New Song : Pink – ‘The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive’

Published: Thursday 26th Jul 2012 by David

After debuting its snippet online last week, today saw Pink unveil the full version of her new song’The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive’.

Curious to see just how good it sounds?

Listen below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. My hip, my back July 26, 2012

    The king is dead but beyonce is alive indeed.

    Nonetheless, I enjoyed this track by P!NK.. its different

    • oh pLZ July 26, 2012

      lol00L….That’s why PINK cant stand her a*** and she aint scared to say it nor back it up in concert!!!! haha sit down Bey will go down in history as the Queen of FAKE!!! bahawaaa

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 27, 2012

        Obviously you dont follow Pink on twitter.

  2. hello July 26, 2012

    I love the song

  3. JER July 26, 2012

    more of the same. Could easily have been on any of her last 3 albums. Where’s the growth?

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare July 26, 2012

      I agree. I like Pink a lot she but really has become one note.

      • theman July 26, 2012

        Pink is a very versatile artist.

  4. Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens! July 26, 2012

    song is cool… but its a typical song pink will sing

  5. yeyay July 26, 2012

    if it ain’t broke don’t break it…Pink is her own genre of music….so this songs works….

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 27, 2012

      Pop rock is not her own genre as much as i love Pink. Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert heck Katy Perry (just excuse the dumb lyrics) are all on that boat.

  6. UTurn July 26, 2012

    #Fail @ tgj. How can we see what it sounds like?

  7. Slayty Perry July 26, 2012

    If it ain’t broke don’t break it <—- the mindset of a true basic b****. People are over her doing the same s*** in a new year. It may be a hit on the radio but I don't see it generating into sales

    • Beyhive July 26, 2012

      and this is coming from a shitty berry fan, the irony.

      • k July 26, 2012

        and this is coming from a shitt Beyhive fan the seconded irony. i can’t

  8. Honestly Speaking July 26, 2012

    Honestly I find this song to be 10x better than Blow Me (One Last Kiss). I love how it still sounds very much like a Pink song but it also sounds new and fresh which is probably due to the subject matter. This should have been the lead single instead of a b-side.

  9. Benron (F*** you h**) July 26, 2012

    Awful. Couldn’t get throguh one minute.

  10. monstarebel July 26, 2012

    hated it! pink do better I’m routing for u 🙂

  11. Kingdom Gaga July 26, 2012

    I was expecting an awesome song, but this exceeded my expectations! Pink’s done it again!

  12. MonsterDNA July 27, 2012

    This song is a b-side but sounds f*ckin’ great ! Blow Me (One Last Kiss) isn’t that epic. I can’t wait ’til she reveals her next album. She’s in her own genre, and i like it like it.

  13. KD July 27, 2012

    Pink hasn’t really done it for me ever since Missunderstood. I wish she would get over herself and work with Linda again because this poppy s*** is not for me. #Annoying

  14. CG Girl July 27, 2012

    I’m not fond of this song. It doesn’t sound good. i DON’T feel any angry emotion that she is singing through her lyrics (too much screaming) and I think she is a little influenced by Lady Gaga single “The Queen” off her Born This Way album.

  15. Saetana July 27, 2012

    Oh this is so much better than Blow Me – more rock and less pop, great song ;o)

  16. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 27, 2012

    Not saying it sounds bad, but it´s always the same. Her fans are the ones that have to like it, not me, so it will work for her I supposse

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