Watch: Katy Perry Presented Billboard’s ‘Woman of the Year’ Honor

Published: Thursday 29th Nov 2012 by Rashad

‘Part of Me’ performer Katy Perry has seen part of her last year celebrate career milestones while her relationships in her personal life hit tombstones.

Indeed, as the ‘E.T.’ hitmaker has had other worldly success with her hit album ‘Teenage Dream’ and re-release ”Complete Confection’, what better way to complete the year than with a new accolade?

Crowned Billboard’s 2012 ‘Woman of the Year’ (despite minimal chart presence over the year), see the pop princess share her thoughts on the honor as well as dish to KatyCats about her next record:

Here’s hoping the next album sees Perry give more filling than fluff.  Filling that she has proven, on more than one occasion, she is more than capable of delivering.
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  1. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 29, 2012

    Congratulations you definitely deserve it Katy….can’t wait for new music from her xoxo

    • Trev November 30, 2012

      did she? what hits did she have this year? and this is not shade cuz i love Katy, I’m just confused…honestly it should have went to Rihanna, Nicki or Taylor Swift

      • Trev November 30, 2012

        or Adele

  2. christinastherealtalent November 29, 2012

    Music officially died tonight!

    • MC November 29, 2012

      You say this everyday, what else is new?

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 29, 2012

      & Christinas voice officially died the night of the Amas oop

    • Perry Power November 29, 2012

      Like Christina`s career?

      • Common Sense November 30, 2012

        That was back in 2010.

  3. FlopIndicator November 29, 2012

    Manufactured at it’s best right herre.

  4. MaZ November 29, 2012

    Overrated b****!

    Adele anyone?… she deserves more the title.

    • Slayty Perry November 30, 2012

      When Adele performs for the leader of the free world we`ll talk

      • Common Sense November 30, 2012

        What does that have to do with anything? Oh wait let me answer: It has NOTHING to do with it. This b**** is a sorryass excuse for a “singer” and Adele more than deserved it.

      • MaZ November 30, 2012

        @ S***** Perry, Seriously get your life together or have a seat somewhere!

  5. NAVI November 29, 2012

    i love katy she have this girl ext door thing about that i like but woman of the year (2012) hmmmm adele is a better candidate in my opinion. oh well bring on the new album. i’m ready for you and your BFF Riri to slay together come 2k13.

  6. AmbeRussell November 29, 2012

    this is kinda a yr to late. woman of 2011, not really 2012, she only had wide awake and part of me… BUT adele was 2011 so… i guess this is a better yr to honor her. though ppl say her music isnt good, but she is making pop corn music bc she knows it is what’s selling. but it is catchy, fun and it does what it is suppose to do, where there are others who make far worse music, who sing worse and put less into it, at lease katy always have decent videos for her music videos and is fun to look at and recorded voice is decent so… it is the right person since she had a good number of hits, that were hits on pop and adult stations, she had the movie, etc… so…
    AmbeRussell on YouTube

    • Perry Power November 29, 2012

      I agree 2011 was her year

    • Slayty Perry November 30, 2012

      Adele only had album sales in 2011. Katy had a sucessful album, 3 #1s, the most successful artist fragrance of the year, and a sold out world tour

      • Common Sense November 30, 2012

        Why do you children keep bringing up fragrances like they have s*** to do with music? And her singles and album sales are less than nothing compared to Adele’s so don’t even pretend they’re in the same league.

      • CzarM November 30, 2012

        Adele’s album just went Diamond in the U.S. Is Katy’s album anywhere near that? No, I didn’t think so.

        All Katy is is a gum-ball in the candy dispenser that is iTunes. Adele actually sells singles AND albums.

  7. Perry Power November 29, 2012

    This title would have been more fitting for last year but better late than never I suppose

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 29, 2012

      right Katy deserves it

    • LTM November 29, 2012

      Gurl where have you been?

  8. That B*tch (redbone) November 29, 2012

    I cannot stand this racist generic h** for nothin.
    Take your horrible music and shove it up your hairy ass.
    I really cant with this 30 year old woman still pretending to be a damn teenager.

    • Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 29, 2012

      um how is she racist? when her best friend is black TF?

      • That B*tch (redbone) November 29, 2012

        Who is her best friend? Dont tell me its Rihanna cuz when was the last time you’ve seen these 2 pictured together? They cant be that close if they still haven’t released a song together either. What friend would call her girl a hoodrat? Seems like she has some blatantly wrong stereotypes about bw.
        Only a racist would date a guy that would say to the world that his d*** is like a kkk member or whatever tf he said. She also said some sly ish about asians too, dont remember what was said though.

