he throw a chair through a GATED/Barred WINDOW? The window had a crack in it .Even GMA – should you care to check the FACTS – admitted they couldn’t hold him responsible for a window they have no way of knnowing who actually craked or even when the window was CRACKED (NOT SHATTERED), NO CHAIR WAS THROWN THROUGH IT! Dear, you must be thinking of CHARLIE SHEEN who broke evey window at the NY Plaza Hotel PH Suite. He actually threw objects out of the window!

        Oh but wait, I’m sure you think 47-year-old coddled serial woman abuser Charlie Sheen is cool right? No you only have a problem with 19-year-old Chris Brown having a fight with Rihanna Fenty! Get over it loon!!

      • Lax July 27, 2012

        Before that One Fight….ever happened Rihanna
        was on the map…….

        Rihanna is a young R&B-artist who was discovered in 2003 by producer Evan Rogers when he was vacationing on Barbados (where Rihanna is from). Evan introduced Rihanna to Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z and the rest is history. She had an incredible hit with the song Umbrella in 2007.
        Not to mention that rihanna had other hits before the beat down!

  10. CHILE PLEASE!! July 26, 2012

    Ugggggh….I’m sooooooo over him! Between him & that blonde hair I just can’t anymore….I don’t give a f*** how good he can dance or sing…..just over him! He was so cute & innocent in the begining now it just seems like he’s trying to be something he’s not. NEEEEEEXT!

    • mobwife July 26, 2012

      He dyed his hair blonde for a purpose.

      Chris is in France finishing production of the film “BATTLE OF THE YEAR”. In it he plays a dancer who has dyed blonde hair. Perhaps you should get the facts before you start spewing hateful bullsh**!

      • CHILE PLEASE!! July 26, 2012

        Ohhh shut the f*** up girl….you sound stupid as f***!!! Ya’ll swear up & down like ya’ll are these artist managers & know they every move & they dress & look the way they do. Have several seat on a chair with spikes on it! NEXT!!

    • mobwife July 27, 2012

      No you shut the f*** up! Reading is fundamental dear! You typed inaccurate bullsh** now you’re mad that someone actually gave you factual information? LMAO, you haters are priceless!

      ***please try that spiked chair out 1st, THANK YOU!

  11. truth tea July 26, 2012

    no wonder his album flopped. who is here for misfortune other than team sleazy?

    • mobwife July 26, 2012

      Girl bye. Fortune is doing well and sells like every other R&B CD in today’s market. He sells without promotion or performing on every TV program on every network/cable channel. And without performing at every Radio sponsored summer group concert series!…iHeart, UKs Hackney, Hot97Summer Jam…blah, blah, blah!

      Don’t cry for him Argentina ‘coz’ he’s doing just fine hater! 🙂

      • Nacole July 26, 2012

        You sound like a damn fool because Chris whiny voice is on every other song on the radio which is promotion and dude is flopping big time….

  12. Champ Boy July 26, 2012

    I’m glad this young man living his life to the fullest & making money, You all just keep typing your lives away lol

    • Jayla July 26, 2012


    • mobwife July 26, 2012


    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 27, 2012

      Like yall h*** doing b****!!

  13. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 26, 2012


  14. What Would Rita Do July 26, 2012

    Lmfao. Crackhanna must be so sad 🙁 Hopefully this will trigger that breakdown/suicide oh hers and the world can be free of her s**** ass. #Godta Godra

    • MC July 26, 2012

      That is disgusting to wish someone would commit suicide. It is a big issue and for you to make fun of it is just horrible. I am not a fan of Rihanna, but gosh you are just sicking to wish someone would end their life. 🙁

    • jamilaa July 26, 2012

      u r damn evil…people like u should DIE ND UR WHOLE ROTTEN ASS FAMILY! gosh! ANIMAL! how can u wish sum one dead!

