New Video: Justin Bieber – ‘Beauty & A Beat (Ft Nicki Minaj)’

Published: Friday 12th Oct 2012 by David

It’s finally here!

This evening, Justin Bieber released the upbeat video for his single ‘Beauty & A Beat‘, featuring the reigning Queen Of Rap Nicki Minaj.

Good times below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Licious October 12, 2012

    Lol at Nicki giving Justin a tiny lap dance. BAHAHAHA. That sucka just got played!

  2. JAKE October 12, 2012

    TWO BASIC B******!!!

    But at least JUSTINE BIEBETTE’s ‘Believe’ has already outsold riGONNORHEOa’s ‘unaFLOPogetic’.

    Kiiiiiiii. 😉

    • JJFan1814 October 12, 2012

      How long has Believe been out??? O.o Oh ok.

    • Kimberly October 12, 2012




      She will FLOP. THE END.

    • JAKE October 12, 2012

      Nicki looks GOOD in this vid. actually.


    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 12, 2012

      but, that album has sold over a million and unapologetic is not even in sotrage rooms yet #YOU #TRIED!

    • JOSE October 12, 2012

      only a ghetto beyonce fan would say something like that , unapologetic isn’t even in stores so your comment is stupid

      you tried tho

    • ImMadAsHell October 12, 2012

      Don’t you mean Justin out sold Nicki PFRR cd.

      What Rihanna got to do with Justin.

  3. Belladonna October 12, 2012

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the video it so fun and Justin looks so beautiful and the prank he did getting us to believe his s*** got stolen was to damn Nicki looked so cute in this video, she no longer needs the urban music world anymore she fits in just fine in the POP UNIVERSE! LOve you JB!

    • Rihanna black madonna October 12, 2012

      I agree with you. have u noticed that Missy, Eve etc are beggin for attention? Reminding us about what they did 10 years ago! Name a black woman who can get paif over $10 mil for a reality TV gig on prime time TV? Then you have all these wannbe’s like Kreayshwan, Iggy Azaliea and Azlaian banks trying and failing.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 12, 2012

        Just like Rih, Nicki does not need the clingy closes minded aggressive, abusive african american community anymore and they JUST CANNOT TAKE IT!

      • Emptytvr October 12, 2012

        [email protected] talking to yourself. What’s the matter loser, did you forget to change your user name before you replied? What a loon. Crack babies, I tell you…

    • ,. October 12, 2012

      Nicki love all her fans no matter the back ground,she is doing her thing on both levels,i wouldn’t say she don’t need her urban fans,she lost some because she is doing pop too but some still f-ck with her,like i said she made it clear that she needs all her fans.

      • Belladonna October 13, 2012

        I 100% agree that she needs all her fans. When I said she didn’t need the Urban world I met the Urban Media! It’s always being negative towards her like they do most of there artist. But I will say I do injoey Hip hop music tho when its not people being negative like Nicki’s song (TheBest) or Tinie Tempah from the Uk.

    • Ren October 12, 2012

      You’re a f*****.

      • Belladonna October 13, 2012

        Sending you peace and love.

  4. Hilly October 12, 2012

    I’m not a fan of this kid but I really like the video, it’s young & fun! I enjoyed watching it.

  5. The Anti-Christ October 12, 2012

    Buy my flop album in stores now.

    Justine is gay and Shitty is a bulldyke.

  6. Viciousss October 12, 2012

    That was actually a really well done video. I didn’t expect to feel anything but I was smiling at the direction and the way they got the dancers on such great cue. Didn’t make it to the Nicki part but overall gotta admit…kid stepped up his music videos

  7. monstarebel October 12, 2012


    • Ren October 12, 2012

      You’re a f*****…

  8. krys October 12, 2012

    Je peux m’acheter un clône de lui en magasin version gay?

    • Hilly October 12, 2012

      T’es amoureux?

      • krys October 12, 2012

        lol! pour être amoureux faut connaitre la personne! mais physiquement, la voix, la démarche! je kiiiiife!

    • FAF October 12, 2012

      SPEAK ENGLISH, F**….

      • krys October 13, 2012

        & proud of it PUS…’s suC…! t’es content!

  9. Black Madonna October 12, 2012

    Where’s Kim?

    • FAF October 12, 2012


    • ImMadAsHell October 12, 2012

      Polishing her Notorious Kim platium plaque, that her fans actually brought her 2nd cd.

      what Nicki trying to do? Ger Justin fans to buy her re-up.

  10. the real xoxo October 12, 2012

    So the whole burglary and nude pic was just a publicity stunt? pathetic.
    i guess its what you have to do when your fickle fanbase have left you for the next group of pretty-boys, one direction.
    Nicki is embarassing. she needs to act her age.

