Pop Equality : Does Race Play Into Chart Success?

Published: Sunday 29th Jul 2012 by David

Back in May, ‘Magnetic Fields‘ front man Stephen Merritt found himself under the media gaze after he made comments questioning the public’s support of ‘21‘ chart topper Adele.

In an interview with LA Weekly, he suggested that Caucasian artists performing what he called ‘black music’ were often more palatable to viewers than Black artists performing ‘black music’- hinting at an  underlying but unintentional racist streak in Popular audiences.

His comments didn’t end there. In making the comparison between the radio airtime given to Black Rap acts and their fairer counterparts, he concluded:

There is something unsavory about the way audiences sometimes disproportionately favor white artists making black music.

Witness Eminem’s repeated appearances on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks (now Alternative Songs) chart with songs sporting an unmistakably hip-hop bounce like “My Name Is” and “Without Me.” The only way to explain his crossing-over to rock radio is his skin color.

Billed as an exaggeration of a dated issue, Merritt’s remarks came under fire from some That Grape Juice readers who argued their reasons for supporting artists came on the grounds of quality and not race.

However, these found themselves countering arguments supporting the performer’s theory.

Pointing out, that despite the prior success of AaliyahTLC, Brandy, Monica and Janet in the 90s, this generation only boasts three commercially viable Black female artists.

These being, Rihanna, Beyonce and rising Rapper Nicki Minaj.

So now we ask you:

Do you feel race plays into chart success?

Weigh in below…

Let us know…

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  1. LOL July 29, 2012

    You forgot Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige you dumb ass. but once again sam only knows pop trash music

    Look who he talks about most ; Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj. Trashy music makers with no souls in their bones or in their voices.

    • Honestly Speaking July 29, 2012

      This is a blog about mainstream Pop artists…and he does mention Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige, among others. The reason that they aren’t written about as often is because they haven’t done anything recently. I’m sure when they release a new album or material they they will get a blog mention just as any other artist would.

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 29, 2012

        A blog about mainstrem pop artists yet they get posts here, and Alicia IS mainstream. Even when he’s talking about successful RnB or soul artists, Sam never mentions AK. He’s such an asshole. Hater.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

        Agree w/ @alicia

        Alicia Keys IS mainstream

        She’s sold 30M copies worldwide off only four albums, and ruled the last decade with her R&B singles.

    • Stephen July 29, 2012

      Your main point should have been: why does Sam only talk about female artists? Is he obsessed with them or what? Lol

      • huh July 29, 2012

        your main point should be why you come on a site you profess to hate everyday without fail?

    • aishaaguilerakeys July 29, 2012

      I agree. Alicia is a mainstream artist, but Sam is always hating on her.

      • FAFRELOADED July 29, 2012

        Exactly @ huh… Alicia keys next single & album will flop just like her love life… A HUSBAND STEALING FLOP!!!

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012


        She’s never had a SINGLE FLOP.

        Even her LOWEST SELLING ALBUMS, whose highest-charting single wasn’t even a Top20, sold FOUR million copies worldwide.

        So stuff a filthy d*** in your mouth and shut up.

      • FAFRELOADED July 29, 2012

        Why she have to steal mashonda husband?? “wasn’t she w/ Krucial keys??? SMH her career aint been the same since.. .FLOP

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

        Gurl Alicia never STOLEN a s*** from others.

        She’s always been so original.

    • NickiSaidDis July 29, 2012

      keep that husband snatching, song screaming, faux feminist out of this thread. KEEP HER OUT OF IT! She is a flop today because the only thing she’s been slaying is Mashonda’s divorce settlement.

      Nicki would never.

      • Blue July 29, 2012

        Beyonce doesn’t release trashy music it c*** wtf

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      Alica Keys and MJB would be considered much more R&B than the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce & Nicki Minaj.

      >Rihanna — only listed as R&B b/c she is Black but her music is more mainstream Pop.

      >Nicki Minaj — is a Rapper. Rap right now is enjoying mass mainstream appeal. The mainstream consists of POP, COUNTRY & HIP HOP!

      Beyonce — is an R&B act however A. Keys & MJB exclusively makes “Soul Music”.

      The article is about “mainstream success” and RACISM!

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

        So, AK IS a mainstream artist.

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

        She’s no Melanie Fiona or Ledisi. People know her.

  2. Honestly Speaking July 29, 2012

    Yes, it does and in a very major way. There is a reason that artists such as Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are constantly wearing blond wigs/weaves while the press is constantly commenting on their skin becoming lighter to appeal to a broader audience. It isn’t right but that’s the way society is when it comes to accepting Black women in mainstream entertainment. You only hear about women such as Beyonce, Rihanna and a few others. There is a reason that artists like Jill Scott, etc. are rarely seen as successful on the charts and it’s a sad reality.

    • Ugh July 29, 2012


    • dezi July 29, 2012

      @Honestly speaking – No that is simply what society has been taught on the basis of the media MOLDING MINDS and BRAINWASHING the MASSES into believing that the “white standard of beauty” is the” right standard of beauty” There is beauty in every race and of different hues. If such standards weren’t purposely pushed onto people and all of our differences were recognized and celebrated within mainstream we certainly wouldn’t have this problem or feel the need to change who we are to appeal to the masses. I think some of the black entertainers today have truly lost themselves – They’re too focused on APPEALING to those who still choose to not buy their albums.

      • Lax July 29, 2012

        I will add that just because you or one race or the other it means that you still have to give a days work and some times more for your payday. Many of the urban and r&b artist don’t get nothing but what they or getting right now and that’s lip service. When artist music leaks that is when many have a field day downloading for free and going so far as to link the link and then brag about how great it was that the album/song/music leaked. And artist that they dislike they love making a mockery of how badly their tours or doing and their main thing is can’t nobody drop it like its hot on the stage like others. It is a sad state and if many of the artist got DOGGED, STUMPED AND SLANDER like some then their career would have been over so long ago that we would not no their names by now.

        Many people want a few to succeed and want the others to fall back, i mean what in the heck would it be like if all of the music was just alike? Others make it in Music and sales because people supports then and it’s all about supply and demand. You have got to be able to cater to all Demographics and it is often seen in many of the older artist. The debate about music being generic, forgettable, dah, dah , dah wasn’t so much when madonna came to the stage and was considered Pop, because when you look at the artist of today and in madonna age group look at who’s making $$$$$ bank and who has the most $$$$$$ see its not about how good you can belt, holler or scream it’s all about likebility, supply and demand. They talked crap about Mag and many didn’t like her then and don’t like her now but one thing that rings true and that is if you or not the best singer, dancer akways hire the best there is and keep them around you and you can succeed aganist all odds, and all of the bashing, slander and being called ugly because your head is bid dah, dah dah all of the things the folks who is not supporting or buying jacj shyt all they or doing is fatting frogs for snakes and making fun at those who or banking and steady getting paid and that is with them being called, big head, ugly, forgettable, to short, to tall, to dark to useless , to big of a w**** and all of the things that often times come to the mind set of a “Small Minded Person” and as time goes on people who sings r&b will try to get back on track because albums like amborsia, mary, jill, monica, jennifer, jasmine, beyonce, xtina, kelly, and countless should have sold way more then they did it is because we do not support our people at all folks!!!!!!
        Music would be so much better if many wasn’t so busy trying to tear others down and all of the name calling to try and up their favorite and often times many buy music and
        tries to support others and they never say it to many of the bloggers because there’s two different typpes of people out there in the buying public and that is those who buys and those who talks a hundred miles of shyt and wait for something to leak so they can brag about getting it free. And the musicians who or doing it are those who can cater to the down town crowds and the hole in the wall crowds!

    • Blue July 29, 2012

      White people doesn’t like black people success look how MJ went on from being black to mix race to white and MJ is the biggest selling artist in the world so that means black color means s*** in media no matter what a black person done they still consider them as role model s***

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      It’s true!

      I’m not sure about the reason’s for the blonde hair. Some ppl just enjoy dying their hair. Rita Ora made a comment about it a few weeks ago.

    • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

      The reason Jill Scott isn’t as successful is due to the genre of music she makes- soul. Nothing to do w/ anything else. Joss Stone is White, she does Soul, yet no one cares. Not everything is about race.

      • Mely B July 30, 2012

        I beg to differ – Jill Scott is successful in her genre which is r&b/soul HOWEVER she is not successful with yt mainstream audiences because she is a large Black woman POINT.BLANK.PERIOD.

        Joss Stone was embraced wholeheartedly by yts initially as was/is Adele & Amy Winehouse. Why aren’t Rebecca Ferguson, Lianne Havas or Emeli Sande’s careers larger or yt people buzzing about them?? Hmmmm – let’s see, the common denominator is color.

        Sorry you don’t feel that way but it truly is just that simple with some folks (especially younger yts today).

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 31, 2012

        Joss Stone who doesn’t sell as much as Winehouse has the same success? Ok, whatever. She just took out an album that went unnoticed, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. Tc23 July 29, 2012

    Of course we still have racial inequality in many areas of life not just in the entertainment world and anyone who doesn’t think that is just naïve. Could a melanie fiona or jill scott blow up the way an adele did probably not (and you can argue the music is just as good or even better in some cases). The 3 biggest black entertainers (beyonce, rihanna, and nicki) have ALL had to appeal to the white buying public to reach their level .. Nicki and rihanna especially (rihannas we found love, nickis starships just an an example) .. Beyonce makes pop music but she has still kept a lot of her roots in it luckily but its still watered down. Hip Hop is a different because hip hop was created out of racial inequality and was a voice (well it started that way) and white ppl just happened to jump on over the years making it mainstream. But its just a general rule if your black you have to try harder

    • Lax July 29, 2012

      @TC23 So right on and also work doublly as hard!

