Nicole Scherzinger: “I Sang 95% Of Pussycat Doll Songs”

Published: Friday 5th Oct 2012 by Sam

In a week where tea is pouring faster than Rihanna releases albums, Nicole Scherzinger is next up next.

The former Pussycat Doll is set to feature on the next episode of VH1’s  series ‘Behind The Music’, and in deviating from her usual brand of “PC” Scherzinger is laying it all out on the table. Most notably, her frankness on her time in the Platinum selling group.

Indeed, many would have paid to be a fly on the wall during PCD’s tenure; one which saw six people performing, yet only one  (Scherzinger) singing. It’s a setup which dismayed many who saw ample potential in fellow member Melody Thornton.

Now, after a lengthy silence, the X Factor UK judge is breaking her silence. Peep a preview of ‘Behind The Music: Nicole Scherzinger’ below…

Sigh. The inauthentic nature of the group’s dynamic is likely the very reason no one cares about Nicole’s relentless solo ambition. A little sad given that she probably had no direct say in it, yet is taking the flack all the same.

Moral of the story? Industry players such as those who pieced together PCD need to understand there’s a lot of value in collectively pushing your “A”, “B”, and “C” players in a group. Of course, not in equal measure, but pushing all the same. For, when doing the opposite and shoving the likes of Nicole down people’s throats so aggressively, folk get full and regurgitate, resulting in cancelled solo albums and minimal public interest.

‘Behind The Music: Nicole Scherzinger’ airs this Sunday on VH1.

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  1. benny October 5, 2012

    everybody knew this…

    • jada October 20, 2013

      no everyone does not no

  2. damn October 5, 2012

    SO what??doesn’t mean you can singat all – just means you was great for marketing!! Its such a shame. although she is stunning her vocal ability is terrible and consumers have become so accepting of an artists lack of vocal ability. You wouldn’t go to a see a docotor who didnt have a medical degree etc etc (not sayin you need a degree in music or anything) but please please can artists do their job and sing.

    • SD October 5, 2012

      “her vocal ability is terrible” LMAO

      You clearly know s*** about her. Nicole is a first-soprano, a trained opera singer. She has a wider vocal range than most of your faves.

      Whether you like her or not, saying she can’t sing is just f****** ignorance. Educate yourself on people before you open your damn mouth.

  3. Dkizz October 5, 2012

    I dont understand why they did dirty like this to the other girls coming to the point they did not even sing the background is very inconsiderate It’s not like they couldn’t sing at all there was Melody, Carmit and one of the blond girls that Nice voices

  4. gio88 October 5, 2012

    this happens when you emerge form as group not because of your talent but because you are the only one ALLOWED to sing.

  5. Wacky O October 5, 2012

    So does that mean your taking a leaf out of your own book Sam and will stop pushing Rita down our throats so we all don’t start resenting her?

    • DeV October 5, 2012

      Well said!!!!! Although its too late for me, due to this site i can’t stand the mediocre talent b**** after spending months choking on her

      • not a dommy October 5, 2012

        CO-SIGN w/Whacko.



    • ENOUGH ONIKA October 5, 2012

      I was looking for this comment as I knew it had to be on this post somewhere lol!! Samantha must not be able to connect the dots with his own on rantings on Rita and what he just stated the “industry” did with Nicole! Sam, did you actually graduate college?? Cause you don’t appear to be the brightest crayon in the box….

  6. Terrence October 5, 2012

    Breaking News.

  7. Let’s Be Real October 5, 2012

    ugh Nicole Shitsinger girl hang it up.this girl thought she could be a Diana Ross or Beyoncé but the problem is THE SUPREMES AND DESTINYS CHILD were LEGENDARY! to be honest no girl group has done it right since DC.but anyway this chick has horrible PR and the sad thing is she acts like she’s high up on the level of divaness
    h** sit your ass down

    • aryo October 5, 2012

      she shits on u and ur life thats why u mad

      • OK October 5, 2012

        I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten dropped. 1st album got shelved, 2nd one has yet to see the light of day in the US and will probably be shelved, too. I don’t think she was meant to be a solo act. Regardless of how much talent she may have, or the amount of “promo” she has/hasn’t gotten from her label, it seems there’s something about her that just doesn’t click with the general public–i.e. the NON-stans, the folks you have to win over and convince to buy whatever image/sound you’re selling.

