That Grape Juice Interviews Rita Ora

Published: Thursday 16th Aug 2012 by Sam

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Three consecutive number ones.

It’s a feat many an established act could only fantasize about, yet it’s an achievement Roc Nation star Rita Ora is on the brink of realizing with new single ‘How We Do (Party)’.

Four months on from our last chat, That Grape Juice caught up with the 21 year old, who readily dished on her forthcoming album ‘ORA’, its US incarnation, controlling her brand, and much more. Enjoy.

Editors Note: Once wrapped, Ora revealed that she will be spending an ample amount of time working the project Stateside. So, US fans…look out for that! In the meanwhile, ‘Ora’ hits UK stores on August 27th.

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{ Photo Credit: Seye Isikalu / That Grape Juice}

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  1. Honestly Speaking August 16, 2012

    Well, it’s nice that after all of your hyping up this flop Rihanna wannabe that she finally relented and gave y’all an interview. Maybe we can hear less about her now because she isn’t going anywhere outside of the UK.

    • Ayo August 16, 2012

      Not that I disagree this site does over hype her, but this is actually the second interrview she has done with them. Oops : (

      • Honestly Speaking August 16, 2012

        No, this is her first interview with the site. If you’re referring to the previous post about this Q&A; it was also about this interview and was essentially just promo for the actual footage. How about you get off my comment section if you haven’t even taken the time to make yourself informed about the subject at hand before leaving a comment. Goodbye.

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        Exactly. She has already done it already.

  2. Lax August 16, 2012

    Wellllllll, It’s clear that this chick is another one
    of “That Grape’s Fave’s” Therefore it’s safe to
    say that Rihanna is going to keep catching hell
    and it’s all great because the Promo’s that RIHANNA
    gets from this wonderful site is beyond Amazing, and
    the navy love it all right on. We are clear about who the
    stars are here and we love that too, keep up the great work
    Rita to get even close to where RIHANNA is and what she have
    Accomplished in less then several years in the game, DEERY yo
    ass is going to have to “Kick It In Gear”!!!!!!!! And besides that you
    are going to need more then this site to help push your Agenda, Deery!!!!!

    • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

      Rihanna could never compare to Rita’s talent and beauty… She not as gorgeous as Azealia but she beautiful!!!!

      • truth(THEREALISTUBITCH) August 17, 2012

        Azealia??!!! *blank stare*

  3. JJFan1814 August 16, 2012

    I’m not here for ‘Not Rihanna’!!!!

    It’s funny how Sam and TGJ flip-flops when it comes to success. Bragging about her UK #1s when she doesn’t even have a top 40 hit in the U.S.!!!!

    I can’t.

    • WHD2012 August 16, 2012

      Your hatred is so tragic. Believe me, I know for a fact that Roc reads this site and all you’re doing is proving people care about her.

      GO ON RITA! We’ll prove the haters wrong soon enough.

      • W**** August 19, 2012

        F*** OFF C***~


  4. Hi5 August 16, 2012

    I can’t wait for the TGJ interview with Rihanna. I won’t hold my breathe though but I’ll surely appreciate it when and if it happens. Sorry but I’ll have to pass up listening to this interview :).

  5. Gees August 16, 2012

    She looks cute

    • I’M BACK August 19, 2012



  6. ENOUGH ONIKA August 16, 2012

    On a serious note, I felt kinda bad for her watching this interview (the two minutes I could stand). Like she read TGJ comments before she got interviewed and it f*cked her up or something. I felt depressed just watching her. I can’t even go in on her…. BUT that whole “I don’t like lying” statement…two words..Rob Kardashian…

    • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

      Be Shute to pick up Azealia’s new album when it jits stores!!!!

      • I’M BACK August 19, 2012



  7. Hi5 August 16, 2012

    Where’s my comment? Oh well I’ll try again.
    Can’t wait for TGJ interview with Rihanna if and when it happens I will surely appreciate it. Won’t hold my breathe though. Sorry but I’ll pass up on viewing this interview. 🙂

  8. TY August 16, 2012


  9. HOTSTUFF August 16, 2012

    lmao what a flop she is! how whack, an interview with that grape s*** ….

