Watch: Kelly Rowland Performs ‘Mama Told Me’ With Big Boi On ‘The View’

Published: Tuesday 11th Dec 2012 by David


Kelly Rowland joined ‘Vicious Lies’ singer Big Boi for a special TV appearance this morning, when they performed their collaborative hit ‘Mama Told Me‘ on ‘The View’ this morning.

Rousing their audience with a lively take on the inspiring jam, their performance gave us no choice but to give the rest of Big’s new LP a listen to see if it lived up to the single’s hype. Fortunately for us, it did.

Watch below…

Great performance!

Buy the album here!

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  1. María December 11, 2012

    not available in my country, good.

    • AN AMERICAN December 11, 2012

      peasants lol

    • alessandro December 11, 2012

      not available here in brazil

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

      damn that sucks she lokks amazing and sounds great also

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      SHE SLAYED!!!!!!

  2. Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 11, 2012

    ghetto ass song no thanks

    • María December 11, 2012

      B**** get da hell outta here, ew
      you’re just so negative, wtf

      • Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 11, 2012

        xoxo 😉

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012


    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) December 12, 2012

      No shade this is a cute song I recall when Big boi and Kelly was on the radio back in Atlanta.

  3. Alex December 11, 2012

    Kelly is just <3

    • Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 11, 2012

      a flop?

      • Yay December 11, 2012

        You back….AGAIN?!

        Now I see why dude came at you so strong yesterday.

      • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

        smh ur the flop

      • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

        a flop statement smh

    • big boi December 11, 2012


  4. Mario December 11, 2012

    All these years and up to know Kelly Rowland can’t project her voice in a song

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      everybodies voice is different she doesnt need to belt n scream s***

      • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

        agreed plus shes been slaying her tv performances..mariah carey and whitney tributes were fire!!!!!

      • King B>Rihanna December 11, 2012

        i was not taking about belting nor screaming idiot.Projection of your voice is different damn fool.learn about vocals and then you can talk.Voice projection is the strength of speaking or singing whereby the voice is used loudly and clearly. It is a technique which can be employed to demand respect and attention, such as when a teacher is talking to the class, or simply to be heard clearly, as an actor in a theatre.
        Breath technique is essential for proper voice projection. Whereas in normal talking one may use air from the top of the lungs, a properly projected voice uses air properly flowing from the expansion of the diaphragm. In good vocal technique, well-balanced respiration is especially important to maintaining vocal projection. The goal is to isolate and relax the muscles controlling the vocal folds, so that they are unimpaired by tension. The external intercostal muscles are used only to enlarge the chest cavity, whilst the counterplay between the diaphragm and abdominal muscles is trained to control airflow.
        Stance is also important, and it is recommended to stand up straight with the feet shoulder width apart and the upstage foot (right foot if right-handed etc.) slightly forward. This improves balance and breathing.
        In singing, voice projection is often equated with resonance, the concentrated pressure through which one produces a focused sound. True resonance will produce the greatest amount of projection available to a voice by utilizing all the key resonators found in the vocal cavity. As the sound being produced and these resonators find the same overtones, the sound will begin to spin as it reaches the ideal singer’s formant at about 2800 Hz. The size, shape, and hardness of the resonators all factor into the production of these overtones and ultimately determine the projective capacities of the voice

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      keep slaying kelly

    • TRAILED December 12, 2012

      And yet, she has staying power. 15+ yrs in the game, and still getting paid! How you doing~Respusha Voice

  5. Honestly December 11, 2012

    Kelly and Solange lack the one thing Beyonce has…Motivation (Go, Go, Go). It seems like when the first single drops they are doing their best but when it’s time for the second single they give up. Run the World wasn’t big and neither was Best Thing but Beyonce promoted them and performed them like they were Crazy in Love or Deja Vu. If you can’t sell your own music, how do you expect people to buy. Gotta have confidence.

    • thetruth December 11, 2012

      Beyonce has something that neither of them don’t! She has the funds and the support of her label that will put forth the money for her projects. U can’t compare them bcuz they have never been on equal footing as Beyonce. Kelly & Solange are both doing the best that they can & Solange is not even on a major record label. She shoot her own videos & pay for her own projects.

      • Honestly December 11, 2012

        Kelly dropped her single before Beyonce dropped Crazy in Love. Dilemma was big and then she gave up. If she kept going then Beyonce wouldn’t be where she is. Matter of face I liked Dilemma more than CIL

      • PSA (FAF) December 11, 2012

        @TheTruth READ !

        Promotion is up to the label
        unless u wanna pay out of pocket like Ciara
        Not many ppl can fund and make TV stations/ radio listen to them unless they are having a successful era

        can u see rebecca black performing at the grammys”?

        Won’t happen b/c she has no reputable backing no one is checking for her!