      • Lax July 29, 2012

        Wealthy r&b singers
        1. Mariah Carey – $500 Million
        2. Beyoncé – $350 Million
        3. R. Kelly – $150 Million
        4. Usher – $140 Million
        5. Rihanna – $72 Million
        6. Mary J. Blige – $45 Million
        7. Chris Brown – $24 Million
        8. Whitney Houston – $20 Million
        9. Cee-Lo Green – $20 Million
        10. Keri Hilson – $20 Million
        so many is missing from this list, so many.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

        Rihanna has been 72$M for TEN YEARS. With all the money she made in 2011, it must be at least 125$ or something.

        That list is too old.

        I think Beyonce is at f*****’ 400$M now, coming for her husband’s head.

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012

        Rihanna is worth 143 million thanks to her clothing collections for armani and perfumes and her clothing line for river island and her tv show!

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 29, 2012

        Her clothing line with river island that’s not in stores yet?? Wow u rihanna nazis are something else

      • beyonce Manager July 29, 2012

        As of Net worth whitney houston is worth 100 million

      • Blue July 29, 2012

        Who the f*** care about how much they worth?

      • Mobwife July 30, 2012

        @Lax Replied:
        July 29th, 2012 at 10:23 am

        Sure their are a few wealthy R&B artists but that’s not the point! Does RACE STILL MATTER and DOES IT IMPACT SUCCESS ON THE COVETED POP CHARTS? That’s the question. The answer is YES IT DOES!

        I always hear the foolish belief that RACE is no longer a factor now thw Oprah Windfrey is a Billionaire and Obama is the president. LOL, WTH does that have to do with RACIAL HATRED not being a “staple” in the society? Look at Oprah’s downfall. She was the queen when she was being used to prop up white entertainers and humiliate her own kind as the mainstream dictated. Now that her usefulness has worn thin no one gives a sweet a$$ about Oprah Windfrey in the popular society. Hell, for the 1st time in 2 DECADES she was not declared one of the most INFLUENTIAL PPL IN THE WORLD!……..ouch…LOL 🙂

    • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

      So how come Joss Stone isn’t as successful as Adele? She’s White and makes Soul music. Tell me what it is if it’s not the music.

  4. truth tea July 29, 2012

    im not even black but i agree. if eminem wasnt white he would have sold half as much even though im a fan of him.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 29, 2012

      I think Eminem is the biggest example yes! Well that and the controversy he always generated by degrading other artists specially women. He is like a Madonna in a way. Still don´t get why he gets a pass

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 29, 2012

        The man is a lyrical genuis. And I’m not even a fan. He put White rap back on the map.

      • Lax July 29, 2012

        Eminem get a pass because he’s good!

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 29, 2012

        I´m not saying why he sells, I mean why he gets a pass from the media when he did so many dirty things while others get bashed till no limits, almost everybody else at one point of their careers. If u don´t believe so, watch your girl in a little time, her downfall is gonna be epic and they are going to eat her alive, it´s always worse for puppets like her

      • Mobwife July 30, 2012

        LOL the fact that as an ADULT MALE FEminem BEAT HIS WIFE KIM and mad songs about KILLING HER & HIS MOTHER and is highly revered in the media & music industry is proof positive that RACE ALWAYS MATTER!

        He and 20 year WIFE BEATER Charlie Sheen are perfect examples of AMERICAN RACISM AT ITS BEST! As a TEEN Chris Brown had 1 fight with 1 person and has been CRUCIFIED EVERYDAY SINCE THEN. However, I have never seen any ADULT WHITE MALE who beat his wife or girlfriend EVER TREATED AS BADLY as I’ve seen Chris Brown treated yrs after that 1 teenage fight! They craft stories DAILY trying to turn the masses against him for something he allegedly said or did without a SHREAD OF PROOF to support it! All this hatred stems from the 1 fight he had as a teen 3 years ago.

        RACE ALWAYS MATTERS especially in the USA! Hey but God bless America right? LOL 🙂

      • honest August 5, 2012

        Em is the best. one of the best.. that’s it!

    • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 29, 2012

      That’s true, but that doesn’t signal discrimination. The thing is that people happen to love contrast. The stranger the better. White guys rapping, females doing hip hop, black producers doing electro, black females doing dance pop, white girls doing soul. It sells. If Eminem was black, he would have sold much less, but the exact same applies to Rihanna if she was white.

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      True! FEminem wouldn’t know half the success he has had he been black in a genre dominated by non-whites!

      Funny that Eminem, who BEAT HIS WIFE KIM MATHERS for many years and made multiple songs about KILLING HER, is never call him a “WIFE BEATER” or an “ABUSER OF WOMEN”. 0_O


      • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

        Despite that CB beat the s*** outta Rihanna and almost killed her, despite all his tantrums, he still got fans. ihanna is a known nympho and drug addict, yet she still got mad love, so please.

  5. ck1 July 29, 2012

    Yes & No. The light skinned girls sell more reocrds. But in rihannas case the more clothes you take off and bananas you deep… The more reocrds you sell!

    • Honestly Speaking July 29, 2012

      Don’t come for Rihanna. This post is a discussion about race in the music industry, not your delusion disdain for a woman who doesn’t even know that you exist and chooses to live her life in a way that makes her happy and that she deems to be acceptable. Go somewhere else with your ignorant comments.

      • Ugh July 29, 2012

        Rihanna has to be mentioned because believe it or not some ppl are so delusional that they don’t even consider her black. Her singing is mediocre and she gets by on the colour of her skin and her nakedness. She makes hits but so do other people but for some reason just don’t get up there on the charts. there are a few of her songs that do not deserve a #1 spot. There’s rarely a dark skin black female high up on the charts. it’s reality. Face it.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 29, 2012

        @Honestly Speaking

        Beyonce isnt aware of your existence either but that has never stopped you for making incessant hate comments on (& off) her posts. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?

      • Honestly Speaking July 29, 2012

        @Lacking Intellect please just go somewhere and have a damn seat. I am not the only one on this blog that has a problem with Beyonce’s thieving ass. And just for the record, I haven’t commented on your wig wearing fave for a while now. She’s irrelevant and you’re a hater. Goodbye.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 29, 2012

        And there’s also more than one person that has an issue with rihanna’s lack of talent and gimmickry. Your point exactly?
        Oh u went what? One or 2 days without talking about an “irrelevant” artist – woohoo, u want a gold medal for that? May Beyonce continued to have your body, mind & soul disturbed …… Till the end of time.

      • Honestly Speaking July 29, 2012

        First of all, I don’t think or talk about Beyonce outside of posts that mention her name. Second of all, why are you going out of your way to try and start an argument? it seems as though you’re a bit salty because she’s a has-been and that makes her “stans” such as yourself a non-factor. She’s a flop and you’re a hating, delusional, ignorant person. Stop stalking my comments.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 30, 2012

        …. Because you’re a hypocrite for coming for the person that criticesed Rihanna. I dont know what your definition of a has-been is but in my book Beyonce isnt one and will never be even if she decides to quit music. I just dont care to counter that insult because its something that only comes from the rhitards on this site. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that rihanna’s way too disposable to venture out of the spotlight for a minute. I dont care, Bey has nothing to prove esp to brainwashed losers who took it upon themselves to stan for a “singer” like rihanna. Bey’s net worth is more than twice rihanna’s, if she’s a flop, what does that make rih? Indebted ? Oh wait YEA the IRS are on her ass LMAO these jokes write themselves. U dug yourself right into a hole … Cant say im surprised, u do after all stan for rihanna ….. Poor thing.

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 30, 2012


    • dezi July 29, 2012

      You need to get up off that light skinned s***. As many albums as whitney houston sold (RIP) at her peak. Yes it may have been a different era when people were buying albums in heavy rotation but lets get real If it was all about light skin brandy wouldn’t have been successful PERIOD ,POINT BLANK.

      • kelly July 29, 2012

        Whiteny had a voice from god; she was from the era of the 80’s. In 2012, dark skin women DO NOT SELL. Rih, beyonce and nicky are fair skin with blonde weaves. Same with actors. Thandie newton, Robin thicke wife, Halle berry and Zoe saldana. Even if the model world, the Joan Smalls is THE black supermodel – she biracial Puerto Rican.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012


        UNLESS she’s recording DANCE-POP more than the biggest b**** in Romania.

    • Lax July 29, 2012

      If that be the case theres many females who isn’t
      getting their fair share because we all know they
      or downing the bananas and pencils. At least its
      working for Rih what ever it is. Hmmm how did
      celine, tina, beyonce do so much better to make
      their paper?

      • TRUTH SERUM July 29, 2012

        By singing and performing greatly… Something Rihanna has yet to achieve… Beyonce, Celine, and Tina are all far more wealthier and far more iconic and are legends in their own right…

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

        Still, you got no single proof that her pregnancy was fake.

        Even before the release of 4, she’d sold 50M albums with DC, and other 26M solo albums. So why would she give a f*** on 4 selling three million more?

      • FAFRELOADED July 29, 2012

        Nicki Minaj skin is not light. She’s what you call LIGHTBROWN SKINNED… her makeup foundation is lighter than her actual skintone… Rihanna is light skinned

  6. Ryry July 29, 2012

    No not at all , the music business is a multi cultural industry , I think someone of nearly every race has had a number one.

    • TRUTH SERUM July 29, 2012





  7. CAREERENDER July 29, 2012

    I think race does play part

    Look at what happened to Brandy’s Human that album is >> if not = 21 by quality

    • Ugh July 29, 2012

      oh yes. i mean 21 is a good album but the hype it continues to get is so confusing. it’s not like the album is ground breaking. Has a black person released that same album the success would not be the same.

      • Lax July 29, 2012

        Whitney did it with her soundtrack and the last
        time i checked she was Black!

      • FAFRELOADED July 29, 2012


    • TRUTH SERUM July 29, 2012



      STOP WITH THE B*******…



  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 29, 2012

    Of course not!