    • Lax July 26, 2012

      Thank goodness for evil, broke busted lame bytches because they help make the world got around and oh

      Keep trying to make yo self think she beat her own ass, keep trying to say that she is only popular becaues she got beat down by chris. No matter how many of you keep trying to convince the world that she beat her own ass remember that the world and neither do i believe that bull shyt. And the topping on the Phucking Cake is the FACT the after years over three years ago CHRIS has gotten into hot water so i guess it’s safe to say that RIHANNA is the reason her showed his natural born ass on “GMA” YEAAAH RIHANNA Made him do that you know RIHANNA is about a BADASS BYTCH because she ALSO has the power to make CHRIS call the JACJSONS and get his name off into their family business, oh well i suppose he think he’s really MJ and he can call home and tell the family how to act. Yes RIHANNA has been called the one who started the fight and RIHANNA is also the one who’s living high off getting her ass beat dam near to Phucking death. The irony of some of “Team Breezy Fickle ass fans. Its all RIHANNA ‘S FAULT the fight and all yet it’s CHRIS BROWN WHO HAS BEEN AND STILL IS A SO CALLED “serial di*k slinker” and he’s a angel who would not even dare THROW A WHOLE DAM CHAIR THROUGH “gma” window and could have caused serious damage and injuries to anybody walking the street down below, and that CHILDISH ACT WAS RIHANNA’S FAULT TOO IF YOU LET WORTHLESS ASS WEAK ASS FANS OF HIS HAVE THE FINAL SAY, SO….MAD, PISSY AND AS BITTER AS HELL THAT RIHANNA IS PAID, PHUCK THE DUMB RIHANNA IS WORKING HER DAM ASS OFF….

      • Lax July 26, 2012


    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 26, 2012

      I mean come one , we can talk bad about her, but to wish death on her is just a lil took far….GROW THE FUP AND QUICK

  15. mobwife July 26, 2012

    It’s my understanding that Chris Borwn performed at this event. @SAM/TGJ are there no videos of his performance? I think Paris Hilton DJ’d last night but don’t quote me!

    I love the French. They know how to party and keep their business to themselves! *wink* 🙂

  16. BeyNATION July 26, 2012

    FUNNY how Chris stumbles apon Cannes while Rih was just there.. in her luxury yacht

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 26, 2012

      May she invited him and he brought his girl instead.
      Bo-Hoo Rihanna!!! LOL! 2 Strikes!!!!

      • zania July 26, 2012

        He brought Karrueche to hide the fact that he is seeing Rihanna. Rihanna has all the control and she is afraid to go public because of her career, which is bigger than CB’s. Do you really think Rihanna would’ve went all this time without a boyfriend or went on dates with a guy. Do you really think that Rihanna would waste her time liking all of CB pictures on instragram, if she wasn’t seeing him. I think the public is easily fooled. Of course CB PR team will put out pictures that they want you to see and deny all the Rihanna associated. Do you really think its a coincidence that they both are vacationing in the same country. I strongly believe that Rihanna and CB is seeing each other and Karrueche is paid to be his gf. Rihanna fans are the ones that they are worrying about, because they hate CB.

      • Oh Yeah!!! July 26, 2012

        Im replying to u Zania, i didnt see a reply button for you.
        Ur theory is interesting! Karruche girl i would like a job like that if it is true, paid to be seen with while Rih gets her freak on!!!

        Chris is an idiot, I would tell Rihanna go PUBLIC and declare your feeling for me or I am out!

        Did she really like all his pics??? The day the Probation thing with him having to be 100 feet from him is dropped she will Flip Out!!!!

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 26, 2012

      I think Rihanna know he was going to be their, and then made plans to go, and that is not her yacht, she rented it boo.

      • Oh Yeah!!! July 27, 2012

        I think she knew he was going to be there too! He must of told her and she decided to cruise there!
        Be a Woman and come out and declare ur love for Chris and stop the Hiding u Coward!

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 27, 2012


    • mobwife July 27, 2012

      1) Chris is actually in FRANCE to finish re-takes for the film BATTLE FO THE YEAR out early 2013. That is also why he re-dyed his hair as the charcter in the film in BLONDE!

      2) Chris and rapper/actor Ludacris are filming a video for Swizz Beatz up coming project!

      **But if he ran by to “do” Rihanna at this point I wouldn’t even be mad….LOL! I’m just saying, I have had it with these 2 and that “relationship” 🙂

  17. ty July 26, 2012


    • Full of S*** July 26, 2012

      Bet Rihanna feels the same way as Chris Brown! He ruined her mentally as well B****!

