Hot Shots: Chris Brown Hits ‘SupperClub’ With Karrueche Tran

Published: Saturday 1st Sep 2012 by David

Get into these pics of ‘Fortune’ star Chris Brown enjoying a quiet night out with close friend Karrueche Tran two nights ago.

Sporting a casual look and seemingly unfazed by the hoards of paparazzi waiting outside Hollywood’s ‘Supperclub’, the pair made their way into the singer’s car, hours after reports emerged claiming the he was not scheduled to perform at next week’s VMA’s.

More from the charitable entertainer below…

His sighting comes two months after Roc Nation’s First Lady Rita Ora revealed she admired his ‘body of work’ in an interview radio personality Nessa.

Watch below:

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  1. Real talker September 1, 2012

    What has Rita ora got to do with this article. You guys mention her at EVERY possible point. Get your heads out of her ass and blog about some other people (without squeezing her in at the end thanks)

    • dossome September 1, 2012

      dont mind this site,let him do whatever he wants to do with his site,the moment his delusional self realises nobody cares abt ora,maybe he will stop

  2. dossome September 1, 2012

    they look good together but he is just getting skinnier….its beginning to get scary

    • ++++ September 1, 2012

      i thought of the same thing…… whats happening to our boy?

      • Jessica September 1, 2012

        DRUG ADDICT!!!! LMAO!!!

  3. THE GAME September 1, 2012

    A woman beater and a ho together…perfect match.

    • Stephen September 1, 2012

      B**** if Chris was a woman beater Rlihanna would not have went on national tv crying for her love for him. Now if you notice nobody is believing her story of 2009. People are playing back that night and are remembering what the two old couple who called the police saying that a black woman was beating a white man and that Rihanna was really out of control with the cursing and etc.. Jay & company know that the truth is near so that is why they are pushing Rita. Money is power, just like Jay blacklisted Chris this will happen to Rihanna and then she will see what Chris dark days was like. Oh matter fact it’s happening already.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

        None of that is true. Rihanna loved him before and him beating her half to death couldn’t stop it, she will always love him. And From afar Rihanna does not look like a black woman, nor does chris resemble a white man, that whole story is false.

        Only the psycho-est teambreezy stans beleive that, and the old couple thing is just a rumour, they happen ALLLLLLL THE TIME.

  4. kelly September 1, 2012

    Chris Brown,

    Pray to god for your evil deed and repent. Go bacck to your true love and ditch this goldigging broke ass h**. Black men do not know how to treat successful black women……you will miss em when they are gone.

    Poor Chris, missing Rih so bad, he is on crack, look at his crack face.

    • MJ Lover September 1, 2012

      yes That Kakadoo girl is bad for him. She came into his life took his money and brought he drugs righht with her. smh. broke ass crack h**. she’s cute tho.

  5. Lax September 1, 2012

    For real Rita’s name,,,smh!
    waiting for that DERANGED Team Breezy Troll Mob
    to try to chop my neck all the way off, Hey MOB i will be
    in and out on the RIHANNA Thread, come and get some
    of my heavy, long and will work when i want it to, tool!

    • Lax September 1, 2012

      The shoulder bag and boots are cute! Kay has.

  6. MJ Lover September 1, 2012

    I’m sorry but ever since that Karrauchie girl came into his live chris hasn’t been the same. I actually think that this heffa introduced him to drugs. She’s definitley bad for him. you can tell.

    • Stephen September 1, 2012

      WHAT!! Did you see that video of Rihanna with the Chris Brown look a like? Rihanna and Chris did drugs when they were together so nobody introduced Chris to drugs if in fact he’s doing it anyway.

      • Lax September 1, 2012

        Stephen theres no words that Chris and Rihanna
        doing drugs,,,STFU..

      • Stephen September 1, 2012


        No. I’m from the United States, did you ever hear of freedomn of speech? You so fast in telling people to STFU which is wrong here in the US.. Now maybe in your country there’s no freedom of speech. Also it’s ok to talk and voice your opinion on Rihanna but nobody else can’t. GTFOH with that nonsense.

      • mob September 1, 2012

        @Lax Replied:

        “Stephen theres no words that Chris and Rihanna
        doing drugs,,,STFU..”

        We never agree but I CO-SIGN THIS STATEMENT 100%!

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

        Um, dudley looked nothign like Chris. He was a last minute hire because Rihanna wanted James Franco. Chris and Rihanna werent theives, they didnt live in one room apartment, they didnt go out gambling and they didnt do drugs (TOGETHER).

        Good f****** bye!

  7. MJ Lover September 1, 2012

    B**** is poison for Chris. :s

    • Stephen September 1, 2012

      Chris does look skinny and his looks is changing from it. Yes I said it and I’m a fan. I’m not like other fans who think there fave can do no wrong.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

        Yes you are, your ignoring court documents, press, and all proof agaisnt him and saying Rihanna is an evil drug addict who is the cause of the whoel worlds problems.

  8. Monstarebel September 1, 2012

    He looks like he’s on crack, he’s like scary skinny not a good look…get it together breezy

  9. Peter Griffin September 1, 2012

    Man, that beard beard is looking patchy. Shave it! I don’t really mind that he’s not playing at the VMA’s. He always does something inspired by Michael Jackson. He needs to switch it up cause people are bored.

    • Stephen September 1, 2012

      The talk is that Chris brings alot to the VMA’s lipsinc and all. He make you want to tune in to see what performance he will be doing. The last VMA’S he did was really good. Now by looking at the lineup for this year’s VMA’S it’s awful and it will be boring.