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 16, 2012

      I really feel bad for her…#NoShade


    *cringes* when he mention rihanna’s name. that b**** is always on his mind huh, lmao sam you’re dam mess.
    i find funny how you keep shoving this girl down our throats yet theirs so many other BLACK up and coming singers you can cover on but no you rather post about this water down whitey every split second, talk about white supremacy.

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      And this is the same black man that said the music industry is racist, yet he tears apart a black woman at the top of her game ( rih ) and hypes up a white girl.

      And you wonder why the black community is a f*** up all over the world? We are the most self destructive race – we hate each other and worship white skin.



      • what August 16, 2012

        he tears her down because she is a s*** singer masquerading as someone with talent, that’s all.


        black girls with more talent….

      • mel August 16, 2012

        oh you’re jelly lol no one is going ask you what to do so hush already

      • MadameBey August 16, 2012

        Kelly shut your mouth. Aren’t you the one who said black brits weren’t attractive in another thread? You were! So please, save your hatred for Rita and invest it in getting Rihanna a number one album.

  11. Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 16, 2012

    Rita clearly came here and read this foolery, she may make bad music but she isn’t an idiot (I mean how else would she convince Jay to give her those millions of dollars she will never return) and was waiting for this interview to get a turn for the worst. Pitting her aainst a girl she has no problems with (Rihanna) or all Sam’s queen drama. Hes lucky she showed up.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 16, 2012

      Samantha is lucky. I don’t care for Rita musically and from what I’ve seen posted on TGJ maybe personally as well, but TGJ really made a lot of people turn away from Rita with the constant comparisons and shade just to start stan wars. Rita should’ve surprised Samantha’s queen ass and went f*ckin ham on that b****, right on camera too and post that sh*t right to WSHH. I would’ve instantly been a fan regardless of anything else.

      • Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 16, 2012

        Me two, I would fly all the way to the U.K. just to buy a whole bunch of copies of “ORA” so she gets that number one

  12. kelly August 16, 2012

    Rita Stans are really Rihanna haters. Case in point: On a rita post, on Rita stan ( slim s***) said Rihanna is a talentless w**** and def jam hate her and she can survive without them. It even said that Rihanna CANNOT FIRE ROC Nation because no other music manager would want her.

    Look at the the craziness! These no names sitting on a blog are dictating who will or will not sign Rih, that is how much sheer hatred they have for Rih being the TOP GIRL, that is why they have turned to Rita, in the hopes she will take Rih out the game. People do not like seeing a black girl on top. And yes, Beyo0nce is jealous that a younger, sexier hotter , edgier black girl gets more press than her. Who would of thought a black girl challenging Beyonce?

    Rita has been out since Feb – that is 6 months – She has taken Rih’s shine or become a global pop force. When Rita gets dropped, it be the biggest laugh this year.

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      has not taken

    • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 16, 2012

      Kelly you fail to realize that Rita has ONLY been out 6 months, you said it yourself. Who knows what will happen with her career in the future. Rihanna didn’t really become relevant until GGGB even though she had two #1’s before that. I swear I remember when Rihanna first came out and when I seen the Pon De Replay video, I thought she was going to be a one hit wonder and look where she is now…you never know. If she can find her own identity and release the right songs I think she can become successful in the U.S.

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        They never hype Rih as a big star, she had to fight for sos and umbrella. Rita has been hyped up to take over and 6 months later and all this PR and she is basic, only known in the UK. Also, Rihanna was known during SOS, unfaithful days, I remember on TRL and having a deal with Cilnique and signing some nike deal. Still, Rih was not forced down our throat they way Rita has. Rih, in all due fairness was not given the best resources or stylist. Rita has been given millions – they have even given three years to make an LP, Rih put an LP a year after she was signed.

        That is why I know, Rita will get dropped. She has had to many years, to many millions and tooooooooo much hypes and YET SHE IS NOT SETTING THE WORLD ALIGHT. She does not even have the biggest selling song in the UK, that is Goyte. She is a rap. She will be dropped.

      • FAF August 16, 2012

        EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! That Jay-Z feature is what made Rihanna famous

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        Find her own identity ? Well, she better stop trying to do high fashion like Rihanna.

