New Video : Jennifer Lopez – ‘Goin In ( Ft Flo Rida)’

Published: Wednesday 25th Jul 2012 by David

Say hey to the latest video by Jennifer Lopez, ‘Goin In‘.

Assisted by ‘Low‘ MC Flo Rida, the neon stained clip comes in  aid of ‘Step Up : Revolution’ and Lopez’ world tour, which recently saw her wow fans in Toronto.

Video below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. T-Bizzle July 25, 2012

    A lil underwheming!
    I was exectin 2 c my wifey throw it down… it started off w/ her bustin moves, but then it was gone. I needed 2 c more of her dancin, and less of her posing. Y could she not have danced w/ the group durin da 2nd verse?

  2. johnnys504 July 25, 2012

    well…at least she looks good.

  3. Emi July 25, 2012

    is not the video Of The Year
    but The Video Looks Great!
    GO JLO

  4. DANCE! July 25, 2012

    I loved it!!!!! I thought it was fresh and new for her and I loved the colors! Made me like the song a little more! Btw SAM should post the video from her birthday party on the yacht rapping to Jay Z and dancing with Mary J Blige! They are always at events together!

  5. nickalus Randle July 25, 2012

    real cute video, i liked the song as well…

  6. Cloz4 July 25, 2012

    Only matter of time befor beyonce swagger jacks this look / style no matter she could never have body/face like jlo

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 25, 2012

      When you’ve bern named most desirable woman of the decade and billboard’s most successful woman of the decade, the last thing you’d want is a 45 yo woman’s body esp when said woman is a pitiful flop who’s career is hanging by a reality tv thread

      • jesse lopez July 26, 2012

        gurl gone! “43” and still got a better banging body then bey so why wouldn’t she want it?? when was the last time you seen beyonce’s abs????? or where her belly ends and hips begin or that fthat matter!

      • Virtuoso Intellect July 26, 2012

        Why does it matter the last timei saw her abs? She’s a musician not a model. Something u j-lo fans probably dunno about since she’s clearly marketed for her body/looks not her talent.

      • Christobal26 July 26, 2012

        Uhhhh you do know that JLo was awarded the Most Beautiful Woman in the world the year before Beyonce right? And you do know that JLo was as hyped up as much as Beyonce during her prime and started flopping on her fourth album…. Just like Bey. And that Bey’s entire career is taken from JLo’s blueprint, but was just smarter about it and obviously a better vocalist. But all the movies, music, fashion, scents, even the look with the light hair and making curvy women what was hot in hollywood was all JLo. And btw JLo never had to lie about song credits or swagger jack other artists to get where she is!

      • Maria July 26, 2012

        You guys couldn’t have said it better…. I’ve been saying this for so long…. Beyonce is such an imitiation! Everything JLo was made famous for she took it and tried to make it her own… She’s become a mix of every single artist out there. Jlo cannot be compared to anyone, she is in a league of her own… Yes she may not have as powerful of a voice as Beyonce, but she is an amazing performer, and has been consistent since the first time she appeared on tv. In reference to the video, (which is what these comments should only ever be about) would have loved to see more dancing.. But she looks as stunning as always.

      • Cloz4 July 26, 2012

        LOL dont get made because beyonce’s NOSE is fake, her Hair is fake, and she’s probly balled LMAO. Her breast are fake, swagger jacks Artist from Ashanti,Britney, shakira,Mariah,kylie M, expecially J-LO. She even said she wishes she was latina LOL, Beyonce lies so much we dont even no if shes 31 or 38 like gabriel union said i went to school with her LOL, lets not get started on that fake baby bump LMAO. Bey just swagger jacks but got the mula to bump up the look. Listen to her interviews she cant even articulate / and is very robotic hella boring. J-Lo s*** woman in the world People mag, very confident, speaking and being her self, natural s** appeal, charming and doesnt try to b another race LMAO Ps J-lo worth 110 Million look it up on google. How u DoiN lmao!

