Rihanna Breaks UK Chart Record

Published: Monday 13th Aug 2012 by Sam

As reported yesterday, Rihanna‘s latest LP ‘Talk That Talk’ staged a remarkable rebound to #1 on the Official UK Album Chart – 38 weeks after first topping the tally.

However, in the absence of promotion or activity surrounding any of the set’s singles, many scratched their heads as to how the album achieved the feat.

With a bit of investigative work, we’ve uncovered the answer. Read on for the Lipton…

A peruse of the biggest UK retailers revealed that the ‘We Found Love’ led set has been discounted by almost 70% in the last week. Peep how much the album has been selling for at supermarket giants Tesco and Sainsbury’s over the last 10 days:

The promotion, which saw the set sell through a paltry 10,000 copies, earns the album the honour of being the the lowest-selling #1 LP in UK history. “Majah”.

Being the fair and unbias site we are, it’s important to give kudos where they’re due . For, whatever the price point or # of copies sold, ‘Talk That Talk’ is the week’s top-selling album – factually speaking.

Yet, it’s equally imperative to underline the fact that such a “rebound” is little more than clever PR. Indeed, as Ms. Fenty’s seven year career has shown, she’s far from the “album seller” her “status” calls for. Hence, this cost-cutting exercise is likely little more than an effective means of shifting unsold copies of the album that were shipped out (on mass) in hopes she’d finally sell like a Beyonce.

The public aren’t stupid; the recession might be rife, yet if given reason enough to buy one’s album – full price – they will. Hence, until team RiRi realize that back-to-back albums and creative emptiness don’t yield sales (or respect), they’ll be forced to employ tactics such as this to continue “manufacturing” her megastar status.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax August 13, 2012

    Regardless to how Rih’s Music her singles, albums and downloads
    got there just know that she is one artist among countless others who
    are working her ass off to keep her bills paid!

    • warren August 13, 2012

      Lowest SELLING album lol. She should have gave them away LMAO

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        warren but at least shes still selling proving that she can
        sell albums.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Rihanna was the excutive producer
        on her album and she worked with a group
        of different people.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        @jwq this is one case that will be followed closely because
        we all know who some of the players are who have been
        with Rihanna since day One, coughs* cough* call no name
        bear no blame cough*.

      • BLUE August 13, 2012

        We all know rihanna sucks

    • truth tea August 13, 2012

      working her ass off? doing what? writing? composing? producing? she does none of these. she doesnt even dance. i give her props for going back at #1, but she has f*** all to do with her music

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        It matters a dam if she sold them for five cent they still sold.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Rihanna’s ex-accountants just fired back at the R&B singer’s lawsuit against them, claiming the MILLIONS RiRi says she lost was her own fault and they had SQUAT to do with it.

        If you recall … RiRi sued her former accounting firm — Berdon LLP — claiming they mismanaged her dough and failed to inform her that her 2009 “Last Girl on Earth” tour was losing cash.

        The singer also alleged, the accounting firm took an above standard commission from her … at a whopping 22%.

        In legal docs … Berdon strikes back, claiming any accusations of shoddy accounting and money mismanagement are BS … they add that the commission they took was signed off on by RiRi in an engagement letter that gave them permission to do so.
        The accountants are adamant … it was RiRi’s “own financial action or inaction” or the actions of others working for her that caused her to lose MILLIONS … not them.
        Berdon LLP is asking that RiRi be awarded ZILCH from the suit. A judge has yet to rule.

        This is going to be very dam interesting to hear/see how
        this plays out.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Rihanna taxes will be something else for the hive
        to try and claw their way to the glory land over with
        all of their CHILISH name calling and acting up
        over Rihannas career Climb.
        The hive and Rihanna’s haters who seem to get bigger
        as Rih’s career climbs up bigger and stronger.

      • karen August 13, 2012

        Love Rihanna & Chris Brown. I hope that when Rihanna did that interview she laid the real story of 2009. We all need closure. To me seems like the media as well as Oprah won’t let them be. Look a Chad & Evelyn, the media alledged that Chad gave Evelyn a concussion. But Chad saying that Evelyn gave him a head b***. All the men she been with say that she fight them.

        Selling her album for $3.00 the rest of the cost will come out her money to make up the difference of the album sales. So the only thing Rihanna is gaining is numbers on the UK chart.

    • barbie August 13, 2012

      @LAX, the navy is more dumb than the queen herself. When we, haters, were telling yall that she wasn’t making money yall were throwing her famous numbers at us. None of you saw what we saw and we were proven right, ust look at ther lawsuit. Some day, yall will catch up to the knowledeg that we al l possess, that your queen has no talent, her reality show simply has her name slapped on, the albums sales are rigged the whole thing is smokes and mirrors. I wish I were wrong but I am not. And some day, yall will come to terms.

  2. HOTSTUFF August 13, 2012

    THAT RIHANNA REIGN JUST WON’T LET UP! TGJ should thank RIhanna, cause when her career is over, this site is over! They are way too up her ass & Rihanna makes most of their Hit articles ….

    • LET EM KNOW August 13, 2012

      So we just goen forget about Gaga selling her s*** for 99 cent

      • HOTSTUFF August 13, 2012

        ON the first week* lmao

      • Vegas Girl August 13, 2012

        Rihanna did the same thing with Rated R though, the exact same thing. Just had to point that out.

    • karen August 13, 2012

      GaGa sold her album for .99 cents. Do you know what that means? She used her money and paid the full price to the label which means she bought her own s***.

      • Saetana August 14, 2012

        Don’t be a f****** idiot – get your facts right! AMAZON sold the album for 99c, THEY paid the full wholesale amount (whatever that is) for ALL those albums and chose to sell them at a loss to help launch their cloud music service. Gaga had nothing to do with it, nobody in their right mind would sell a new album for 99c, maybe one that has been out a while but not in the first week of release. Some people really believe any ill-informed opinon they read on the internet, I give up!

  3. RIHNATION’S BLOG August 13, 2012

    LMAO!!! Samantha girl I can’t with you today!!! You are one pressed queen that has the biggest obsession with Rihanna! Regardless how you look at it, she is #1 B****!! A lot of other Top artist CD’s have been on sale as well…Even your FAV!