        With right songs she can make it in America? For f*** sake, she has worked with the A lsit from the USA: Drake, esther dean, makeba riddick, The runners, Madame buttons, Will I am, The dream, Bruno mars, stargate ( who are THEE biggest producers right now )

        I mean, if working with all these people cannot give u a hit – time for a new career. HOW WE DO tanked in America, yet is had Rita’s so called amazing voice, the Runners production and madame buttons songwriting and it flopped so bad? SHE IS A FLOP!

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        Carley rae jepson has only just come out and had the number song ALL OVER THE GLOBE.

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        That jay z feature? It europe, they cut his version of umbrella and Crazy in love on radio. JAY z only got known in Europe because he married beyonce and had umbrella – HE HAS NEVER HAD A EUROPEAN NUMBER 1 WITHOUT RIH OR BEYONCE AND RIH HAS MURDERED HIM IN RECORD SALES. lol lol she only 24, while he is 50. No wonder he is mad.

      • Lax August 16, 2012

        In 2009, she appeared on the B**’s Eurovision: Your Country Needs You where she auditioned to be the British contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.[1] Later in 2009, she signed to Roc Nation. Ora is of Kosovar Albanian ethnicity. Ora possesses a mezzo-soprano vocal range.

      • LTM August 16, 2012

        Rihanna did not have to fight for Umbrella or S.O.S, stop lying. They were given to LA Reid. He only had to fight to keep them because Britney and others wanted it.

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        Rihanna told a magazine that she had to fight for SOS and umbrella and I believe her over your broke ass.

    • Kelly you are a Pathetic Troll August 18, 2012

      Kelly , you are pathetic and you need a life. You sound so obsessed. My God, so what if her label puts millions of dollars into her career,? What does that have to do with you? How much money did you invest in this blog? Right NONE, so who are you to tell the owner what to post? FOH! Rita is an investment to ROC/Jay Z and like all business’ investments are a gamble. They gambled on Rihanna and it worked. You are so hell bent on this woman failing! Be careful your not the one who will fail at life! Rihanna does not know you and I’m pretty sure she gives 0 f**** you spend your life on this blog defending her and wishing another person to fail. Quit spewing hate on this woman. You are the epitome of a hater!

      • SickandtiredofKelly’srants August 22, 2012

        Thank you that was needed eto be said.

  13. Nubian Queen Sista Soul August 16, 2012

    Well…first I will comment on her Old women hair cut, without HER HAIR it is proven that she is not attractive, she looks old and tired. Talk about self obsession, through out the whole interview all she did was babble…she has no communication skills. You talk about your album being called Ora on the basis of time , but you contradicted that comment by mentioning that you didn’t have time to put all the songs you wanted on the original version of your album WHAT A JOKE. I will spend my time and money on people who actually have talent, not waste of space artists like Rita who self obsessive and get by on their looks….

    Peace out One love

    • RocTheLife August 16, 2012

      Very easy to judge look with the benefit of being behind a computer screen. Upload your photo so we can be just as judgemental.
      Then again, save it I’m sure your face is pukeworthy

      • I’M BACK August 19, 2012



  14. Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 16, 2012

    Im sorry but I nearly JUMPED OFF A CLIFF when he said hwo we do would be number one. IN WHAT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD? This is the most BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING interview evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she is sitting so uncomfortably and answering your idiotic questions, pooor RITA!

    • The Real Rita Slays August 16, 2012

      Its expected to debut at #1 in the U.K, making history as her 3rd consecutive #1

  15. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

    F*** Rihanna’s Rita I so much more talented than that industry h** bag…. When Azealia’s album comes out you b****** WILL BOW( including Rihanna)

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 16, 2012

      Lil girl go suck on azealia’s condom plzzzz cuz ur just a waste of space in this post.

      • FAF August 16, 2012


      • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

        I would die to suck on the queens condom!!!!!

    • JER August 16, 2012

      What the f*** is Iggy Azaelia Banks? Sounds like a DAMN flower in my garden.