    Race is irrelevant. The thing is that black artists feel obligated by their fans and labels to stay true to urban music and follow the trends of the urban radio. When r ‘n’ b had access to the mainstream, there were a lot of more commercially viable acts. I shall remind you that Nelly, Destiny’s Child, Usher, Aaliyah and TLC were 5 of the most successful mainstream artists of the early 00’s. Now, pop is the most major genre and black artists hesitate to follow it because of a potential backlash from the urban audience.

    But then again, by pledging allegiance to the contemporary r ‘n’ b field, most black artists abandon soul, jazz and blues, thus leaving a huge blank that will inevitably be filled by their white peers. And this is how the likes Amy Winehouse, Adele, Joss Stone and Duffy came along.

    I don’t worry much, though. Pop culture aside, rap albums are now more successful than they’ve ever been before in the hierarchy of the industry. You get rap albums debuting at the top of the charts with NO aiprlay, NO hits, NO promo (Nas, J Cole). Maybe there are no massive black artists in pop, but in terms of the market, black artists still excell 😉

    • theopinion July 29, 2012

      I love the way you put it.

      It’s very true. Black artists do need to get more creative in how they deliver their sound so that labels have more of a reason to push them.

      • im not throwing shade, but… July 29, 2012

        I disagree, most record labels will have the final say on sound, track listing, chosen singles and image and when all that goes wrong they drop you.
        Only in an interview a week ago Joss Stone was saying that she brought herself out of her contract because the record label was giving her grief for changing her hair colour. No shade but Rihanna is an image and concept conceived before she was signed that she filled. I have no doubts that if Rihanna was signed else where we would have a different woman before us. She has become a the concept decided.

    • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

      You delusional as f***, if you don’t think that race is a major component of the musical industry…it has been for years, ever since the early 20th century when whites where covering black artist music and making it “mainstream” getting most of the credit and residuals i.e. Elvis Presley. And while yeah, a lot of rap artist are excelling currently, look at the market? Its black men who are purpotrating this aggressive, money-hungry, womanizing stereotypes that is setting a not so favorable exampe to black youths, while whites think its dangerous and fun and enjoy appropriating black culture as they always have i.e. Black face! Black males and females are argubly the best singers, dancers, and songwriters in the music industry period…yet a lot of them are not getting the promo/attention they deserve because of racial barriers. The ones who are succeful in the pop industry have to water down their sound: Beyonce (Sasha Fierce Era), Rihanna ( Loud Era and TTT Era), Nick Minaj (Everything after Superbass), Usher (Almost Everthing after OMG), Chris Brown (The Fortune and almost everything afterwards)….And s*** almost all the succeful Rap/Hip-Hop artist have dumb down their music as well to get mainstream play.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 29, 2012

        I disagree.

        First of all, with all due respect, I don’t think Elvis is a great example, because back then people were indeed racists, but now the public is more liberated and forward thinking.

        Secondly, as far as bad rolemodels go, white artists have to do the exact same thing. The same way that a black rapper has violent lyrics and diss tracks, there are many white artists who fail to talk about anything but drinking, partying, having s** and going crazy.

        And thirdly, mainstram demands watering down the sound in every case. It’s not about race or skin color, it’s about how radio works. Playlists have to be cohesive in order not to throw the listeners off. In layman’s terms, everything has to sound similar. The same way there’s old school rap and new school rap, now there will be old (original) dubstep and radio (watered down) dubstep like Nero and Skrillex. The same applies to electro and techno.

      • Lax July 29, 2012

        @ASAP So true i cosign.

      • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012


        People are still highly racists, and by people I mean whites because they have the power to be as such. Adele is the new Elvis.

        Yeah, many whites my be negative role models but many of them get rewarded for their bad behavior while blacks get hanged in the media….ie. Tommy Lee or Emininem vs. Chris Brown or Ike Turner.

        Your not using your examples in the same context or in any regard of histories past. Its one thing to dumb down an artform, then its another to steal music from one culture, and repackage it so the image will be cohesive to anothers discrimination and racism…And are you trying to excuse this dumbing down of music? Do you not see that these black artist are watering down their music to appeal to whites because their label heads want more sales?

  9. theopinion July 29, 2012

    People are very naive.Of course it plays a major part.
    But it isn’t the audiences fault, it’s the labels and management companies.

    By default, the assumption is that ethnic artists can’t move units and so no effort is made to create material with mainstream appeal (i’m not talking about dance music) that can be pushed on a varying formats.

    Here’s what I mean, if a label has an R&B entertainer, their first assumption is that their music will only work on urban formats and at the very most Pop formats. But the fact of the matter is that alot of R&B songs have the power to become smash hits even they’re pushed right. Like Mary J Blige’s ‘Need Someone’.

    But because they believe black artists who don’t look like Beyonce, Rihanna or Alicia can move big numbers they give them lazy campaigns, and don’t bother to get them tv placements, big radio premiers, slots at award shows, interviews with people other than Wendy Williams.

    So because they have limited audiences, the public have no choice but to believe they’re flops and ignore them. But when it is a white artist (or anyone they see has immediate appeal) they will give them the red carpet treatment and force feed thei music to the masses in very subtle ways.

    For example, Adele’s label pushed for 19 to get back on heavy radio rotation before 21 came out and it wasn’t a coincidence that X Factor UK kept airing the auditions where the auditionees were performing Adele songs. None of this is accidental, it’s called smart marketing and I think that if labels start to give this treatment to all artists, we’d see a lot more ethnic variety in the top ten.

    • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

      Yeah i think a big part of it is the record labels issues, Like black people are only into light skin black females with certain body types and whatever and so on. Its like NO, look at all the other talented succeful black women who got major support. I really feel that the record industry/ media is perpetuating these atrocies sterotypes and ideas of beauty, with the black women and men in the music industry, trying to have the black people live up to certain standards and if they don’t fit them, make black people feel ashamed of themselves. And its sad when someone who is talented as Beyonce or Alicia Keys, get blamed for setting this standard and have many blacks turn their backs on them and blame them for things as if they control industry politics. Even Rihanna, who might not be as talented but has made great strides, has become this tool used by the industry to perpetuate these ideals of black women that are intensly negative…when all the girl ever wanted to do was be successful and live her life. A lot of these artist need to be successful and try to take the reign of their careers because the impact that they have on black culture and history is immense.

      • Stans Make Me LOL August 3, 2012

        ^^^^^ What you just @Kingphoenix is the truth to no end!!!!!

  10. aishaaguilerakeys July 29, 2012

    “These being, Rihanna, Beyonce and rising Rapper Nicki Minaj.”
    Get the f*** outta here, Sam, whatever happened to Alicia Keys ? And you dare bring up such a post on race when u urself don’t acknowledge the fact that there are other succesful Black artists asides from these three with REAL talent. I know u’re mad that Alicia has as much success as B, all while being a completely different artist that has managed to stand out with her own style and talent.

    • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

      Yeah, he may have made a mistep with Alicia ( mostlikey due to the fact that Alicia has had a major sales slump, and her relevancy is slightly slipping)…But it would be nice if you could make engage in the conversation at hand. And not make this about stan wars, and your personal fave not getting validated by f****** @Sam of all people…like really who cares what he thinks, Alicia Keys has platinum records and grammys to her name.

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 29, 2012

        Damn, B had a sales slump, too, and she wasn’t that relevant anymore until she gave birth, yet he keeps praising her.

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 29, 2012

        Don’t worry, it won’t becomea stan war. I’m more a fan than a stan, Alicia doesn’t pay my bills.

      • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

        B. Its just more a pop culture phenomenon thean alicia so she can afford to have a sales dip, and remain relevant. Especially, with the pregnancy thing.

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

        Alicia IS relevant,she’s been touring and hosting charitable events, promoting Jay’s “Empire State of Mind”, producing plays, giving interviews, making TV movies, featuring on songs… I don’tknow where this idea that AK is irrevelant came from.

    • Ugh July 29, 2012

      Why do you always have to mention B?

      • FAFRELOADED July 29, 2012

        Why is Nicki always brought up????????? You f*** are obsessed…

  11. Matthew Charlery-Smith July 29, 2012

    As usual, as has become common on this site, the first people to comment are nearly always ignorant, arrogant and rude! At least there is an opportunity to express our views.

    I think so. I was having this conversation in my head about 3 minutes before I saw the link to this article! The way I look at it, it’s hard for all Black acts to get the support they need to be successful, especially in the UK.

    Let’s look back at some of the main RnB staples in British music. In the 90’s we had Shola Ama, Mark Morrison and Damage. You’d have a hard time saying they were not serious RnB. Let’s not forget Jamelia (who was more Pop) and Beverley Knight who was more Neo-Soul. All of these acts struggled for airplay despite the fact they were putting out REALLY good quality music and were getting Top 10’s. Craig David was the only one who had a good start and that’s probably because he blew up from Garage music and that was everywhere at the time. Cleopatra were more Pop too but I never really heard them on the radio. Mis-Teeq followed Craig David’s pattern and had a successful run, Eternal had been around for ages but seemed to be blacklisted when the only White member, Louise, left.

    Then we start getting these OTHER groups which became very predictable and supported the theory that Black artists wouldn’t be able to do it without a team of white people behind them. Blue, Another Level and All Saints. Despite the fact that these groups tried to do RnB justice it was completely comical the majority of the time. Shaznay COULD NOT RAP and Another Level had songs with TERRIBLE LYRICS in there like:

    “Can I get some of your bomb diggy jelly jelly goody chocolate puddy?”

    What the heck! Is THIS what RnB music became in the hands of people who didn’t know WHAT they were doing!? Please bring back Damage! Blue were almost exactly the same except the fact that Lee Ryan had an amazing voice and saved the group from being laughed off the stage.

    It’s worth noting in BOTH groups the token Black guy was there to front an image of s*** RnB but the lead vocals went to both white members Lee and Dane. All Saints were slightly more Pop but they had some awful productions too…anyone remember “Booty Call”. As I said Shaznay WAS NOT Left-Eye!