  4. Lax August 13, 2012

    Rihanna might not ever do anything like beyonce does, but
    as long as she is INSPIRED by some one like beyonce she
    will forever be making some kind of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    in the entertainment industry.
    Remember that no matter how Rihanna’s career goes from
    now on, just know that what is for rih if for her and the devil
    in hell can’t keep Rihanna from claiming what’s rightfully Her’s!

    • Sleazy August 13, 2012

      And unfortunately you don’t see any of those $$$$$ you stan for her like she pays your rent or something You seriously need a life cus I can guarantee you that your name gonna be every where on this post in 5. 4 . 3 . 2 . 1

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        @Seazy=scum bag, hood/getto rat.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        This….Michael Jackson…
        As the world continues to mourn the loss of a great artist, the Guiness World Record book remembers Michael Jackson instead as the king of charity.

        The Millenium issuelisted the music legendunder Most Charities Supported By A Pop Star, with a staggering 39 international organizationsincluding theMake-A-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Those are only the known ones however, as Jackson was also prone to giving away impulsively and anonymously.

        Jackson had been known to hand over theproceeds from concerts to local charities and hospitals ashe didwith the History tour in Bombay, or donate personal items for auction to organisations like UNESCO. Its been estimated hemay have given up to $500 million to charity in his lifetime.

  5. Sleazy August 13, 2012

    Compared to her singles Rihanna albums seals are VERY weak….. Like her stans would say She is the biggest pop star 3mil (TTT) is weak for “the biggest pop star” she is the biggest “Pop single seller” I guess But that’s what she is a single seller the female flo rida but just shifts more….. So much for star power hey

    • Gilberto August 13, 2012

      Katy Perry is the biggest “pop single seller”. She sold like 30 million singles only in US during Teenage Dream era.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Rihanna has sold over 20 million in the UK,
        Rih has a #1 for five years in a consecutive row
        which haven’t bee done since elvis did it years
        “Take a Bow”(2008)
        “Run This Town”(2009)
        “Only Girl (In The World)”(2010)
        “What’s My Name?”(2011)
        “We Found Love”(2011)

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Rihanna keep right on Winning, stay pressed.

    • Sleazy August 13, 2012

      LAX is so dumb all he can talk bout is rihanna #1s THAT’S ALL and Her money (he never sees) lmao You just proved my point to why I rihanna nothing but a singles artist her albums are lacking 3mil? Damn that’s okay for a new comer or someone that has fallen off But for someone who just scored 1 of the biggest singles “WFL” that’s weak af

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Sleazy Me talking about number 1’s is just to let
        yo scum bag know that 10 percent of something
        is always BETTER then 100% of nothing, Boo, Boo.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Sleazy it’s always about who did the most, then if that be the case, and yo ass want to talk number then compare Rihanna;s digital sales, her over 20 million sales in the Uk along, and her over a hundred singles sales and over twenty million albums sales and counting….
        Sleazy what do you and the bey hive and rihanna’s haters
        want rihanna to do now “Walk On Water”!!!!!!!

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Sleazy you and that fake Blue thinks just alike to me.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Sleazy beyonce is Rihanna’s Inspiration,
        and guess what beyonce is to Rita…

        Beyonce Knowles is Rita Ora’s ”superwoman,” because of how iconic she is as a figure, and how she juggles motherhood and her career

        Rita cites the singer as her number one influence, and can’t believe she has gone from her humble roots in England to getting one-on-one advice from her.

  6. RIHNATION’S BLOG August 13, 2012


    • FAF August 13, 2012


  7. Sleazy August 13, 2012

    Beyonce and Rihanna have the most yes (site won’t be over lol) Ciara (post also has alota comments) Rita etc so This site won’t be over lol

    • HOTSTUFF August 13, 2012

      rita is always mentioned with Rihanna and a post with ciara comes up every century whereas Rihanna comes up every f****** day and even twice a day!

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Sleazy this happened to Lady Gaga And it ended up just great for Gaga at least Rihanna, Gaga, Taylor, and kelly
        is selling. And while Rihanna is doing great Gaga is doing just as well and i know that just make yo ass want to dance
        NAKED in time square.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Sleazy….this isn’t a bad thing, son

        Like Gaga or not, an album for a dollar is more than a fair offer. Amazon MP3 is known for big MP3 discounts, but 99 cents is one of the lowest album prices we’ve seen. Typically, Amazon will handpick an album every day and discount it to $3.99, taking a loss on the album as a way to get people interested in its MP3 and Cloud Drive service. Many more albums are priced at $4.99 and $7.99. Very rarely are albums priced this low. Last time we saw it happen, a group of old jazz albums were selling for 25 – 75 cents a piece. Amazon has also begun discounting popular singles to $.69.

        Sleaz,,,see that foot note whene some prizes has sols for 69 cent even.

  8. dee August 13, 2012

    I wish you guys would just let the girl have her moments and stop comparing her to Bey. They are not the same ….the hatred is just sad.

    • RIHNATION’S BLOG August 13, 2012


    • mobwife August 13, 2012

      I agree! I have NEVER SEEN Beyonce constantly drag up and USE someone else’s NAME in order to sell her products! She doesn’t discuss her past relationships with lovers or ex-bandmates. Regardless, Beyonce keeps it moving while RihFUND whines, cries, & lies for publicity & constant sympathy! Folks are tired of her using, manipulating ways. It’s a damn shame that ACTUAL TALENT CAN’T HELP HER SHINE!!

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        When yo ass have a dad who helps yo ass
        steal and cheat yo way to the top you’d make
        it a point to work day and night and 24/7 to
        keep trying your best to stay ahead of the game.
        And when you decide that yo ass will learn how to put
        up with jayz’s lips and try to screw his brains out to snag
        his ass so that no one else will have that money and
        his ass you had better know that Rihanna IS IN A LEAGUE
        of her own, bey though Rih wanted his ass to marry, now bey
        have got the mogul, the money and the lips to hold her tight at night,,,,Boo, BOO AND I DON’T NOBODY WHOS MAD ARE BITTER ABOUT THAT. LOL.