  16. WOLVERINEGIRLS August 16, 2012

    Roc Nation is not the right Label for Rita
    They Dont invest care in their Acts, throwing money behind a person is one thing
    but Roc Nation is a fairly exploitative operation
    I think Rita needs to be with an independent label
    Let Rita be Rita, stop trying to turn her into other people
    They are putting huge expectations on Rita and if she can’t meet them the Label will continue while Rita is left to one side
    The Industry needs a new Barry Gordy type of figure that will look after the Acts
    In fact the industry needs a completely new start with a different Attitude

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      ROC nation has been more than generous with her. It is her fault she is a flop. They gave her THREE YEARS, HYPE, Millions – even the clothing and multiple styling budget has run into million. This bish is already rocking Hermes bags and cartier / rolex jewels.

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      She should get dropped and ROC nation should be closed down by Sony. Enough of trying to make a fool of the public. Even Rih and the spice girls ( talent or not ) had to work to become stars – they just walk around thinking we HAVE to make them stars or else

      • WOLVERINEGIRLS August 16, 2012

        The mistake they are making is Rihanna was taken to by the public, they really made her successful, and Roc Nation’s Marketing is not helping Rita because they are trying to tell people they are going to like her, instead of letting her fan base grow by itself. I Agree Roc Nation has had it’s day, I Don’t like their management style.

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        You are right. Sony will pull the plug on Roc nation. Bet Jay Z missed Damon Dash now…..

        Sadly, Bridget kelly and Alexis Jordan will not even have a chance to put and LP out.

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      You have made very good points. You look at this from a business angle versus the normal juvenile post. People seem to forget that music is business – if you do not make money / profit of perform , you get fired, like EVERY job.

      In that clip, Rita said they are making ANOTHER video for ROC the life ( that is the song ) to burden the American market. Even making an LP for the american market – which is the most important. AMERICANS CANNOT BE FORCED to like an act – no matter how talented or driven. Ask Take that and Oasis and they have sheer talent in terms on songwriting and vocals. I miss the old days on the music industry, remember when you have to ROCK TRL to be a bonafied hit? NOW THEY are all on twitter begging and tryna force u but uploading a million songs, videos, collabo’s etc.

      Quality, not quantity. I agree with what you say.

      The sad thing about this, was when I saw Roc nation on twitter begging Americans to buy RIP to get it in the itunes top 20 by the end of the day. It ended up at 71.

      • Wolverine Girls August 16, 2012

        Thank you Kelly
        That’s why things are bad in the music industry, and why sales are Declining, the people aren’t being allowed to choose as much who becomes successful it’s being Decided by youtube plays, which can be manipulated, and how much money is being spent on them, instead of the people buying the Record of people they like, and making that person a success, because of how many people support that particular act, even the Talent shows with the manipulation of the phone votes, with enough money anyone can top the charts, but it’s meaningless if it was done through the label spending their way to that position, instead of through people being really interested in that act.

      • Wolverine Girls August 16, 2012

        The Best hype comes from the public, and you cant
        buy that

      • SickandtiredofKelly’srants August 22, 2012

        Kelly you are so desparate to Rita fail I doubt you will get your wish. She is going to blow up you mark muy words.

    • Britishbutnotproud August 18, 2012

      Best post – couldn’t agree more.

  17. IOTA August 16, 2012

    It’s good to see that she’s hungry! A lot of artists these days seem to lack that motivation. However, I still am yet to check for her. The album is just…how do i say it sucks in a nice way?

  18. Beyonce 4ever August 16, 2012

    She’s so hot. I want to sit on her face. Maybe when she tastes me, she’ll learn what to do with that voice

  19. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 16, 2012

    I really like Rita’s voice & I wish her much success with the album. I don’t think this particular album is for me but I will definitely continue to watch where her music goes in the future b/c she is quite talented.

  20. kelly August 16, 2012

    Can someone tell me why Rita Ora was being hyped up as being this huge superstar? I mean 6 months into her career, where is the superstardom?

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      I thought Rita Ora was gonna come out and explode like Britney and Lady Gaga / spice girls – I mean that is how bad she was hyped up.

      Well, 6 months into Britney’s career, she already was the most famous woman on the planet; had the biggest selling song for a t*** woman and had one of the biggest selling in HISTORY.

    • LTM August 16, 2012

      My god you are pressed. Leave her alone. Was Rihanna an over night success? No. But look at where she is now. Rita has only released 2 singles now. Neither were released world wide so its harder for her to blow up on one song.

