Behind The Scenes: Cheryl Cole Shares ‘Unforgettable Moments’ With ‘Pandora’

In further support of their reunion,  Girls Aloud teamed up with ‘Pandora’ this year to launch bracelets as part of the company’s ‘Unforgettable Moments‘.

Now peep the group’s most lucrative member Cheryl Cole share her ‘Unforgettable Moments’ with the Danish brand, revealing just how she felt upon winning a place in the group back in 2002, below…

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  1. WTF November 2, 2012

    Dead @ her doing an interview with a respectable jewellers and talking about how her sister got knocked up at 16 !

    • FRESH (NAVI) November 2, 2012

      you are such a dunce!!!

      cher said when SHE was sixteen her SISTER GOT PREGNANT….

      she at no point mention at what age her sis got pregnant?

      do you used the walnut in your skull?

      • WTF November 2, 2012


      • Rai November 2, 2012

        Thank you, I don’t think it’s difficult to understand a simple sentence like the one Cheryl said.

  2. Monstarebel November 2, 2012


  3. Reta Soesbe June 27, 2013

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