  9. Gilberto August 13, 2012

    Talk That Flop sold 9,578 in UK. LOL. This is history, baby!

    • Gilberto August 13, 2012

      This week, TTT is the cheapest album on the top 10 since September of 2011. DEAD. I can’t.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        Look at thes “Looney Tune” clowns

      • BLUE August 13, 2012

        Sorry R**** ur album is good but u just made the biggest history in the UK under 10k wow failed oh s*** only £2 navy must b broke right? Cheap ass beyonce have one the best album of all time Kanye west opinion

    • MissImpartial August 13, 2012

      Where is exactly is 4 on the charts??? I guess there is no Round 4 this time around. And TTT outsold Beyonce’s latest even though it was released later. As for the being the least selling number one album the fact that the album went number one after 9 months says that Rihanna is doing great. Her first week sales were 163K. Rihanna always outsold Beyonce when it comes to the UK. As for slashing prices every album including Beyonce gets slashed.

      • lol August 13, 2012

        honey boo beyonce never outsold beyonce in the uk at the end its about global and beyonce outsold rihanna for like 2 times ahhahaha or more check ya facts 😉

      • BLUE August 13, 2012

        Beyonce sold 12 million in the uk solo and 18 million with DC THATS 30million BEYONCE UK SALE RIHANNA HMMM 20 million flop ass

  10. Sleazy August 13, 2012

    Yeah True But rihanna stans mention rita on every post or rihanna on a rita post

    • Lax August 13, 2012


  11. Lax August 13, 2012

    As long as Rihanna get comments like this from the
    Bee Hive…. you can say that Rih is cooking with gas…
    Gilberto Replied:
    August 12th, 2012 at 1:31 pm
    Her full album is cheaper than a single! WTH?! No one else is that DESPERATE. Rihanna keeps faking her album and singles sales. I can’t. And her delusional fans are celebrating while Rihanna’s name is on the book of the biggest failure. First, Battleshit is one of the biggest flops of all time. Now, TTT is #1 with the lowest number of UK-Official-Charts-tracked sales for a number-one album.
    I can’t. 2012 isn’t Rihanna’s best year. Failure after failure.

    @GILBERTO & Bey Hive keep the party spirited! We just love seeing yo
    getto asses up in the mix

  12. iSpeaksTheTruth August 13, 2012

    Congrats to her and I’m a hardcore Bey Stan. 🙂

  13. Shanell August 13, 2012

    Dang, thats sad. I actually thought she sold the album full price and still became number 1. Her team is actually really smart. People who dont know this fact will think the album is amazing and will actually buy it. Making it number one will have it in the news and will sell more copies. Im telling you, rihanna has the best promotion team ever. I cant hate on that. I just wish the media would focus on other talented musicians who take there time in crafting their art. Not pop stars who cant live without having the limelight.

    • Stans Make Me LOL August 13, 2012

      I have always said that about Ri, from day 1.
      Her PR are team are hands down the best in the business, and it is pretty obvious that without them Rihanna would no way be where she is today.
      Anyway a number 1 album is a number 1 album, well done to her I guess.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 13, 2012

      The baddest in the business; no one does it better.

  14. Lax August 13, 2012

    Heeeeey grape and rih haters Remember it’s
    “Not The Size Of The Boat” it’s the motion of the Ocean!

  15. aishaaguilerakeys August 13, 2012

    Riri has always sold well in the UK, Sam. If BEYONCE had been the one making the huge numbers, you wouldn’t even have bothered to investigate. Hater.

    • RIHNATION’S BLOG August 13, 2012


      • BLUE August 13, 2012

        U chat s*** beyonce over respected than R**** here Bey got 8UK NIMBER1 R**** ONLY 6 c**** R**** sold 20millioj coz she release dance European music bet sticks on her black route and sold 11million copies uk solo and 18 million copies with DC and that’s 29million copies now go suck ur mother and check UKchart/artistarchieved

      • lol August 13, 2012

        thank you bleu and boo do not separate these numbers from dc cause she was the lead singer and everything of the group! 29 million uk and i think even more cause i only trust the numbers that columbia sends out not internet or wiki sorry rihanna beyonce is almost back to slay

    • aishaaguilerakeys August 13, 2012

      I didn’t want to answer an ignorant fool like you, but go suck ur mother back to you, you imbecile, m***********! Go f*** yr mother you b****!

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        @aishaaquilerakeys,,,,,,,,this is by far one of the best comments that
        i have read in months, thanks for keeping it 10000000%
        real thanks for that comment it speaks VOLUMES as to the
        king of “Looney Tunes” that lurks on that grape.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        @aishaaquileraakeys,,,,reread your comment again and
        it says it all, i am now rotf crying with laughter this comment
        was like boxing that ass hole all the way under the train, bus and under that stage they fight the fights on. lol

    • BLUE August 13, 2012


  16. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 13, 2012

    I don’t see why you’re trying to make fun at her with this post. It’s not like it’s her first week. The album was released last year, so it’s obviously going to be cheaper in many outlets after so many months. And the fact that the album is still topping charts almost one year after its release is impressive no matter what. Imagine how much she would have sold if the era was actually organized and well promoted…

    • aishaaguilerakeys August 13, 2012

      Sam’s just angry because B’s not doing the same.

  17. Even Steven August 13, 2012

    The Price drop may have helped, but there still has to be a demand for the album… Example: “Walmart” & “Target” here in the states have quite a few albums discounted to 4 and 5 dollars – Monica “New life”, Jazmine Sullivan, Michael Jackson #1’s, Lady Gaga “Born This Way” etc. etc. etc. Not seeing any of them at the top of the charts…. That Grape Juice is shady – doesnt matter how she did it – the point is she did it!!!

