Watch: Chris Brown Declares Love For Rihanna & Karrueche Tran

Published: Friday 5th Oct 2012 by Sam

“Shout, shout, let it all out…”

Chris Brown is singing his story loud and proud. For, in light of ample speculation surrounding his personal life, the stage blazer has released a video professing his love for both Rihanna and ex-Karrueche Tran.

Drunk in the back of his car, the professionally edited confessional features a somewhat coherent Brown confirming Rihanna as the reason for his break-up with Tran and that it’s unfair  to put the latter in such a position.

Chris Brown tells all after the jump…

Granted it’s great to see Chris pull the plug on the rumors and address his “truth” head-on, we’re a little puzzled by the clip. As one who’s campaigned so fiercely to be left alone by the media, there’s a lot to be said for him “put it all out there”.

From our vantage point, there should be no moaning moving forward about violated privacy if video’s like these are the route he’s treading on. Indeed, artists should either do a Jay-Z and Beyonce and keep it zipped, letting the talent do the talking (ala Old Skool Hollywood) or be prepared to spill that Lipton at any given time. Sadly, the latter seems to reflect the New Skool way of staying in the limelight – the personal is the professional and vice versa; which spotlights how convenient the timing of all of this is.

We doubt the clip arriving the day after Rihanna’s new album ‘Seven’ was confirmed was any coincidence. Whatever it takes for those headlines, aye? Let’s just hope she returns the favour come time for Chris to release new material.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Oh Yeah!!! October 5, 2012

    I hope Chris Brown doesn’t Forget that the reason he and rihanna Fought that night was because she was Possessive and he was Cheating on her.

    I hope Chris knows that when rihanna cries Wolf and throws him Under the Bus that he will be put in Prison for sure. i don’t think she has changed because she still comes over as Possessive and women Love Chris and he will Cheat again. What will rihanna do then? Cry wolf that she was beaten rather than Admit that their Relationship is very Toxic and they Fight on the Regular????

    Karruche girl Karma will come back to them so you be thankful and move on. We know you Broke up with Chris but he is such a Coward he released a Crap statement to cover his pride. All the best to Karruche (i don’t think i spelt it correctly).

    • Rihanna Navy October 5, 2012

      (i think it’s spell ketchup)

      • barbie October 5, 2012

        to the Rhi nonfans…we were right about this d***** bag called Rihanna. One day soon, the wool will fall off the eyes of the stans. @LAX, yo fav is pathetic. Chasing down another man’s woman, re igniting old emotions in the man, we all have a spouse or boyfriend with an ex but how many of us ever encountered an ex like that? That is REALLY pathetic!!

      • barbie October 5, 2012

        i just listened to this again…I think he is feeling sorry for Rhi that he put her in that terrible situation in the first place. He is in love with KT but is guilted int being with Rhi. Boy ..start being a MAN

      • THE DIAMOND NAVY October 6, 2012

        Barbie, you’re fake as s***. haha

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 5, 2012

      Yes. Goodluck to poor Kae.
      She didnt deserve any of this fuckery.

    • i&i(yardie) October 5, 2012

      @ oh yeah, THISSS!!! I am starting to not like CB the person anymore. His antics are getting a little tired. He did cutie Karrueche really dirty esp with that whole offical breakup announcement. A little from now I think he will realized that he made a huge mistake and will be crawling back to her. I hope she doesn’t take him back if he does. I think Rihanna is such an opportunist and will drop him like a bad habit when she realized he is no longer of any use to her. CB damn fool fool like wah.

      • Oh Yeah!!! October 5, 2012


    • Lax October 6, 2012

      @barbie, i heard that!

  2. kim October 5, 2012

    This is a mess. It will not help neither of their albums. Too many people are uninterested right now. Why cant these two leave on their talents and not personal life. I have discarded my two cb cd for good now. No longer supporting someone who is causing more harm and doesn’t give a s***. Kae I pray for this girl today for strength and courage cause heartbreak is not easy and will not wish it on anyone. She did nothing but stood by his side in his darkest hours but it wasn’t enough. God is a just god and Satan always candy coat everything to make it look attractive and sweet. The chrianna s*** will not last as soon as they mature as well as fans that thing they claim to be real love will be no love. Btw album debut soon get ur life

    • oh baby (b****** will Deal) October 5, 2012

      Omfg!!!! I will say it now, rihanna is a s**** and karma is gonna bite that h***** infected ass one day! No woman should do that to another woman! Everyone was quick to drag Alicia and fantasia calling them homewreckers so why should r**** be exempt from this? She’s no different, if anything she’s worse because she was so shameless in getting Chris back declaring her love for him on Oprah like that! She knew exactly what she was doing with that interview!! Shameless w****! Idc if they were together before and if it’s “true love” (the”love of your life” would not bust your face like that) never!!!……. just when I was about to give this b**** a chance and start supporting her, she does this s***! The way diamonds slayed me upon its release…chile, it had me questioning if I had been a fan all along. Anyway enough of my rant, karrueche (yes I’m guilty of remixing your name more than a few times) and even though I never cared for her or her relationship with Chris, I truly with you the best sister one day you will find you the right guy!! I can defo relate coz I once lost my bf to a shameless s**** too. And Chris, you’re a mess little boy, get your s*** together!!