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        Shut the f*** up b****, Rih never blew up from day one, because no one put this amount of time and money in the early Rih, in the way they have Rita. Had they had done that for Rih, Tieraa Marie – they all would of blown. Luckily for Rih she had star quality. Rita has none – good voice or not.

        RIP has been released worldwide – it flopped. How we do was relased in Canada and USA – Flopped and it is struggling in Europe, only the UK buy her music.

        Hot right now – released globally – flopped. ALL HER SONGS FLOP OUTSIDE OF THE UK. AT LEAST RIH’S SONGS ARE GLOBAL HITS.

      • JER August 16, 2012

        Rihanna wasn’t hyped until her second album and “S.O.S” Def Jam spent a whopping $2 on the “Pon De Replay” video meanwhile the song SMASHED at radio and was held off #1 by the LEGENDARY “We Belong Together”

  21. The Real Rita Slays August 16, 2012

    I liked the interview. Rita clearly has the drive to be big, and she certainly has the talent. She just needs to make the right moves

    • I’M BACK August 19, 2012

      YEAH NO.


  22. LTM August 16, 2012

    I liked the interview and Im starting to like her. She seems nice and has a great voice. Its great that shes doing well in the U.K but she isnt going anywhere in U.S with the lack luster promo Roc Nation is giving her. I dont consider attention from blogs as promo. And her GMA performance was useless. The people who listen to that music are teens and young adults (think high school and college). GMA is watched by middle age white women who arent going to buy a song that says party and b******* in it. A performance on SNL or a late night show would have been more effective IMO. Anyways, I hope she does well. Sad that people want to pit her against Rih when they have nothing against each other

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 16, 2012

      “Sad that people want to pit her against Rih when they have nothing against each other.”

      Exactly! I enjoy both of them for totally different reasons.

      & also I agree with you about an SNL performance. That is a great idea.

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      You only get SNL when you are Alist. That includes the actors who come on. Who the hell is she too be on SNL? Does she have the biggest selling song in America? Does she have a hot movie out? No, she some basic rihanna clone from a foreign country. GMA is force a list stars – it is the biggest morning show. She could of gone on BET 106 – but she has never had a video on the countdown because she is wack. And Roc nation have promoted her in America: showcases, cartier shows; radio tour around america in every state – even when to Canada – vibe magazine, glamour magazine, compex magazine, Rob Karadshian thing, Z100 with jay z himself – that more tha any new act SHE IS A FLOP!

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        She has performed in the top Vegas nightclubs TWICE ! Now she is meant to be on the biggest show in America? This is America sweetie, we only have A listers on our shows.

  23. kelly August 16, 2012

    By the looks of the global itunes chart, Taylor swifT is on course to have a MONSTER HIT. SHE IS NUMBER ONE ALL OVER THE WORLD. She could have a huge 2012 best seller on her hands. HA HA HA SAM, I just checked billboard, Where you been iS STILL IN THE AMERICAN TOP 10.


  24. RitasKiss August 16, 2012

    I LOVE HER. She’s so sweet.

  25. kelly August 16, 2012

    Sam and Rita stans,

    You are so bitter. Rih is number 10 in America, she has the number one LP in the UK, her fashion tv show has just aired in the UK. Where have you been is still high on the European chart and Rita Ora’s how we do and RIP both crashed and burned on the European chart very rapidly – even though she supported coldplay on their european tour, performed on france’s top music show and had showcases in Germany and Switzerland, as well as attending cannes film festival, so don’t you dare try and say she has no promo. She has had too much.

    • kelly August 16, 2012

      In fact, Rihanna has two songs in the European top 40. LOL LOL LOL LOL try wit me now, Rita stans. I ready for ya. Hating on Rih, and yet she owns the music industry.

  26. Cranberry August 16, 2012

    Can y’all spring for a DECENT microphone? Like… s***.

    • JER August 16, 2012

      You better go in!!!!

  27. Ok August 16, 2012

    Rita seems like a nice enough gal, but I don’t see her making it big outside the UK, and especially not in America. Maybe I’m wrong, but for now, I’ll stick with my gut feeling.

    Furthermore, all the “promo” in the world can’t force the general public–i.e. the NON-FANS/STANS–to take to her, as people have already mentioned in posts before mine. Yes, PROMOTION can and does help sometimes, but if the PRODUCT being sold doesn’t appeal to the casual listener–whether it’s that person’s look, sound, and/or personality–well…you can push, and push, and push, but in the end, all you’re doing is wasting time and money on an individual who just doesn’t click with people outside of his/her fanbase.