  8. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 5, 2012

    shocked. 🙄

  9. jolie October 5, 2012

    even Beyonce ws kind enough to let Kelly and Michelle sing a line or two in their songs, hell in some songs Kelly sang lead or the most (e.g Bootylicious) but this try here ws on another level…thts y most ppl dnt are for her as a solo act cz face it she ws from the start, jst with worse songs!

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith October 5, 2012

      Bootylicious? It appears that way, but Kelly sang the 2 short verses and B did all the adlibs and when you see the video every sec B does a hiccup, guess what, it’s back to her again. I don’t think Mathew could cope without seeing his daughter at front at all times. It’s narcissistic and unfortunately Beyonce seems very much the same.

      • jolie October 5, 2012

        well the point i ws tryin to make is tht at least Kelly and Michelle gt to sing something….even though the group ws all about Beyonce they tried to make it less obvious, more esp after the other two girls left(or gt kicked out)….and considering how unpopular she ws back then nd gt blamed for the other two girls leavin, this helped her get back into the public’s good graces…but with PCD Nicole sang EVERYTHING…..she could still be lead bt letting the other girls having a few lines which would have been better

  10. DeV October 5, 2012

    Okay, so we knew this, but why is she talking like that? Like she’s trying to be mysterious? No-one can stand yo ass so just say it as it is, she so unlikable and annoying for a 34 year old woman
    What she doesn’t realise by her statements is that she isn’t liked, PCD was practically your solo album and people lapped it up, but when you did the same again minus the girls no one gave a s***! You should be giving them recording credits and royalties just for the fact that you now a career and known by any members of he public.

  11. Matthew Charlery-Smith October 5, 2012

    One could say the same about DC as Beyonce took over everything although she wasn’t the complete vocal package; they needed each other. They tried to model PCD after DC with one lead singer but it was too obvious; you can hide 2 or 3 members behind one…but 5?

    • RG2 October 5, 2012


    • Ryan October 7, 2012

      I agree with the DC comparisons. Now towards the end they had the format where beyonce did first verse, Kelly second or pre chorus// and poor Michelle always got the bridge (stacked with tons of harmonies so you couldn’t really hear her.) BUT it was still mostly Beyonce. She did almost every chrous alone. Which sucks to me. What’s the point of a group?

  12. RI-GANJA October 5, 2012

    (yawn fest) What’s new??

  13. dstrock October 5, 2012

    And this is why people don’t like her and she flops as a solo artist. Jessica Sutta was the first one from all of PCD to get a #1 single on any Billboard chart as a solo act (“Show Me” reached #1 on Dance/Club Play Songs in November 2011) and Melody Thornton has proved plenty of times that she’s a gifted and talented singer. The other girls obviously had the ability to make a legitimate group, but all it ever was Nicole and her backup dancers.

    And second, why in all creation is she coming out and saying this s***!? Nobody’s taking pity on you for it, and even the way she’s saying it sounds bitchy (for lack of a better word). The way she kept repeating things like we didn’t understand…B**** WE ALREADY KNOW YOU HOGGED THE SPOTLIGHT. This isn’t anything groundbreaking, and honestly I don’t know why she’d WANT to remind people of it.

    I just can’t with her. Or that team who backed PCD.

  14. DOSSOME October 5, 2012

    At least beyonce waited for DC to do 3 albums before going solo,nicole couldn’t wait to pull a beyonce jst immediately after PCD 1st album

    • RG2 October 5, 2012


    • Nick October 5, 2012

      She was much older than Beyonce was in DC though. Beyonce came out at 22 with her solo project and already had multiple DC albums. Nicole was like 30.

  15. I.D. October 5, 2012

    Didn’t she say in an interview recently that he hopes that there will be a reunion..?

    Not with the original line-up there won’t…

  16. RG2 October 5, 2012


  17. aryo October 5, 2012

    yall need to grow the f*** up and stop thinkin like a 12year old justin bieber fan.
    NO ONE has the right to blame nicole becoz the other members didnt have the chance to sing in the group, robin antin formed the group and she was the one who set the rules for who to sing and for who to not to, the other chicks are only good at dancing not singing, the only one that has a little talent in singing is melody whose voice is annoying af
    and plzz dont make me laugh by saying nicoles vocal ability is terrible, shes been always known for being a classically trained singer

    • SuxMyCockieness October 5, 2012

      Well that never showed on stage.