    America doesn’t really seem to have this problem. As in the White groups are White and the Black groups are Black. There was no confusion as to the direction of Blackstreet, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, 12, Day 26 and their white counterparts 98 Degrees, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys. Every so often the White groups would do an RnB song but that was expected and they normally sounded good. They didn’t need to drag in a “dark skin brudda wid corn rows” to convince yo uabout their ability to do RnB.

    Anyway, talking about having to deal with fake Black music, does anyone remember the members of UK boy band 5ive trying to rap on Everybody Get Up?Not sure if they were trying to channel the Beastie Boys but sigh….

    End point: The UK has never had an answer to Motown so we will continue to fight for our identity in this market of blonde wigs and no braids!

    • Lax July 29, 2012

      @MATTHEW,,,Great read……. and so true.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith July 29, 2012

        Thanks! I see ur comments sometimes too. U on Twitter?

    • kelly July 29, 2012

      Apart from South Africa and Brazil, THE UK IS THE MOST racist country for blacks to live in. America is the only country is the western world that is OK for blacks to live in. I will only live in America or back home in west africa. NEVER EVER EVER LIVE IN EUROPE / UK AGAIN

      • aynon July 29, 2012

        @kelly – one of the most ridiculous comments i’ve ever read in my life

    • kelly July 29, 2012

      It is even worse in the uk. These are the top selling ‘ black ‘ females in the UK: Emelie Sande, Liane La Havas,Two of 5 memebers of the saturdays’s and girlband stooshe, leona lewis, Rebecca Ferguson. What do these ‘ black’ females have in common? They are all mixed race.

      Then you have Joss stone, duffy, adele, amy winehouse, etta bond, katy be, Rita Ora ( Sam you praise her ahead of a black woman, then have the nerve to write is music industry racist ) Jessie J, Tulisa doing black music.

      • LTM July 29, 2012

        Jessie J, Rita Ora and Tulisa make “black music”?

  12. Peace July 29, 2012

    Check out Afrodisiac by Teni! She’s the new Sade! Hot!!

    • QueenOfTheNavy July 29, 2012

      why do you think posting this video everyday will do anything for her.
      It won’t.

  13. Rosenisqua July 29, 2012

    I really don’t even know where to begin with this purposely ‘comment rousing’ post… but I will try to be brief…

    1.Eminem and Adele are both MAJOR exceptions to the rule.
    2. Who are the most popular Artists in the world right now/have been over the past few years/who this site constantly posts about; Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, Chris Brown, JayZ, Kanye, vs. Adele, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber (currently no other white males)…And maybe Britney Spears.
    3. People who use Jill Scott as a reference…90% of the Worlds population have never heard of her, and didn’t when she first came out either.
    4. The most popular artists are the ones who’s record lables have the most $$$ to spend on radio play/distribution/promotion.

    And a note to ‘There is something unsavory about the way audiences sometimes disproportionately favor white artists making black music’…There are VERY FEW artists who are successful on the world’s stage that can do this.

    • Rosenisqua July 29, 2012

      I left out Nicki Minaj…

    • lol July 29, 2012

      shut the f*** uuuuuuuup wannebe smartass he is right the world is f***** up and i hate muthafucking white ass people there you go i said it !

      • Rosenisqua July 29, 2012

        Hmm…The world is f***** up when someone like you can only respond to my comment in the way you did above…Look at the WORLD around you (not just the USA) instead of believing any old piece of b******* that’s posted on the web, and being a hateful bigot.

    • Lax July 29, 2012

      @Rosenisque So true.

  14. emmi3 July 29, 2012

    off course it does…and white people are more willing to buy cds singles visit tours ..not hating but it just is…black people feel like its not worth spending the money…but once the whole world especially white people Are in to something and they like it , just like adele then suddenly the black people feel like not wanted to be left behind on the trend and so buy…and black people are more caring hate and negatieve people towards artists eitber those black or white…thouh white people are way more patriotic…black dont really appreciate black musicians and thats sad. see the likes of ciara…kelly rowland ..monica..brandy…those could have been way bigger artists instead of a katy perry or taylor swift or demi lavito

    • stony July 29, 2012

      i totally agree with you on that point black people always complaining that white artists sell more because of their skin colors but the tryth is that none of black people support their people if us black people decided to pay the music of our artists not downloading it for free and not hating on them everytime like the white people do for their artists.
      i think we wouldn’t have this issue i dont blame any white person but i only blame my people because of their behaviour towards artists when the music of your brother is good why don’t you buy it if you love him so much ???lets keep it real iam sorry but that’s the way it’ is.point blank

      • That B*tch July 29, 2012

        @ stony
        Have you ever considered that maybe it’s because these black singers aren’t getting airplay on the radio? If you’re not getting airplay on mainstream radio then how will people know you have new material. If people don’t get a chance to hear your new material on the radio then people won’t know it’s out there. So yes, in my opinion race is still very much a factor in the music industry.

      • Lax July 29, 2012

        Cosign EMM13…

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


    • im not throwing shade, but… July 29, 2012

      I disagree with EMMI3 & Stony. Your comments make it sound as if only black people download music, i’m very sure thats not the case, and you’re going to download, you’ll download regardless of the artists colour

  15. Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

    I’m glad that your doing post like this, though i wouldn’t be suprised if it was mostly for hits, because i think people (especially those of color) need to engage more in race issues in today’s climate since so many ignorantly think that we live in a post-racism society.

    Also, why didn’t you address that there is not a lot of representation of ppl of color in the music industry. You seem to mostly make you race related post about Black Women in the music industry, which is valiant, but i think you could go further since your blog caters to a variety of audiences. Some suggestions include the decrease in representation of latin people in pop music after the Latin sensation era ended ( early 2000s with J.lo., Enrique, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Paulina Rubio, etc.)., or the fact that there are not many asian faces seen in the music industry as a whole, and the fact that pop music appropriates many cultures and races yet barely credit their sources or open the door for these authentic cultures they still from.

    • Lax July 29, 2012

      @kINGPHONIX,,,Great read cosign.

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

      When was the last time you picked a p**** up?

      You look horny.

      • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

        P****? Im strictly-dickly…Don’t get mad at me because i enjoy using my mind and exercising my mental capacity.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

        N**** that was so f*****’ @Lax

      • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

        @lax as the mental capacity of an ant, tbh. I don’t think we can be compared.

  16. i’m not throwing shade, but… July 29, 2012

    To be honest TGJ i’m surprised that we are having this conversation yet again on this blog, it might of been a better angle if you had taken it to the streets in various parts of the world (wherever your reporters are) and see what the people say on the streets and then get us readers to respond to that…

    Anyway, i comment again. I think the reason those three artist were mentioned is due to their worldwide major success instead of success in their home country and relative in another.

    I think the bigger picture is in mainstream society this is the case.

    Music and movies are based on acceptance and race doesn’t place a part but complexion does. The 3 women are of light “acceptable complexion” (including Nikki who seems to be lightening her skin) When we see Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria off duty they are paler than there made up versions, for the camera they are given a healthy glow that makes them an accessible/acceptable colour for white people as its an achievable colour from a spray tan or tanning cream (see the UK TOWIE) and a colour that white people can relate to but also keeping them “coloured” enough for their own communities, and easy to market (open to company endorsements allowing company’s to fill there “ethic” quota without really filling anything – ‘m guess based on the fact that they cannot afford Naomi Campbell or Jordan Dunn)

    Now, Mary was mentioned but was considered an R&B artist for a while before she crossed over, Alexandra Burke was on the Xfactor and had weeks to build a foundation that allowed her to become the winner, even though if you remember watching she wasn’t considered the standout until Diane Vickers and a few other were eliminated allowing the judges focus to be more on her and then the public, Jennifer Hudson due to dreamgirls and although she has media attention she hasn’t reached the heights expected. In the movies darker actors and actresses gain acceptance if they play stereotypical roles (see The Help, Precious, The curious case of Benjamin Button) but for anything else… not a chance, and all of them have not had other major roles or managed to elevate their success further…

    There is more but i’m tired of typing

    • Lax July 29, 2012

      Burke has a beautiful sensual voice to me and need to be
      promoted way more then she is, imo…

  17. xedos July 29, 2012

    i’ve been saying this for years. give a black girl adel album and you would not even hear it on the radio much-less wining all those awards. I said people like black things,but only when its done by whites

    • Lax July 29, 2012

      @Xedos so true.

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012


  18. Justafan July 29, 2012

    Of course it does! This has been happening since Elvis was around. Who do you think invested rock n roll, rap, rnb hell, every genre that’s popular today!

    You would have to living in cave not to know this. White people steel black people’s music or are at least influenced by it. If they deny this, they’re in denial.

    • dezi July 29, 2012


    • Lax July 29, 2012

      True and it seem michale had the right concept
      andthing he did he did it better and it sold and besides
      that you can’t make people love you they just do. And
      another thing many of the artist Darn wood head fans do the most damage to their careers, ever with their backward way of thinking. If a at=rtist does bad or good is not even something to fight about because that is why all of the musicians or different and from that giant melting pot of artist and in order to make it you have got to work at it. I admire the way that over the years Beyonce has worked her ass off double tasking and just doing what ever it is that make her happy, tick and get that $$$$$$
      and i am not mad at her it’s just that when others show that they are trying to work hard and make it aganist all odds they seem to hit a brick wall with their art and crafts because they might not be light, bright and dam near white. That is why i admire “Whoopi” she stated that they was always looking for a place to make her fit and she said dam the fit just give me the strip and look at her now dreads and all and the last time i checked she too was a blak woman and speaking of color i know “Grace did not fall back and i know she did a bed room scens with james bond and she was still black in the flick. People of color have got the idea that you have got to look a certain way thaty is why RIHANNA get beat and bashed so bad it’s not that she’s not a belter, she can hold her own she might not even be beyonce but then can beyonce ever be whitney, mariah, tina or jennifer hudson, No but that don’t stop Beyonce from working her ass off and i am hapoy to know that Rihanna do not back back of fall back becsuse she is called every name in the book. Often time i feel that many don’t like it when the artist work their asses off, it’s confusing i remember susan boyle when her album dropped they was saying things to Whitney that seemed and was negative and susan sold her ass off and yes many of her songs was son bu black artist, just amazing to say the least. I see sade who has made a boat load of money and often time it seem she shouyld be even bigger and yes alic ia is doing great and one of her albums sold over 12 million and that isn’t seen to much now a day and time, just saying.
      You can make it if you try!