      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 5, 2012

        Preach girl preach.

      • Britt October 5, 2012

        Because Chris and Kae were not married! So, people can’t break up with someone now, last time I checked Chris and Kae were not married, don’t have kids together,etc……. She will be fine she is not the first person to be dump and she won’t be the last. I don’t know why people want other people to stay with someone,so that person want get hurt. So Chris is supposed to stay with Kae even though his heart belongs with somebody else? How is that helping Kae when her man is in-love wit h another woman? Oh yeah, Kae was not with Chris during the hard time, they start dating right when dueces start taking off, so she came right when he was beginning to pop again. Anyways I can’t stand Chris Brown, I just think it is stupid for people to tell this boy who her should be with or not. Newsflash ,people the heart wants what the heart wants!

      • Lax October 6, 2012

        @OH BABY,,,,Praise the Lord!

  3. DOSSOME October 5, 2012

    Good 4 them,but these publicity stunts have never worked in Chris Brown’s favour,so Fortune will still not go platinum (not even gold)…Rihanna is using this fool at her convience….it’s funny chris brown sells Rihanna albums than BUT can’t sell Chris Brown albums

    • CBE October 5, 2012

      I know… I dont trust Rihanna.

      • Ugh October 5, 2012

        you are right. CB does sell her albums.

  4. IamHolliewood October 5, 2012

    Editor on DECK!

  5. Germona October 5, 2012


  6. BIG DOGG October 5, 2012

    It’s another one of them moments when you’re forced to remember that YOU CHOSE THE SAME N**** who bleeded your reproductive organs a few years ago, not to mention exposed the c**-filled s*** that you are to the world.

    You have already classified yourself to be a classical C***-sucker, Ass-rimmer, and any other kind of servant to any n**** in the industry (alongside his bro’s, buddies and even bodyguards) just if he could protect you from a 4-incher like Chris Brown?

    I remember your fans saying “She’s just doing that to make Chris mad”, turns out………You’ve been tied with Chris Brown’s asshole wrapped all around your nose in the end?

    You left no one, their number is officially more than 1000. But NOW, you revealed to the world that you’re a dignitiless b**** and have been meeting him even since he beat your ass.

    You’re flopped in life, baby.


    Your body can’t take more d***, can’t fit for more c**, more p***, more bangs and whips, more blood, and your are powerless to do any s*** about it.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 5, 2012

      ??? U sound like u turnt on!

    • BIG DOGG October 5, 2012

      When I get [-5] with no comments from anybody but @LAX . . . . . . . . . . .

      That feeling when you’ve made 5 people from differend continents FUME, thumb down, with nobody to dare and say a word . . . . . . . . . . .

      I almost get an instant boner.

      • Lulu October 5, 2012

        you need deliverance,i will pray for your twisted mind.

      • Lax October 5, 2012

        @BIG DOGGG,,,Screw yourself…
        The recipient of six Grammy Awards® and seven Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna has sold over 37 million albums and 146 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record for top-selling digital artist of all time. A member of the TIME 100 most influential people in the world, Forbes named Rihanna the world’s #1 social media star with over 2.7 billion views on YouTube/VEVO, the most ever for any female artist, over 60 million Facebook fans, and over 26 million Twitter followers. In addition to her 11 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 22 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Charts

        BIG DOGG,,,Do yourself A FAVOR, AND BRING THE

  7. Realest October 5, 2012

    At least he is keeping it 100….

  8. CBE October 5, 2012

    You know what? LOOL!!! We didnt need a video chris but surely he must know that Rihanna is playing him for publicity, I mean Chris doesnt sell cause he is a target by the establishment..I bet his album(Fortune) has shifted more then stated but lies! lies! sabotage and if Rihanna,taylor swift, Justin bieber singles debut in the top5 on itunes first release everytime! somethings wrong…they have fans but come on If Chris can break more records in viewership/Ratings then the artists mentioned above and he cant sell as much then you know he is not heavily pushed by the establishment. This is how I see it: Chris wants to join the cult again by hanging around Rihanna,Jay z, Beyonce etc. While Rihanna uses him for publicity.

    Now I Ieave you with my Idol who they targeted.

      • Lax October 5, 2012

        Lord deliver Me from Idiots who think they
        know it all, please. If people or doing good
        then they or supposed to be a part of the
        Cults THATS OUT THERE HUH I wonder
        if this applys to the many great Doctore, athelets
        and other SUCCESSFUL people in the entertainment
        industry and in the medical Fields and the space age workers, just thinking, so all of the higher ups in the
        entertainment industry or a part of the Illuminati, and
        another thing CBE Do the Bey Hive Know about jay
        and their Kaang being in the illumanti?What about Beyonce’s Baby Girl Blue
        @cbe is Beyonce & Jays little baby Blue in the illumanti

      • Lax October 5, 2012

        CBE,,,,Is a clown, to Me.

