Hot Shots: Ciara, Missy Elliott & Brandy Bring It At BET Black Girls Rock 2012

Published: Sunday 14th Oct 2012 by Sam

BET brought out many a star last night for their annual Black Girls Rock extravaganza.

Filmed at New York’s Paradise Theater and set to air on November 4th, the event celebrates the successes of Afro-American women in the entertainment, literary, and philanthropic arenas.

Providing the night’s performances were a who’s who of R&B. Ciara performed new single ‘Sorry’ and brought out Missy Elliott who rocked the house with her own buzz cut ‘9th Inning’. Also on the bill was vocal bible Brandy, who memorized with her ‘Wildest Dreams’.

Great to see the ladies, all of whom have new projects to boot, given the platform to showcase their ever-shining talent. Needless to say November 4th couldn’t come sooner! In the meanwhile, peep more pics below…

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  1. RnbGenius October 14, 2012

    yassssssss bran

  2. Hilly October 14, 2012

    They look good! But now I need a video ASAP!

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE October 14, 2012


    Ciara, Missy and Brandy would have slayed and workedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd for their performances!!!

    DAMN!!!! I wish I was there!!!!!!!

  4. Sleazy October 14, 2012

    CIARA!!!!! That Grape juice needs to post the pic of Ci dancing Life was given

  5. Sweetnothings78 October 14, 2012

    She is looking amazing and this eras shaping up as ‘the one’ ‘TWO ELEVEN’ out tomorrow

  6. kiki October 14, 2012


  7. dee October 14, 2012

    I love Brandy but to label her the vocal bible is insane. The bible is usually referred to something orginal, beginning, or a model in which others should follow. While Brandy’s voice is good, it is not spectacular or the best ever. This is a slap in the face to the greats especially Whitney. She was the “Voice” “Vocal Bible” or whatever term you what to call someone.

    • RUDE NAVY October 14, 2012

      i agree with you , but brandy still a good vocalist , right ?

      so she has nothing to do with a title that was given to her by some …..

    • KNUCK October 14, 2012

      It’s not for you to understand.

    • JKLM October 14, 2012


    • nightbitch October 14, 2012

      Dee you are a big Fool with capital F, if u dont know wht to say shut d f*** up.

    • Sade October 14, 2012

      Brandys voice is original and her harmonies and vocal control are cherished, envied and emulate by many. Mariah is the standard to those who live close to her vocal ability as is Whitney to the likes of J Hud. Brandy is the same to altos or contraltos or what ever Bran is. Brandy – to many – is the standard and the students guide, so I find it understandable she be given this title.

    • Bran Star October 14, 2012

      Why do people get so upset when we call her the vocal bible? That was a title that was specifically coined for her. Whitney was the VOICE. Completely different title for a completely different vocalist. Her voice is original. Her talent is authentic and one of a kind. And most importantly, that title was NOT bestowed upon her by her own merit, or by her fans, but by her peers. Calling Brandy the vocal bible does not take away from the talent of other singers. Rest.

  8. dee October 14, 2012

    By the way…. if Brandy is the “Vocal Bible, What is Monica? The “Vocal Koran” Because that baby is no slouch vocally! She is equally or more gifted than Brandy.

    • LouLou October 14, 2012

      You don’t know what youre talking about. Monica doesn’t even know how to control her voice. She is always pitchy and her vibrato is always all over the place. I’ve never heard any great singers say Monica is the best vocalist. I can put out a list of names for Brandy. No one studies Monica’s vocals. Brandy does things with her voice that people study and try but fail to emulate.

      • credits October 14, 2012

        hey, Hey Hey!!!! Brandy is the vocal bible but there is no need to put down Monica to try and prove that. Monica would not be where she is today if she did not have a great voice. When clive davis signs you and keeps you under his label for 15+ years, it definitely means something.

      • FAF October 14, 2012

        @LouLou EXACTLY!! This poster must be young AF!

        Back when Brandy first came out, Monica voice was NOT what it is today! Monica has trained over the yrs

        Brandy voice has ALWAYS been legendary since she was 14!

        Monica used to sound like a goat! And had no range! She started copying brandy & that made her better

    • N8 October 14, 2012


    • dub t October 14, 2012

      Monica over Brandy any day. It’s funny that people call her vocal bible and praise her range, but she can’t hit high notes at all anymore and her runs have gotten sloppy. But at the end of the day we are just responding to a blog; however, Billboard seems to think Monica is better than Brandy as she was ranked #24 on the best r&b artist list and Brandy was
      ….*gasp* #47.

      • Bran Star October 14, 2012

        Since when was hitting high notes the standard for a great singer? Monica can only sing three notes, and she’s not even good at doing that. She often gives goat throaty vocals, sounding like a goat gargling with marbles in her mouth. Face it, monica’s losing her voice. Yeah, she’s #24 on an R&B music chart, but let’s not forget who outsold who with ONE album, Never Say Never. Also, VH1’s Greatest Women in Music, Brandy #72, monica #91. Brandy>>>>> monican’t in music PERIOD!

