Hot Shots: Taylor Swift Takes ‘RED’ To The ‘CMA’s

Check out these snaps of ‘RED’ star Taylor Swift, rocking the red carpet for the 2012 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

Despite scoring three nominations, the 22 year old vocalist left empty handed- but did perform the single ‘Begin Again’ at the star studded event.

More from the record breaking chart topper below…

 Your thoughts?

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  1. JJFan1814 November 2, 2012

    Y’all really posting about taylor swift???

    I can’t.

    All because of her sales too, right?

    • U PHUNKY H** November 2, 2012

      lol my thoughts exactly. i

  2. DOSSOME November 2, 2012

    TGJ is becoming a sell-out….now we gon start discussing country music on an urban site!!!!

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

      I know. It’s great right! Bring it on:)

    • Nana November 2, 2012

      Taylor is no longer country. Her last three albums has being mostly pop songs. “Red” contain only three country songs. The rest are pop.

      • BEYONCE CARTER November 2, 2012

        B****, nobody asked your ass for a breakdown on what’s Pop and what’s not on her album! Be seated in the nearest seat IMMEDIATELY!!!

  3. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012



    Grapejuice loves Taylor !!!!

  4. Bam Bam November 2, 2012

    What the Flecknard??????? #scratcheshead

  5. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

    Taylor looks so hot in that dress!!

    Loving her new album!


    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

      Btw Taylor swifts album is already the 3rd best selling album in america this year, after 1 week sales!

  6. BEYONCE’S WEAVE November 2, 2012

    Taylor looks stunning.

  7. RUDE NAVY November 2, 2012


    i only psudo-liked her song ” trouble”.

  8. WJ November 2, 2012

    I used to think this was an Urban Music website. It looks like I was wrong…

  9. boopboop November 2, 2012

    y’all are clearly stanning for her SALES. i’d rather see a buncha hatin a** rihanna posts every hour on the hour than TRAILER S***. i feel like i do when i see black blogs posting about K** KARTRASHIAN and her ugly ass sister all the damn time!

  10. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

    As much as I love Taylor Swift, she’ll only get a negative reaction from people, because this iis supose to be an urbam site.

  11. Nana November 2, 2012

    You guys are complaining because TGJ posted Taylor news on this blog, Then what about Gaga, Ke$ha, Britney and the rest are they also urban?

  12. Beystan November 2, 2012

    Ya’ll mad bcos Taylor is laying your flop faves….haaaa go taylor you rock.

  13. Beystan November 2, 2012

    Go taylor u rock

  14. Monstarebel November 2, 2012

    i like Taylor xoxo

  15. JOHNVIDAL November 2, 2012

    Ok really? Now TGJ doesn´t have an excuse anymore to not post news about Celine Dion or U2 then
    If you´re going to definitely forget that you are an urban site (I respect if that´s your decision) at least post about the talented pop/rock/country artists. Not this bland girl

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

      Its a catchy song, it could do well on the top 100 if released as a single!

      • Nana November 2, 2012

        I love the song

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

        🙂 Yeah It’s a great upbeat song.

  16. DOSSOME November 2, 2012

    Now that this is the case, i agree with @JOHNVIDAL,post details on Celine’s new album…You can even post on Rolling Stones,U2,Carrie Underwood,Norah Jones etc…

  17. Nichole November 2, 2012

    I’ve never looked at TGJ as an urban site because in my opinion they aren’t. C*ncrete Loop is however.

    TGJ are phony bandwagon jumpers, they never post anything Taylor Swift related. They only jumped on her bandwagon, and started posting about her because of the sales of her new album.

    By the way, you failed again, Taylor. I heard her little tween fans were buying copies of her album just to beat Brit’s 13 year old record. Stay pressed.

  18. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

    To Taylor fans who’ve listened to “Red” a few times. What are your favoriet songs from the album?
    I like all of them except for “The lucky one!” I’m not to keen on it.
    I love the collabs withe Ed sheeran, and the guy from snow patrol.