    • Lax October 5, 2012

      @CBE,,,Soooo you or saying that jay, bey and rih
      are a part of the “Illuminati” is that Right. Well tell
      Me or they the only One’s in show Business?

      • CBE October 5, 2012

        Im a clown? Really? you just made three posts clowning yourself! this stuff is not even a secret anymore! the all seeing eye is a symbol of the most powerful people looking down on us slaves,animals or whatever they think of us and these puppets you worship and listen to are controlled by these people(I wont go in detail who they are) but Jay z, beyonce, Lady gaga, Jb etc…their careers can be ended anytime and you are an ignorant c*** who doesnt deserve my time.

    • zania October 5, 2012

      Actually all of them been looking rough over the past 6 months, CB drinding more, Rihanna drinking getting high, Karrueche looks worned. I don’t think its about album sales, CB personal life has took a toll on him all year, he really didn’t promote his singles or album this year. He was in the headlines for his personal life. So I believe CB when he said that he is stressing. Look at how he looked last year and look how he look this year, losing weight drinking all the time. He has a whole lot on his heart. He needs some time to himself, to get his life together.

  9. Nirvana October 5, 2012

    Nooo chris..what a stupid move and if you’re gonna use this for pulicity at least try and make a great act!!ugh but I’m curious to know how this will end..

  10. Oh Yeah!!! October 5, 2012

    Chris love him some STD Loving from rihanna. LOL!

    • Lax October 5, 2012

      Oh yeah=ScumBag

  11. Lax October 5, 2012

    @Grape,,,Excuse me but,,,Chris nor Rihanna has to do
    “Jack Shyt” like Jay & Beyonce did, Never if they don’t
    want to, i see that You think that Jay & Bey set’s the tone
    for all black folks and they do not, that’s your Ass.

    @Big Dogg,,,,Yeaaaah and just think CHRIS learned
    everything He knows from Yo Dad and Rih Learned
    everything She knows from Yo Mamma, & Beyonce’s
    ass. Now all Chris need to do is paddle some drugs
    on these street corners and get forgiveness for that
    and beat a few more women asses and He will be
    a Shoe In to get His life back on track like Jayz did and
    then when He’s making BANK LIKE JAY…Then Chris
    will be just great, If He let ass holes like you, tell it…
    @Big Dogg, because yo ass isn’t running jack shyt but
    the NEGATIVE ASS comments that yo ass always have
    a Truck Load, of S***** ass comments for Rihanna & Chris….
    only I notice, Yo ass has a FIXATION on Rihanna , Chris and it
    shiws big time . Don’t you bloggers know that you can’t ruin these
    artists lifes with what you think and say as if somehow yo Way of
    thinking is the Gospel according to your own Out look on different
    artists lives, wake the phuck up …let them live their lives because
    only they can live it, not Me, You or any of Us…NOW CARRY ON, DON’T PAY

    • BIG DOGG October 5, 2012

      +25 lines of @LAX–level of madness.

      Y E A H ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      That was satisfying as f***, @lax. DAYUMM!

      Take yo’ pills, wash them down, and S-L-E-E-P, @lax. You and your fav have been getting dragged like NO OTHAH, for like 47 hours.

      It’s almost 4 am in your region, @lax.

      Go, refresh yourself in the club, take a cold drink, shake your ass to “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been”, pick up a d*** to make you feel happy a little. Because God only knows what I’m feeling for your ass right now.

      • Lax October 5, 2012

        @BIG DOGG,,, I am not the least bit worried, upset
        are worried about what Ass Holes like You are talking about.
        You see BIG DOGG from where i sit and see the Comments coming from the likes of you and the Bey Hive and Rih’s HATERS I know better then you that what each of you so Passionately type about Rih see i know when it’s the truth and i also know when yo asses or lying, lmao. Therefore
        Big Dogg keep up the great work and keep NIT PIICKING,
        RIHANNA’S Career. At the end of the day Rihanna is a young, Mega artist who has won the International Artist
        Award for Two years in a row, Ceiling the deal that Rihanna is nothing more then the making of “A Legend”
        in the making. Knock Rih all you dam well pleases because the truth of the matter is, this If Rihanna wasn’t the Mega Artist She is then,,,,Yo assses would not be here on a post about RIHANNA talking all yo Shyt,….
        Don’t you all know that Rihanna isn’t going any place but straight to the Top, This new body of work will be the Talk of the Town and if you don’t believe Me then Hide and Watch, Son. Rihanna is a Force in the Entertainment Industry and for all of the bull shyt you and the likes of you talk Rihanna is still holding Her own and there’s not a dam thing you Low Life’s can do but keep right on Talking yo shyt, and We will all see together what is going to happen with “Little Ms. Sunshine’s Career, Son.