    • kim August 13, 2012

      Andyou talking about the US, het lab ii m has been down to 2.99 @ Wal-Mart and Sherrill isn’t 2 times plat yet almost 2 yrs.What is the excuss

  18. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 13, 2012

    Maybe true, but you have yet to address Kelly Rowland and her fellow dance diva album seller Alexandra Burke’s disastrous last era’s. Fair and unbiased is not how I’d describe That Grape Juice…

    Rihanna sells and makes a return for her label. While Kelly flies across the world to film a dance series in Australia leaving “Ice” to become the “Melt Remix”.

  19. Char August 13, 2012

    You spent time investigating?…..I’m not the biggest RiRi fan, but the girl sure does stay on this blog’s mind….You get them hits, TGJ.

  20. DOSSOME August 13, 2012

    These stan wars get pettier everyday..Both bey and riri have sold millions of records worldwide & from all angles,both are doing fine…Sam has to fuel these stan wars to keep his/her site running BUT seriously,spending hours of your lives posting negativity on blogs doesn’t add any value…STANS should stick to bringing their faves up than taking their rivals down. #PITY

    • Gilberto August 13, 2012

      I don’t post negativity here. I state FACTS. It’s a fact that her album is available for $3. It’s a fact that it’s the lowest selling #1 album in UK’s history. It’s a fact that they’re desesperate trying to sell Talk That Talk. I’d be hating her if I came here saying BS without any proof and reliable resources. It isn’t my fault that life has only given its cold shoulder to Rihanna and her delusional stans.

      • Kasey Jr. August 13, 2012

        Seriously, who gives a s*** if it’s all facts. At the end of the day, it’s just f****** music.

      • Saetana August 14, 2012

        Its the lowest selling album FOR THAT PARTICULAR WEEK, not the lowest selling in total as there are literally thousands of albums that sell less than 900,000 copies. I also don’t think its unreasonable to reduce an album that has been out around 9 months, keep trying honey ;o)

  21. China August 13, 2012

    So we just goen forget about Gaga selling her s*** for 99 cent

    • Gilberto August 13, 2012

      Gaga sold 500k digital albums for 0.99 and 700k of physical album on its full price during its first week sales. Rihanna barely sold 10k physical albums for $3. I can’t. Don’t forget that Rated R was also available for 99 cents on its first week of release during the Black Friday. It struggled to sell 200k. DEAD.

    • RAMKYSTER00135 August 13, 2012

      SHE CAN’T OUTSOLD THIS H** ANY’f******’TIME !!!!

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        All of the music will sell for what ever SPECIAL
        the sellers want to run on their music and they
        have sales all of the time.

    • LET EM KNOW CHINA August 13, 2012


    • ARE YOU SERIOUS? August 13, 2012

      please dont forget LADY GAGA HARD COPIES FIRST WEEK 700K! RIRI can never!

  22. BLUE August 13, 2012

    Well done navy ur begging show the entire world how desperate u are and how bad u wana b revellant!!!! An congrats for makin UK history £2 at HMV £2.01 at sainsbury and £2.75 at tesco y’all sucks lowest UK number 1 album in history y’all really knows how to break record well done

    • Lax August 13, 2012

      We will take what ever we can get, you had better save yo coins for the
      next music that is sure to come shortly from many others .

      • BLUE August 13, 2012


  23. kim August 13, 2012

    Why? Why must her team do that to her? And to think that she doesn’t even get 25 percent of the 3 pounds. Well I guess another reason why she should practice to be a performer ppl would want to see at 50 and keep her endorsements cause this is not the business. Whilst other artists stay regular price. Not fair. I even saw her first 2 albums at 5 pounds each and last Christmas it was buy one get one free in a special section on the shelf and the navy want to brag about sales? Where the money at. It is not even a year yet

    • BLUE August 13, 2012

      Music of the £4.50 HMV dangerously in love £10 rated r £2 BDAY £8 a h** like me £4 TTT £2.01 Sasha fierce £15 4 £9.89 good gal gone bad £3 loud £8

    • Gilberto August 13, 2012

      I have two theories about it.
      1) Def Jam wants to push TTT sales to 1 million, so it’ll look better for press.
      2) They overshipped the album because they were expecting big numbers from TTT, but it failed to do that.
      This isn’t the first time I see Rihanna and her team doing desesperate things to sell her albums. They were selling TTT for $3 on iTunes or Amazon (I don’t remember which one) after 2 weeks of its release in US. They sold Loud for $5 on Groupon after a few months of release.
      They’re selling a physical copy of the album for less than $3!!! They’re losing money to boost its sales.
      Rihanna’s sales are fraud!

    • Lax August 13, 2012

      Kim but tell me this deery , can yo ass count? if
      you can then know what you are trying to prove
      defies logic because a 360, albums on sale, singles on sale, she did not get a number one album after all of
      the slanderous name calling and bull shyt from the likes of you RIHANNA still had a top ten tour and made it to #7 of the best tours and made 90 million,and after all of the finger pointing she is still keeping her bills payed and vacationg
      like the “HBIC” that she is.

  24. mobwife August 13, 2012

    “selling for at supermarket giants ”

    When I said this yesterday EVERYONE (her stans) CALLED ME A HATER! I was not lying or hating (MUCH) just reporting what I actually saw! Though I CAN’T STAND THE WHINING, LYING, USER, “Goat Queen Riri” wasn’t the only one. Maroon 5 and Justin Babble’s latest efforts were also in the SUPERMARKET DISCOUNT BIN!!

    Funny how folks slam R&B artists for not posting 1st week GOLD & PLATINUM status CD numbers eventhough we all know R&B is not a “favored” music industry category. However, folks wont say a damn thing about ALL THE POP STARS CD’S FINDING THEIR WAY TO A $3.00 DISCOUNT BIN NEAR YOU! ummmm *serious side-eye*

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 13, 2012

      ‘Funny how folks slam R&B artists for not posting 1st week GOLD & PLATINUM status CD numbers eventhough we all know R&B is not a “favored” music industry category. However, folks wont say a damn thing about ALL THE POP STARS CD’S FINDING THEIR WAY TO A $3.00 DISCOUNT BIN NEAR YOU! ummmm *serious side-eye*



    congrats, But E3.99 wow

    • Lax August 13, 2012

      Perhaps all of them should see if they can get their music to
      sell in the bargin bins, that is better then COLLECTING DUST on the shelves.



