Nicki Minaj: “Jordin Sparks Inspired ‘Idol’ Decision’

Published: Tuesday 18th Sep 2012 by David

As an unlikely candidate for a judging position on the series, Nicki Minaj’s decision to join ‘American Idol’ is sure to have come as a surprise to any unfamiliar with her entire body of work.

For, by way of her ‘animated’ style, many seem to question how qualified the Rapper is to judge fresh talent.

Now, she has explained why she joined the show, and how ‘Sparkle’ actress Jordin Sparks influenced her decision to do so.

Full story below…

On joining the show’s 12th season she explained:

“I remember watching ‘American Idol’ in the first season and feeling inspired.I spoke to [season 6 winner] Jordin Sparks the other day and here she is starring in a movie [‘Sparkle’] and I said to her, ‘I remember watching you and picking up my phone’.

Because my little brother was more obsessed over the Blake person because he was like, more, you know, hip-hop, whatever. But I told her [Sparks] that, ‘you know you’re a part of history, kind of. Because I remember calling and seeing your face and being inspired and hearing your story’.

This is such a credible brand.It’s really serious, it’s real deal it’s not anything else other than really looking for talent. If I can be a part of that I’m really down for it.”

Minaj is reportedly set to earn a cool $12 million per season, and will hit US screens in the New Year.


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  1. Ain’t Playing Witchu September 18, 2012

    People can talk s*** but this chick is winning in damn near every area of the game.

    $12 million and just what…4 years ago she wasn’t making a grand.

    Good for her. A black woman going far. I honestly can’t imagine where she’ll be in another year, she’s done damn near everything already.

    • truth(the one and only u b****) September 18, 2012

      i’ll tell you where this ILLUMINATI B**** will b in another year…OBSOLETE!!! you b****!

    • Yea Okay September 18, 2012

      Haha… I’d rather watch Tamar Be a judge!!

    • Char September 18, 2012

      I’m all for black women going far and doing well, but I just can’t with Nicki and her appalling attitude. I’d respect her a lot more if her attitude was decent, but she’s proven on numerous occasions that it’s not even that. She doesn’t even have the talent to justify her huge ego imo, and her music’s wack.

      Although..she’s getting her money so I doubt she’s caring about what anybody else thinks.

  2. truth(the one and only u b****) September 18, 2012


    • Monstarebel September 18, 2012

      STFU U DIRTY H**!!!!!!

      • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 18, 2012

        (FLAME ON in 3 2 1…) B**** u can for this w**** all u want but it shows that yo tart p**** momma should hav aborted u or ATLEAST killed herself after layn eyes on u. C***

  3. N September 18, 2012

    [user known as “Sooryya”]

    Nobody gives a Phlying Phresh Piece of Phuck . . . . . NOBODY ! ! ! ! !

    She’s a Phlop.

  4. truth(the one and only u b****) September 18, 2012

    and i bet ANYTHING that she never watched or called in chile

  5. Drew September 18, 2012

    I understand you’re a Nicki fan Sam, no shade there. But all the reliable reports state Mariah is being paid 17-18mil, Nicki 8mil, and Keith 4mil. Nothing to haugh at, by any means, but certainly not the 50% difference you keep reporting.

  6. JOHNVIDAL September 18, 2012

    Sorry but why are the millions Nicki is going to be paid constantly changing??? I swear I read two days ago Keith Urban 4 million, Nicki 8 mil and of course Mariah Carey 18 mil
    How is it that Nicki stans were saying yesterday 10 mil already… and today 12 mil???

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 18, 2012


  7. DOSSOME September 18, 2012

    I hope the barbz wld be able to cough out the extra $4M tgj keeps reporting coz i doubt samantha will,while still squating in the roc nation basement…

  8. j September 18, 2012

    GOOD FOR HER ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INDEPENDENT WOMAN $~ (GET THAT CA$H)

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 18, 2012

      Get urs B****!

  9. opd2 September 18, 2012

    IT,S 12 MILLI i seen it ever were.

    • truth(the one and only u FUNKY b****) September 18, 2012

      U r a mutha fuckn lyn young money B******!

  10. BubblePopElectric September 18, 2012

    I’m so proud of Nicki! I remember early 2010 when she was featured on everyone’s records and everyone was on board the Nicki bus. However, I guess since she’s expanded her musical stylings to no longer just be a Rapper featured on Pop songs but a 1-Stop Shop Hip Hop/Pop Hitmaker some of you became pressed somewhere along that road. I guess you all aren’t comfortable with the fact that she’s now established a brand that can go toe-to-toe in direct competition with some of your faves… And that’s silly. Grow up. It’s one thing to not prefer an artist but it’s another thing to make it your life mission to drag them on every blog you can find. It’s SUPPOSED to be a competitive industry…. That’s why albums aren’t selling anymore because people as short-sighted as some of you stans try to prevent hungrier talent from succeeding with blog and Twitter Hate Campaigns. Nevertheless, Nicki is winning and assisting American Idol in retaining a platform for other young, hungry acts to break into the industry. Hats off to her!

    • jamilaa September 18, 2012

      shut ya trifling dirty bubble pop mouth !! smells of fish just like ya fav’s p****!! yucky garbej!

  11. MC September 18, 2012

    Lies, lies, and more lies. This b**** is whack as f***.

  12. theman September 18, 2012

    She’s getting eight million. Not twelve million. Sam stop editing shyt……. She joined this show for the money. That’s what inspired her.

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