        @BIG DOGG,,To me i see a ScumBag with you and a Low Life.

    • Lax October 5, 2012

      @BIG DOGG,,,I’LL let Chris do it for Me, Okay

      Stick yo hate up yo ass DOGG, i want Chris and all
      of the Others to Exceed, i am…NOT WANTING all of
      the $$$$$$$ to just go into Beyonce’s Bank Account, bytch.

  12. Nirvana October 5, 2012

    Poor karate kid she should have seen this coming but Chris has done her wrong no oone deserves to be placed on the spotlight like that and teambreezy should stfu you stan for a criminal whoo should behind bars!!

  13. Oh Yeah!!! October 5, 2012

    That ain’t love Chris it is Lust and loving Screwing a W**** like RIhanna. She shud have named her album ‘A W**** like me’ rather than ‘A Girl like me’. Poor Karrueche!

    • Lax October 6, 2012

      Huh Must be good, though!

  14. danny b October 5, 2012

    This isnt about sales, albums, singles or anything else. This is about real experiences that REAL human beings (i.e. Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karreuche) go through. As much as I dislike Chris (which doesnt really have anything to do with the Rihanna thing), I cant help to really feel for not him, but the situation. Because I too am going through the same thing in my life. I’m somewhat in Karreche’s shoes and you never know someone’s situation concerning love unless youve actually experienced the same thing. All I have to say is, leave the bullshyt and actually have some type of f****** insight and heart to this ..

    • joker October 5, 2012

      have heart? lol. not really. this’ media here. we can say what we want. even just laughing how stupid they look after all that drama. maybe they belong together. they happy about it. actually we all seen that eating them up. this weeks paparazzi photos are not the issue. but he’s shooting a video using that “situation” now for publicity, make him look better. he still polishing his image, or perhaps just a “f*ck you all” rubbed under our noses and therefore he deserve no sympathy.

    • Lax October 5, 2012

      @DANNY just hang in there , because there will be many who will never understand, but you hang in there for things to get better for yourself.
      @DANNY,,,I shall never forget that i had gone to a funeral of a loved one and just so happened to mention it on a blog sight and they had no sorry for Me they posted hate, smiles and things that would try and hurt my feelings, these ass holes in the Blogosphere or something else and that is the very reason that i am glad that they don’t know where we all come from and what walk of life we or in or from, so you hang in there things will smooth out for You, Lax…
      @DANNY It was this site by the way, just saying Danny,,,,the haters or some cold blooded “Mofo” trust Me.

      • danny b October 5, 2012

        @LAX Thank you so much. Yea I agree this is not the place for any type of sympathy or remorse for ANYTHING or ANYBODY but at the same time, people need to have some type of heart at the end of the day. Thank you for your encouraging words. And I hope you find/have found peace with your situation 🙂

  15. That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 5, 2012

    I am so tired of these two and their mothafuckun publicity stunts. Rihanna is releasing a new CD in a few weeks, of course this desperate fame w**** wants some free press from the media. This is how she sells every year, by talking about/seeing Chris.
    These 2 are making a mockery out of love with their foolish attention seeking antics. Chris keep your mouth shut because you WILL lose fans. The ones that were with you during your Graffiti, Fame, and Fortune era will not care about you because people will see your womanizing shady ways.
    I have Chris’ last 3 albums but he needs to keep his personal life PERSONAL orherwise this will be his downfall.

    • zania October 5, 2012

      Actually this time I really don’t think it has anything to do with her album sales. They all look stressed. CB looks like a crack head, you can’t tell me that he isn’t going through something. Karrueche knew how this man felt all along, she was probably hoping that it wouldn’t work out publicly with him and Rihanna.

    • Lax October 5, 2012

      At any one who’s tired of these two Rich Mofo’s then why
      don’t you let yo broke assses slide, crawl to that Mofo
      Basement and wait for Chris or Rih to give a Dam!

  16. Skyfall October 5, 2012

    ” Don’t wanna heart anyone of them ” Well guess what you did both! They are so much better than he is , especially Karrueche for taking the high road . Rihanna is just a fool , like Kim Kardashian fool on these hopeless romantic s***! Girl grow a pair !

  17. ASIA October 5, 2012

    IMO CB jumped into another relationship entirely TOO quick. No matter the situation, he was still in love with Rih. Karaoke happened to be a pretty rebound who he fell for eventually, but she had to have gone into this with some knowledge. Ladies we have to be smarter. We cannot change a man! I feel bad for her, but she’ll be ok. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t like Chris and Rih together. A Taurus & a Pisces is one of the best combos. <3

  18. MC October 5, 2012

    From now on, since they’re together, they (Rihanna) she stop talking about the abuse story. I don’t think he’ll hit her again, however, if he does I surely will not feel bad for her. They both know what their thinking.