      • LTM November 29, 2012

        1. Her and Russell are divorced. She isnt his mom, hes a grown ass man who can say what he wants.
        2. Name one comedian who hasnt said a racist joke
        3. Her and Rih were at the VMAs together 2 months ago. Try again
        4. Plenty of artist who are friends have never worked together.Pop star collabos are rare.
        5. Calling Rih a hoodrat was in a joking way and isnt stereotyping since shes from the Barbadoes
        6 Katy has never said anything about asians

    • Slayty Perry November 30, 2012

      B**** she is not 30. Learn to count h**

  9. Mario November 29, 2012

    What are seriously are the time for these awards. Wasn’t her 2010 or when she had the 7 number 1 singles.They need to check these yr things Congratulations anyway I loved her Teenage Dream album.

  10. JER November 29, 2012

    Katy grrrrrl you a fake ass b**** but i eat your pop muzak up gorl LICKABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. My forehead tho November 29, 2012


    • Queen Brit Brit November 29, 2012

      The b**** scalped your fav 😉

      • LTM November 30, 2012


    • That B*tch (redbone) November 29, 2012

      I love that shade girl

    • Slayty Perry November 30, 2012

      The b**** who ended your favs career in 9 months

  12. Queen Brit Brit November 29, 2012

    I love this b**** 😀

  13. LTM November 29, 2012

    Lol I don’t understand why Billboard gives this award out to artist who have dominated the year before but congrats to Katy! As I’ve said before, she owns Billboard 😉

  14. Monstarebel (THE UNAPOLOGETIC PRINCE) November 29, 2012

    Katy Perry = Legendary tied with king mj

    • Slayty Perry November 30, 2012

      No lies detected here

    • Common Sense November 30, 2012

      Hilarious the delusions of these brainwashed children. MJ had amazing talent. Katy Perry has BASIC singing abilities AT BEST.

    • XoMoDe November 30, 2012

      You gay ass clown. Michael has sold 700 million to a billion records worldwide. WHEN did Katy tie that? Shush you fruity q****.

  15. NFG (No f**** given) November 30, 2012

    Ehhh I like some of her songs but she’s overrated. Need to go away. Nothing special. As much as I want Rihanna to go away I hope she snatches her wig.

    • Slayty Perry November 30, 2012

      Never going to hapen

  16. Slayty Perry November 30, 2012

    Yas!! The King Charty Perry still snatching weaves with Teenage Dream!! These girls better push out them albums quick because in the summer of 2013 Katy is coming for more weaves to add to her collection

  17. V nasty (WGM) November 30, 2012

    Man somebody get this white pale ass HO out of here. F****** “I kiss a girl” jump off b**** I don’t give a f*** if you had s** with a girl HO I just don’t like you. I put out 2 mixtapes and got respect from the streets I did not have to make a song about kissing a girl so I can get some cheap change.

    I don’t have respect for you HO get out my face F*** YOU’RE FAN BASE! F*** YOU’RE GIRLFRIEND! F*** WHAT YOU STAND FOR! F*** WHO EVER CARRY YOU’RE BAG!

    I don’t give a f*** I said the N**** on my mixtapes and I’m still here nobody touch me cuz I roll with a gang of n*****.

  18. V NASTY (WGM) November 30, 2012

    Shout out gucci mane for giving me a chance we came out with a album that set the streets on fire. BAYTL album had the b****** in the club shaking ass and the b**** ass n***** hating.

    I may not blow up but I’m working hard I’m putting on for my city.. N***** trip on me last year cuz I said N**** on my mixtapes and blame it on my homegirl kreayshawn but its all good. I’m still here ain’t nobody put they hands on me I’m gonna get this money f*** a hating ass n****.

    Shout out gucci mane, kreayshawn, kitty pryde, chippy nonstop, waka flocka flame, lil’ B, White girl mob, honey cocaine, I f**** with them

  19. DTG November 30, 2012

    Take a Lady Gaga song; subtract about $5000 from the recording budget…slow down the tempo just slightly…remove some of the excessive over production…make the lyrics cornier…add harsher vocals…then pander it to an episode of Hanna Montana or Glee and you basically have Katy Perry: a formulaic, trite and annoying blend of valley girl, wannabe Lolita and fake rebel.