    • ,. October 12, 2012

      F-ck you,who da f-ck is you to tell someone how to act,are you acting you,er age,salty b-tch like you is so f-cking up tight,go live some da-mn life.

    • Peter Griffin October 13, 2012

      Exactly what I was gonna say. Though I was also gonna say how cringe worthy his ‘whining’ behind Nicki was. Just no!

  11. mc the place to be!! October 12, 2012


    • FAF October 12, 2012


  12. Honey CHILD please October 12, 2012

    P.S.A….Brandy album should be bought! Don’t bootleg that s*** you cheap ass h***. That s*** is snatching wigs even edges…

  13. damn October 12, 2012

    if i had a chance to wine on niki maji believe me i would have hard grinded on that h** llol

  14. FAF October 12, 2012



    CAN KIM???

    CAN EVE??



    #RE-UP COMING F****!



    • OhPlease October 12, 2012

      You mention Kim, Eve, and Missy’s name on a Nicki-related post almost every time. You obviously feel threatened.

    • ImMadAsHell October 12, 2012

      Kim, Eve, and Missy all went platinum with their 2nd before 6 months. So, I’m sure they toasting to the platinum plaques that hangs on each of their walls. They know their fans actually help them sell platinum.

      • Rancor October 12, 2012

        Yep. Kim, Eve and Mssy all actually SOLD a million copies of their sophomore albums…and didn’t have to get prematurely certified to save face. Nicki will never live down this pathetic 630k. Never!

  15. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 12, 2012

    I actually liked the video, and from the first listen of the song, it sounds alright:) Best Bieber song for ages.

    • Ren October 12, 2012


      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 13, 2012

        well Ren, your clicked on this post… I think you love justin bieber.

  16. Kayla October 12, 2012

    LMAOOO, it’s sad. The video is literally about nothing but fun. But y’all find something to argue and talk about anyways. SMFH

    Justin Bieber, omfg. He is soooo f****** cute.

    Nicki Minaj looked like she was just having fun. She kept it cute and did nothing too much. Her outfit was bomb and her hair was on point.

    Overall, the video recieves a 11/10 from me. The video was perfect for the song, the directing was very creative and OUT THERE. And it was just joyful. And the extra point is for the promo. People, even me, really believed that his laptop and camera got stolen and they released nude pics of him. But really, it was all promo for the video. As for the nude pic, I believe he did release that because it’s HIS SAME TAT and it looks like he’s on a bus. By doing the whole stolen laptop thing, he was able to ready the video and release a few nude and say somebody photoshopped. That pic is NOT photoshopped. Just like that pic w/Chris brown give’n head and done in the booty. That was as real as a maniquin. But anyways, I’m a belieber, team breezy, Rihanna navy, and Barb. I love music.

  17. ERIC October 12, 2012

    I’m bored with them trying so hard to urbanize this kid. If it isn’t BET they look to for help, it’s random people like Floyd Mayweather and Nicki Minaj. Stop building a lie.

  18. MISHKA October 12, 2012

    To be honest, this is the most creative videos I’ve seen in months. Very glee/high school musical, very age appropriate for him. It’s just nice to see no skripper, no stack, no grey goose, no chest tattoo for once.

    Dead at Nicki showing up, gurl this is a tween party, you ain’t supposed to appear ‘for real’ in all your collaborations lol

    So in the end: two thumbs up, Justiiiiiiiin *Nicki’s voice”

  19. SBC19 October 12, 2012

    [email protected] Nicki resorting to doing a song and video with Justin Bieber. How silly and sad. Don’t ask why no one takes this clown seriously.

    Attention Source, XXL and Rap Pages magazines…never put this inauthentic pop-rapper on your covers ever again. A real hip hop act, she ain’t.

    • Qazzo October 13, 2012

      While you’re at it, tell them to not feature Big Sean and Ludacris anymore either because they both did songs with Bieber too.

  20. truth tea (take a sip) October 13, 2012

    Kim was doing collabs with Biggie, Mobb Deep and DMX.
    Nicki is doing collabs with Justin Bieber.

    • ADC143 October 13, 2012


  21. Say It Don’t Spray It October 13, 2012

    Nicki is such an h**….grinding on 12 year old bieber….b**** will do anything for a dollar. Skanked up clapped out w**** needs several seats…!!! AND NO SHE IS NOT THE QUEEN…..Shes been out 2 stinking years and you think shes got staying power to be called the queen….check Mariah’s track record and then kill yourselves from shame you retarded d*** munchers…1

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