    • number1k9 October 5, 2012

      THANK YOU, I absolutely HATE Melody’s voice! And everyone always says how good it is, not you are right it is annoying AF!

  18. Gilberto October 5, 2012

    It’s clear that PCD was only a trampoline for launching Nicole Scherzinger’s solo career. It failed.

    • Just A Thought October 5, 2012

      Just like Destiny’s Child was a trampoline for Beyonce’s career!

  19. Dustin October 5, 2012

    The success of PCD had very little to do with Nicole. It was a marketing gimmick that worked wonders. Interscope tapped into an established cult brand, hired the best producers and songwriters money could buy and spent tens of thousands in payola for radio spins. Nicole is pretty much a beauty queen with pageant star talent that was the lucky benefactor of a whole lot of marketing and advertising dollars.

    Why she’s not successful solo? She has no charisma and zero likeability.

  20. OK October 5, 2012

    Ugh! Sorry for the double post. I ended up replying to someone when I meant to make a comment:

    I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten dropped. 1st album got shelved, 2nd one has yet to see the light of day in the US and will probably be shelved, too. I don’t think she was meant to be a solo act. Regardless of how much talent she may have, or the amount of “promo” she has/hasn’t gotten from her label, it seems there’s something about her that just doesn’t click with the general public–i.e. the NON-stans, the folks you have to win over and convince to buy whatever image/sound you’re selling.

  21. pat October 5, 2012

    what’s her point.?????….is she trying to make it look like she is more talented or worked harder…if anything it shows how unfair things were because……melody can SING and was well capable of recording solo parts and backgrounds…..

  22. yiu October 5, 2012

    Destiny’s child was different. At least in the beginning Beyonce and Kelly did leads and ALL OF THEM DID BACKGROUND VOCALS.
    By the time they got to DC3 they still had everyone sing something. By the last album and performances everyone was heard.
    PCD doesn’t compare to dc3 or dc4 PERIOD…
    Nicole is just mad because her solo career hasn’t taken off the way she wanted it to. Why else would she make a comment about it? If anything.,it makes her seem like a liar for saying they were a group in the first place.
    The first PCD album >anything Nicole has ever done. Plus she isn’t really all that talented. Her voice is so average great female high school vocalist.
    Beyonce vocally on an off day>Nicole on a (rare) good day.
    Destiny’s Child>Sour Puss Dogs!!!

    • Nick October 5, 2012

      You do realize she recorded most of the PCD songs and wrote them for herself but then used it for the “group album” right? So you are basically comparing Nicole to Nicole. The only person who EVER sang in DC was Beyonce! You must be young cause that was a running joke that the other girls never got to do anything! Nicole also never told any of those girls to tan themselves so they’d be darker than her ala Beyonce and her mother did with the DC band members. That’s horrible in comparison! Check out teh MAD TV skit were the mock DC for being only about Beyonce. Oh wait you’re a Bey stan-explains everything.

      • lyric commander lee October 5, 2012

        totally dc3 – dc wasnt all beyonce – kelly definitley had air time which progressed as the group did ie emotions bootylicious and many more to name – michelle got her shine on as well so to say dc was all beyonce is a huge lie – if it was kelly woulndt be where she is now with 22 mill under her solo belt and michelle wouldnt have the career she has so fall back with the lies dc = Beyonce 55% Kelly 35% Michelle 10% vs PCD = Nicole 95%

  23. stacey October 5, 2012

    Lol! This trick!

    I hadn’t even bothered to watch the clip when I first commented.

    “people don’t even know”

    Talk about condescending not to mention delusional. Newsflash dollface. EVERYONE KNEW.

    I’m not a fan of Nicoles voice but she has a very distinct tone. It wasobvious that even the harmonies were her.

    I just can’t with this behind the music. VH1 must be pressed. When are they Rollin out their newest episode, Behind the Music: Kreayshawn.