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

      kellys promotion is starting up now..i see her team has a plan just chill

    • Greg F December 12, 2012

      You act like it’s their fault. Like they’re doing something wrong… sweetie, Matthew Knowles made sure Beyonce got the funds from the label for promotion and Bey is currently attempting to force herself down everyone’s throat with shameless Pepsi deals and whatnot. So just sayin’

  6. BABY T December 11, 2012

    Why is Kelly promoting these rappers songs and not her own?! She’s probably given up on Ice and gonna pretend it’s not the first single from her new album.

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      her face on tv is promotion dont u get???

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

      she simutaneously promoting herself…get it…man her ream has stepped their game happy.. cant wait till sunday 🙂

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      so its not promotion but i just seen her face on tv today lol cmon now

  7. Lola December 11, 2012

    I Can’t Watch It In My Country :'(

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      damn that sux

      • Lola December 13, 2012

        I Know Right! But I Finally Found A Video Link Where I Can Watch It.

  8. Sierra December 11, 2012

    Kelly looked fierce 🙂 love it!!

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      i second that

      • big boi December 11, 2012

        that ending tho was so beautiful like yess!!!!

  9. sydime December 11, 2012

    Kelly you look and sound good let the haters hate… can’t wait to watch you on VH1 Divas

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      right im so ready

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

      she slayed this s*** f** the haterz

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      im so ready

  10. williNalli December 11, 2012


    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      i loved every moment

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

      oh hell yea it was cant wait till vh1 divas

      • williNalli December 12, 2012

        ikr…she is set to do a Donna Summer tribute. Very psyched about it 🙂

  11. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 11, 2012

    Kelly, girl, you’ve been doing this and you’ve been doing that but you know what you haven’t been doing? Promoting your own projects. You had a single that came out eons ago without a video and it was charting on the lower end of the HOT 100 without ANY buzz, then you release the video and its climbing the charts, slower than a snail, but climbing nonetheless and still you don’t wanna promote it? What for b****? What’s your life about? Girl, get it together! If its doing okay without any buzz, it might have been a moderate success or a success a la “Motivation” if you did a little bit of promo. Do your own thing and focus! People wanna complain about how you had the potential to be where Beyonce is if she or her dad didn’t manipulate you etc etc etc but you don’t have the THIRST to be a star, that’s why your here and she’s THERE. You will always be the shadow, backup singer if you don’t take interest in your music.

    • alessandro December 11, 2012

      i have to agree with you on this. it makes me so mad she doesnt pomote her songs and that’s why she dont get the proper recognition

    • HALF AMAZIN December 11, 2012

      She will permanently be a hook singer. Her ability to carry a song alone is pretty much done at this point

      • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

        wtf this b**** has been slaying stop the madness

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      u guys dont see the big picture this b**** just performed on the view??????? when has she ever. if that isnt promotion within itself idk what is

    • Greg F December 12, 2012

      It’s not her fault entirely. You’re putting all the blame on “Kelly” but she doesn’t have the label support like Bey does so she can’t do whatever the hell she wants if she doesn’t have a means to do it…

  12. Big Boi December 11, 2012

    It’s Offical Kelly Rowland Is The PRINCESS Of R&B!!! She’s So F****** Pretty.

    • Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 11, 2012

      But Kellys album sells say different <<<<<<KEYSHIA COLE

    • AN AMERICAN NAVI December 11, 2012

      LOL i like kelly but she is no princess of R&B

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      she looks so damn good f** the haterz

  13. Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 11, 2012

    I can give Kelly credit ATLEAST she putting her face out there hopefully her next era will be good with after all this exposure..

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 11, 2012

      No, she will forever be stuck in her “Here I am” phase, she doesn’t care enough to promote.

      • Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 11, 2012

        like is there no hope for Kelly?

        Kelly needs to get it thing she shoulda learned from bey is to promote yourself til the wheels fall off….Kelly has no hope in her own project I think she just puts out music to shut her fans up TBH lol

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 11, 2012

        I just don’t see it for her especially when she makes no effort, she isn’t Adele, she won’t sell based on her name alone.

    • kingbey December 11, 2012

      I doubt it she lacks motivation her music is good but she herself lacks any kind of drive i dont even remember her promoting ice

      • Monstarebel (Tamartian) December 11, 2012

        You would think one thing she would have learned from your fav is to have confidence & promote like crazy!

    • WTF December 11, 2012

      That is EXACTLY what all these features are about. Putting her with someone “hot” in a couple different markets, hope some will stick or be a big enough hit to get her name and face out there and people excited about her again.

      People just don’t get it. When has she ever been talked about this much on her own tracks….besides Motivation.

      • Angela Wesley December 11, 2012

        I agree with you. When she performed with Future on
        Jimmy Kimmel instead him saying Future Ft Kelly
        Rowland, He said Kelly Rowland and Future like
        it was her song and he was the feature singer.
        That is why Rappers want to work with Kelly
        because she a hit maker.

      • big boi December 11, 2012

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      yes finally sum1 on here who understands what is going on ..