  28. monstarebel August 16, 2012


    • I’M BACK August 19, 2012



  29. BLUE August 16, 2012

    It’s funny how navy hated on her ur stupid R**** didn’t have a UK NUMBER HITS UNTIL GOOD GIRL HONE BAD RITA S SMASHING UK ON HER FIRST ALBUM WELL DINE RITA RIHANNA SUCKS UNTIL jay z stepped with umbrella that’s when R**** became revelant in the UK

    • Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 16, 2012

      Does Rita have a hit without a feature? Oh.

      • kelly August 16, 2012

        No. She does not have a hit without a feature, nor does she give an interview without mentioning others. Why she does this? She has nothing to offer, so she is trying to make a career swagger jacking rihanna and talking about all the so called celebs she is friends with. Let see who will be the first celeb to call her when she gets dropped.

  30. MC August 16, 2012

    wow this girl gives them interviews every 2 seconds!

    • I’M BACK August 19, 2012



  31. DA TRUTH TELLA B****** August 16, 2012

    She’s cute and seems down to earth. She just needs her HIT and then the U.S. will love her. She just needs her “Crazy in Love” or “Umbrella” or “We Belong Together”

    • keith tightness August 18, 2012

      If she does get that kind of hit she will be a one hit wonder #FACT

      The song would be big because of the song itself not Rita meaning anyone could have sang it and it would have been a hit.

      Rihannas star quality is responsible for why she has so many number ones. Had another artist sang her songs I guarantee you they would not have been as successful as Rihanna made them.

      Umbrella was offered to Mary J Blige but only Rihanna could have smashed it.

      Lots of artists have had a massive single and never heard of again. You need star quality to make it in this business or it wont work.

    • I’M BACK August 19, 2012



  32. JER August 16, 2012

    Is this the “She” you’ve been hyping for weeks? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This ho can stay on the flop side of the pond, meanwhile all my faves will continue to smash internationally and we WON’T be bothered.

  33. ENOUGH ONIKA August 16, 2012


    • MC August 16, 2012

      I know! this is the 4th f****** time….shm

      • JER August 16, 2012


      • JP August 17, 2012

        Brandy didn’t push back the album…RCA pushed back the album four times. Big difference! #knowdat!

  34. me August 16, 2012

    i think she is nice girl….didnt even bother watch the interview- but a lot of people hate her because of sam’s pathetic comparisons.
    by the way sam, ur life is sad and i wonder what is missing in ur life that u make a career over hating some people and tearing them apart, the people u dont even know.
    i have a feeling u went thru some rejection or hate in ur childhood that makes u a bitter and pathetic blogger u are. maybe get some help because tearing other ppl apart wont help. bringing someone down wont lift you up

  35. me August 16, 2012

    i think she is nice girl….didnt even bother watch the interview- but a lot of people hate her because of sam’s pathetic comparisons.
    by the way sam, ur life is sad and i wonder what is missing in ur life that u make a career over hating some people and tearing them apart, the people u dont even know.
    i have a feeling u went thru some rejection or hate in ur childhood that makes u a bitter and pathetic blogger u are. maybe get some help because tearing other ppl apart wont help. bringing someone down wont lift you up
    shame maybe u went thru something like azealia’s

  36. Just4themusic August 16, 2012

    First of, I am not a stan of anyone I like most artists! Even though I am a teenager, I can see when an artist is driven. I like Rihanna and I like Rita. Everytime I read a post about Rita, it always involves Rih. I am pissed of with that. No one here is psychic no one here can say where any artist will be in a number of years. To show my support for an up and coming artist. I recently pre ordered ORA. So people keep a level head and dont shoot anyone down until you have proof. BTW I know I have pissed of most of you here by posting this but please grow up!

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 16, 2012

      I really appreciate your positivity. TGJ is an overwhelmingly negative space & it’s good to see a young music fan respond to a new artist with such a level head.

  37. Mrkareemruiz August 16, 2012

    Overrated trash.