    • MC October 5, 2012


  19. RoyalKev October 5, 2012

    This is soooooo spontaneous! *sarcasm*

    The editing really adds so much to this honest moment caught on film. *more sarcasm*

    … Theres always something selling Rih albums other than the music. *no sarcasm*

    • B_STANNING(BEY STAY WINNING) October 5, 2012

      LMAO yes I believe this there is always something selling her music.

      She is such a gimmick. One minute talking about the story about being abused but yet always hanging with her abuser.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare October 5, 2012

      Yes!!!! I like Rihanna but Chris is CONSTANTLY helping her sell her music with this foolishness.

      Oh how I long for the days when OVERSHARING was not this common from artists.

      If your MUSIC spoke for itself (i.e. Sade), you would not have to do all of this.

  20. veo99 October 5, 2012

    Poor Drake!!! After all the shade he threw at Chris Brown – Rihs heart was always with Chris!! Once he watched her declare undying love on Oprah he was pissed at her so they did not speak at the VMAs!!! I don’t like the fact that they fought on that night in 2009 but they had always had a good relationship thats why when they broke up it seemed forced because it was not what they both wanted. The media and the label wanted the split because if you guys can recall Rih was back with him within a week at Diddys holiday house but the media went crazy saying she was suppose to be a role model and break up with him.

    She has always loved this man and he her and until their love comes to an end naturally no one can come in between – cos its real love after all.

  21. Arie October 5, 2012

    As much as I would like to feel bad for Karreuche I can’t bring myself to do it, as a woman you know when something is wrong with the person you claim to love. Chris Brown has been loosing weight and looking all stressed out most of this year, I can’t honestly say she did not see this coming. She fell inlove with the lifestyle and held on even when she could see it was not working out. Chris has given enough amunision in the past few month for her to break up with him but she chose to make excuses and say they are in an open relationship. Chris is doing what is best for him and his career right now so I can’t fault him for that.

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 5, 2012

      So you’re validating his behavior for hurting her? Im sure she did see it coming but at the same time Im sure she did everything in her power to stop it from happening when she seen it coming to an end.

  22. DeV October 5, 2012

    The video is too edited and stylised. If it was frank, honest and spontaneous it wouldn’t look so put together. I’m not saying that his feelings are not real, i just think this looks like the intro to the song/video dont judge me.

    As for Rihanna, i think she’s come to finish him off. He was never meant to gain success after that night and he clambered back into the hearts of many, even professionals and has rebuilt his career. Rihanna’s illuminati time is up so i think it will end badly, i think that they will end up fighting and it will end in her death, his death also or life in prison. He needs to stay away. As for Karr, she’s s cute girl move on and find someone good, you’ll thank god later that you’ve escaped

  23. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 5, 2012

    so when chrihanna will get married ? or they will keep on pulling gimmicks before every album they release ?

    and where that karrueche at ? gold digging ?

    • N October 5, 2012

      PLEASE stop the delusion.

      What do album sales have to do with Rihanna and Chris getting back together?

      I don’t see any relevance between the two, TBH.

      Anyway, how many times have you replied “Skyfall” so far?

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 5, 2012

        i rePLAYED it 10 times 🙂

        and i didn’t talk about sales idiot.

      • N October 5, 2012

        “will keep on pulling gimmicks before every album they release”

        I’m sorry but what did you mean by this?

  24. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 5, 2012

    and i can not be sorry for karrueche tran , she knew it will come to this anyway , if she’s not sorry for herself , then why i will be sorry for her ?

    chris used her to make rih jealous and she used chris brown for whatever ….

    the same can be said about rih and drake as well…..

    Ain’t it crazy
    When you’re loveswept
    You’ll do anything
    For the one you love
    ‘Cause anytime
    That you needed me
    I’d be there
    It’s like
    You were my favorite drug
    The only problem is
    That you was using me
    In a different way
    That I was using you

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 5, 2012

      B**** shut up. You sound like a fool. Either way, its never cute trying to steal someone elses man/girl.
      I pray that your dumbass never has to know what it feels like.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 5, 2012

        please have a seat , if chris truly loved karrueche , he would have never treated her like that , she was just being used for an obvious purpose and u can’t tell me she didn’t know it will come to this.

        i think she expected all that since that VMA’s small kiss between chrihanna.

      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 5, 2012

        I will have a seat once you admit that this was the work of your man stealing fave.