  19. xedos July 29, 2012

    most of the urban stations were bought up by white media company and turn into top 40 radio. A white artist doing black music will get airplay on top 40 and urban radio,but a black artist doing the same music only get played on urban radio. only 3 black female artist gets the major magazine covers all the time. beyonce , rihanna and alicia and they all light skinned.

  20. TerenceBarber July 29, 2012

    This is the most ridiculous post ever. No one cares about race anymore. The only people still making it an issue are some black people. People of different races are more accepted than they have ever been, yet people like Sam just want something to moan about. Urban music is more popular than it’s ever been.

    • Keisha July 29, 2012

      WTF are you talking about?Urban music is more popular than ever?I don’t hear any RnB o the radio.

    • QueenOfTheNavy July 29, 2012

      Maybe you find the issue of racism an uncomfortable issue, but let’s not be silly. People DO care about race, and skin tone.
      People subscribe to what society tells them is beautiful and in this case, society is the music industry.

      I’m very aware that part of rihanna’s appeal is based in how light her skin is.

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012

        Yees mam even though i stan for rihanna but if she was dark and without those green hazel eyes she would have been unsuccessful

    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012

      Your an idiot terrence!!

  21. Lala July 29, 2012

    Of course.Eminem wouldn’t sell as much,if he was black and Adele wouldn’t sell as much,if she was black.

  22. Lisa July 29, 2012

    Adele would not sell that much if she was black.Look at Jill Scott and Jennifer Hudson.They sing just as good,if not better than her.

    • lol July 29, 2012

      uuuh sorry better 😉

  23. olivia July 29, 2012

    It’s funny how the 3 artist Sam named are all light-skinned.

  24. Viciousss July 29, 2012

    No, and frankly I’m over the whining.

    People need to do the math instead of throwing themselves pity parties.

    Do you know why Adele sold so much? Becaus her music was for EVERYONE.

    There was no cussing, no adult material, no slang, nothing. It was music that you could enjoy whether you were white or black, male or female, young or old.

    Doyou really think someone like Usher who sings about s** in half his songs would appeal the same way? Honestly I’m just over black artists needing an EXCUSE.

    I love Mary J. Blige but she’s been singing the same damn song for 10 years save for some variations. She doesn’t play around with her voice, her sound, different instruments, or videos. Even Byonce’s supposedly ‘so different’ album was just a repeat of previous albums with more emphasis on ‘claiming’ how different it was.

    Black record labels market their acts to urban audiences and appeal to them. R.Kelly or Trey Songz are more likely to be talking about love makin than a rough economy or how it feels to suffer. White artists will do 1 SONG like that and then leave that shot on he table. As a result they’re able to market them to a wider audience and the more attention the more MONEY they can invest.

    If people want black soul to sell then they need to wake the f*** up. Eminem was SO successful because instead of rapping on b******, h*** and cars he rapped that his life sucked, that he was a loser in high school, that he and his ex-wife fought. He APPEALED to the wider audience that didn’t give a f*** about b****** or cars but did have lives that sucked and were fighting with their ex-lives.

    He comes back and does a whole album on RECOVERY which black rapper has done that recently? Exactly

    The rules for success have changed. If you play by the old ones you will see yourself in the same place (dwindling sales and lack of attention) if you get smart and try new things you’ll see tour efforts rewarded. No matter your race.

    • Lax July 29, 2012


    • DIOB July 29, 2012

      @vVICIOUSNESS WRONGGGGGGGG Adeles album was about how her heart was broken because she just broke up with her man. I dont believe that was music for everyone. Race does play a huge part in it. If you gave her album to someone like Melanie Fiona (who I dont care for) and did no publicity came out with 2 singles that album would have been left on the shelves. Adele came out with her 19 album years prior to the release of 21. She was no longer mainstream but she creates a song that everyone thought was soooooo deep (No Pun Intended) and people ate it up. Black artists can’t do that. Say what you want but its true. You can say R&B/Rappers only target the urban audience but If you put Melanie Fiona on a top 40s radio station, She would not get played. its plain and simple.

      • Mely B July 30, 2012

        THANK U @ DIOB!! Keyshia Cole, Melanie, Jill Scott all put out albums that dealt with a break-up which to me is universal no matter if sung by a man or woman – we’ve all been through break-ups. The only thing that makes Adele more “relatable” to some people is the color of her skin.

    • LTM July 29, 2012


  25. Viciousss July 29, 2012

    Also screw the logic of white artists selling better. Got one f****** singer, Adele, who makes money and people act like she’s the whole damn race. Just proves you don’t know how many white soul singers who AREN’T successful right now.

    Joss Stone sure as hell ain’t making bank. Where’s Christina Aguilera on the billboard list compared to Beyonce? Thicke is doing SO much better than Usher, sarcasm.

    What about all the white indie artists that KNOW they’re not gonna go platinum and don’t stress about it? And I don’t mean in 6 months I mean they will NEVER go platinum? A white recording group is cool with that, a black record label will DROP that artist.

    Did you hear of Gotye before this ONE song? Because his album came out last year and no one gave a damn then till one song caught everyone’s attention. You want success, change up your instrument choices, be DIFFERENT. don’t add a trumpet and then go ‘done’ and think you’re now so unique.

    • Lax July 29, 2012


    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


  26. Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens! July 29, 2012

    of course race plays a big rolein the 2000’s …. if justin bieber was black he wouldnt have sold all those records….

  27. YouDoRealize… July 29, 2012

    Hell the f*** yes because 4 & 21 are the damn same album give or take a few songs. And lets be honest Adele is great but we’ve heard her before. Duffy Amy Winehouse, Natasha Beningfield. Whens the last time you heard anyone similar to Beyonce? Adele sings beyonce type songs so the mainstream media look at her like the second coming… Because shes white! Beyonce is praised by artists everywhere but shes looked at as an amazing artist and nothing more. While Adele is selling 22 f****** million copies world wide off of 3-4 good songs. Honest to bob, I fell asleep mid album. Of course I Illegally downloaded that s***.

    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

      I agree.

      If it was 19, I would’ve understood. But 21???

      I don’t think there’s any more than “Lovesong” and “He Won’t Go” could be heard.

      “4” is underrated to a disturbing level. If you could just understand what its songs were all about, musically not lyrically.

      Exactly the same for “Rated R”.

      They only sold around 3M despite being two of the musically best albums ever.

      • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

        Hhhhm…i see you have good musical taste, just a bad attitude towards me.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

        I didn’t show any bad attitude to you.

      • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

        When was the last time you picked a p**** up?

        You look horny.


        Um ok. Maybe im just misinterpreting your words. *side-eye*

  28. UTurn July 29, 2012

    How was Lenny Kravitz so successful?

  29. Um OK July 29, 2012

    Its called the Beyonce-effect Sam. A term many ppl have coined to describe an R&B female’s career after Bey came out in 2003. You saw the fall of many popular R&B females after she blew up (Mya, Ashanti, Brandy, even Mary J got hit before her big 05 comeback) Beyonce changed the way we expected Black female artists to look, sound, and perform altogether.

    • YouDoRealize… July 29, 2012

      You are practically saying Beyonce is the fall of R&B music and black artists in general?

      • Um OK July 29, 2012


    • Mely B July 30, 2012

      It’s actually called “BEYONCE-ITIS” and I saw some hilarious posts about this during her 2003 – 2006 run. While you’re correct that her success shadowed the women you mentioned, there was also a major shake-up in the music industry at that time where all major labels shuttered “boutique” r&b labels, massively fired r&b a&r reps and department heads & seriously curtailed their involvement in r&b music; they also dropped a lot of mediocre r&b acts – (mostly female r&b artists) who until then had gotten by on their looks.

  30. KANDY July 29, 2012

    In all honesty, as a black women who has worked as a marketing executive within the industry, I can honestly say I don’t think it has as big an impact as we are led to believe by blogs such as this. I feel that the question really is, ‘are labels not PUSHING and promoting black artists as much as their white contemporaries?’ as opposed to the race question that you are promoting which is implying that people wont like, or buy a song just because of what the person who’s singing it looks like, which is against all logic. That assumption is ignorant and sloppy journalism. Music is for the ears, not the eyes!

    Simply, the music being released by the majority of the mainstream black artists has been mediocre, for the best part of the last 5 years, the only artists we ever hear about from the black community via the media, or blogs such as these are the already established urban acts who churn out the same mediocre music time and time again. (See: Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Alexandra Burke, Keyshia Cole etc) I’m NOT saying that they’re not talented, because most of them are very talented indeed, but the material they are putting out there just isn’t a great representative of it, with many hopping on the latest trends in order to score a quick hit as opposed to carving out their own legacy and forging new paths.

    It saddens me that quality black music and artists aren’t being promoted/pushed as much as those who are releasing mediocre forgettable music. For example, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Luke James, Cee-Lo, Erykah Badu, Marsha Ambrosius, Fantasia, India Arie, Esperanza Spalding, Corinne Bailey Rae, Kelis (Who in my opinion is one of the most original and creative musicians in the game! She is always ahead of the pack stylistically and musically) These are all artists who release GOOD music! but where is it? Where is the promotion? Where is the support?

    The buying public, the majority aren’t like us, they aren’t aware of all the music out there, they wait until the media tells them that “this is good” or “this is bad” that’s why as soon as Katy Perry releases a single it hits #1 because it’s PROMOTED and PUSHED and people are then introduced to it!

