Eve: “There’s Nothing Not To Like About Nicki Minaj”

Published: Monday 20th Aug 2012 by David

Following their collaboration of Ludacris‘ ‘My Chick Bad’ remix in 2009, Rappers Eve and Nicki Minaj seemed to keep a respectable distance of sorts- with one having very little to say about the other.

Prompting reports that the ‘Flashbacks Of A Fool’ actress wasn’t too keen on the Pepsi front woman, this week saw her dispel claims she had a problem with her- praising her during an interview with the folks over at Fuse.

Watch below…

‘My Chick Bad’ Official Remix:

That’s interesting.

For, we could have sworn it was this same Eve who took to Women Of Hip Hop earlier this year to empathize with those who did have a problem with Minaj.

Perhaps with a new LP on the way and all too aware of the industry’s bias against ‘seasoned’ Femcees, Eve‘s change of heart is more calculated than even we’d like to admit.

Calculated, in a bid to capitalize on the hype she didn’t seem too interested in when ‘fronting that chum chummy‘ with fellow veteran/ long time Minaj detractor Lil Kim.

Anyway, since many are of the opinion the return of Eve, Kim and the rest will serve to silence Nicki’s aforementioned hype, we can’t wait to see how their albums fare if  when they hit the shelves….or their local bargain bin.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. RG2 August 20, 2012

    Eve still looks good, I Think her and Missy should come back those two were my favorite female rappers from the 90’s. If I had to choose my favorite female MC’s of today I would have to say Nicki MInaj & Azealia Banks

  2. Viciousss August 20, 2012

    I just love Eve. She really made a lot of amazing ground back when she was in the public eye a lot. Glad she likes Nicki.

    At the end of the day you should only have beef with someone if they’ve done something to you. Having beef because you don’t like someone’s style is lame.

    Folks need to realize you can’t listen to one person on repeat forever. I like to be able to switch from Missy to Eve to Lil Kim to Nicki to whoever else and not think only one person has to be the definition of female rap.

  3. August 20, 2012

    Shade at iggy azealea. Tbh she’s the only other relevant upcomer there is, along side azealia banks. Diamond who? :s

    • pocketbook princess August 20, 2012

      There may be a a lot of upcoming artist but no one has truly restored faith in female rap at it’s essence. I want to heAr consecutive hip hop music, not one pop then a r&b mix, then some complete rap. If the men can still do it so can the females. No matter what, Nicki sold out. Yes she is paid. But is she happy walking around dressed like a clown with 1000 pounds of too damn light makeup, contact lenses. Fury blankets stuck to her scalp. Rihanna can’t even deal with it and she’s being carefree. Nicki is a gimmick.

      • FAF August 20, 2012

        Eve said she don’t like Iggy…

  4. IT’S TEAM LIL KIM BITCHHHHHH August 20, 2012


  5. mimi August 20, 2012

    Exactly! People who don’t like Nicki are dickriders!

    • Lisa August 20, 2012

      People who like Nicki are dickriders.Nicki haven’t had a good verse since that monster song.

      • FAF August 20, 2012


    • Blackgal August 20, 2012

      im not a fan of nicki minaj, does that make me a dickrider,

      • CHILE PLEASE!! August 21, 2012

        Wait a min…..@ MIMI….are you sure your’re saying your comment right??? It makes no sense at all. So I guess I’m a dickrider then because I hate Nicki Garbage.

  6. Monstarebel August 20, 2012


  7. Marcos O’liva August 20, 2012

    im confused i thought eve was on lil kim side. ether way im happy she like nicki. the females in the industry need to stick together and stop the cat fights. put up a united front. that way they can take over a male dominated industry. im all about woman impowerment. i love to see a woman doing her thing.

  8. nicko August 20, 2012

    What eve said was lil’ bit disrespectful “ppl want me not to like her, .. she’s created a lane, she’s living in it …why not” .. smh, Nicki is a SUPERSTAR, u lil whores are just famous in the U.S . please respect the Queen Nicki Minaj !! btw , Nicki’s verse on “my chick bad” is the BEST !! these stupid rap b****** cant f*** with Nicki!

