Confirmed: Mariah Carey Unveils New ‘American Idol’ Judges

Published: Sunday 16th Sep 2012 by Sam

Much ado has been about the new judging panel on American Idol, however it appears the conundrum ends today.

Diva Mariah Carey, who up until now was the only confirmed judge on the re-jigged panel, moments ago shared the shot above of her with what appears to be her fellow Idol cast-mates – Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson, and host Ryan Seacrest.

Of course, it’s important to exercise caution until an official announcement is made. But what are the odds of Mariah, Minaj, Jackson and co all being at the same place at the same time in the same photo?

Filming for Idol 2013 auditions begins today, hence an answer as to who will be sitting with ol’Mimi on Fox next January is clearly imminent.

UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest has CONFIRMED the line-up is legit!


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  1. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

    Mooo , Welcome to the Circus !

    • MC September 16, 2012

      @pop you need to go back to school and re-learn how to shade b**** 😀 And to think you stan for Madonna, who is one of the best shaders of all time, after Mariah that is…

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

        b**** , who gave you the permission to be in my reply section ?

      • MC September 16, 2012

        B****, I gave my my self permission. Last time I check you weren’t my owner and where I live, I am blessed with the freedom of speech and expression and I intend to use it all. And do you think your attempted failed shade would go by unnoticed. Girl have several seats for the failed shade. Bye

    • James227 September 16, 2012


      Love your comment and I for one will not be watching. There rating has fallen after J. Lo & Steve left and with these judges the show will soon be cancelled.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

        yes sir 😉

    • HBF82 September 16, 2012

      You are the perfect example of uneducated trailer ghetto trash. The only thing worse than Rihanna and Madonna herself, are their pathetic, pressed and stupid followers. You are living evidence that worshiping the old fart devil and naming your avi after Rihanna is only decreasing gray cells that still exist in that empty balloon called your head.

  2. Truthteller September 16, 2012

    Two flop divas, a fat black guy who manages a flop diva, and a redneck = flop tv

    • Turkey Germany Girl September 16, 2012


    • Jayla September 16, 2012

      Who all is still more PAID THAN YOU!

    • Markus Arelius September 16, 2012


  3. Jay Jay September 16, 2012

    They obviously grabbed nicki for ratings b/c I can’t see the correlation with her and this show. I just hope she leaves that roman mess at home and be normal lol.

  4. the real xoxo September 16, 2012

    what is nicki gonna teach the contestants?
    how to suck lil waynes d*** for a deal?
    how to rip off someones style from a decade ago?
    how to dress like ronald mcdonald at 30 years old?

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 16, 2012


    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 16, 2012


    • opd2 September 16, 2012

      Don’t you have a life you jealous piece of sh-t,you are always on this womans post f-cking blog roach,the ultimate pest.

    • James227 September 16, 2012

      @ The Rel XOXO


    • Jayla September 16, 2012

      A True f**

    • Let It Da Fuq Go! September 16, 2012

      BUT… U WILL ALL BE TUNED IN THO. I can’t with fakers. Nicki Minaj is your guilty pleasure B******… Y’all pretend to not like her on these blogs but you know everything about her cus you keep up with her every move and know every lyric to her songs so therefore you’re all undercover FANS. GIVE IT UP, NICKI WINS Y’ALL LOSE HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  5. rambambam September 16, 2012

    If Britney is a judge on XFaxctor, who lip syncs, I don’t see why Nicki, who raps and sings live, can’t.

    You can’t knock Nicki off. She is doing things, that nobody thought she would be doing.

    She is building her brand very well.

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 16, 2012

      B**** she lip sync more that britney. Nicki A flop, h**

      • Black Jiggaman September 16, 2012

        A flop ho that just made over twelve million dollars for one season. Even when she phucks up she wins. I don’t what to say. I believe in being on your grind and hustling but this is too easy. To be handed al that cash….smh.

  6. truthteller September 16, 2012

    Ugh. American Idol is clearly desperate. I loooove Mariah but nikki minaj….I’ll pass. Just another reason for me not to watch.