      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 5, 2012

        Im sorry @ POP. I like you but you be sayin some dumb s*** sometimes. You cant act like Rihanna hasn’t constantly tempted and seduced him over this past year while he was with his girl. Stop making excuses for your fave.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 5, 2012

        did i say rihanna was an angel in the whole situation ? no i didn’t !!! actually i think she should have moved on once she saw him happy with another woman like grown women do in situation like this , but ………….

        both chris and rih acted like kids in this s*** and ppl like drake and karrueche payed for it , for being there to support them 😐

    • Quetta October 6, 2012

      What did she use Chris for again?? Just because they went shopping and all that s*** doesn’t mean she used him. If she was using him she could have did interviews to make herself more known but she didn’t!! She rarely even talked about Chris on twitter…hell when I started to follow her she never did. The navy is so delusional. If Chris was dating someone with money you would only thinks he want to date people with money but when he dated someone who was less fortunate then she’s using him. Smh.

  25. N October 5, 2012

    It’s another one of them moments when you’re forced to remember that YOU CHOSE THE SAME N**** who bleeded your reproductive organs a few years ago, not to mention exposed the c**-filled s*** that you are to the world.

    You have already classified yourself to be a classical C***-sucker, Ass-rimmer, and any other kind of servant to any n**** in the industry (alongside his bro’s, buddies and even bodyguards) just if he could protect you from a 4-incher like Chris Brown?

    I remember your fans saying “She’s just doing that to make Chris mad”, turns out………You’ve been tied with Chris Brown’s asshole wrapped all around your nose in the end?

    You left no one, their number is officially more than 1000. But NOW, you revealed to the world that you’re a dignitiless b**** and have been meeting him even since he beat your ass.

    You’re flopped in life, baby.


    Your body can’t take more d***, can’t fit for more c**, more p***, more bangs and whips, more blood, and your are powerless to do any s*** about it.


    God will not forgive you for what you’ve said.

    She was BEAT and HURT, and now you’re making a joke out of it?

    Because you’re a dirty b******, that’s why.

    • barbie October 5, 2012

      God won’t forgive Rhi for her nasty ways. Breaking up a legitimate relationship.

      • Britt October 5, 2012

        Last time I checked you can’t steal a man from his woman if he doesn’t want to be taken! If Chris love Kae so much than, than Rihanna wouldn’t have stand a chance, so obviously he didn’t love Kae that much like some of you fans claim. I will leave you with this you can’t steal a man if unless he wants to be taken!

      • barbie October 5, 2012

        but you can start mess. Introduce me to your man, let me throw myself at him and see if he won’t be tempted. Then after you threaten to leave, see what he says after he bites my apple. You can choose to stay with in a love triangle or you can choose t leave. If you are a self respecting woman then you will leave which is excatly what Kae did

  26. the real xoxo October 5, 2012

    its such a coincidence that diamonds recently dropped and rihanna just released her album title and date.
    honestly i dont give a flying F*** about either of these 2 anymore.

  27. Jessicaaaaa October 5, 2012

    Well, this is no surprise to anyone. But, Rihanna, this is all you have wanted (getting chris back) and the utter disrespect u have shown to tran throughout all this, is absolutely horrible! Poor tran. She knew this was coming 🙁 she must feel so humiliated. And chris – shame on you!

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 5, 2012

      I agree but i can’t believe Some rihanna stans are backing her….wow

  28. SASHAY October 5, 2012

    I don’t believe that either one is playing the other for publicity. Take the beating out of the equation and this is a situation that a lot of us find ourselves in. moving forward on staying with the ex. Unfortunately for these two there was a public beat down, and now a girlfriend who was apparently wronged. I have defended Rihanna on this site numerous times but I can’t with this one. She should have respected that he was in a relationship and leave that alone. Now she’s looking like a home wrecker and that is not a good look. There is so much going on in this unhealthy relationship that I think these two codependent fools need to seek professional help.

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 5, 2012

      One of the best comments all day. I totally agree.

  29. robyn October 5, 2012

    I wish all parties involved the best of luck. Love is so complicated. At first I really felt bad for Kae but even a blind man could see this coming. Rih and CB never had closure. Whether this works or not, we shall see but at least its on their terms. As far as Kae, never heard of her prior to her relationship with CB so hopefully she takes the connections she made and makes the most of it. I think she will be fine in the long run.

    • SASHAY October 5, 2012

      Why does everyone always talks about closure. When someone beats the crap out of you that’s all the closure any sane person needs.

      • robyn October 5, 2012

        My dad beat the crap out of my mom and they seperated for 5yrs. Dad got intense therapy and it never ever happened again. They have been married for over 25yrs. So yes you need closue or else you feel as if there is unfinished business. Thats just my opinion.

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 5, 2012

      Even if she saw it coming she was put in a bad situation but people love to open their fly traps called a mouth without being in that type of situation.

      • robyn October 5, 2012

        Just curious, do you also feel she put herelf in a bad situation? I mean we all have to take responsibility for the relationships we get involved in or do you think she went in with her heart and trusted that it was truly just between them two? I don’t know, I am kinda of torn between the two but heck it isn’t me and I have been cheated on and trust its not fun when your the last one to find out but you do get over it and get stronger. Like I said, I wish them all the best, I really do. Now on to their music and music only at least I hope.

