50 Cent & Adam Levine Perform ‘My Life’ On ‘The Voice’

Published: Monday 26th Nov 2012 by Sam

50 Cent is wasting no time plugging comeback single ‘My Life’.

Fresh from premiering the Adam Levine assisted cut earlier today, the evening saw the G-Unit general perform the track on NBC’s The Voice.

Watch the label-mates in action below…

Decent performance. Although we’re still unsure as to whether this’ll be enough to re-light Curtis’ commercial fire. And make no mistake, re-revving his machine is the clear MO here – irrespective of what done-did-it narrative he’s peddling these days.

For, as collaborations go, 50 has next to never stretched out of the Hip-Hop arena – especially for a lead release. And yet here he is jostling for a hit with the frontman from one of his parent label’s better selling acts – Maroon 5.

Still, the hustle is real and so is the recession, hence we’re not even mad at him. Whether the same can be said for radio and his core audience will be interesting to see.

Are you still checking for 50 Cent?

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  1. SHA (F*** The Navy and LAX) November 26, 2012

    I don’t understand Adams appeal his voice is so thin loved him in she will be loved but now meh Fif this is not it the rap stations wont play this s***

  2. wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

    50 is legend and he will slay, Haters can hate, but he has era that s*** all over rick ross, drake 2 chains and flop montana

    • mr.m November 27, 2012

      gurl bye

  3. wrinkle flop ora November 26, 2012

    50 needs to do more music like this. He need to show that fire he had from 10 years, kinda hard when you make money like water. Em went in. Damm love 50 and Em hip hop kings, F*** young money. They are on their way out.

  4. mob November 26, 2012


    I love 50 Cent but this des nothing for me.

    Eminem BEAT WIFE KIM MATHERS but he’s sociall constructed in the right manner so it’s okay! 🙂

    • jamie November 26, 2012

      as a CB fan myself, I think you should stop putting women beater in a sentence when refereing to anyone. I get it, Eminem and all those white folks have beaten their wives before too and only Breezy is the one that get the most hate. Its really about the fact that ONE hes black and TWO the women he laid hands on is FAMOUS. AInt Nowbody care for NO KIM. So pleases stop going on every post and using that word.

      • jamie November 27, 2012

        Just take it out of your vocabulary and lets focus on POSTIVE THINGS like our BOY always tells us on twitter( sucks that he deleted it)

  5. JOHNVIDAL November 27, 2012

    I don´t know why this shouldn´t be a hit in the USA seeing how often crap songs top the singles charts everywhere
    Not that I like it much but I´ve seen so much worse at the top

  6. JOHNVIDAL November 27, 2012

    Also, Adam´s voice is not it but damn… he´s so f****** hot 🙂
    And why hasn´t TGJ post about Alicia´s great performances on Good Morning America? This is finally the release week of this big album (an Alicia´s release has always been big at least until now) and they are not going to post the promo? She did great and the album is really good from what I´ve heard

    Oh, ok they are desperately searching for stupid news about model- fake songwriter Rihanna and p**** popper-fake songwriter Beyonce so they can get hits cos their fans are kids with no lives who leave 200 comments per post. Don´t blame Sam

  7. miao November 27, 2012

    This is pure garbage! 50 Cent is a kind of male version of Nicki Minaj, he was hot for about 3-4 years, everybody wanted to work with him, but now nobody gives a s***! The same thing is going to happen with Mickey Minaj!

  8. mr.m November 27, 2012


  9. Christina Aguilera November 27, 2012

    Y’all q***** are quick to call someone “legendary” and say they “slay”! Y’all said the same s*** about me, but jumped ship when my album dropped!

    LOTUS- flopping in a record store near you!

    • irene46 November 27, 2012

      this is so true!

      christina looked so spirit broken on the show last night. she wasn’t even called on to critique the last two contestants. i feel bad for her.

  10. Nika November 27, 2012

    50 the new FloRida, lol

  11. patti December 8, 2012

    Sorry, but the hip hop era is old and tired, and 50 cent is finished! — If thissong does become a hit, it will be nothing more than a novelty having him back for a bried shining moment! — Dance Music is what’s hot now! – Seems like most people have moved on to something more modern!

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