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 16, 2012


    • opd2 September 16, 2012

      You will watch in hopes to see her fail,stop lying to you,er self.

  7. michella c** September 16, 2012


    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 16, 2012

      H** u a nicki stan so jump off a mountain onto jagged rocks with the remaing icki stans because she fadin…like yo p****!! Mutha fucka u namin the whole lineup tryna hide but u caijt b**** lol!!!! Now go clean yo fish smellin p**** u h**!

    • RDK September 16, 2012

      MICHELLA C** Co-Sign.

  8. MC September 16, 2012

    Yes for Keith Urban, Mariah, and Randy Jackson. As for Nicki, who the f*** let this retarded b**** on that panel? Why? Why? I can’t understand half the s*** she says, due to her ever changing fake ass accent and her who the hell wants to see this multiple personality disorder b**** judging others? I can’t….what a mess….smh

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 16, 2012


    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 16, 2012

      LOL so funny!

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

      It goes from New york, to british, to Jamacian. I dont know what she thinks it is.

  9. truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 16, 2012

    A veteran, a singn diva some country flop guy and a FUNKY WHITE HAIRED STINK P**** B****!!! This the last season for ai nevause of that tacky flop DRAGON P**** B**** icki garbage chile!

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 16, 2012

      “because of”

  10. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) September 16, 2012

    I honestly think Mariah is too good for that stupid ass show..who the hell still watches that show..?

    how many people who actually won, still have a career?

    • MC September 16, 2012

      Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert (didn’t win though), Jordan Sparks (more acting than music), J-Hud (More acting and non-winner), Scotty McCreery (had a successful 1st country album), etc….
      I stopped watching, but now I will start for Mariah and just block out Nicki Multiple-Personality-Disorder-fake-b**** Minaj

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 16, 2012

      I´ve never watched the show (I don´t watch the X-factor and all those shows here in Spain, I´m not going to watch the ones from other countries obviously) but even if you think the show it´s ended, I think it keeps being the biggest show in ratings over there in the USA, still more than The Voice and XFactor despite debuting like 10 years and the other two being recent

  11. DOSSOME September 16, 2012

    Whether i agree with the line-up or not,Idol is owning back the ratings this go round….I also see a queen mariah hater was the 1st to comment,too bad she kept you pressed for 23 yrs & i bet you’ll be tuning in just to watch her in 2013…& those worried about Onika’s gimmicks,i’m sure she’ll leave them at the gate coz the only diva here is MARIAH CAREY…Roll in 2013 & snatch ’em ratings…

  12. Layla September 16, 2012

    Nicki is offically a has-been.

  13. dit you eber really lub me steebe September 16, 2012

    Lmfao –– “i couldnt do your TV show, i needed TEN more mill, not TEN on the back, i need that s*** on SIGNING” so we know now this was why it took so long to confirm nicki minaj. She wanted her money up front, so when the show flops, she already got hers, lmfao.

    anyways, i know that bish got PAIDDDDD for this, lucky ho.

  14. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 16, 2012

    All I care about is legendary Mariah Carey! And yeah like other people say the contestants are not even important (at least nowadays)

    • MC September 16, 2012

      I know right! I will watch for Mariah and Mariah only.

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 16, 2012

        I know! Who the hell wants to watch what Nicki Minaj has to say? and specially about anybody else? 🙂

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012


    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

      the contestants aren’t important ?

      I’M done for today.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

        Not to them, I doubt they would comlain if the show was transformed into a talk show as long as it had Mariah as the star.

  15. The Cryptic Beauty September 16, 2012

    I agree with Mariah being a choice, but I’m not too sure about Nicki…. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    I wonder if Roman or Martha will make an appearance…LOL

  16. RDK September 16, 2012

    Congratz to Nicki,i wish her and the rest of the panel all the best.