  18. Cassie July 26, 2012

    Damn, why does everyone hate him and his fans so much? I mean I don’t even like the guy or are even a fan of him but what’s with all the hate to him and his fans? Sure he has made a lot of mistakes and yes his fan base is extremely annoying. In fact they are just as bad as Rihanna’s, Beyonce’s, Lady Gaga’s, and Justin Beieber’s fan base but damn it seems kind of unnecessary.

    • Lax July 27, 2012

      Everybody do not hate chris thats not ture!

  19. Oh Yeah!!! July 26, 2012

    Rihanna can you sleep girl knowing Chris is in the same place and he brought along Karruche????

    Tweet away little Birdie!!!

  20. MC July 26, 2012

    Reasons why Chris Brown may be hated:

    1) Someone people hate him because some members of TeamBreazy are annoying and putting other artists down (like many other stans do) .

    2) Another reason is that he doesn’t put good name for himself because he is constantly getting in beefs on twitter or social media sites as well as getting in conformations. They media loves to report negative things and Chris really makes it easy for them because of his temper tantrums and immature behavior.
    Even through it all Chris is talented and he should just move on and concentrate on his music and not on what the media says. He should avoid twitter beefs/confrontation and probably avoid Rihanna because they are toxic to each other.

    3) People are just haters and having nothing else to do.

    • MC July 26, 2012

      *some *confrontation *the

      Sorry for the mistakes guys 🙂

    • mobwife July 27, 2012



      A) TeamBreezy never attacks unless provoked. Now, if your fav is doing or saying somehting crazy sure some of TB may comment but TB isn’t as crazed and rabbit as 99.9% of those that stan for other artists & gimmicks in the music industry.

      B) When the media decided to turn Chris Brown into America’s new N***ER to hate (they always need 1 to really hate on check past & recent history be it OJ to MJ) he was just a teenager. They have been on this kids back for 3 and half years. NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS OR DOES IT IS TWISTD INTO SOMETHING NEGATIVE. He WON a Grammy and that truly angered racist America. He has been truly hated on ever since.

      CB has NEVER started a TWITTER BEEF:
      > RazB repeatedly attacked him about a 3 yr od teen figth he had for a publicity stunt
      > Frank Ocean insulted CB for no reason at all. CB complimented him on his writing style but Ocean, who has been runnin’ around foolin’ women, went off like a nut.
      > Brian McKnight, angry because NO ONE accpets his osng “let me show you how your p*ssy works” attacks CB out of the blue cplaining abt what ppl accept in the conduct of R&B singers yet he has been mute of Frank Oscean “FOOLIN WOMEN” *Khia voice*
      > a 35-year-old WHIITE Wrestler with a history of DV is damn self, attacks CB for no reason. Again talking sh*t about his 1 teen figth w/Rihanna. A 35yr old challeneged a 22yr old to a fight? Why has this same WHITE MALE not talked sh*t about: Eminem (beat wife Kim), Charlie Sheen (shot K. Preston, strangled D. Richards, stabbed B. Muller etc). Mel Gibson (beat 1st wife & last gf), Ozzy Osboune (beat wife Sharon), RS’s Keith Richards (beat 1st wife), Alan Jackson( beat wife Denise), in 2011 Motley Crew lead Vince Neil beat his gf; Also in 2011, country star Rodney Atkins beat wife Tammy in front of their 10yr old son. Now why didn’t this ADULT WHITE MALE ATTACK ANY OF THESE ADULT WHITE MALE WHO BEAT THEIR WIVES/GFS? Why go back THREE YEARS to discuss 1 teen fight between Chris brown & Rihanna Fenty?
      >Fake homewrecking white w**** Miranda Lambert (screwed Balek Sheldon while he was “happily” married to his 1st wife) who sat at the 2012 Grammy Awards and tweeted some bullsh** about Chris “hittting girls yet was cheering the loudest from 1 OF THE KINGS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Glen Campbell. The man has beaten multiple women including his 1st wife country great Tanya Tucker.

      But hey maybe it is all 23-yr-old Chris Brown’s fault for daring to be himself and trying to move forward with his young life against all the RACIST BULLSH** & FOOLISH BLACKS who would follow any scheme against their own ppl. “OKAY,YEAH YOU’RE RIGHT” *50 Cent voice*

      Other artists curse on twitter Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cher, “pAnk” etc. but its all good, they “had a right to be anagry” but when it’s 23-year-old Black Male Chris Brown its all of a sudden a problem 0_O?