    We need to support our black artists and not drag them down at every opportunity!!!!

    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012

      Yes you too betta preach!! I support my black artist except for beyonce i support all my black artist!!

      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


    • Virtuoso Intellect July 29, 2012

      Well if the media doesnt make us aware of their music what are we supposed to do? Scan thru every tom, d*** and harry’s myspace page in hopes of discovering the next Stevie Wonder ? That’s not our jobs ! If u wanna be a professional recording artist, market your product !

    • DIOB July 29, 2012

      SO I take it someone like Britney spears, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor swift, Lady GaGa are all putting out good music.? I get it now. its because there music is so ground breaking that they sell so many records. ummmm NO have you heard britney s last album??? That is far from good music. Justin Bieber makes s*** music Katy perry is god awful and Taylor swift words dont even need to be said. Lady GaGa is the only one out of those I named I can actually say makes good music . The thing is they are white so they get the promo/advertising. It has nothing to do with how mediocre the music is. TANKs album was FANFUCKINGTASTIC and you saw how much it sold. its not a lack of good music its the truth that record companies want to appeal to the masses and being white appeals to them.

      • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012


        These bubblegum b****** are so f*****’ overrated, and I still don’t know what people find in Kandy-Tits Perry and Just18 Bieber.

        Lady GaGa shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with them.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! July 29, 2012

        ‘@DIOB Dont be hating on Taylor Swift!

        She does make great music, atleast her music isn’t repetitive and has the same beat through out the whole song like a lot of music today

  31. Rihfan July 29, 2012

    No Sam, Kelly didn’t flop cause she’s black but cause she makes horrible music and has no musical identity.

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012


  32. honest July 29, 2012

    If you look at any body from 2003 you will notice that they were all dark. Xtina Britney Beyonce J.Lo and Alicia Keys. Back then in their younger years they all laid on the make up bronzer and spray tan very heavily. You could always tell that wasn’t Beonce’s natural skin color. Beyonce has always been her mothers skin tone. If you look at the pictures of her hands you can see her true color.

    • jill July 29, 2012

      Very true, Beyonce and Alicia Keys had a hard time breaking out. Columbia didn’t believe in Beyonce, she had to work hard to prove herself. Beyonce and Alicia Keys was portraying something they wasn’t. Alicia keys trying to act hood, beyonce caking up bronzer and tanning.

      • Real Talk July 29, 2012

        and getting rhinoplasty, and lacefronts, and contacts.

    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


  33. sonofbaldwin July 29, 2012

    Anyone who knows their music history knows that this isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it was industry practice for executives to have white musicians re-record black artists’ music to appeal to white audiences, or to put white faces on the covers of albums and singles of black artists so that the black artists music would be purchased by white people. The industry felt that its white audience was mostly racist and would only be comfortable with and supportive of black music if it had a white veneer. Many a white artist became HUGELY successful as a result of this practice. And many a white artist was groomed to sing and perform like a black artist, whether that was their inclination or not. And white (and black) folks gobbled it up. From (before) Elvis Presley to (after) Adele, whether conscious or unconscious, the fingerprints are there for anyone to see, but most people don’t want to see–or don’t think it matters.

    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012

      Yes mam you betta preach!!

      • k July 29, 2012

        @SONOFBALDWIN RIGHT ON, and to the people who dislike this are pure dumb

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012


  34. kelly July 29, 2012

    It is even worse in the uk. These are the top selling ‘ black ‘ females in the UK: Emelie Sande, Liane La Havas,Two of 5 memebers of the saturdays’s and girlband stooshe, leona lewis, Rebecca Ferguson. What do these ‘ black’ females have in common? They are all mixed race.

    Then you have Joss stone, duffy, adele, amy winehouse, etta bond, katy be, Rita Ora ( Sam you praise her ahead of a black woman, then have the nerve to write is music industry racist ) Jessie J, Tulisa doing black music.

  35. kelly July 29, 2012


    You have the nerve to make this article, but you tear one of the ONLY black women to have fame, for a dirty white trash peroxide blonde, who thinks she can out DO rihanna because she is white. White supremacy thinking, huh?

    Anyway, black women are certainly out of fashion! In the old days we had Naomi Campbell, Alek wek, Tyra banks, Iman, Whiteny, Gladys knight, aretha, Diana Ross, Mica Paris, Desiree, Jamelia, Sinitta , Whoopi, Nia Long , Brandy, Monica, Mary J , TLC, etc.

    Now – Hollywood – halle, paula patton, zoe saldana, Thandie newton – these are the only black women doing movies – all mixed, yes, Zoe Saldana says she is lebanese latina.

    Music – blonde, light eyed Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicky mInaj

    Fashion – Joan Smalls ( mixed latina ) Jordan Dunn – caramel colored

    UK – NADA! There is not a single black woman of substance in the UK. Even the olympic opening ceremony , they used a black man and a MIXED RACE girls as the love story. Now, that mixed race girl is in demand! There is even a story on her in the daily mail!

    The sad thing is, black dark skin men are still in FASHION, both here and the USA, so why are black women being erased from the picture?

    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


      • Um OK July 29, 2012

        Kelly, I see no lies in everything you stated.



  36. jill July 29, 2012

    This isn’t the first time this happened, it’s always going to be this way. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Madonna, so on etc. Adele album was good but Monica and jill Scott sings better. It starts from the community, white community supports there own, blacks don’t. Look at BET instead of getting people like Jill, Monica, chrisette michele, brandy, Estelle to perform they get Lil Wayne, Rick Ross.

    Besides that their record label isn’t promoting them right. You can’t hate on another artist that is doing good. Just work 10x harder. Monica had a great career performing everywhere, what happened? Her music!!!!

    Chris Brown (who missed up his career), Brandy (had an awesome career), Diana Ross, Jay-Z (he’s successful and dark skin), Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Prince, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, etc I can go on.

    When people have this frame of mind, you always will be behind, stop worrying about other artists and try to make the best music you can. Light skin people can’t help the way they look, get over it.

    What the heck is white music/black music anyways? smh

    • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


      • ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012

        Elvis stole from black underground southern artist

  37. ihadafakepregancy(just like bey) July 29, 2012


  38. YOLO July 29, 2012


    • YOLO July 29, 2012


  39. Benron (F*** you h**) July 29, 2012

    I love my girl Rihanna. But she has admitted at one point what everyone knows all three ladies do. BLEACH! Rihannas appears to be just occasional, if you’ve seen unfaithful you know just how light she is. But Some of Rihanna’s fans will actually argue she is not black. And once Nicki Minaj and Beyonce stop making gimmicky singles then they will flop super hard.

    Infact Beyonce singles already stopped being gimmicky and look where that got them on the charts *views 4 era*.

    • WATCH YO’ MOUFF July 29, 2012

      I just don’t know what do 1.29$-singles do for your SOULS Rihanna Nazy members.

      Anyway, *views 4 era*


      She’s got a commercially successful album that reached a sales’ mark that MANY MANY “relevant, non-washed up” Top10 / #1 makers are DREAMING of.

      * It was #1 in the U.S. and Worldwide,
      * Was the 10th best selling of 2011,7th best R&B album,
      * Certified Platinum in the U.S.,sold 2.7M worldwide,
      * Won many major awards, and listed as one of the best * Albums of ALL TIME along with ICONIC ALBUMS.

      She’s had 2 Top20 hits on the World Singles Chart, 3 Top5′s on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart (with one of them being a 7-weeks #1), 4 consecutive #1′s on the Hot Dance/Club Play songs chart, and 2 Top20 hits on Billboard Hot100

      She’s had 2 successful concerts,
      One of them was sold on DVD, received Gold + Platinum certifications in the U.S., and was the 2nd best-selling musical DVD in the U.S. and worldwide.

  40. LOURDES July 29, 2012

    Yes it does! Don’t get me wrong, Adele is TALENTED but she isn’t the best thing since sliced bread.

  41. Bam Bam July 29, 2012

    I think yes, because I think its like what Lena Horn said she was light and she could be like the white peoples daydream….She was black without being too black….Look at any video made within the last 5 years name 5 with a leading girl in it that has a girl in it that is light bright and damn near white….or even just white…….Dudes would rather put Becky in there videos than a dark skinned black girl and its sad…..Oh and come on if Jazmine Sullivan and Adele don’t do the same music I dont know who does and one is successful while the other is struggling coincidence…..I think not….

  42. DareToDeal July 29, 2012

    Anyone who knows their music history knows that this isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it was industry practice for executives to have white musicians re-record black artists’ music to appeal to white audiences, or to put white faces on the covers of albums and singles of black artists so that the black artists music would be purchased by white people. The industry felt that its white audience was mostly racist and would only be comfortable with and supportive of black music if it had a white veneer. Many a white artist became HUGELY successful as a result of this practice. And many a white artist was groomed to sing and perform like a black artist, whether that was their inclination or not. And white (and black) folks gobbled it up. From (before) Elvis Presley to (after) Adele, whether conscious or unconscious, the fingerprints are there for anyone to see, but most people don’t want to see–or don’t think it matters.

  43. monstarebel July 29, 2012


  44. stanled July 29, 2012

    First of all, I would like to thank the creators of this site for providing a forum to discuss controversial issues like this! I’ve been saying screaming this from the mountaintops for quite some time!

    Yes! It is harder for a black artist to break into the mainstream than his/her white counterparts! Don’t get me wrong, Adele is a talented vocalist; however, I can name a plethora of black female singers(who released albums around the same time she did) that are vocally superior: Kelly price, jasmine Sullivan, ledisi, Marsha ambrosius, jill scott just to name a few! In addition to black singers, when was the last time we’ve seen an Asian, middle eastern, or any other race than besides white,ascend to pop success?–never! So we can’t relegate this issue as being simply black and white!