  17. Dreams September 16, 2012

    Say what you want, but just know this b**** is doing it real big. Nicki Minaj has drive & determination, she has accomplished what it normally takes an artist 7 years too do. I’m not her biggest fan, but I will give up to Nicki in regards to her hustle. Just 3 years ago Nick was selling mixtapes out of the backif her BMW.. she has my respect.

    • WENDY September 16, 2012

      Yes Nicki is doing it big, bigger than Rihnna is now doing. I stop watching this show when the first judges left. Now I know i’m really not watching it even though I love Mariah. An Randy will look so out of place with his old self. Nothing against being old but he will look like he sitting wth his children.

  18. Peter Griffin September 16, 2012

    Nicki doesn’t need to be there, then again she’s turning 30 and that’s when female rappers lose their appeal. I think she knows people are getting tired of her.

    • opd2 September 16, 2012

      What are you talking about Nicki isn’t in the game for 15-20 years,it,s only bin 3+ years,no one is getting tired of her,Nicki is still s*** as ever still got her skills,she singing million dollar deals still doing Nicki minaj,seems the payed her up[front so the deal finally fell through,she is a business woman,people can call her names hate and her are whatever but she don’t play,she made everything comes through that she said she was going to bring to reality 3-4 years ago.

      • Peter Griffin September 16, 2012

        People aren’t as hyped about her like they were before ‘Stupid H**.’ All them endorments were sorted out by the time PF:RR was released. I used to really like her, now I just ain’t bothered.

  19. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

    the voice > The EX and Tired-Factor > American idol.

    if you are a talented musician/artist , will u allow a f*****’ joke like “nicki’s-silicon-filled ass” minaj to judge your vocals or stage presence , while she don’t have any ?

    will u let britney-rehab judge you without taking her pills before saying her words to you ?

    or you will like to be judged based on ONLY talent ?

    that’s why “the voice” will be better. AI just wanted ratings , and what’s better than a commercial joke like nicki with delusional following to get them just that ?
    and i know MC will make it about her , she thinks she’s the best singer in the world herself !! but at least she’s an icon and know what she’s doing , WTF is an onika to sit and judge ?

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 16, 2012

      Not that I care but American Idol ratings are bigger than any of the other shows even nowadays in its 13rd season or so. And the others are only on their 2nd or 3rd
      I´m not saying it is better but definitely bigger

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

      I wasn’t talking about who’s bigger John ……….. i was talking about what’s best for you if you were a new artist !

      • Jayla September 16, 2012

        What are the Voice’s winners record sales?

      • IJUDGEFLIPFLOPS September 17, 2012

        You are such a deluded f****** c***. Lmao “i was talking about what’s best for you if you were a new artist” what happened to the other contestants deals hun? While people who went on Idol went off to sell over 15 million & earned multiple Grammys. You are so stupid! I cannot!!!!!!!!!!! Lmaoooo!!

  20. Blue the Real Hive September 16, 2012

    Nicki Minaj a singing judge looooool I though xfactor uk was bad now imerican idol gone sucks!!! Lol gone sucks? Fox s begging for viewers who’s next Rita ora Lool

  21. MISHKA September 16, 2012

    If Demi Lovato or Tulisa can be judges, so can Nicki.

    Congrats Onika, you played your three little cards very well so far.

    Don’t hate the player, y’all. She got game.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

      But… Demi Lovato is a talented singer….

    • Blue the Real hive September 16, 2012

      Demi sing tulisa opens her legs but sing aswel uh nicki rap Lool

  22. AmbeRussell September 16, 2012

    As we saw with x factor adding Britney spears, who is being paid a large sum of $$$, only brought a large amounts of tweet but lacked with the ratings. Britney was brought on to get ratings for the show but Yhe show fail to reach double digits, where as the voice got higher ratings. I could probably see the same happen to idol with Nicki as a judge. What they fail to realize is middle America can give 2 shits about her & she might scare off those viewers bc she is a rapper. Nicki isn’t going to add much to the show but her barbs, but non hip hop fans might turn away bc a rapper is telling ppl how to sing

    AmbeRussell on YouTube

    • . September 16, 2012

      Do you realize that what you are saying is expected of you,on a Nicki post,you bin saying what you bin saying from the get go on all Nicki post,so did you expect people expect anything different from you,subject like these were it concerns Nicki Minaj is were you shine with the negativity…so keep them clicks coming.