      • jesse lopez July 28, 2012

        @vituoso you are the one that said why would beyonce want JLO’s body…and i am telling you that if beyonce wanted abs and a waist she would love JLO’s body hunty!

        she woulnd’t need hips made into her outfits…uh *”boom”*

    • mona July 25, 2012

      I was thinking the same thing lol

      • kelly July 26, 2012

        Finally! I knew this from day one. Beyonce whole solo career ripped of JLO’s blueprint: Glowing skin, long blonde hair, booty, curvy body, singing, dancing, movies, fashion, deals etc. Anyway, JLO cannot sing, but she is one heck of a performer and dancer. She is ageless too. She has sold 50 million records making her one of the biggest selling music acts in history. Benny medina done right by JLO. I prefer JLO music to the likes of Rita Ora , Azalie banks and all these wack newcomes who will not be around this time next year.

  7. Jer July 25, 2012

    I love me some j.lo but they actually really need to turn the autotune up a click on this one

  8. jesse lopez July 26, 2012

    not what i expected but it’s for a movie soundtrack so it was cute and all….but can we get to THAT BODY!?! I mean got damn 43 never looked so muthafucking good!! she was so toned up. all i saw was abs and ass!!

    • OZ July 26, 2012

      Thats her stunt double with the abs and doing most if not all the dancing….JLo and britney be using stunt doubles in music video to do the most simple chreo…..I dont knw why people compare JLo to Beyonce when she cant sing and she barely dance anymore….sad

      • OZ July 26, 2012

        and the double is a guy ! hahaha

      • Christobal26 July 26, 2012

        You are an idiot! Bey could never have JLo’s body, not when JLo first started and definetely not now! She looks AMAZING! Her body is even better now than it was then. Even when Bey tones up her abs always look weird to me. Don’t compare Britney to JLo please. JLo still has the energy and can put on an amazing show!

      • Maria July 26, 2012

        lol dude, she used a stunt double in one video- Follow the leader, and that was only because the video involved her jumping off of buildings and doing back flips… She’s not bionic woman, of course she would use a stunt double.. And if Britney used a double that’s because she was injured, pointless comments, of course that is her body.

      • jesse lopez July 28, 2012

        Only A fool or a blind fool would say that she is using a body double when we can clearly see her face on the body. and to say it is a man is even more ridiculous!

  9. HauteHottness July 26, 2012

    *sips Piping Hot Skinny Venti Caramel Vanilla Latte* but where is the budget for this video tho?

  10. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 26, 2012

    If it wasn´t cos we are seeing her in the video, I honestly wouldn´t know if this is a JLo song, a Britney one, a Black Eyed Peas one or a Rihanna one. Such a generic mess

  11. paul July 26, 2012

    I expected more dancing. Seriously, my expectation was so high that I’d say this sucked.

  12. JlosBabyBoy July 26, 2012


  13. number1k9 July 26, 2012

    She looks amazing! ! !

    Love how the video was not super pricey, but didn’t look super cheap or boring! W2G on that J.Lo.

    Still too bad they didn’t just release to song as a single now. I really hated how they ended “Dance Again” ‘s chart run by semi releasing this in late May 🙁
    “Dance Again” could have been a Top 10 U.S. hit easy!

    • mido July 27, 2012

      Totallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 100%

  14. lordmir July 26, 2012

    the song sucks and that b***, no thanks. But the video is ok!

  15. kelly July 26, 2012

    JLO has one of the best bodies in Showbiz. She has the best booty. Beyonce, is not curvy, just fat. JLO IS THE KILLER CURVE QUUEN

  16. JohnnyBlaze82 July 26, 2012

    I can picture myself goin in HAM mode in spin class to this song, other than that…..the video I could not finish watching cause I have better things to do but she looks amazing.

  17. Bey Fan July 26, 2012

    Ppl kill me saying Beyonce used Jlo blue print…. WTF?

    What singer hasn’t dove into acting and fashion???

    Beyonce started off singing in a girl group and became a solo success…

    Jlo started off dancing and acting…..

    Jlo’s music career didn’t start until 1999….. destiny’s child was on album #2.

    And Bey was rocking braids first, so do we say Jlo was copying Bey on her Love Dont Cost A Thing vide???? No sounds dumb as fukk, right?

    Damn you h*** cant even enjoy a Jlo video without bringing up the QUEEN, but I understand, Bey is irresistible….

    • mido July 27, 2012

      F*** OFF . Where is beyonce now ? IDIOT

  18. mido July 27, 2012

    simply amazin . should be nominated for video of the year . omg look at that body now this is what i call hotness . Go MAMA nobody can doi it like you

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