    Furthermore, white-washing is taking place in Hollywood as well! Hollywood studios have been casting white actors to tell ethnic stories for years: The last air Bender, prince of Persia, the step up movies(which clearly should have black/Latino leads to make them authentic, etc.! In order for us to overcome this conundrum, minorities of all backgrounds must band together and hold the entertainment industry accountable for these atrocities; otherwise, inequality will continue to exist!

    • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

      If you are who i think you are, I LOVE you and your tumblr….not going to put your name out there, because its some disturbed people on this site that may try to flood your inbox or god knows what because there crazy.

      If this is not who i think it is and you are coping word for word, what someone else has written…you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(UNLIKE RIHANNA) July 29, 2012

        where have you been man? Hope all is well with you.

      • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

        I’ve been researching and stuff, but i’m good.

    • aynon July 29, 2012

      alot of people seem to point out that if eminem and adele were black they wouldnt sell so much, yes that may be so but beyonce wouldnt sell as much if she was white, part of her success is based on the fact that she is the first black woman to do the things she’s done, have a tours gross more than 100 mil, headline glastonbury, have 4 consecutive #1 albums, have a #1 single and #1 album in both the US and the UK at the same time. if Beyonce wasnt black when she debuted in ’03 nothing would have set her apart from Xtina and Britney who were already massive at that point in time.

      if Nicki Minaj was white she wouldn’t sell anything not one record she would have even been signed – people would think she was a joke, does even 1 white successful female rapper spring to mind? not a single one. look at kreayshawn?

      if Rihanna was white she wouldnt sell, because apart from the fact she’s black she doesnt bring anything new to the table that Katy Perry, Britney, GaGa and Ke$ha don’t apart from the fact she is Black.

      If Whitney Houston was white would she have sold as much?
      If Janet Jackson was white would she have sold as much?
      no because the only thing that set them apart from their white competitors (Celine Dione and Madonna) was the fact that they are BLACK.

      being black has massive advantages it means you can sing all kinds of music without people of any race wondering why… I can’t think of one genre apart from alternative and country where black people don’t have the edge.

      most of the most successful right now are BLACK

      Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Usher, Chris Brown,


      Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber

      and if were being picky Eminem hasn’t brought out anything new for almost 3 years now. niether has Ke$ha or Taylor

  45. Girrrl July 29, 2012

    Yes color does play a part. However, I think we need to acknowledge that the quality of R&B music has gone down dramatically. I can pick up 85% of any female R&B artists albums and guess what she’s going to talk about. Same with men. So I think it’s a mixture of race issues, consumers buying records, and material.

  46. Jer July 29, 2012

    This has already been discussed. Blacks are one to talk we dont play any white artists that do soul or r&b music. There have been maybe 5 songs by whites in a decade that had decent if any play in r&b radio. HAD THEY BEEN BLACK woulda been smashes. Where were Amy Winehouse and Adeles songs on the r&b chart. Whites with huge soul songs but ohh theyre white so r&b radio wont play them.

    Had BeYAWNces tired ass sang “Someone Like You” oh my god youd never hear the end of it. LEGENDARY SOUL. SLAYED VOCALS. TRUE SOUL SONGWRITING. We blacks are one to talk. Adele was the ultimate and most recent proof that a fat white b**** can outsing, outsoul , and outsell all black b****** on r&b radio and still not get played. SMH. So Stfu Samantha

    • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

      Girl shut your ass up, why should we give whites “opportunities” when they have everything handed to them on a silver platter. As well none off those whites really care about having black radio play because they feel that a pop market will sell more. So an Adele or Amy Whinehose is perfectly satisfied being label Soul/Pop because that is where there bread and butter is. You have been so brainwashed by whiteness you don’t know up from down. Then again you show your ignorance on a daily bases on this site, so why should anyone be suprised. Its like you refuse to learn anything useful in life other than being a spiteful c***, who seethes at the very mention of Beyonce’s fabolous name.

      • Rosenisqua July 29, 2012

        u r a joke…’Whites handed everything on a silver platter’…While you continue to sit there tapping away on those keys, filled with hate and thinking of everything as black and white, those you hate are living their lives/making their money and trying to move towards a more positive world.

  47. samedametime July 29, 2012

    I think the problem is the lack of quality RnB music and support for quality RnB artists. In the 90’s we had Jodeci, Boyz II Men, SWV, TLC, etc…they all sold millions of albums and had hits….I mean Boyz II Men broke records and had like two albumsdo over 10 million each and they didn’t have to compromise their sound for that kind of success….somethhng happened and now RnB music is suffering…also Arsenio Hall, Video Soul, Martin, etc…TV outlets helped break a lot of RnB music in the 90’s..those outlets are gone or current ones don’t have the impact…Adele deserves her success and respect, she can’t control external factors like race issues or promo. RnB music was Beast once, will it regain it’s stature?

  48. dang July 29, 2012

    Stop complaining about races… it’s about TALENT these days,and luck and pure self-promotion, duh.

  49. TeamBreezy July 29, 2012

    Today’s Pop Music is cultivated by Urban influence … the top writers/producers/composers of the genre are Black and we tend to forget that … we forget who Katy Perry and Britney go to for hot songs

    so this article seems a bit archaic in its message

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      You top comment was spot on! The message in this article however, is “TOTAL TRUTH”!!

  50. emmi3 July 29, 2012

    come on airplay or not i am white..but i am more in to black then i am into white…and as a white i feel i am more supporting the black then the requilar black…
    airplay or not we know the artist are out cd collection is 90%black 10 % white..if yall would buy the records and support..then the airplay wouldnt be an issue.. Instead of blaming start supporting

  51. LTM July 29, 2012

    Its a proven fact that light skinned people are more successful than darker ones. However I don’t think that applies to the Charts. Plenty of dark skin artist have topped the charts. It is more an issue of genre of music. Most black artist choose to do R&B and Hip-hop which doesn’t chart as well as pop music which is mainly sang by whites. If more dark skinned black artist sang pop music we would see more color on top of the Hot 100

    • Kingphoenix July 29, 2012

      B**** you sound so f****** dumb right now, i can’t. LMFAO at your white ass. Why isn’t Kelly Rowland more succeful than a Rihanna or a Kesha or even Katy when she does a pop track when she is a better singer and dancer?

      • Ain’t Playing Witchu July 29, 2012

        Then why isn’t Cassie more successful than Brandy?

        People like to always focus on the examples that support their opinion and not the whole picture.

        Last I checked there are several examples of dark skinned blacks being more successful than lighter skinned.

      • LTM July 29, 2012

        Stupid b****. I’m not even white. Kelly isn’t as successful as them because she hasn’t released any real pop records and the ones she has released had no promo. Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Rihanna perform everywhere promoting their new music. Do you see Kelly performing at the VMAs, AMAs, Billboard awards? Do you see her doing exclusives with MTV? If she had Katy’s management team and released an album with tracks Katy wrote and were produced by Dr.Luke she would slay. But she makes R&B records and as you can see no one supports that anymore. But your an ignorant racist who is stuck in 1950 so I don’t expect you to understand

      • LTM July 29, 2012

        Cassie isn’t more successful than Brandy because Brandy came out at a time when R&B fans actually brought and supported music. People in general brought albums. Cassie came out in the mid 2000s where most albums released by mainstream acts didn’t reach 10million. If big name stars can’t sell 10million, why would one of many new R&B girls be able to? Not to mention Cassie hasnt received even a slim piece of the amount of promo Brandy had. The most Cassie got were bad performances on 106 & Park. Color has nothing to do with it.

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      >No, there are enough Black artists who make Pop music that are still shut out of the “top slots” on the Pop Charts.

      >Pop is no more than a bastardized genre that steals talent from R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Dance, Rock, etc. Those who control Pop music invest a lot of time and money into keeping it alive. These fools have convinced the world that Pop music is the one true RELIGION and all are to worship it!

      • LTM July 30, 2012

        Like who? Name some please. Go through the name of mainstream pop acts and most are WHITE. And they havent convinced the world that Pop music is dominate, the commerical success of pop records have. 4 was the only R&B record to pass 2million copies world wide last year. Hell, even Hip-Hop is doing etter than R&B, something most people thought would never happen. Thats because Hip-Hop has adapted to the new generation while R&B failed to adapt and was left behind on the charts. And since most black artist chose R&B they will be left behind on the charts too.

  52. Suicide Blonde July 29, 2012

    Maybe because the so-called most successful Black female singer wears a blonde wig and wants to be Latina, that’s why all the non-so famous black female singers are all forced to look like her.

  53. Gilberto July 29, 2012

    Just because a black person wears a blonde wig, it doesn’t mean that you want to be white. Asians do this all the time. They do it ’cause they want to stand out out of the crowd. A blonde japanese has a bigger visual impact than a dark-haired one because it is uncommon. That’s why some black people want to have a blonde hair, because it is a striking featuring, it’s different and “edge.” Blonde white girls don’t have this impact because there are other million girls with the same feature.
    I’ve seen Katy Perry and Lady Gaga using blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, red wings. Does it mean that they don’t want to be white? NO! They just want to have an impact. Why do they can do whatever they want with their hairs, but black and asians people can’t?

    • Suicide Blonde July 30, 2012

      Ok….then……the wig is for stand out out of the crowd….but the skin…….is for what………stand out out of the blacks.

      • Mobwife July 30, 2012

        WTH are you moaning about?

        Are there Blacks who have been made to believe the bullsh** lie that white skin is better & prettier than their own beautiful diverse complextion? Sure their are! For the record, we don’t know if Black artists in the music industry are beaching their skin or merely wearing the wrong foundation.

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      And you are right. Chris Brown dyed his hair blonde and it’s a problem yet EVERY MEMBER OF NO DOUBT -Gwen, the INDIAN dude and the 2 white guys – all dyed their hair blonde and no one said a damn thing. Eminem dyes he’s blonde. Brad Pitt dyes his blonde. WHITE PERSON in HOLLYWEIRD & the no-good MUSIC INDUSTRY has dyed their hair from Gaga to Madonna to Britney to Kurt Corban yet no one b*tches and moans about them doing it.