      • mob September 1, 2012

        Thank you! Folks can say whatever the HELL they want but Chris like Beyonce (theft aka stolen routine see 2011 Billboard and all) puts on a damn good show. I for one am almost giddy whenever thsy say Beyonce and Chris Brown are performing. #realtalk

        Like the, love them or not, they do their best to entertain a crowd and please their fans. I wish the VMA crew well for looking at this line-up I simply don’t see where the memorable performance is going to come from. Last year they had 1)Bey 2) Jay & Kan 3) Lil Wayne and 4) CBs high flying act!

    • mob September 1, 2012

      Wait …what? 0_O

      Now which part of Chris Brown’s 2011 MTV VMA performance was inspired by Michael Jackson:
      >the tribute to the WU TANG CLAN?
      >the tribute to NIRVANA?
      >Or the AIR DANCING he and the CBE dancers were doing?


  10. Oh Yeah!!! September 1, 2012

    I see why Chris wont leave for Rihana. Karru is a Hott Momma!

    Chris please eat something!

    • mob September 1, 2012

      I hope he isn’t working too hard preparing for his wrold tour or stressing too much about the evil media reports.

      It’s funny I constantly hear and read about all this ANTI-BULLYING BS but I’ve come to realize that campaign is not meant for all people! 🙁

  11. Girrrl September 1, 2012

    Chris Brown looks sick. I hope he doesn’t end up OD’ing

    • ely September 1, 2012

      Yea Chris & Rihanna are skin and bones

  12. FuckSAM September 1, 2012

    Why are the writers of this ghetto ass blog so hell bent on trying to make her happen. She will NOT replace Rihanna. Roc Nation is NOT a record label you dumb f****. Its a management firm.

  13. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 1, 2012



  14. Ugh September 1, 2012


  15. christinastherealtalent September 1, 2012

    What I don’t get is people calling him a woman beater when this lady doesn’t seem to have any problems with his anger and they’ve been together for a while now. I’m not saying they don’t argue like any regular couple does but this chick seems very happy which proves more and more Chris doesn’t really have much of an anger problem like everybody has portrayed him to have. He’s only angry when people bring it up to him at an irrelevant time.

    • mob September 1, 2012

      Thank you!

      The reason the media & haters constantly mentioning his teen past is to label him as America’s “new big black n***er to hate”. “He’s evil, he’s dangerous, he’s blah, blah, blah”! They are doing the most to try and break this kid down but he keeps right on moving forward.

      Chris & Karrueche seem really happy together and the media & haters can’t stand it! Their happiness doesn’t fit into the media & haters constant narrative of the “EVIL, ANGRY, VIOLENT, UNREPENTANT, UNFORGIVABLE BLACK MAN”. Therefore Kae is constantly being labeled as “dumb, weak, worthless, doormat, kept woman, etc”. It’s really sickening!

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

        Well, seeing as chris is singing about f****** Rihanna it makes Kae look very doormat-ish. Almost like Chris has 2 sidehoes who are convinced they are the main chicks.

  16. mob September 1, 2012

    I’m not ihere for the hatred!

    Kae looks gorgeous! I love me some Breezy bear but that beard has got to go babydoll! 🙂 I like the casual outfit with the brown hat though!

    **Where are those Fortune touring dates boy? 🙂

    • lol September 1, 2012

      He said on twitter he will tour whenever FAME or Fortune go platnum in the States , whichever comes first so it’s fair assumptions the first tour dates will be around fall 2124 A .D. 🙂

  17. 2/11songscribe September 1, 2012

    I mean, i am realy concerned about Chris’s weight loss honestly. This above aint a good sight at all. He better seek help before its too late. I am a fan but even the stans should admit that something ain’t right. Lets start encouraging him to take action!!!

  18. christinaslilfighter September 1, 2012

    And to add to my previous comment to this day, I think Rihanna hit him first and wouldnt stop hitting him so he retaliated and men have the right to defend themselves.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

      Haven’t you readthe court documents? Chris easily could of been confused, mixed with adrenaline and did all that, she did yell at him and steal hsi phone and pretend ot call he rassistant andtell them to call the police. He clarly cannot control his anger so this is all to possible. Dont turn it into a sexism thing, cuz its not.

  19. mob September 1, 2012

    And let me add this:

    CHRIS BROWN HAS NEVER BEEN A DAMN BODY-BUILDER! He has always been thin slightly larger at times but never extremely BIG. Y’all need to stop talking sh!t. Go tell every thin boy in Hollyweird (Rob Pattinson etc) and everyone in Pop music Adam Levin, Justin Bieber, R&B music Frank Ocean, & Rap music Wiz Kalfia, Big Sean, Tyga etc. about their thin a**es…STFU!

  20. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

    Chris needs to ditch her, and ditch Rihanna and tour for Fortune ASAP. Because that is struggling worse than the economy.

  21. Honey CHILD please September 1, 2012

    Honey WTH is that?

  22. Sherlock September 1, 2012

    He looks fine to me. Chris and Kae make a great, cute couple. I’m glad they found each other.

  23. Steph September 1, 2012

    Why is Rita Ora on this post???? To read about her all the time is becoming too much. I wish her well and all but don’t understand why there is so much coverage on her.

  24. Tbozfan10 September 2, 2012

    This “mob” member seems to really think Chris brown is a lot more important than he really is. I mean, he’s an entertainer. You’re talking about him like he’s some sort of revolutionary leader whose political enemies will stop at nothing to tear him down because the future of the world depends on it like he’s a Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Mumia Abu-Jamal or even Barack Obama like figure. It’s really not that serious boo.

  25. Quetta September 2, 2012

    I died laughing when i seen him post something about Rita. Cause I knew u guys would say something. Anywho, Chris looks good af as usual. Karra is really pretty but can NOT dress for s***.

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