Christina Aguilera Talks Body Image, Sexuality, & ‘Lotus’ On Sunrise

Published: Monday 15th Oct 2012 by Sam

Budding legend Christina Aguilera is hot on the promotional trail for her scorching new single ‘Your Body’ and its housing album ‘Lotus’. Xtina’s latest stop? Australian morning show, Sunrise.

Watch as the 31 year old – who is due to rock the American Music Awards next month – dishes on her body image, the new material on ‘Lotus’, its risque album cover, and much more.

Xtina on Sunrise after the jump…

We’re loving Xtina this go round – both personality and material-wise. With ‘Your Body’ enjoying a steady rise on radio, we hope the masses will remember and relish Christina for the vocal superstar she still is come the November 13th release of ‘Lotus’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Öz Firdevs October 15, 2012

    Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst 🙂

    • mr.m October 15, 2012

      stfu you f*****’ son of a b**** ..

      • Öz Firdevs October 15, 2012


      • Öz Firdevs October 15, 2012

        I´m a girl though 🙂

      • RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

        y so serious and angry @mr. M ?

      • DOSSOME October 15, 2012

        @rude navy…don’t bother,he’s always angry

      • all4u1 October 15, 2012

        @ Oz

        You’re the first desperate one to comment! NEXT !!!

    • Öz Firdevs October 15, 2012

      yes yes yes yes i m the one !!! and i love you all <3

      • truth(chile i will SL-LAP the DOG S*** out a B**** ASS nicki stan) October 15, 2012

        OINK chile!!!!!

  2. mr.m October 15, 2012

    Queen X is going to slay everybody 2012/2013
    get ready for your fav’s wig to be snatched with its stocking cap

    • all4u1 October 15, 2012

      Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! I can’t wait for the performances, interviews, etc.

      Christina seems so happy and passionate about this album!!

    • feel my wrath (you shitty h***) October 15, 2012

      hey Mr.missy bionic>>>>>>>flooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop k bye

      • I Got Your Wig Snatched! October 17, 2012

        Legendtina on her worst day >>>>>> ur fav’s @ his/her glory!

  3. MaginaMonroe October 15, 2012

    RumorVille has it….my friend who knows a friend….be telling me that that Xtina, and Eminem collab did indeed happen, and that Your Body is Being used to create awareness that xtina is back, and that the actual big single will be ‘cease fire” e.g the eminem collab! this is why Xtina hasnt performed YB live, she gona perform cease fire with Shady at the AMA’S….BUT yall know i aint one to gossip!

    • mr.m October 15, 2012

      WTH? gurrr bye

  4. Beyonce’s Weave October 15, 2012

    OMG I love Xtina, cant wait for Lotus.

    • MaginaMonroe October 15, 2012


  5. MC October 15, 2012

    Great interview Xtina. *patiently awaits Stripped 2.0*

  6. RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

    i Love her , but i do not think sexuality should be everything in life or what gonna define you , you don’t have to be a s*** and behave like one to feel comfortable in your body or to prove that you are proud of your body !! you prove you are proud of your body when you dress your age and your size without over the type kind of stuffs majority of celebs wear ” super tight clothes , corsets , super duper push-up bras , etc … ” !!! and i don’t believe that any celeb is comfortable in their body !! they are humans , of course they have insecurities about their bodies ! they are under the microscope 24/7 and should be perfect and look perfect to their handlers , that’s why they resort to photoshop and plastic surgery whether they need it or not !! duhh.

    XD for LOTUS 😀

    • mr.m October 15, 2012

      Look who’s talking about being a s***!
      Sluthanna anyone?
      guuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr bye

    • small_angel October 16, 2012

      obviously you did not watch the video, or maybe you are too dumb not to understand what she said about your concern.

    • I Got Your Wig Snatched! October 17, 2012

      And all that’s comin’ from a r**** stan?

  7. RUDE NAVY October 15, 2012

    and i loved her smart answer to the “photoshop” question …. that interviewer must be new cuz they photoshop every pic nowadaysin case she don’t know about it already , so of course they photoshoped an album cover of a POP star !!! what kind of interviewers are those ?!!!! and i’m adding her to that other one who asked madonna what’s meant by “reductive” !

    “reductive ?!!!!! ” ….. “is that good?! ”

    madonna : look it up!

  8. christinastherealtalent October 15, 2012

    I’ve looked up to Christina ever since since she came out and will always look up to her! She is the true epitome of a fighter and not confining herself to this image people think she needs to adapt to. Christina embraces everything about herself which is why she has so many haters.

  9. QueenOfTheNavy October 15, 2012

    Just look at this fatso trying to defend her poor eating habits.

    There’s nothing deep or philosophical about overeating the point where you can’t even perform your music without sounding like Rasputia in the middle of a yoga session.

    • DOSSOME October 15, 2012

      i almost laughed until i read your username

    • I Got Your Wig Snatched! October 17, 2012

      still 80000000x more sexier, prettier and talented that ugly giant forehead TRANhanna

  10. all4u1 October 15, 2012

    Whoever calls Christina fat, is delusional and insecure. If you don’t like Christina, then go to another post.

    Regardless of what ya’ll say, she is comfortable with her sexuality and image. Also, I appreciate her confidence. She articulates very well in her interviews and knows exactly what she wants.

    She looks so beautiful in the interview. I can’t wait for the new album!!!!!!!

  11. @THE_MALEMADONNA October 15, 2012

    im sooo ready for this woman to SLAY these charts once again.. You dont even understand…

  12. monstarebel October 15, 2012

    Top 10 Rnb Queens
    3.Keyshia Cole
    4.Mariah Carey
    6.Keri Hilson
    8.Kelly Rowland
    10. Ashanti

    • I Got Your Wig Snatched! October 17, 2012

      Why do I see talentless b****** like Keyshia Cole, Ci-error, Keri, R**** & Ashitty?

  13. @091094_ Twitter October 15, 2012


  14. bibi93 October 15, 2012

    Good Christina

  15. LaLa October 16, 2012

    She wore Mickey Mouse shirt. I loved it 😀

  16. J October 16, 2012

    So where are the Xtina Fans who were saying Your Body was gonna slay??
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!-i seriously cant! hahahahahahahaha!!!

    • I Got Your Wig Snatched! October 17, 2012

      Your Body = 0% promo & still recognized!!

      • J October 17, 2012

        ^ BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ‘still recongnized’ is not a Billboard # 1,f*** outta here! and realize that the only thing Xtina is slaying is the buffet table with her Ms Piggy lookin’ ass!

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