    Ultimately, she comes off like a robotic singing Kardashian cousin, while posturing a pseudo rogue personality. It is as if some record producer said: “Let’s dress her up like a slutty Barbie Doll, autotune the f*** out of her, and she will sell!” Quite frankly, her music is dorky and sounds custom made for middle school dances. The popularity of it can only be explained by pondering that this is the sort of thing that just happens when fourteen year old girls and college-aged gay guys join forces to take iTunes hostage.

    With five overplayed chart topping singles from her latest album, radio has just assumed that she is what people want to hear and therefore arbitrarily gotten behind every song she has put over the last year and a half…which not only makes her played the hell out, but pushes her into the realm of being a ‘fad’ (think Fergie circa 2007.) And we all know fads die hard. One more bite from Katy and people will begin to regurgitate. Katy Perry is very ’2011,’ we do not need her in 2012.”

    • Common Sense November 30, 2012

      In a nutshell. Middle school kids and gays with no taste in real music.

    • Lax November 30, 2012

      You go Katy and keep them songs coming because we all
      know that you too r a hard working Artist and Deserves each and everything that come your way from your hard work just
      like all the Others,,,,,Good For You Katy!!!!

  20. Emptytvr November 30, 2012

    Katy Who? I don’t know anybody by that name…

  21. TROR November 30, 2012

    She can’t sing and her music is cheesy.

    • Common Sense November 30, 2012

      That’s putting it lightly.

  22. EnRanc November 30, 2012

    The only good thing about this s**** b**** are her ta-ta’s. Her music stinks and her voice is nails on a chalkboard.

  23. Lax November 30, 2012

    Best of Luck to You and Your Career Always Katy,,,,,

  24. HOTSTUFF November 30, 2012

    i like katy :’)

    • XoMoDe November 30, 2012

      Don’t be a fool all your life.

  25. JOHNVIDAL November 30, 2012

    So this woman has not been on the charts this year and Billboard (magazine about the charts) names her woman of the year??????? LMAO
    Taylor Swift (she doesn´t deserve it) would be I suppose, or Adele I don´t know. But Katy Perry now? Hell we had to endure two year of pushing and pushing the f****** Teenage Dream album and desperate attempts at #1 singles and now still this????????
    Who the hell is responsible for this constant Katy-Rihanna pushing down our throats???? Prison for them please. People who underperform and have not talent enough shouldn´t be pushed until they finally make them succesful. It shouldn´t work like that


  26. SBC19 November 30, 2012

    Only laughably effeminate gay boys and dateless fat girls like b******* like this.

  27. Beyonce’s Weave November 30, 2012

    Congratulations Miss Katy Perry, so happy for you. Can’t wait for new music.

  28. No B******* November 30, 2012

    The Navy only like her cos shes bravado ‘friends’ with their Rihatard. No Katy don’t deserve s*** her music is trash and wont stand the test of time. I’ll give her 3 more years.

  29. Karma November 30, 2012

    Has Rihanna won this? After all her achievments the Navy like to go on about non stop.

  30. ITCHY PUSS November 30, 2012

    Katy Perry? She didn’t have a big year in music. Adele and Taylor Swift had more success. Whatevs

  31. B. Hill November 30, 2012

    We’re supposed to be impressed that this no talent can sell singles, but not albums. Pssst. F*** outta here. And you fools had the audacity to try and brag about her “tying” MJ. Teenage Dream had 5 #1’s and is only double platinum in the U.S. and is probably at under 5 million sold WW. Michael’s Bad album (that has 5 #1 singles) is 8x platinum in the U.S. and has sold over 40 million WW.

    I wouldn’t call that a tie.

  32. NFG No f**** given November 30, 2012

    Ritard is just as bad but didn’t she have like 12 number 1 singles? Rihanna has already snatched her wig. Oop.

  33. Hi5 November 30, 2012

    Congrats Katy baby, u deserve it! You the best this past year.

  34. Hi5 November 30, 2012

    Just by performing and by outwardly supporting President Obama in his re-election campaign is more than enough to get this humbling honor.

  35. 2ello November 30, 2012

    She truly deserves this! I’m sorry she is leading the pack in the pop scene! Facts don’t lie!!!! LOVE HER!!! Want new music!!!!!

  36. 2okay November 30, 2012

    Yess!!!! She is leading the pack!!!!!!! Truly deserves this

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