        Rihanna praises Beyonce, feels her looks could destroy the nation’s self- esteem
        Given her care free demeanor and willingness to flaunt herself on several occasions, it’s obvious that pop songstress Rihanna has a certain level of confidence about herself.

        However, a recent action by the Barbados-born Rihanna revealed her affection for fellow superstar Beyonce Knowles.

        Taking to her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts on Saturday, August 12th, Rihanna posted a photo of Beyonce looking glamorous in a silver dress, following it up with the statement that “This pic could single handedly destroy the self esteem of an entire nation”

        A nice gesture by Rihanna, who seems to be putting her guard down just a bit. A recent sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey recently took place in Barbados and is set to air on OWN on August 19th.

        During the interview, Rihanna got tearful about her turbulent relationship with Chris Brown and people are curious to know what other kind of dialogue took place.

      • BLUE August 13, 2012

        Beyonce 4 sold 3k copies this week price £15 £15times3k= 45k excelent R**** 10k thus week price £2.01 £2.01times10k = £20.1k beyonce s winning that’s more money for bey

  26. Ryan August 13, 2012

    FAIR AND UNBIAS!! lmao

  27. jawon August 13, 2012

    Sam your lame ass F* dude!
    I guess u gotta post about this b**** 3, 4 times a day to keep the blog commenting. You are biased ass F*.

    Now regarding her sales, its #1 and its claimed as a dead project she clearly is on to next one, yet it still selling, at 12 bucks or 99¢. The public is still interested therefore showing her albums are always built for the long haul. Love or Hate this b****, in this case ya love to hate, she still selling TTT, and loud for that matter. Suckaick and get over it. Cause hell where are your faves at?! Seriously where?

  28. mobwife August 13, 2012


    Let’s be honest, as long as there are FemiNAZI’s and fools that run the media and music industry monoplies, Rihanna will continue producing generic music in great volume and have it heavily promoted. As long as Chris Brown is “above ground” Rihanna can always rely on the RACISTS & STUPID boot kissers *cough Oprah* to go along with whatever she says and does. She is their “poster girl for ABUSE”.

    >Not Rapper Eminem’s white wife Kim or
    >Actor Charlie Sheen’s many abused white ex-wives/gfs Kelly Preston, Denise Richads, Brook Muller or
    >Country star Alan Jackson’s white wife Denise or
    >Rocker Axel Rose’s white ex-punch toy, model Stephanie Seymore.

    NO, two young blacks in a teen relationship, have the distinction of being the “poster children for ABUSE” all over 1 fight that occured 3 years ago. This of course is all thanks to Rihanna, multiple “woman beater” JayZ and her Def SCAMs PR Team! Anywho, you go Rihanna what a legacy of bullsh*t you are leaving behind when you are eventually discarded and the crowd moves on the THE NEXT ONE…………..paging RITA ORA!

    *Now cry to fat, crack smoking, baby killing Oprah Windfrey about that! 🙁

    • jawon August 13, 2012

      What the hell does Oprah have to do with anything?
      Yeah I’m tired of Chris and Rihanna fiasco but geez, “someone beat my ass so I can get paid and go on interviews and talk about it!” Is what I’ve heard ppl say. Make that money honey!

      • Mobwife…….kill the b!+@# August 13, 2012

        You sound insane. R****** is suppose to be a damn entertainer. The only peron this dumb slore entertains is amerikkka and boot kissing blacks who seem to share amerikkka’s hatred for black men!

        If crack smoking and former prostitute Oprah Windffey wanted to discuss a past relationship where two ppl had 1 fight then why is it just the teen romance of Chris Brown and R****** that she harps on? Why not the MANY MANY ADULT WHITES SHE DROOLS OVER ON A DAILY BASIS! The biased b****….

    • Lax August 13, 2012

      @MOBWIFE while i do respect what your thoughs are but i can add to what you stated that the part about as long as
      chris is above ground,,,,Idissagree with yo ass right there because if the truth be told and you believe what you are PULLING OUT OF YO ASS to type Rihanna will also do good when and if Chris is “Dead Or Alive” bum bytch and don’t let yo ass forget it,
      Homie don’t play that shyt trying to use chris brown’s name to sell music i will tell you what if Rihanna is selling with chris’s ass alive she had better be selling off that Beat Down After He Passes away, shyt real talk.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        @MOBWIFE i know you are pulling shyt from yo ass because that is why Tina Turner Keep selling so dam good, OOOOOPS but IKE has passed on though.

      • Mobwife…….kill the b!+@# August 13, 2012

        @LAX, the only “bum B****” around here is your crazy ass! You completely missed the point! Reading and the ability to comprehend are a wonderful gifts.

        That wild island s*** ( see the many d**** she’s sucked..drake, meek mill, chris brown, jayz, matt kemp the MLIK MAN, THE BUTCHER, THE PIMP ON THE CORNER) will whine about that fight she started over 3 years ago, until it no longer gives her the media coverage she so craves. Rihanna’s downfall will not come as a surprise to most. You can’t do wrong and simply slide by unscathed! I’m just glad her 15 minutes are just about up!
        > SUPERMART CD DISCOUNT BINS FOR $3.00? <—WHAT? Not the great Rihanna, the Pop Icon, the Digital QUEEN, the future legend, the media darling, the poor victim…….LOL 🙂

        **The DEVIL is a LIAR

      • Mobwife…….kill the b!+@# August 13, 2012


        Now she’s Tina Turner? LOL 🙂

        Tina, I am tod had talent something R****** lacks. Tina was in an actual abusive relationship but when you SCREW TWO of your BANDMATE’S, GET pregnant & TRY TO PASS the children OFF AS YOUR HUSBAND’S, YOU MIGHT GET YOUR A$$ KICKED…..real talk

        Rihanna swung, Chris swung they had a fight very different from tina and ike.