  24. stronzate October 5, 2012

    Non ho interesse a replicare nella vostra lingua, ho interesse a replicare. Nicole Scherzinger è la più brava cantante nell’industria pop, di cui fanno parte Beyonce, Aguilera e company, non di certo Melody T.. Non finisce qui, la bravura della Scherzinger è tale da non poter essere crcoscritta al genere pop, che lei pur predilige. Per uno che ne capisce di suoni e di voci, questa era chiaro perfino nelle canzoni più porchè e meno cantate delle PCD. Per tutti gli altri, la maggior parte, la Scherzinger non saprebbe cantare, canterebbe peggio di altre del gruppo (eresia) o di altre, non avrebbe carisma. Mi è sufficiente dire che siete sulla strada sbagliata. Se volete, traducetelo voi quello che ho scritto. Non ho altro tempo da perdere con voi, stupidi americani. FROM ITALY

  25. monstarebel October 5, 2012

    99.9% would be more accurate

  26. ml October 5, 2012

    ok, i’ll try to explane what i’m thinking. watching this vid i can see a very talented woman, she has everything to capt your attention: she is beautiful but her beauty is partcular, her colour, her lines are unique. she isn’t blond whit blue eyes. her voice is wonderful, this video is the proof, but it isn’t the only one. about her behaviour i haven’t your experience because i didn’t whatch her in her various tv experiences, and maybe isn’t so funny, but i can’t undestand you americans. For you Britney Spears is a star, Lady gaga is true and Adele has a incredible voice. I’m italian, i mistake in this poem, but i only that Nicole Scherzinger is your looking for star . I can undestand that you are to much ignorant to unestand this, because in every country people have success aren’t best, but i can’t undestand why this music’s blog spend beautiful words to a Kelly Rowland and not for Nicole. for example. i will not read you anymore.

    • ml October 5, 2012

      x and i don’t finished. your beyonce is good but she use too much pre recorder. she is fake in too much her exibitions. Nicole uses her really voice ever. Britney spears is nothing. i don’t undestand why nicole continues to imitat her. why she or aguilera that are very great singers put themeselfes near Nothing. boh… Aguilera haa a voice but she hasn’t the tecnique that nicole has. N is perfect. Adele is a world star but… why? her voice isn’t particular.. do you heard the high notes of Sherzinger? Adele, Beyonce, Aguilera, Carey (not anymore) can do that notes. And the less voice of Sherzinger, how much is it s***? her vocal ability, her vocal plays. f*** you americans idiots!

      • Nicole All The Way!!! October 5, 2012

        True!!!Nicole Is Beyond Amazing…Sing & Dance & The Same Time…Nobody Does That Anymore…Love Beyonce But All She Does When The Chorus Hit Is Dance Less Singing…Nicole Deserve All The Success!!!F*** Anyone That Says All Those Negative Stuff To Nicole!!!Ya’ll Aint Nothin & She Got Millions…So Shut The F*** Up!!!

  27. October 5, 2012

    I hate when people say this, but I have to use it this time. THIS IS NOT NEWS!!!! I never could support this group because of this very reason. Why call yourself a group, with only one person singing the lead and background vocals; especially when you have several girls in the group that have the vocal ability to be 2nd and 3rd lead, or atleast harmonize. I can’t blame Nicole entirely for this as this group was manufactured, but it doesn’t seem like she cared about the other girls either.

    • Sarah Says October 5, 2012

      If you read on her page it says that she was looking for a solo deal and only went in the group for her own purposes

      This reads so egotistical, just like the video clip. I dont know why she has a behind the music episode, it should be behind Lewis hamilton because i’m sure in the US she’s only now known as his girlfriend

  28. HAHAHAHAHAHA October 5, 2012

    Flopshitswinger needs to give it up! This “woe is me” pity party on vh-1 ain’t gonna help her blow up outside the UK. Her moment passed when she left PCD. Nobody outside her 2 or 3 stans is checking for her.

  29. Nick October 5, 2012

    No duh! She also wrote most of the songs-I’d want to sing them too! People give her s*** but she’s a big part of their success and that’s why people ONLY knew her name because people ONLY liked her! Melody is a horrible singer! Her songs should be used as a form of torture! People hate Nicole cause she’s pretty and they think she’s a b****! Watch the PCD tour on youtube and compare Nicoles solo’s to the other girls solo’s and then you realize why she did most of the vocals and was center stage-the other girls sucked! They were eye candy to hang around her, nothing more….oh wait they were also her background dancers!

    • Sarah Says October 5, 2012

      She wrote most of the songs herself?

  30. danny b October 5, 2012

    I’m curious what that 5% sounded like….

    • RG2 October 5, 2012


  31. Brazil Cavalli October 5, 2012

    The sad part is MELODY was and is the better vocalist!!!!