        Ch, I don’t see how you monica stans can act so cocky and confident, knowing that your fave’s most recent album flopped to the pits of tartarus. Like seriously, new life is the lowest selling album of her career…She couldn’t sell in 6 months what her last album did in one WEEK…like seriously, humble yourself and lay low.

  9. Jay October 14, 2012

    I love brandy but she needs to stop trying to be like Kelly Rowland.Please brandy, do brandy not Kelly.I mean the similarities are becoming ridiculous now.I everytime I see brandy I think of Kelly.

    • toohotfortv October 14, 2012

      that sounds like a little more an issue for you than anyone else… What is it? the fact that they are both chocolate r&b girls. We don’t all look the same, sweetheart. there is nothing about Brandy that says Kelly Rowland. Furthermore, nothing that brandy wears or does musically is ever in Kelly’s lane. Please re-evaluate your position and think where it originates.

  10. Jay October 14, 2012

    Everytime I see brandy I think of Kelly Rowland.I wonder why.I mean the similarities.Brandy needs to stop making herself a Kelly Rowland.

    • nightbitch October 14, 2012

      DUMASS , i love kelly but brandy not doing anything to be like kelly fooolllllllllllllllll

      • BITCH_PLEASE October 14, 2012


      • Jessica October 14, 2012

        Jay Dude, stop talking please, your sounding retarded for real!!! SMH!!!

    • Boss October 14, 2012

      WTF, did u feel the need to write it 2 times doe .

    • WhoAreYou October 14, 2012

      Actually Kelly Rowland studies Brandy they are friends also but you can definitely tell she tries to do the Brandy sound on the Ms. Kelly album remember who the original is

      • RoyalKev October 14, 2012

        Thanks for straightening that out. These people that bring up Kelly don’t have a clue. Kelly stated that Brandy was her inspiration during the Simply Deep era on The View. It’s no need to try and reverse that because you see some minor similarities between them occasionally. Kelly has drawn from several influences over the years (Beyonce, Janet and Brandy) , so it’s no need to keep pairing Brandy up with every industry friend she has.

    • Chile…. October 14, 2012

      U guys kill me with this mess… everybody don’t wanna sound like Brandy. Kelly doesn’t, Beyonce doesn’t, Monica doesn’t, Rhianna doesn’t, Keyshia Cole doesn’t. Every artists wants to be the best they possibly can. Stop with your mess & tell Brandy to stop harrassing Kelly about a duet! Kelly has her own projects to worry about. A new album coming, working on videos with luda and shooting her own and in production filming her own sitcom show. Everybody tryn to jump on the Kelly bandwagon!

      • Um OK October 14, 2012

        Going into your new CD, did you feel pressure to make a great album rather than a few great singles?

        This time around, I just wanted to make an album that people could listen to from beginning to end without skipping any because it’s always a waste of time me going to the studio to record a song and then people skip it. When I buy an album I hate when I have to skip songs and I just have two songs to listen to. Brandy’s Afrodisiac album really helped to inspire that as well, because that album I listen to all day, all night. When I was in the studio that was the album that I listened to all the time and I really admired that every song was a great song. You could listen to the entire album. And I was like, ”You know what? I have to make an album like this.”

        -Rihanna in 2007 discussing her then new album Good Girl Gon Bad

  11. Oh Word?! October 14, 2012

    “Brandy who memorized” I see yall dont proof read before posting

  12. BITCH_PLEASE October 14, 2012

    some of y’all in here sound does brandy remind you of kelly ..cause she’s dark skin and has on a dark wig…STFU!!!


    • BITCH_PLEASE October 14, 2012



  13. scorpio8 October 14, 2012

    Ciara look like she rocked the hell out of the stage and glad she brought Missy up there!!! Can’t wait til Nov.4

  14. TeamEveandMissy October 14, 2012

    I see u missssssssssssy e…..ciara the best entertainer on the stage with one of the queens of hip hop. I can’t wait to see these two reunite. Sooooo maybe there is another collab on the way? Lookin good ladies. Brandy is really makin me check for her this go around. So amped for all of these ladies to get back on top of the charts again. Brandy is cute and she is bout to be heavy on the promo train. Gma,live with kelly and michael and wendy williams just to name a few. I see sum kelly rowland in brandy as well and maybe she’s gettin tips from her bcuz I mean they r best friends and plus brandy is workin with destiny childs choreorgrapher.

    • RoyalKev October 14, 2012

      Tips? Kelly cited Brandy as her inspiration way back on her first album. Kelly have been (and will continue to be) working with a few of Brandy’s songwriters (Darkchild, Garrett). I don’t think Kel’s giving out any tips, she’s obviously taking them! (#NotHating!)