    • Rita Slays August 13, 2012

      I’m tired of reading your racist post. F*** off

      • Mobwife…….kill the b!+@# August 13, 2012

        I wish I had the ability to be racist! The truth is the light! RACE ALWAYS MATTERS like it or not! The so called endless campaign of “abuse against women” constantly swirling around a teen fight involving 2 non-whites is a grand example of it. Don’t hate me, HATE THE TRUTH & work to change it!

  29. NICKY August 13, 2012





    • BLUE August 13, 2012

      Liar it debut with 135k sold sales £10 Bey 4 number 1 110k sales £18.90 so who’s winning BEYONCE

  30. White girl mob August 13, 2012

    I will be damn if I’m disrespected by a black person again.. S*** I did a song with 2chainz and I still got no f****** respect at all WTF I did a song with juicy J from three six mafia and ya still was acting all racist towards me. Well I don’t give a f*** anymore N**** N**** N**** N**** N**** n**** there ya happy ya got what ya wanted.


      The shade is YOU are the N****


    Rihanna praises Beyonce, feels her looks could destroy the nation’s self- esteem
    Given her care free demeanor and willingness to flaunt herself on several occasions, it’s obvious that pop songstress Rihanna has a certain level of confidence about herself.

    However, a recent action by the Barbados-born Rihanna revealed her affection for fellow superstar Beyonce Knowles.

    Taking to her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts on Saturday, August 12th, Rihanna posted a photo of Beyonce looking glamorous in a silver dress, following it up with the statement that “This pic could single handedly destroy the self esteem of an entire nation”

    A nice gesture by Rihanna, who seems to be putting her guard down just a bit. A recent sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey recently took place in Barbados and is set to air on OWN on August 19th.

    During the interview, Rihanna got tearful about her turbulent relationship with Chris Brown and people are curious to know what other kind of dialogue took place.

    • BLUE August 13, 2012

      Rihanna sucks beyonce a asss she wish she was Bey

      • Mobwife…….kill the b!+@# August 13, 2012

        Basically! This was just an attempt to get the Bey HIVE on her side. Nobody’s falling for her latest gimmick. When the CB whine runs dry she gonna try to kiss Beyonce’s tail for support & sympathy.

  32. KingBey August 13, 2012

    Okay I am a member of the Hive But Damn sometimes y’all Are some hating Ass b******. No Rihanna’s not on Beyonce, Mariah, Or even Christina’s vocal level, she gets her s*** done even if it was the lowest selling number one album of all time.And for that I commend her.
    TGJ It still outsold Alexandra Burke’s Album first week Sales, Or Did Y’all Forget About That?

    • Quetta August 13, 2012

      Thirsty for a thumbs up from the navy? Don’t claim your a hive then start to diss them.

      • KingBey August 13, 2012

        B**** Shut The F*** Up, Damn , i’m simply stating my opinion, and yes this site does Bash rihanna way too damn much, but really f*** the navy, i said s*** like this before this site even had thumbs up, and when did i diss the hive? have a seat h**.

      • BLUE August 13, 2012

        Yes thumb up for the r****** navy they made UK HISTORY LOWEST NUMBER ONE EVER 10k with £2 sales ahahah amazing navy sure how much they’re Broke and cheap as f***!!!

    • Quetta August 16, 2012

      I’m not a b**** and your thirsty, You need ro be removed from the hive.

  33. pat August 13, 2012

    Samantha i’m sure your DVR is already set for Rih’s Oprah interview….admit it…you hate that you LOVE HER.


    Oh come on! Admit it! Admit it! You love it! You love the drama! You love the back and forth games like a damn bouncing ball in a ping pong tournament. You love following the Chris Brown and Rihanna show.

    Rihanna and Chris Brown have been through a lot of rough patches and both have experienced a beat down or two. First Chris Brown hitting Rihanna like a punching bag and then Chris Brown being yalked in the jaw after words were exchanged with Drake and his crew. They have dealt with more drama together and apart than any soap opera or reality show.

    Just like the social media hogs and the gossip blog followers I’m sure you are impatiently waiting to see what will happen next. Well here’s what you’ve waiting for.

    Rihanna has been on a long vacation with her girlfriends in Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy. From there she and her crew made their way to the French region of the Mediterranean, where she chilled and partied on a yacht with the likes of Magic Johnson in St. Tropez.

    Then who do you suppose found their way to the same spot, of course none else than Chris Brown, where he was in town to film a music video with rapper Ludacris. Chris Brown reportedly joined Rihanna in Sardinia, according to the New York Daily News, before joining Luda for a video shoot.

    It’s been said that Rihanna wanted to keep their meeting a secret. And who could blame with all the criticism surrounding her choosing to remain friends with Chris Brown. Also in the world of Tweet Land Rihanna tweeted, “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit,” presumably referring to her ensemble when Chris Brown landed in St. Tropez.

    Oh and don’t let me fail to mention the two ex-love birds were caught smooching in each other’s arms with locked lips at a yacht party. With all of the other a-listers at the shindig it was said that Rihanna and Chris Brown weren’t concerned about being open with their affections since it was a very private party on a private yacht, so they were not worried. Well so much for privacy. For those of you that are waiting for more Chris Brown and Rihanna stay tuned.

  35. Bey Fan August 13, 2012

    Well it was still number 1…..

    Still congrats to the Navy…

    Sam, you’re funny as s***…lmfaooooooo

  36. Black kupid August 13, 2012

    I see that sam intend on sucking this chick DRY! I wonder what will happen to this site when the Hives prayer for career to come to a screaching halt comes true. I see thede bey stans and their greedy ass teeth all over the girls tities! Poor girl !! keep sucking guys i guess she has always had enough to go round

  37. Blackman August 13, 2012


  38. Black kupid August 13, 2012

    The girl scored a #1 almost a year afer release and yall are asking for her head cos of a slash in price. If any of you are any where near educated would know that there has to be a demand & supplyto back it up which equates to sales . Ppl are checking for her , she is meeting their demand so what is the noise about

  39. RichnBlack11(just like BEYONCE) August 13, 2012

    Rihanna’s accountants have responded to her accusations of financial mismanagement saying her losses are her own fault! Get the deets on the accounting firm’s claims inside

    We told you previously about Rihanna suing her former accounting firm for mishandling her 2009 Last Girl On Earth tour and for taking an inapproproate cut of 22% of her profits, and now the firm is defending itself.