  32. number1k9 October 5, 2012

    Are we supposed to be surprised?

    I’m not.

    Only thing that makes this even more shady is the fact the she created the album as if it were a solo artist album and then like, hey back up dancers, listen to the tracks I made.

    SIDE BAR” I could have sworne Carmit was another member who had a lot of ad libs and vocals aside fro mMelody too. And figured thats the reason why she had quit after the first album. IDK.

  33. Hilly October 5, 2012

    It’s really funny how they’re trying to make it sound like it was huge secret! Everybody knows, it was THAT obvious!
    Are they trying to prove that she’s talented? Nobody cares actually, we saw that with her solo albums!
    Girl bye

  34. Sade October 5, 2012


    Like Matthew Knowles did for Bey and Diddy did for Dawn Richard…. Robin (or what ever tf her name is) planned for you to be the break out star. You sang 95% and poor Melody was stuck singing in cages…. choo talking bout.

  35. Sade October 5, 2012

    …and WTF has happened in her life to warrant an episode of “Behind the Music”?

  36. CzarM October 5, 2012

    Whatever. The fact of the matter is that *most* groups have a pecking order, are controlled by their handlers and have internal politics that tends to favor one or two members more than the others (Diana more than the rest of the Supremes…Michael more than the rest of the Jackson 5…Ralph more than the rest of New Edition…JC and Justin more than the rest of Nsync…Beyonce more than the rest of DC.) That’s just what happens with groups. If there’s one member who is especially charismatic, in a marketable sort of way, you stick them upfront — even if the others are as technically talented.

    But there was something about PCD that seemed extra phony. It was always obvious that they were just a manufactured troop of posing mannequins — assembled by a machine, puppet mastered by a Svengali and only existed to be a launchpad for Nicole. She did most of the lead and backup vocals herself. *shrugs* Not news, and really who cares?

    The public never saw them as group of talented (or semi-talented) girls who started out as childhood friends and struggled together to get where they were (The Supremes, Destiny’s Child)…or even a group of talented singers who auditioned and made the cut because of how well their voices/personalities blended and talent/charisma complimented each others (En Vogue, TLC.)

    The Pussycat Dolls were simply a stage show; a conglomerate of interchangeable dolls who could all be fired/replaced without anyone really noticing or caring…and the truth is that no one cared. Who the hell was a stan for The Pussycat Dolls? Even if you liked the songs, you took it all at face value and didn’t get emotionally attached to them. In general, people casually accepted the music being pumped out and didn’t give the rest of it much thought.

    So Nicole getting on here and acting like *I did the work*…*I recorded the music*…etc., etc. is like yeah, and? She wouldn’t have had it any other way either. Unfortunately for Nicole, there’s just something about HER that becomes much less compelling when she’s up on stage alone. The other dolls may have been nothing but hired models, but together they created enough of a detraction that was — I guess — marketable enough. Solo Nicole just doesn’t have what it takes to stand out against other soloists.

    • Taco taco burrito burrito October 5, 2012

      “Unfortunately for Nicole, there’s just something about HER that becomes much less compelling when she’s up on stage alone…Solo Nicole just doesn’t have what it takes to stand out against other soloists.”

      I agree. She might be pretty, and she may be able to sing and dance, but she lacks “that certain something” to separate her from the 100s of random chicks who are also pretty and can sing and dance.

  37. ry247 October 6, 2012

    Lol I like it how they’ve flipped it to try make the rest of
    Dolls look like the bad guys….but its obviously down to Nicole and Ron fair that. The other dolls weren’t given the opportunity To showcase. There vocal talent. Melody, Jessica & carmit could all sing :/

  38. Donnell October 6, 2012

    I absolutely love Nicole, but this was already common knowledge. Everyone knew this.

  39. Stacey October 11, 2012

    Its a huge difference between Nicole and Beyonce. Anybody who is a actual DC fan knows Kelly and Michelle got to sing. Sometimes whole versus. The other girls in PCD never got that chance. Nicole said more than once she was using the groups as a stepping stone for a solo career, PCD AND EDEN’S CRUSH. You wont get anywhere in life stepping on other people. Beyonce is a LEGEND!!! She’s too big to judging a singing competition. She gave the girls in DC a chance to shine at some point. She humble, classy and not bitchy. DC is the only group that didn’t spilt up in the classic “bitchy girl group way”

    Might wanna take notes Nicole.

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