The Saturdays Sign US Deal / Hit Studio With Darkchild

Published: Thursday 20th Sep 2012 by David

It’s been some time since they dominated the UK charts, but if today’s news is anything to go by The Saturdays are gearing up for a global take over.

This, set to be put in motion by their recent signing to Universal’s Def Jam, before the release of their fourth studio album.

Good news below…

Inking a deal with both Def Jam and Mercury, the ladies will launch the first international album in 2013, preceded by a single due out in January.

Enlisting the legendary Diane Warren and Darkchild to craft the project, the ‘Up’ belles told Billboard:

“We were so afraid. We didn’t want to leave England.Nowadays, luckily, [English] people are a lot more open to their favourite acts going to America. 

It used to be a little bit like, ‘They’re leaving us! They’re going to the US and they’re never coming back!’ People seem a little more accepting of that now.

We feel like the time is now for pop music coming from the UK and Ireland, but there’s never been a girl band coming from there since The Spice Girls. It’s time for us.”

As it stands, numbers like the above and ‘All Fired Up’ make The Saturday‘s the UK’s leading girl group… at least on a dance front.

However, we’d be lying if we said their current set up is strong enough to win over US audiences and hope their Def Jam signing welcomes new choreographers, the trimming of over produced vocals and a sound that is truly their’s.

A sound, which showcases both the vocals and personalities of all five members.

For as it stands, the girls are actually a three piece vocal troupe armed with two members whose voices are either ‘absent’ on recordings, or drowned in those held by their stronger members.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t talented, but does mean they’ll have serious creative work to do before the release of the Sean Paul assisted ‘What About Us’, and if they are to be taken seriously by US listeners, who are by difficult to please by default ( see Kylie Minogue).

In short, here’s hoping ‘The Saturdays’ break ground in every possible way this time around, and serve a project worthy of their appeal and undeniable talent.


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  1. I’m not throwing shade, but… September 20, 2012

    Does Def Jam have any true talented vocalists on their rosta? They will have to become a totally different group to survive in the UK and US. With the return of the sugababes and girlsaloud, newbies little mix and stooshe they are really fighting for their lives.

    • Sarah Says September 20, 2012

      They are going to sing a Diane Warren song! I remember when Diane used to work with the best vocalists who could bring her songs to life. The Saturdays? really!!!??? she must be desperate for cash! Not even Alexandra Burke to Leona Lewis, what next Diane warren and Cher Lloyd, Cheryl Cole… Cassie

  2. the real xoxo September 20, 2012

    they are trying to crack the US? they should try cracking the UK first.
    honestly these girls have been around for 4 years already, and havent even got a #1 single in the UK, what makes them think they can be successful overseas?
    they are beautiful and average singers. just like No Direction. but 1d have 12 year old girls on their side.

  3. Monstarebel September 20, 2012

    Never heard of them

  4. sickwithapen September 20, 2012

    No shade, but are they the UK’s version of Danity Kane minus the vocals and choreo?

  5. antertain September 20, 2012

    When their song “Issues” was doing well over the states they should’ve pounced on US market from then. But with Vanessa’s vocals a great sound can be created around her and Rochelle. Won’t rule them out.

  6. sapphier September 20, 2012

    what about us sounds really good. they have really good live performances, vocally anyway. and their dance moves have gotten better. on another note they are better then the sugarbabes and girls aloud. I really hate that send their songs to radio a month before it officially comes out.

    • Sarah Says September 20, 2012

      Imma really have to disagree with that, although i respect your opnion. Vanessa has a good voice and rochelle has a nice voice but none of them can tough Nadine in girls alouds vocals, or Muyta in the original sugababes. even in the fake sugababes jade has a better voice.

  7. Britbutnotproud September 20, 2012

    The Half Nigerian Half Filipino Vanessa is the best singer.

    • kinglady051 September 20, 2012

      Vannessa is Fillipino fully. Not half black or half anything x

      • Britbutnotproud September 21, 2012

        Nope you are wrong she is half black.

      • Britbutnotproud September 21, 2012

        Well so I read somewhere. But looking at her I was not convinced as they said she was half nigerian and half filipino. I just googled her ethnicity and it states her father is white from Yeovil in somerset and her mother is Filipino. I guess the Filipino gene is pretty strong.

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