    Berdon LLP have filed legal docs claming it was Rihanna’s “own financial action or inaction” or those of her team that messed up her tour money. Also, they fired back about their 22% comission saying RiRi signed off on an engagement letter that gave them permission to take it. So if she had a problem, she shouldn’t have signed the agreement.

    So far, a judge hasn’t ruled on the case but the firm asked that she get a case full of nothing!

    • Lax August 13, 2012

      By John Crossingham

      Does beauty and fame at a young age have to lead to s** and scandal? Not at all. Turns out R&B’s good girl hasn’t gone bad…

      Whoever said that youth is wasted on the young never met Rihanna. With two platinum albums to her credit and a new one likely headed in the same direction, this girl’s made her mark on the music industry. Having a multimedia mogul like Jay-Z as her musical surrogate uncle has definitely been an advantage in an era where pop stars are cultivated and discarded like hothouse flowers—they’re nurtured, clipped at first bloom, made into an eye-catching centrepiece, and then pitched at the first sign of decay. But Rihanna’s right on track. And she’s only 19.

      While preening contemporaries search for movie roles, reality shows, or just plain “forget” to get fully dressed before a red carpet event, Rihanna’s approach is more honest and pragmatic. And that’s a welcome relief in our fame-obsessed times. Sure, she is a spokesperson for CoverGirl and has made ads for Nike, not to mention that she hardly plays down her striking looks. Ultimately though, Rihanna makes music. She works hard. So when she describes herself as an “artist,” it is easy to see her as just that—a talented young singer who never seems to rest. (Her least favourite part of the music business? “Never getting a vacation,” she laughs.)

      This summer saw the release of her third album in three years, Good Girl Gone Bad. “I finally feel like I made an album that really reflects me,” she says. The record certainly represents a change for her, but not one that is nearly as drastic as the title might suggest. Rihanna is aiming for free-spirited rather than reckless abandon. “It’s not Good Girl Gone Wild,” she stressed while speaking at KIIS FM in LA. “It’s kinda rebellious. I don’t want to follow the same lane and do what people expect me to do.”

      And expectations were certainly high after 2006’s “SOS” was one of a small crop of singles to dominate the clubs last year. Paired with the bleep-bloop pop of Soft Cell’s well-loved 80’s anthem “Tainted Love,” “SOS” was the rare pseudo-remake that didn’t just piggyback lazily on the laurels of its tested backing track. Fun and thrilling of its own accord, it was a tough act to follow.

      The happy news is that Rihanna’s next single, “Umbrella,” was even better. Driven by a lock-step hi-hat beat and a hypnotically ping-ponging chorus, the tune actually trumped “SOS,” its idiosyncratic “um-brella- ella-ella-eh-eh-eh” ricocheting across your mind like an errant dancehall tennis ball.

      Her new album made great use of studio heavyweights such as Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, and the master of beat construction and production, Timbaland. It is a credit to her talent that, even though she’s surrounded by all these dominant musical personalities, listening to her sing “Umbrella” immediately reminds you of Rihanna’s home—Barbados.

      Rihanna’s early life is one that was both literally and figuratively miles removed from the world she now inhabits. She was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty on February 20, 1988 in the parish of Saint Michael, Barbados. Despite being close to the capital city of Bridgetown, as a young girl she had no reason to expect that the music world would come calling. It was only a happenstance meeting that led to her eventual signing with one of the most influential men in hip hop, the somewhat retired Jay-Z. Up until that point, she was most famous for being her high school’s beauty pageant winner (she sang Mariah Carey’s “Hero” to win the contest).

      But as Rihanna herself says, “I’ve always been passionate about music.” Perhaps that’s all it took. Her ability to fuse reggae vocals with hip hop and R&B made her very appealing to Jay-Z and his label Def Jam. And Jay’s tutelage seems particularly important when it comes to her image. In short, like him, she seems in control. The album’s cover showed her confident and mature. Like most girls her age, regardless of their life station, Rihanna is confronting how to play her sexuality as she matures.

      In the past, performers such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (or Xtina as she was known at that time) opted for coming-out parties about as subtle as a hammer to the head. In the case of “S**** 4 U” or “Dirrty,” the singles were headlong charges into a world of adult playtime that ultimately swallowed each singer whole. Writhing and breathless, they lacked the very thing they tried so hard to cultivate—a s*** spark.

      When the video for “Umbrella” premiered, we were confronted with sequences of a naked Rihanna covered in silver body paint. The image is no doubt provocative, but it is less sexual than artful. Paired with the song’s message of steadfast friendship, the lasting impression is an iron strength—mature and feminine, but not tasteless.

      This narrow line is one that Rihanna hopes to be able to walk for some time to come. She’s no enigma, but she does deviate just enough from the 21st century-pop star-overexposed-norm to give you hope that her brightest days remain ahead of her. And that’s no small miracle

  40. realtalk August 13, 2012

    If with her next album she sell for again $3 or less she might get more sells.

    • Gilberto August 13, 2012

      And it might be #1 in US. LMFAO. Oh, no! I forgot. Rated Flop was sold for 99 cents and it still failed to get the #1 spot. LOL.

  41. realtalk August 13, 2012

    If with her next album she sell for again $3 or less she might get more sells.
    Let me say this if Beyonce wasn’t pregnant this last album she would have been able to give “4” its proper promotion and would have sold nearly 500 milion in it’s first week. Just like adele, Beyonce album was good but she couldn’t promote due to pregnancy. Also Monica album was good but lack proper promotions. Melody Fiono album was good but lack promotion/sales/sponors. I’m almost certain Brandy’s album 1st week sales will be anywhere between 45k to 78k.

    • THE SHADE August 13, 2012

      excuses excuses excuses excuses. 4closure is flop and that’s that. *SALES* btw

    • Solange will always be in Beyonce’s shadow August 13, 2012

      “promotion” is the MOST OVERUSED word in a stan’s vocabulary!