    My favorite as its a country song has to be “all too well” such a great song.

    • Belladonna November 2, 2012

      My Fave songs are , Everything has Changed,Red,22 and StayStayStay but the ones I listen to everyday is- The Last Time- I Almost Do & my number 1 Fave (StarLight!) I love that song it get threw the day lol But the hole album is amazing tho it really is. I loved Speak Now as well.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

        🙂 I like starlight a lot aswell.. gets me singing a long!
        Yeah Its a really good album, and I think I like it better then Speak now.
        The last time collab is great. the guy from snow patrol:) Always have that on loud. Taylor’s most rock like song ever!

  19. Suicide Blonde November 2, 2012

    This is not an urban site, since they post about Pop Queens most of the time, Madonna, Gaga, ect, ect….by the way, i know you folks don’t listen to music in another language but Celine Dion new album “Sans attendre” is very good, i just got my copy, take a listen, not a fan of Taylor but she looks gorgeous, she’s pretty.

    • MC (Benron is a flop) November 2, 2012

      I didn’t Celine already released an album already. -_-

      • Suicide Blonde November 2, 2012

        B****!…and you call yourself a fan of the greatest vocalists.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 2, 2012

        Celine is releasing a new French album right now. But the market for her French albums is obviously Quebec and France, although I have never had problems to buy them here in Spain. I always enjoy them anyway. But they have a different sound, more acoustic, more simple so probably many people who like her in English won´t like her in French (btw Celine has the best selling French album of all times of course, it´s called D´eux)
        About the new album in English it has been postponed till next year, hopefully the first part of the year. At first it was going to be released this November with the French one, but it´s obviously too much at once. Last news about it are that she has recorded a NeYo song (like the one I love from her last album “Taking Chances” called “I´ve got nothing left”, I love that song, Celine over 40 killing all the basic b****** vocally in their 20´s. And of course without putting her names on the credits cos she gave her opinion about a word NeYo wrote. Yes I´m shading you know who) and she is going to include the famous French song “Ne me quittes pas”. This last song is also included in her new French album, I already listened to it. She has been singing it on her show in Las Vegas for two years. It´s amazing
        These two new albums are her first albums in 5 years. With Taking Chances she still sold a million copies in the USA alone despite having no hit singles and promoting only for the first month and it became the best selling album of the year in Canada (I suppose she has achieved that several times in her career)
        Of course I don´t expect big numbers from her at this point, just like nobody else is doing. She´s above that and don´t think really cares anymore since she decided to “retire” 10 years ago from the charts and worldwide promotion

      • JOHNVIDAL November 2, 2012

        Sorry that was long 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde November 2, 2012

        Yep, i knew about the English album but i really enjoy her in any language, the album is already in my top ten list of fav. albums of 2012 so far and we fans of old Divas know that big sales these days for them is almost a miracle but it’s not about that anymore, you know what i mean, by the way, have you sen this: is in french, i love it.

      • MC (Ultimate Benron Stan) November 2, 2012

        Thank you John for the info! I knew her English album was pushed back (I assumed the French one would be too). Celine is one of the kind; beautiful (even though some may not agree), talented (for sure!), and a strong, nice, independent, smart woman. I am really looking forward to some new music from her (although her old ones can slay me for the rest of my natural born life).

      • Suicide Blonde November 2, 2012

        (although her old ones can slay me for the rest of my natural born life).

        LMAO!..b****, that was hilarious.

      • Suicide Blonde November 2, 2012

        I know, they should all make a tribute to her, a song or a concert like that tribute concert they did for Freddie Mercury in 1992, could be good for her legacy.