      Now your #3 I TOTALLY AGREE WITH -)

      • MC July 27, 2012

        Yes those people you mentioned were mean to him first, but get this he didn’t have to respond to them he could have just ignored them. And as for the stans it is true SOME of you do attack other artists but guess what, other stans do this too.

        Bottom line is, he does act immature and he could stand to grow up a bit. He doesn’t have to engage in anything negative, even if he is being attacked. Whenever he gets in beefs or fights the press will spin it as if its his fault so he should just not give them a reason.

    • truth tea July 27, 2012

      WRONG. i hate him because
      1.his music is shite these days
      2. he should be in jail, if he went to jail and did his punishment i would have no problem with him.
      3. he is so arrogant and overrated, there are so many more talented dudes who dont get shine because of him.

  21. Lax July 26, 2012

    There’s hate on both sides i remember when chris and Rih was dating
    how soooooo many people hated RIHANN because she was dating chris.
    I have neices who hates RIH with a passion because they love the hell out
    of Chris. They had a fight RIH got beat up it’s over done with it’s water under the bridge but there or many who do not like his girl Kae but it;s his personal life and the b/s that i dislike is RIHANNA getting blamed for BEATING HER OWN ASS, amazing to say the least. There’s hate for chris and rihanna and it does not matter if they or together or single. But one thing is for sure their break up wasn’t the first and it want be the ladt. And the b/s about her career being so great because she is riding the “INCIDENT’ well i wonder why her album didn’t go #1 and why her movie that she had a CAMEO in didn’t do much better and why did she only make 90 million and be #7 on the best TOURS of 2011 and why did she only make 53 million and be the #3 person on the highest paid under 30 if she was Riding a ASS wipping” so Phucking High, Bytches????????????????????
    SOME OF “TEAMBREEZY” IS AS NUTTY AS A NUTT BAR STACKED DOUBLE HIGH AND YO HATEFUL SHYT TOWARD AND DIRECTED AT rihanna is not good! not at all……And you know who yo ass is…..

    • Lax July 26, 2012

      If we or to believe half of what we hear and read around the web just like those who says RIHANNA is popular because she got beat down, welllllllll i wonder if this is to be believed if you know for certain that rihanna is successfuyl because she got beat down, shyt that even sound crazy as hell typing with my serial bad spelling , typing ass.
      Less just believe all the shyt we see writtne down and talked about, okay……

      • Lax July 26, 2012

        It looks like hip-hop bad boy Chris Brown, who broke onto the scene with “Strip” and recently drew criticism for his performance of “Turn Up The Music,” still isn’t over Rihanna.

        The two rhythm and blues stars dated three years back until he punched her repeatedly with his spare hand while driving a car, according to police records. Recently, rumors have been flying that the two were secretly seeing each other, planning to go public with their relationship, and possibly even planning a secret wedding.

        It appears Chris Brown still can’t decide between RiRi and his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran, which is why he’s spending all his time with his Vietnamese sweetheart while showering Rihanna with fancy jewelry and a hundred fresh roses every morning.

        InTouch Weekly reported that Chris Brown is always “lavishing RiRi with gifts,” and recently coughed up more than $70,000 to give her a Cartier Love diamond bracelet. But that’s not all! Breezy is reportedly “sending her 100 red roses every day, no matter where in the world the globe-trotting singer rests her head.”

        Is Chris Brown lavishing all these gifts on Rihanna in an attempt to win her back — or are they simply a long-awaited apology for the physical and mental bruises he inflicted on her three years ago?

      • Lax July 26, 2012

        And another thing Rih had some HITS
        before they dated …. It just get me when
        i read her caree is big cause she got beat up and she’s riding it dammmmmmm …If that be the case then all of them need to get beat up and then ride it. Soooo It’s safe to say that Tina Turner did not work hard ike beat her ass and she rode it to her bank accounts and popularity cause she was abused….

      • Oh Yeah!!! July 26, 2012

        ur an idiot dont compare talent and a legend like Tina to a S**** like Rihanna!