    • Gilberto August 13, 2012

      That’s so true. 4 flopped, but we have some excuses to give like R&B is dead and she was pregnant. On ther hand, what do you guys can say to save Talk That Flop? We had two generic dance songs, which is the IT thing on radios; she released her biggest hit to date; her other pop single was a failure (You Da Flop); she called Chris Brown to jump on a song to generate buss for TTT; TTT is available for less than $3.

      • Quetta August 13, 2012

        I really won’t say it flopped since she had no number one singles and it still reached over 300k in the first week. It might be lower than her other first week sales but I think it still did good.

      • LIKICA August 13, 2012

        You dumb h**, Birthday Cake has never had an official release treatment and stop talking about this song when it outperformed most of 4closure singles without being digitally released, without video as well. It’s like End of Time which was released in April but reached just 113 on BB lol. Beyonce had a big promotion while TTT didn’t, she performed everywhere, even in France for the X factor. You Da One (which is R&B as well) wasn’t that successful but still managed to sell over 1 million in the USA, none of 4’s singles didn’t pull over 1 million :/ Beyonce’s 4 is discounted as well, and it’s been since New Year available for 4.99$ and even less, but didn’t manage to make Top 100. Beyonce is more a local star, her sales come from the USA in a big measure, while Rihanna sells more outside of the USA. You always bring USA sales where TTT hasn’t reach 1 million yet? So what? 4 hasn’t reach 600 000 copies in UK yet. :/ Beyonce has released all generic songs from the album and it didn’t help. :S You are the one who keeps saying that TTT is a flop and you should give it a rest for sure. People don’t buy music nowadays, why should they when they can download it for free downloading it illegaly? So for this period of time I believe that 4 and TTT did just well, nothing overwhelming, just good compared to big stars like Madonna/Britney/Avril/Christina Aguilera etc. I used to like you since you are Brazilian and I like your language/people/country, but you are really becoming so annoying, one of the biggest trolls here.

  42. FAF August 13, 2012



      we love you too *hugs and kisse* keep checking for us boo.

      • Lax August 13, 2012

        We accept Rihanna right along with all of hert
        “Flaws And All”…stick with yo blondes and blue eyes
        we like them also.

    • BLUE August 13, 2012


    • Lax August 13, 2012

      @FAF is that all you have got, to try and slander her because she wasn’t born with blonde hair and blue, get a phucking life Rihanna can’t no more help her head being big as you can’t help yo self from always looking like the “Ass Hole” u r.

    • BLUE August 13, 2012

      Only h*** and s*** stand for that r****** b****

    • Katy GaGa August 13, 2012

      You stan for Nicki Garbaj. She is an embarrassment to music. Take several seats

  43. That Bajan Juice August 13, 2012

    The bitter bees of The Hive need to worry more about 4CLOSED 4LOP 4 SALE than the number of copies Rih’s NUMBER ONE album sold. If this was Stank Breath Lacefront, y’all would be celebrating like she sold 1 million copies. So shut up and stay outta Rih-Rih’s posts!

    • Nicho August 13, 2012

      Congrats again boreanna LMAOooooooooooo

  44. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! August 13, 2012

    Congrats to her!

  45. I#STAN August 13, 2012

    I can’t with you Sam. I can’t. Especially because you are in the UK where they have Rihanna with tea DAILY! Granted she doest shift the kind of records she should be in the US at least not since Good Girl Gone Bad and its repackages. But the the UK she moves ALBUMS. PERIOD. Come on. Who else sells a million in the UK? Even my faves can’t do that.

  46. Quetta August 13, 2012

    I can’t tell you how much I laughed my b*** off. Wow, TGJ you really put in OT. This site is to messy Lls. This is probably one of the funniest posts you’ve ever put up.

    • Nicho August 13, 2012

      Dude Sam is a boss. LMAO

  47. TeamBreezy August 13, 2012

    This site is unbelievable and Pathetic some times

  48. Katy GaGa August 13, 2012

    When GaGa discounts her album it sells over 400k. When Katy discounted Teenage Dream 2 YEARS after it was released it sold over 100k. When Rihanna discounts her album months after its release, it doesn’t even sell 10k. Yet people put her name up there with them smh

  49. Nicho August 13, 2012

    This is funny as Hell… Read on for the Lipton…. LMAOooooooooooo SAM u are so messy I love ittttttt ROTFLl congrats on your new record boreanna LMAOooooooooooo

  50. Mika August 13, 2012

    Beyonce “4” was on sale over the holidays for 4.99 pounds at Tesco and Saintsbury here in the UK but where did it charted?? So stop picking on Rihanna when your favorite record was on sale as well and was no where near Rihanna’s status!! Peace!

    • BLUE August 13, 2012

      Beyonce never been on sales last time 4 was on was in January and it was £6.90 it went back to #2 it was never in sale for £4.99 liar which part of uk u live in c***?

      • Mika August 14, 2012

        First of all, u decided to use derogatory terms to get you point across so its evident that u have serious self esteem issue or your parents did not raise you right…or possibly you’re just simply low class 😉 Btw, I live in Gloucester and it was that price so just deal with it!

  51. MC the place to be!! August 13, 2012

    sam needs to stop bringing up beyonce on every friggin post!! just be happy for rihanna you throw shade and shes still selling in the UK!! u like to talk but beyonce recent album is her lowest to date 1 million or not its doesnt compare to the sales she had with dangerously in love and bday!!! and her stans always try to make an excuse for it but its a flop for beyonce!! shes not used to just being platinum she’s a multiplatinum artist! yall stans overrate beyonce as a singer “vocalist” but underrate her as a brand/household name that actually sells records smh!

  52. Flopnet August 14, 2012

    Even if you give away 4closure for free as a frisbee, no one is touching that pretentious s*** – apologies for the s*** as 4closure is worst than that. S******* – the queen of thievery, fake pregnancies & wives of camels. 4closure is a flop, deal with it – no one is talking about it now, no one is even buying it now.

  53. MB92 August 16, 2012

    Yall are so pressed on rihanna’s album sales, but alot of artist today can’t push as many albums as rihanna, not even Beyonce when it’s all said and done

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