  54. aynon July 30, 2012

    alot of people seem to point out that if eminem and adele were black they wouldnt sell so much, yes that may be so but beyonce wouldnt sell as much if she was white, part of her success is based on the fact that she is the first black woman to do the things she’s done, have a tours gross more than 100 mil, headline glastonbury, have 4 consecutive #1 albums, have a #1 single and #1 album in both the US and the UK at the same time. if Beyonce wasnt black when she debuted in ’03 nothing would have set her apart from Xtina and Britney who were already massive at that point in time.

    if Nicki Minaj was white she wouldn’t sell anything not one record she would have even been signed – people would think she was a joke, does even 1 white successful female rapper spring to mind? not a single one. look at kreayshawn?

    if Rihanna was white she wouldnt sell, because apart from the fact she’s black she doesnt bring anything new to the table that Katy Perry, Britney, GaGa and Ke$ha don’t apart from the fact she is Black.

    If Whitney Houston was white would she have sold as much?
    If Janet Jackson was white would she have sold as much?
    no because the only thing that set them apart from their white competitors (Celine Dione and Madonna) was the fact that they are BLACK.

    being black has massive advantages it means you can sing all kinds of music without people of any race wondering why… I can’t think of one genre apart from alternative and country where black people don’t have the edge.

    most of the most successful right now are BLACK

    Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Usher, Chris Brown,


    Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber

    and if were being picky Eminem hasn’t brought out anything new for almost 3 years now. niether has Ke$ha or Taylor

    • Rosenisqua July 30, 2012


    • Suicide Blonde July 30, 2012

      But Eminem is better than most black rappers.

      • Mobwife July 30, 2012

        That’s a damn lie. All Eminem raps about is BEATING HIS exWIFE KIM & PLOTTING HER MURDER! But when you’re white in America you can do that and be celebrated!

        God Bless America!! LOL 🙂

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

        Em IS good.

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      But Eminem is given the freedom to release music when he wants to pretty much like Adele at this point. Whenever she decides to make music the media will be licking her feet & a** believe that!

      I appreciate your point and can agree on some level but the reality is, BLACK ARTISTS SINGING SOUL MUSIC is not acceptable to mainstream media. Beyonce’s ‘4’ like Chris Brown’s Fortune, are more R&B centered. To maistream media and misguided Blacks, that equals a “FLOP CD”. Why is it when Black artists who can successfully blend sounds that appeal to the masses CHOOSE TO MAKE R&B MUSIC, it becomes a problem? That’s the real question. Why can mainstream accept Adele, Amy Winehouse and others singing SOUL MUSIC but cringe and moan at the thought of BLACK ARTISTS MAKING SOUL MUSIC?

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

        CB and B’s albums you mentioned have nothing in common, but that’s my opinion. Why is Jay Z neglecting Melanie Fiona and promoting Rita instead, when MF is way more talented ? It’s not just the audience, it’s the record execs also.

    • Kingphoenix July 30, 2012

      Beyonce is successful because she is first and foremosttalented and is a beautiful light-skinned girl…she would’t be where she is today if she didn’t appeal to eurocentric elements of beauty. Don’t forget she has a high ratio of white ancestry as well. Plus Beyonce should be more successful than Adele, Britney, Madonna…and so forth and so on because she is more talented than them…but since there white the are able to sell more records and concert tickets where Beyonce should be more dominant. You basically derailed an arguement blaming Beyonce in a context (like many due when it comes to race in the music industry) because of your lack of knowledge in the argument you engaged in.

      • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

        Then Alicia should be more successful because she got more talent than B, right ? Whatever.

      • aynon July 31, 2012

        i quite literally have no idea what you are talking about. we’re talking about race and the music industry not talent.

    • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012


      “Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Usher, Chris Brown,


      Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber”

      Most of those Blacks have talent, unlike those Whites you just metioned, asides from Em, LG, and TS I guess, I don’t follow her work.

      • aynon July 31, 2012

        in fairness Kesha is a very talented songwriter and so is Katy Perry

  55. Mobwife July 30, 2012

    I do think that the CONTROLLED MEDIA & MUSIC INDUSTRY has skewed our opinion of BLACK SUCCESS in music. These entities have “starved the BLACK MUSIC scene of media publicity pretty much as it has done JAZZ over the past 15 – 20 years. JAZZ was always a major form of music that was highly influential. Now you can barely find a JAZZ station on your FM or even your AM dial anymore.

    All attention has been given to POP & COUNTRY then Hip Hop. Every other form of music receives scraps for media attention. Cass in point, American Music Awards gving Usher the 2011 Best R&B male Award NOT ON STAGE where hey announced everyone elses awards but quietly OFF CAMERA!

    The MTV VMAs deciding to ex it’s R&B Video Music Award category 2 yrs ago. The Grammy cutting several category mainly effecting R&B Artists. While some ill-informed BLACKS were busy putting their own ppl down saying who did or did not deserve an award. R&B is one of the few extremely diverse genres in music. You simply cannot group all R&B artists under one Umbrella *Rihanna voice*

    RACE MATTERS IN THE MEDIA & MUSIC INDUSTRY! They dog out BLACK ARTSIST until they turn to drugs and alcohol. They ABUSE BLACK ARTSIST AT ANY AGE while constantl coddingly white artists and covering up their many flaws. See Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and now 23-yr-old Chris Brown(they will not be happy until this kid is dead). DAMN Shame, we will be saying the same bulsh** lines about supporting & loving our artists once they are dead!

  56. Drinks July 30, 2012

    Your skin color plays a Big part In your career that’s true! Don’t sit the and act like it don’t its ALWAYS the white people that say it don’t It does

  57. 7easts July 30, 2012

    I think Jay-Z should make a song blasting the fact that R&B artists constantly making pop music, just like he did for that auto- tune BS. If he does, i guarantee you that these so call artist would stop making pop music. I blame Usher for this.

    • Mobwife July 30, 2012

      Who The F*ck is JAY Z?
      >He needs to make a song blasting himself for his many many many years of ABUSING WOMEN physically and mentally!
      >He needs to make a song blasting himself for the many years of calling men “F******”.
      >He needs to blast himself for SELLING DRUGS TO CHILDREN!


    • aishaaguilerakeys July 30, 2012

      The same Jay Z who favors Rita Ora over Melanie Fiona. Sure.

  58. ILOVEKELLY July 30, 2012

    Check out Kelly Rowland..she should be bigger then she is..her music quality, voice, dance moves and persona are so much better then Rihanna, Kesha, Katy, and alot more but she takes a back seat to no talent..But you can make a argument because alot of the top artist are either white or light ,look at jlo, beyonce, adele, rihanna, Nicki, brittney, mariah but no one could have denied Whitney because her voice was a miracle black skin person is really dominating but you can also blame the black people to they don’t like support there black artist only bootleg

    • aynon July 31, 2012

      Kelly Rowland would be a lot bigger if Matthew Knowles hadnt been her manager for most of her career

      • ILOVEKELLY August 1, 2012

        i aint want blame him but i think so as well..i think he set beyonce up for success but not the rest that’s how i feel.. It didnt start when they went solo it started when they started DC

  59. Matthew Charlery-Smith July 31, 2012

    Let’s also mention how Jessie J won 4 MOBO’s for her work! RnB? Yeah sure! For those free of a Caribbean post code her use of patois in “Do It Like A Dude” song was very incorrect! Saying, “We can do it like da man dem suga,” is actually saying we can do it like women, as “man dem suga” translates as “men’s sweethearts” which would be the ladies! It was a terrible song, an even worse butch lesbian-esque video and a poor representation of her real talent. He rmusic may have a slight Urban edge but that would be expected with a woman with her kind of voice. I don’t see much “Urban” about “Laughing Now”, “Domino” and “Laserlight”. Let’s just call her “Pop Fresh” coz all the music she’s doing is current sounding.

  60. Shawn August 1, 2012

    YES for sure . artists like Jill Scott, Keyshia Cole , Brandy , Kelly Rowland , & Monica are examples of african american singers who are highly underated and have wonderful albums . many critics are racists and hurtful to certain artists if their not all about POP MUSIC . The reason why artists like BEYONCE,RIHANNA,& NICKIMINAJ have more sucess is because they connect more to a non african american base as well as african americans also. they switch there style up from time to time to satisfy the critics or white audience for more sales while the others stick to their muisc. even tho some non black artists get TOO MUCH LOVE .. ( ADELE, LADY GAGA , BEIBER ) but i am a BEYONCE, RIHANNA , & NICKI fan as well as anybody else but race is a huge issue on music right now. people need to realize this aint the 90’s anymore . and you gotta be on your grind to make it poppin in this new era of music ( especially pop ) . but at the end of the day MUSIC is MUSIC and artists dont get all the respect they deserve .

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  62. biggdogg February 23, 2013

    of all the comments i heard i have to agree with the blogger who blogged about that rb music suck now. it has noting to do with skin color. pre 1996 rb had a certain vibe that was irresistable to the mainstream public. take swv for example “weak” reached #1 “right here” reached #2 “im so into you” reached #6 all on the hot 100. so you you have three women. 2 out of 3 of them is deep brownskinned and the lightskinned one does not look MIXED. there album “its about time” was in the top 10 for about 8 weeks on the billbolard 200. now you know how 3 REGULAR lookin black girls were able to chart high its called talent. same goes for janet jackson whose brownskinned “rythm nation” was the number one selling album of 1990. whitney houston brownskinned 7 straight # 1 singles on the hot 100. en vouge 3 out of 4 of them brownskinned their single “hold on” shot to number one on the hot 100. the point im tryin to make is when beyonce the oversexualize w**** came on the scene all of a sujdden you had to be lightskinned and mixed race looking. plain and simple beyonce ruined black culture. and this is coming from a 29yr old man

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