      • Chile…. October 14, 2012

        Kelly worked with Dark Child & Sean Garret back in Destinys Child days. I happen to think Rico Love is better for Kelly when it comes to her style of music but whatever… Sean Garret wrote Loose my Breath and a few tracks on DC final album and Darkchild wrote/ produced many songs early in DC days as well as on Bey & Kellys solo albums. Kelly’s 1st album Simply Deep(2002) was nothing like anything Brandy had ever done. Her 1st album was contemporary. Not even R&B!!! Her 2nd album Ms. Kelly(2007) was mostly R&B. (mostly song about love, s**, heartbreak) She re relased the album which was mostly R&B with a few dance tracks . The 3rd album the same way(2011). But to say Kelly gets her style from Brandy is totally misleading boo! Kelly & Brandy are friends and were very close back then. Kelly went to Brandy when her career was not going well for her and so wasn’t Brandy’s career. But when Brandy start getting into Kelly’s ear about Beyonce then Kelly had to put her in her place.

      • RoyalKev October 14, 2012

        Brandy joined forces with Darkchild in 98, before he did anything with Kelly (in DC). Darkchild did almost the entire Brandy Never Say Never album.

        Brandy actually wrote a track on Kelly’s Simply Deep album, it’s called ‘Love/Hate’ (again, that was during the time Kelly was praising Brandy for being an inspiration to her).

        Also Brandy & Kelly were actually close before DC’s TWOTW album, there’s pictures of Brandy & Destiny’s Child online, when they were still a foursome(during the ‘No,no,no’ days). So, Kelly was around when Brandy fell off and Brandy has always been around the whole time while Kelly’s finding herself as a solo artist.

  15. queen ciara best performer ever is back!!!!! October 14, 2012


    • FAF October 14, 2012

      can’t wait to see it CI!!! :p

  16. MC October 14, 2012

    They all look fabulous! Especially Brandy! I can’t wait to see the videos.

  17. ya October 14, 2012

    Wait so is everybody only wearing black these day wow! thats it

  18. RoyalKev October 14, 2012

    ooooooooooooooooooomg Brandy! I need air ! Aaaaa damn! She look so good! I can’t wait to see this show.

    I’m excited to see Cici too! 🙂

  19. CCFan007 October 14, 2012

    Ciara <3

  20. mob: come here & let me hold UR throat October 14, 2012

    Brandy is looking like the FIERCE B**** FROM HEAVEN!! 🙂

  21. mob: come here & let me hold UR throat October 14, 2012

    Black Girls Rock and they RULE!!! LOL 🙂


  22. dub t October 14, 2012

    Do yall really call Brandy the vocal bible when she just had her first hit in ten years? Smh #foolery

    • Bran Star October 14, 2012

      Dumbass, what does a hit single have to do with vocal skills? Rihanna has plenty hits, but can’t sing her way out of a hairy coconut. Have a line of SEATS.

  23. prettigurlrockD bitchess October 14, 2012

    I didn’t get to see this but from the looks of it, Brandy, missy, and Ci slayed. So Ima have watch this on youtube! If it’s on there.

    • prettigurlrockD bitchess October 14, 2012

      Nvm. It didn’t air yet. So I’m REALLY excited to watch.

  24. Jay October 14, 2012

    Kelly took inspiration from brandy’s unique vocals,brandy is taking everything that Kelly does,how Kelly dresses,Kelly’s style and Kelly’s swagger.summary is that brandy is cloning herself to Kelly’s image and personality.

    • Bran Star October 14, 2012

      What do you mean Brandy is dressing like Kelly? What is her style? I didn’t know she owned a patent on it. Brandy went back to her trademark braids for a while, when was that Kelly’s signature? Never. Brandy’s been rocking bangs for a while, which is reminiscient of her 2002 album era, Full Moon. Brandy has a unique, exotic look that makes it seem like she has asian qualities, and furthermore she is her OWN person, not a clone.

      You people fishin’ for these comparisons just wanna call Brandy a copycat for no reason. SMH

    • RoyalKev October 14, 2012

      Really? So Brandy supposedly was so influenced by someone who just recently found solo success with one song (Motivation)? How much can someone steal from that one hit? I’m honestly not even taking a s*** at Kelly, I just don’t get how someone can find so much inspiration for an entire era after 1 record. That’s a real stretch.

  25. Teflon Boy October 14, 2012

    Brandy looks sensational! So amped for 2/11

  26. plastic October 14, 2012

    Brandy looks stunning everyone else looks good besides missy she look played out ps wish brandy the best her album leaked all over the place thisweek and its just ok for me not buying

  27. IDK October 15, 2012

    Both my Favs performed! Go Brandy!!! Go CiCi!!!!!

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