  30. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 5, 2012

    I feel so bad for miss tran. Even if she did see the signs I’m sure she had genuine feelings for him. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Lol I just wish Miss Tran the best and hope that finds someone BETTER. As for CB and Slutanna they shouldn’t have put this girl in this situation and I think Rihanna should have respected the girl but nooooo she want CB beat that loose p**** up. God bless Miss Tran, you don’t need a lost soul and a attention seeker in your life. BUN FIYAH RIHANNA AND CB!!!

    • Britt October 5, 2012

      Chris should have respect his relationship with Kae, last time I checked he was in the relationship with her not Rihanna. So Rihanna is supposed to respect their relationship when Chris doesn’t? Women always let the man off the hook and want to blame the other woman, no you should blame the person who claimed that they love you!

  31. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 5, 2012

    Karrueche Tran ‏@karrueche
    Life moves on.. So let’s all.

    Karrueche Tran ‏@karrueche
    All I’m saying is.. You don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t!

    Karrueche Tran ‏@karrueche
    Wtf is going on?

    Her tweets^^^

    This poor girl, I feel bad for her. Don’t worry Rihanna gonna get beat again and CB will be a prison.

  32. Auntie_Jackie October 5, 2012

    This n**** has just driven over a cliff. Done with him and his music. Putting his business out in the streets is immature. He and Rihanna’s immature ass are made for each other.

    • robyn October 5, 2012

      I think it wasn’t done on his own. It looks like he was advised by his management too try and communicate to his fanbase because they were concerned with his drastic weight loss and all the drama surrounding his personnal life. Anywho they are young and this to shall pass. Now hopefully we can focus on music only.

      • Auntie_Jackie October 5, 2012

        Great point! Still retiring my jersey though—that is until he gets it together. But after years of waiting, waiting, waiting for him to focus on his music, performances and art, I’m not thinking that’s in his future. Rihanna fans may not want to hear it, but she’s loosing the most. Not in record sales, but her image. She comes away from this looking like a man-stealer. A b****. A predator. An idiot. Even though some of those things may not be true.

        CB looses because every time he’s around her people think of how he smashed her face in. That’s a recipe for FLOP albums. He doesn’t have a team of writers, he writes his own s***! If he’s not focused, ala Fortune, he FLOPS. And the joke of it all is, that he said he’d rather focus on his career. Negro please! Kae was his saving grace, and he just s*** all over her.

      • SASHAY October 5, 2012

        It’s never going to be music only with these two narcissistic drama queens. Saw on another site that Rihanna tweeted that it’s nobody business by her’s and her baby …typical narcissist. I guess tran’s feelings weren’t even taken into account. She got her ass beat because she discovers a text sent to chris by another women, now she has become the other women. But what goes around comes around. and God don’t like ugly. and this whole situation is tardy, trashy and ugly. Good luck with this tool Rihanna, you’re goinna need it. Tran keep it cute and keep it moving, so far you are coming out smelling like a rose.

    • robyn October 5, 2012

      I have to agree with your point that Kae seemed to keep him grounded. It seems like with Kae it was a calm, smooth relationship that was developing and growing at a natural pace and with Rih its more like fireworks. Its pretty and exciting for a short time but it fizzels out. Anyway I respect your opinion because whenever I come to this site you always supported CB and never excused his behavior when he acted up. However, I will wait this one out before I totally return my jersey. I will take a break though and perhaps call it 1/2 time. 🙂

      • Britt October 5, 2012

        Kept him grounded? Let recap shall we: tempet tantrum at GMA (poor window and chair): twitter rants: bottle throwing; and last but not least looking like a crackhead for the past year. Yeah Kae and Chris really did have a peaceful and natural relationship.

    • ZANIA October 5, 2012

      Why are you so upset. I glad he explained whats been going on with him. I was worried with all the weight loss and drinking. I think you are just mad because he broke up with Karrueche. How did she help him, he had so many twitter rants since he been in a relationship with him. She wiling gets in an open relationship with him. Having you seen all the girls he’s been flirting with and taking home with Kae. She was happy being with him and didn’t care who he f*cked, she is just upset now because he let her go. You rather him stay in a relationship that he isn’t totally happy. Look at all their photos and look at his photos with Rihanna. CB probably got used of her being there and she allowed him to do whatever he wants, of course any man would love that type of woman, but than its no challenge and the man becomes bored. CB needs someone that can tell him when he is wrong or right, not someone who won’t speak up for themselves.

      • robyn October 5, 2012

        My sister just told me that Rihanna put CB on loan and now she came back to get him. Kae was just babysitting and Rih has come to pick him up. Not sure why but that made me LOL

    • Auntie_Jackie October 5, 2012

      I’m just sick of him being messy @ Zania. It’s old, and he’s looking attention hungry. I don’t mean that he wasn’t ranting on Twitter, I mean that he wasn’t getting negative publicity for his relationship. That was one of the only things that seemed STABLE in his life. Now he’s back to an unstable relationship, with an unstable chick. That, plus his immature ways = FLOP, DISASTER, FAIL.