      • MC (Ultimate Benron Stan) November 2, 2012

        Yes!! I would love it if Mariah, Toni, Celine, Madonna, R.Kelly, etc all performed for her….together. Sadly, I don’t see it happening. 🙁
        Could you imagine Whitney, Mariah, and Celine all releasing albums in 2013 (domination of the charts a la 90s!!)? I would have been so freaking awesome.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 2, 2012

        “(although her old ones can slay me for the rest of my natural born life).”
        LOL I agree. So funny

        Not bad for a dinosaur but it happens that i just listened to Celine´s “Ne me quitte pas” on her web and boy… I was just slayed with real vocals
        The blonde dinosaur is the f****** queen of pop so no problem 🙂
        Anyway, don´t know why but I still have a hard time believing you like Celine a lot. Even her French albums? In 2012? Knowing your usual preferences? Strange. But great if true

      • MACHIAVEL November 2, 2012

        Oooooh Jonhvidal You’re Adorable! Google “TVA” Tv, She’ll Have An Special Tv Tribute This Sunday! Céline Is Not Only Talented, Also She’s Too Down To Earth, When She Comes Here In Québec, She Acts Like Everyone, Making Fun Oh Herself (Very Funny To See) And She Still Speaks With The “Québécois” Dialect Not The French Of France Lol That’s Why “Québécois” Are Very Proud Of Her!

        @Suicide, You’re More Interesting When You’re Not Talking About Gaga haha!

      • JOHNVIDAL November 2, 2012

        Are u from Québec then? That´s a surprise
        So you like Celine too? That´s great. Like @MC said I could be forever slayed with just her Falling into You and Let´s talk about Love albums alone. But she keeps releasing, so I´m so happy
        And yeah I know she´s like that
        I suppose it´s time for huge promo these weeks over there for the French album right?

      • Suicide Blonde November 2, 2012

        Sadly, i can’t see that happen too.

        LMAO!, but her french is good, i actually prefer her version than the original and why do you find rare that i like Celine?, what are my usual preferences, i listen to all kind of Music.

        B****, i still love you, and i do love the b****, trust me you don’t stan for her more than me but that doesn’t mean that i don’t have to slap her ass from time to time, my relationship with her is like her relationship with Madonna>>>>love & hate, but at the end of the day, love wins, i will stan for the copycat again when HypePop drops, i have always support the attention seeking w****.

    • MACHIAVEL November 2, 2012

      @Jonhvidal, I Was Born In Sénégal (West Africa), But I Live In Québec (Montréal) Since February 2000. Yes I Do Love Céline, I Don’t Talk To Much Here, But I’m A Big Fan Of Old Shool Music From Jazz, Funk, Disco, Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Hippy Screaming, Jive…More Than This New Generation Of “Singers/Artists”! Hell In My Homeland Every Brides Play Céline: “Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore” LLol! Céline Don’t Give Huge Promo Latly, She Has One Freakin Big Promo (Xcept Radio Talking About Her). The Special Tv With A Lot Of Artists, Comedians, Participants From Stars Academy (Show Like American’s Idol)… She Has One Great Impersonator: Véronique Dicaire, I Swear You Would Believe It’s Céline If You Hear Her Singing, She’ll Be Present Too!

      @Suicide, B**** Bisou Bisou!!!!!

  20. Hilly November 2, 2012

    I like Taylor, she’s cute, she wrights her songs, I’m not a big fan of her voice but she’s still talented so good for her!
    I hope she’ll release everything has changed as a single, this song is amazing and I love Ed Sheeran!
    So since TGJ is posting about about Taylor why aren’t they posting about Justin Timberlake who got married, of Kim and Kanye?

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! November 2, 2012

      I really like everything has changed too! Ed Sheeran is a great artist.

  21. MACHIAVEL November 2, 2012

    Why Are You Complaining While This Site Have Always Been More Pop Than Urban?!
    I Agree They Need To Post More About Great Artists Than Averages Singers, But If They Do, They Have NOOOO HITS…. Janelle Monae’s Post For Example, Only Ten People Get Interested, Most Prefer The Basic Posts With Stans War BS!

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