Must See: Leona Lewis Soars With ‘Trouble’ Acoustic

Published: Wednesday 5th Sep 2012 by Sam

With Leona Lewis‘Glassheart’ project finally in full-swing, the Pop powerhouse has released a video of herself performing new single ‘Trouble’ – backed soley by a piano.

Shot in one take, the Daily Mail exclusive is an essential watch. Check it out below…

Yes, yes, and yes!

For the longest, Leona has been levelled with critique that her voice – while rich in power – lacked a rawness, lacked emotion. However, all such arguments were rendered obsolete with this performance.

Soaked in conviction and edge, the stunning showcase re-affirms why this Londoner posses one of the best vocalists in the industry today. We can only hope that the rest of her project brings with it material that serves as a worthy backdrop to a “voice” that has the ability to be legendary.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tyletrois_ September 5, 2012

    i can’t see it 🙁





    • butlerny September 6, 2012

      have you seen her Labyrinth tour or are you just making a sweeping comment? look up Take a bow live on YT Look up forgive me live on tour on YT

  3. Sarah Says September 5, 2012

    Sorry, technically great, vocally emotionless. Leona does another singing by number performance making every song she’s sung sound the same.
    I’ll be clicking on to Alexandra Burkes TGJ performance for soul, variation and emotion. Then I’ll go to YouTube for Emile Sande, Dina Carroll and Rebecca ferguson.

    • mr.m September 5, 2012

      Alexandra who?

    • Mike September 6, 2012

      Oh you mean that woman that sold 5,000 albums her first week? Well you keep checking for her. But I say that as if there’s anything to check for in her non-existent career.

    • butlerny September 6, 2012

      AB career is down the pan

  4. Scottyboy September 5, 2012

    most stunning voice ever!! and to all these haters/people who say she doesnt have a personality she has!! shes the girl next door, who has morals, stays on the right path and doesnt take drugs or drink!! makes me sick how people can say Rihanna is a role model!!.. being drunk & stumbling out of nightclubs , parading about music videos practically naked, being demanding & a diva b**** like most of the female singers are nowadays!! LEONA ALWAYS!!!!! #GLASSHEART

    • Love It! September 5, 2012

      At the end of the day people are just DUMB cos the media say she has no personality everyone beleives it DUND F****!

      • mr.m September 5, 2012


        she’s a perfect role model ..
        she just need more media attention

  5. Boi I tell ya!!!! September 5, 2012

    Why she looking like a dusty highlight tho… Anyhoo this girlie is somewhat emotionless with her tunes!!

  6. John September 5, 2012

    I hope Syco won’t mess with the promo…again , Echo was so much better than Spirit and It would be a shame that a girl with an incredible voice is completely forgotten , we do lack of true vocalist and Leona must be back on top.
    Anyway , I don’t wanna dish Childish Gambino who I like on Community but I prefer this version , it’s just pure talent.

  7. Slick September 5, 2012

    i think that was vocally fantastic. i do however wish there was more of that belting at the end of the song, but as it is, it is very nice and crisp.

  8. Delvin September 5, 2012

    OMG ! This was so beautiful !! EMOTIONLESS ?!?! PUHLEASE !! She did that !

  9. sdf September 5, 2012

    If you really think there isn’t soul in THIS,then you are just bunch of souless junkloving b******.

  10. An0thrNight272 September 5, 2012

    Amazing! I’ve always been a fan of her’s.. but she needs a new creative team. Give her more songs like this on her album in this type of acoustic and I’d buy. I cant with the pop songs…

    • SHUH September 5, 2012

      Her new album isn’t gonna be very ‘pop’ She’s blended a lot of new sounds with this album. She’s went back to her ‘spirit roots’ but she’s definitely changed it up. GlassHeart will be amazing!

    • butlerny September 6, 2012

      Check out “How everything you are” on YT by leona

  11. SHUH September 5, 2012

    This girl is the truth. I tell you now, look at artists these days who are getting by on style and little talent. Leona Lewis has the talent. This girl is vocally on a level miles above the rest. I’m expecting so much from her record label because this girl should not be f***** around when she is that damn talented. And to whoever said this video was emotionless. HELL NO! She gave this so much emotion. Leona you’re back to slaaaaaaay

  12. Go Leona! September 5, 2012

    This performance is amazing. People who say she has no emotion are jealous because she sings circles around their faves. They can’t criticize anything real, so they make stuff up.

  13. Char September 5, 2012

    I love this woman! I wasn’t too sold on the original of this song (I liked it, but it didn’t love it) and could picture Emeli Sande singing it with more conviction and emotion, but I love this version and think Leona sounded amazing. She has such a gorgeous voice and still seems so humble. She may not come across as charismatic as other stars, but I love the fact that fame hasn’t seemed to change her and that she still holds the same values. A rare find tbh.

  14. JuanR September 6, 2012


  15. Mariah September 6, 2012

    She is much better than Mariah Carey!!

    • sweetnothings78 September 8, 2012

      Both have beautiful voices, no need to compaire as the above people feel compelled to give stupid comments back even when it is simply your opinion, Leona’s so with bad management who seem to of got bored of her and the promotion becomes sloppy.

      Heres hoping this era is not shattered glass!

  16. sweetnothings78 September 8, 2012

    Some people are just not happy.

    Simply STUNNING!, and as usual sompe people who dont work for record companies, who dont have singing voices and who DONT have a record deal feel it neccasery to comment on something they know clearly nothing about.

    That is all!

  17. Megan October 21, 2012

    Leona Lewis is very talented

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