    • James227 September 16, 2012

      Now this right here was right on f****** point ^^^

    • Jayla September 16, 2012

      I think people on blogs are the only people who put that much thought into this s*** lol, just watch or dont lol

  23. RDK September 16, 2012

    Everything Nicki Minaj do it,s a problem to these naysayers detractors,the more they try to drag her down the stronger she gets and more successful,she turned all this negative energy in to positive power,this woman bin getting a fight from the get go[she bin through it all i doubt anything would surprise her at this point]and she is still here stronger than ever,i respect her for that and her tunnel vision eye on the prize hustle game.

  24. Beyonce’s Weave (I COPY real hair) September 16, 2012

    Panel is too black, the show will bomb. Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson are not going to bring in any viewers. Anyway good luck to them.

    • James227 September 16, 2012

      This is what the show is counting on the black race to watch and bring in the rating. Never did they stoop this low bfore. And poor Randy he should just leave before the show fails.

    • Blue the Real hive September 16, 2012

      so race like black us a failed in America? Is USA AS RACIST AS UK?

  25. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

    Lets be real here, this judging panel is horrible. Mariah, Randy and Nicki will propel viewers away because, whether we like to face the problem or not there are too many black people. The people watching this show are predominintely white and will not stand for Mariah who has an ear for talent making it impossible for them to vote a pretty-boy white guitarist to number one for the fifth season in a row.

    Along with that Bafoon Gimmicki Garbaj acting like a ghetto fool, Randy saying “Dawg” every 5 seconds the white viewers (80%) will become annoyed of all the black people and watch something else instead. The viewers willl plummet.

    • Blue the Real hive September 16, 2012

      whats wrong with black people judging the show?

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

        It will scare the white people away.

  26. MISHKA September 16, 2012

    Just read she’s getting close to $12 million for this!

    If that ain’t mainstream appeal, I don’t know what that is. Good bye Lil’ Kim comparisons, Nicki is on Queen Latifah’s lane now.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

      Nicki Minaj is a fad. She is on Lil Kims lane still.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 16, 2012

      Really? Cos I just read Keith Urban is getting $4 million and Minaj $8 million. Of course Mariah $18 million 🙂

  27. christinastherealtalent September 16, 2012

    You know you’re desperate for the ratings when you offer Nicki Minaj to be a judge.

    • . September 16, 2012

      Ignonrat @ss hole,they bin asking for Nicki like forever back in the day even Simon reach out to Nicki,but it seems the deal wasn’t right so it didn’t go through,seems the deal is right this go around so it went through,do you,er research this isn’t the first time this show and others reach out to Nicki Minaj,no desperation there.

  28. MichaelAngelo September 16, 2012

    Do people actually still watch Anerican Idol? That show sucks! Nicki Minaj?? Lmao TV has made an all time low.

  29. Let It Da Fuq Go! September 16, 2012

    NICKI MINAJ!!!! Get them millions Barbie!!!! And your haters?! eh, They love you too but forget em they’re just 3 B’s… Bitter Broke B******!!! Now which b**** you know wouldn’t kill to be in Nicki’s shoes. Get Millions Barbie!!! Shhhhh *whispers* Your haters are also your supporters. TeeHee *creeps away quietly*

  30. RG2 September 16, 2012

    clearly this blog thrives off of NEGATVITY AND HATRED ESPECIALLY TOWARDS BLACK PEOPLE #CrabsInABarrel

  31. Truth83 September 16, 2012

    You don’t have to have the best voice to judge a talent show people. The majority of judges on these talent show can not sing. Let me list them and I think nicki has a better voice than these folks. JLo, Paula Abdul, Howard Stern, Randy Jackson, Simon, and can keep going. So I ask the question….why is it different for Nicki? People just need to stop hating on this woman. It’s not a good look for you.

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