    • Lea August 20, 2012

      Nicki aint the Queen of sh*t,but wack music.

      • FAF August 20, 2012


    • Blackgal August 20, 2012

      now if your talking about marketing wise your right b/c her and her team is taking the opportunities that are presented. the other female rappers lack that and creativity b/c they would rather follow the trend that they created decades ago.

    • quetta August 21, 2012

      Her verse was NOT the best!

  9. DOSSOME August 20, 2012

    So is she releasing new music or not?I can’t with these female rappers of yesteryears only showing up to comment on Nicki Minaj when their butts should be in the studios recording new material…UGH.Eve,Kim,Foxy and Trina are not even 10 years older than Nicki yet they act like they were really SLAYING the charts during TINA TURNER & ARETHA ERA…

  10. nicko August 20, 2012

    wtf I just said ??? LMAOOO … bye

  11. Shaytan August 20, 2012

    What does this post have to do with Kim? Nothing! Like 98% of your post you always mention Kim. Your A Fan!

  12. the real xoxo August 20, 2012

    i dont like nicki because her rhymes are wack, her flow is awful and she comes across as a fake person.

    • FAF August 20, 2012


      • Trini_Minaj August 20, 2012

        She bad, they mad. They will stay mad! Lol

  13. olivia August 20, 2012

    Eve just being politically correct.She doesn’t care for Nicki.She just doesn’t want to be label as a hater.

  14. FAF August 20, 2012

    Eve is a neutral b****… bottomline, kim may try to divide ppl from Nicki, but they have no reason not to like her. Matter fact, Kim & Nicki have posed together on numerous occasions. That’s what makes this beef stupid. It’s all to stir up controversy b/c Kim is mad that Cash Money didn’t sign her. She needs to take that up w/ Birdman, not Nicki…PERIOD.

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) August 21, 2012

      Simple b****! She a flop just like YOU, u F**!!

  15. aishaaguilerakeys August 20, 2012

    “Perhaps with a new LP on the way and all too aware of the industry’s bias against ‘seasoned’ Femcees, Eve‘s change of heart is more calculated than even we’d like to admit.” I agree, however
    “Anyway, since many are of the opinion the return of Eve, Kim and the rest will serve to silence Nicki’s aforementioned hype,” I don’t think one’s success should lead to the other’s downfall. There are lots of successful male rappers in the game, I hope it can be the same for female rappers.

  16. Trini_Minaj August 20, 2012

    Evee is a fake ass ho, she was throwing shade at Nicki not long ago. But she’s a smart woman, she knows she won’t get the support of fans by hating so she turning the other cheek. What a fake biatch!

  17. Arie August 21, 2012

    As long as you guys still look to Billboard for validation on who is a better MC female Hip Hop will remain dead.

  18. Arie August 21, 2012

    I remember when Queen Latifah came out with UNITY she frowned upon being called the B word, now you have fools parading around and celebrating being called that as if its some badge of honour.

  19. Arie August 21, 2012

    Eve is only doing what all the other artists are doing in the industry to stay relevant, Why do you think every other artist has Beyonce or Jayz”s name on their interviews. Example 1. Every interview Lil Kim has she gets asked about Nicki but how many interviews have you seen Nicki being asked about Kim?
    2. Every other male Rapper gets asked a question or 2 about Jayz, when was the last time you heard an interviewer ask Jayz about other artists?

  20. It’s ME August 21, 2012

    I LOVE EVE!!! She is one of the few artists that don’t get caught up in all the beef BS. And whoever wrote this, stop trying to start some catty ISH. Just because she empathized with the women that had issues with Nicki, doesn’t mean she does not like Nicki. Do you even know what empathize means. It means she can identify with what they are feeling or going through, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like Nicki. She even said “People want me to hate on her but I haven’t got anything to say about her. I wouldn’t have a problem putting her on a record- I try to be nice.I know a lot of people are mad at her.” She kept it real then, just like she kept it real now. Honestly, she is the only real successful woman from hip hop’s past. Not because of album sales, but because she stays paid doing other things and not getting caught up in the BS that Kim and Foxy did. These new comers can learn a lot from her.

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