  38. Tera August 16, 2012

    Omg. People like to compare SUCESS but BUT TALENT but this is with ALL artists! I mean call me maybe was number 1 4 however long but that doesn’t make her a better singer that Melanie Fiona does it? Look at talent NOT talent. I mean go in blog sites and reviews about rih they all start with ” rihanna isn’t no Whitney at singing or micheal at performing but…” LIKE WTF and they ALL say that so that tells u something n then u have to have debates if she can sing and PROOF videos on YouTube that she can sing if your talented and really a great singer there’s no question. I never really c anybody say Rita can’t sing cause she CAN and I’m not saying Rihanna can’t sing it’s just people over hype her like she really really is the BEST and she’s not ugh but more success does not equal more talent . Am I right?

  39. Tera August 16, 2012

    Omg. People like to compare SUCESS but NOT TALENT but this is with ALL artists! I mean call me maybe was number 1 4 however long but that doesn’t make her a better singer that Melanie Fiona does it? Look at talent NOT success. I mean go in blog sites and reviews about rih they all start with ” rihanna isn’t no Whitney at singing or micheal at performing but…” LIKE WTF and they ALL say that so that tells u something n then u have to have debates if she can sing and PROOF videos on YouTube that she can sing if your talented and really a great singer there’s no question. I never really c anybody say Rita can’t sing cause she CAN and I’m not saying Rihanna can’t sing it’s just people over hype her like she really really is the BEST and she’s not ugh but more success does not equal more talent . Am I right?

    • Stans Make Me LOL August 17, 2012

      You’re right 🙂

  40. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 17, 2012

    I guess I’m the ONLY American who likes “Party & B*******.”

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 17, 2012

      “How We Do” that is.

    • LTM August 17, 2012

      It was ok. RIP is way better. I hope it performs better too

  41. Miguel August 17, 2012

    Three #1’s in the UK,
    A Flop anywhere else

    Seems not even the overhyping from blogs and tabloid rags, the expensive couture they’ve given her to wear, or the calculated comparisons with Rihanna can get people to like her music across the world. Sorry, try again!

  42. MRB August 17, 2012

    She is a flop and until she receives a #1 in the USA she will never be hot!!! The USA is the only place that matters as far as #1s!!!

  43. JP August 17, 2012

    She should replace everyone on her management team and creative development teams…

    she is boring
    her music is boring
    everything about her seems manufactured
    her look is very cliche and boring

    and whose idea was it to throw her in photos with random celebrities that nobody cares about? she has no identity and there are so many more appealing new and old artist who aren’t getting half as much attention as she is…which makes her even more off putting because she has done nothing to deserve all the exposure she is getting.

    she does appear to have talent, but it’s not being crafted in a way that’s conducive to a successful career in the music industry

  44. Quetta August 17, 2012

    That wasn’t a bad interview and I love that pic of her.

  45. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 17, 2012

    I like her but she’s NOTHING compared to queen Azealia

    • I’M BACK August 19, 2012



  46. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 17, 2012

    I like her but she’s NOTHING compared to queen Azealia!!!! Who’s hit single 212 BROKE RECORDS!!!!!!

  47. Queen Brit Brit August 17, 2012

    I love her! I hope RIP does well over here. Even if she flops in America shes slaying in the UK

  48. kelly August 17, 2012

    Aww poor thing, Rita is so desperate to make it, the old h** is selling stories about f****** Bruno Mars to media WHILE HE WAS IN A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP. And they have never to call rih a h**? NO RIH IS NO H** – SHE DATES MEN WHO ARE SINGLE. RITA IS BRAGGING TO MEDIA ABOUT SOMONE ELSE’S MAN.

    WELL, BRUNO mars ex girlfriend did say, Bruno kicked her ass to the curb because she smelt and had bad breath. You know those types of girls? F*** for tracks and PR. but do have hygiene.

    • kelly August 17, 2012


  49. LOURDES August 18, 2012

    I wish TGJ would stop shoving this girl down our throats. She’s not that great of a singer and her music isn’t memorable…. I’m not a fan…

  50. I’M BACK August 19, 2012

    Shes a f****** flop and she needs to leave that Rihanna look to Rihanna. B**** can’t even break into the USA and she thinks she’s the s*** lol


  51. MattK August 19, 2012

    She is great!

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