  22. Oh Yeah!!! July 26, 2012

    Oh Yeah!!! Replied:
    July 26th, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Im replying to u Zania, i didnt see a reply button for you.
    Ur theory is interesting! Karruche girl i would like a job like that if it is true, paid to be seen with while Rih gets her freak on!!!

    Chris is an idiot, I would tell Rihanna go PUBLIC and declare your feeling for me or I am out!

    Did she really like all his pics??? The day the Probation thing with him having to be 100 feet from him is dropped she will Flip Out!!!!

    • zania July 27, 2012

      I really believe that about Karrueche. People call her stupid, but It looks like she is with CB to help his imagine. To show the world that he can be in a long term relationship and no violence occurs,meanwhile he is seeing Rihanna and wants to reunite publicly but everytime they get a chance to go public, I think Rihanna gets scared. Rihanna is really afraid, she isn’t sure if she goes public will she loose her fans. Rihanna comes off on twitter like she doesn’t give a f*ck, but its an act, she really does care, she isn’t this bad ass people think she is. She wants her career where its at now and she wants to be with the guy she loves CB. I think her PR people is doing it all wrong, if she wanted to ease the idea to her fans, she should start being seen in the same place, like Magic Johnson party, Magic could’ve invited them both there, her fans can’t accused her for being with him, because its out of her control when another celebrity invites them to an event. I really think that she will loose a few fans, but then will gain more of CB fans and it will die down in a month. People will go on with their lives and she probably will get some of fans she lost back in the long run, because they really should be fans of their music, not their relationship. MJ, Whitney Houston and whole lot of singers who were involved in a scandal, people continue on supporting them. I think Rihanna will be ok.

  23. zania July 27, 2012

    People have to respect Karrueche because it takes a strong woman to deal with all insults on twitter, blogs and news. I really think she is helping CB and Rihanna. She probably loves them both. I don’t think her and Rihanna is enemies. But I do think Rihanna needs to make a decision because I think the public is loosing interest now, because too many games are being played. It looks like Rihanna is the one who is pooring out her love for CB on twitter, and liking all his pictures on instragam.\ and CB isn’t. But Rihanna is actually showing her feelings more is because of her crazy fans, who hate CB. She is trying to let her fans know how she feels and hope they can respect her decision and still support her. Its Rihanna not CB who is afraid to go public. I think CB has showed his love for Rihanna, he risk his career, with those remixes and all the focus on that love triangle, which made him look like the bad guy, because he can’t chose between Karrueche and Rihanna. He really put all his focus on Rihanna behind the scenes and not his album. People think its not a coincidence that they both was in France at the same time. It was planned, the video with Switz Beats to be filmed in France and Rihanna cruise in the area, all planned, so they can spend some time together and people won’t suspect anything, Because CB reps can lie and say that he is filming a video and his girlfriend is with him. Like his girlfriend being with him is going to stop CB from meeting up with Rihanna. I think most of their photos that are posted are photos that they wanted the public to see, so they can believe he really didn’t meet up with Rihanna, look he’s been seen with Karrueche everywhere. All those guys who hangs with CB, helps him keep the eye out for paps and people who will try to take their pictures. Notice how Rihanna hasn’t been on twitter, tweeting pictures of her vacation, since CB hit France. Prior to France, she stayed posing in small swim suits on twitter. I know all the planning and sneaking has to be exhaulted, she needs to go ahead and make a decision to go public or move on.

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 27, 2012

      Interesting!!! It is true Rihanna was tweeting her life away and pics too on the boat and with friends but since Chris landed she has Stopped that just saying she had a lovely time or night.

      It is as if she was tweeting the pics for him but now he has landed she doesn’t need to anymore. Rihanna is afraid because she doesnt want the Public to know it was not a Beating, it was a Fight gone bad! She still loves him and has been carrying the Guilt ever since.

      But she can’t come out and admit it now because RIhanna has been riding the Domestic Violence/Victim train for all these years now!!!! To come out and say she loves and wants Chris means her Story was not entirely True!

      I still say Chris should make her give a Public statement before reuniting or going Public with this so that if she cries Wolf again, he is not being ushered off to Prison!

  24. Tr July 27, 2012

    A stone-cold mess!!

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