      How can he develop as an artist with all this…..mess? Whateves!

      • Auntie_Jackie October 5, 2012

        I want some singing, dancing & art. It’s just a debbie-downer to see the best in the game just……throwing it all away.

  33. Black China October 5, 2012

    I have ALOT to say on this topic…. but for now, Imma TRY to keep it cute.
    You fans, stans, Navy and Team Breezy members really need to check who your supporting and giving your time and money too.
    The behavior of both Chris and Robyn has been dreadful, they have acted in the selfish and calculating way that we all preserved celebrities too be; they have shown no consideration for the other girl involved (whether she saw it coming or not), and now that both parties have gone public with their love they are being LESS than humble about it. Chris has posted this video for his own selfish reasons (because he doesn’t want to lose his female fans), whilst Rihanna is still oblivious or does care that people are calling her a home wrecker. I am a fan of RIRI’s music, but I cant support someone who deliberate goes out of their way to hurt another persons feelings. Even now, after all of this Rihanna cant even show sympathy, she’s is on twitter now calling Chris her baby and telling us to mind our “bidness”.
    And whats even worse is that Rih thinks that she has won, even though Chris is STILL telling the world that he loves her AND ANOTHER WOMAN.
    I hope these too get exactly what they deserve…. each other and a failing career.
    I separate the real from the fake.

    • Auntie_Jackie October 5, 2012

      And THAT’S REAL.

    • SASHAY October 5, 2012

      The better question is what has she won and who in their right mind would fight for a man who has in the past beat them. I am not saying that he is a chronic abuser because I do believe he was a kid when it happened and society should give him a second chance. However that’s society not the women he abused. The known fact is that he beat her up pushed her out the car (like yesterday’s garbage) and left her on the side of the road bleeding. This is love. This is the dude that she’s stealing from another female. Rihanna is all sorts of dumb for this and this is coming from someone who actually buys her music.

    • THE DIAMOND NAVY October 6, 2012

      Yes! But I will still always love Rihanna’s personality outside of this mess

  34. B_STANNING(BEY STAY WINNING) October 5, 2012

    Rihanna is a straight w**** who seems to love drama. She will f*** anybody seems like. How many connections has she had in that industry without LOVE really attached. She and Chris will endure karma and we all know thats a b****. I cant stand insecure women who always trying to take what is another womans. The way Chris beat that ass you would think even in forgiving him it would just be hellos and goodbyes.

  35. Suicide Blonde October 5, 2012

    Let them f*** and live their life, Breezy is a douchebag, she is stupid because she still love him and he is only doing this (I still love you thing) because of his own convenience, nothing else but who i am to judge them, we all fall in love of the wrong person, myself included, that m*********** that makes you goes crazy because of the swagger and rough s**, Lol….at some point she will open her eyes and she will see what is really good for her, i love her, i think she has a brilliant future both personal and professional, it’s just that in that future i don’t see a man like Breezy but who knows maybe he could change, he’s very talented, he could have a healthy life, all that he need is let the kid in the closet and let the responsible man comes out, let them f*** and shine like diamonds in the skies.

  36. D.C. Slim October 5, 2012

    I wish someone could knock some sense into C. Breezy head
    and make him realize that Rhianna is not worth the time. I wish
    he would just focus on himself and his own career and move on
    from that s****. I would hate to see him headed down that same
    path again.

    • trula October 5, 2012

      I don’t think that he needs to go back to him also but that just me I hop he do the right thing love trula

  37. Umm October 5, 2012

    He need to go back to kae! I how it is when you think you reminisce on your past love and you both start catching feelings again but you gotta remember why it ended because the reason it ended the last time will be the reason it ends this time. I can tell that man has a big heart and really loves both but him and rih aren’t good for each other.

  38. Quetta October 5, 2012

    Poor karreuche. She will get a “real” man soon like she preferred. And wow karate kid, really? Do you people have any respect? Well, I wouldn’t expect too much if you’re stanning for Rihanna. She doesn’t even respect herself. Anywho, I really loved this video. Seen it on twitter last night. God Bless and have a good day everyone 🙂

  39. sherrel October 5, 2012


  40. MISHKA October 5, 2012

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? *Mariah’s style*

    Why do Chris and Rihanna act like they are Romeo & Juliet DeLaGhetto?

    We don’t care THAT much, kiddies. For real.

    Where’s the music???????

  41. telicia October 5, 2012

    she dont care she is stupid cauz she stayed that long

  42. IMA READ October 5, 2012

    He got some big ass ears.

  43. THE DIAMOND NAVY October 6, 2012

    As much as I love Rihanna this is a hot trash mess…

  44. Steph October 7, 2012

    This n**** needs to stop talking about his love life & start making hit records and hit albums. The last era that was really excellent for him was in 2005-2008.

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