  14. SHA (F*** The Navy and LAX) December 11, 2012

    FLOP if team Kelly were smart they would use these features she is doing to promote her music to build momentum but no weeks will go by nothing from Kelly where is the second single at least a snippet of it is she performing on VH1 Divas?????

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      im hoping she drops the second single….soon.

      • big boi December 11, 2012

        me too

  15. SHA (I will DESTROY Rita WhOra) December 11, 2012

    Rita WhOra would never be asked to feature a rap song basic B**** even after f****** half the industry!!!!!

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      lmao random

  16. truthtela December 11, 2012

    Kelly l am mad at you. Promote your songs woman! I will give up on you! Getting annoyed now. You seem to be doing too many things but not putting any energy in any one of them. I love you lots, but promote yourself not the young rappers or other musicians when your own project is locked in the cupboard!

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      she is promoting her own…hella getting her face on tv…

      • big boi December 11, 2012

        amen to that..the simpletons arent getting it

  17. Love Kelly December 11, 2012

    I love Kelly but she is getting too thick/butch/muscular/masculine/manly/. I always thought she had that edge n Beyonce with her beautiful face and the model like body. Rihanna figured that out. Kelly needs to get away from this trainer woman who turns all her clients too muscular.

    The shoulders arms and thighs are too bulky. Its not attractive.

    • O_O December 11, 2012

      It’s never cute rocking with a chick that looks like she could knock you out. I liked her during the BET performance. That slender loose tone yet still feminine.

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      shes looked great….calm the f** down

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      my baby looked phine keep it up kelz

  18. Does she really want this? December 11, 2012

    Rather than jumping around on stage like an amateur and barely singing a note, surely she should be somewhere locked away with a vocal coach and choreographer, preparing for the VH1 DIVA showcase. It’s basically an audition for a future role as Donna Summer….surely she should be taking this performance seriously.

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      she looked like she took this song seriously smh..vocals were lovely

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      she sounded great..i think this the most ive seen her perform on tv in the us.. cant wait for divas now

  19. Kerry Johnson December 11, 2012

    Kelly >>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce 🙂

    • Kerry Johnson December 11, 2012


      • Kerry Johnson December 11, 2012


    • King B>Rihanna December 11, 2012

      You tried it but your avi is hell of a s*** give a horny b**** a call.

      • PSA (FAF) December 11, 2012

        not with all that gaussian blur

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012


    • Lola December 13, 2012

      🙂 AGREED!!!!!!!

  20. 504 December 11, 2012

    These comments I can’t……. Big Boi: ”negative energy not tolerated ” get it?!

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      thank u shameless haterz

    • tesss December 11, 2012

      hell yea she looks great

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      kelly lokked like a bad ass b**** yess!!!!

  21. beyonce December 11, 2012

    wtf why are yall getting mad at kelly this performance was fire!!!! shes getting her face out their and vh1 divas is coming out in less than a week..dan this chick can never win hating asses..not everybody can hav hella promo like bey gaga and rhi rhi so give her a break f**!!! she looked fierce as hell…

    • rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

      agreed 100%

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      it really was and papa knowles wouldve never had this chick loking fierce and on tv like this cmon now ppl her team is doing just sum1 else said she doesnt hav the funds like bey rhi rhi and gaga so this is great

  22. rhi rhi navy December 11, 2012

    i think she slayed it i can wait for vh1 divas now!!

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      cant wait!!!

  23. k row December 11, 2012

    all these flop ass i guess they are too dumb to relize these collabos are putting her face on national lets viewers kno that she is still active in the industry stupid f****!!! i cant with these haterz its like kelly cant do s*** right for them i say f** em shine on kelly b**** u looked fierce btw!!!!!!

    • tesss December 11, 2012

      she looked amazing

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      this was a very good performance from the both of them i love kelly overshadows i her features tho

  24. tesss December 11, 2012

    first off her out fit slays me yasss kelly…and it was a great performace..slay on kelly slay on

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

      she slayed me with that outfit

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      yump she slays!!!

    • kelly flopland December 11, 2012

      yea she slayed but bey wouldve slayed her on that stage

  25. tesss December 11, 2012

    wow her vocals were on point yessssssss

    • yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

      oh hell yea

      • big boi December 11, 2012

        i agree

    • kelly flopland December 11, 2012

      yea they were but shes still aint better than bey

  26. yaaaaassssss December 11, 2012

    the way she ended it gave me so much life

    • big boi December 11, 2012

      oh yes shes def come along way so ive sen her on tv 6 times this year thats great..keep em coming kelly

    • its britney b****!!!! December 11, 2012

      it was so cute 🙂

  27. big boi December 11, 2012

    lol i coudve sworn this was big bois song but kelly did the song justice she looks bum as f***

    • its britney b****!!!! December 11, 2012

      true shes a lovely lady

  28. its britney b****!!!! December 11, 2012

    ok kelly wow shes absolutely stunning and her voice is so pretty..i never noticed her outside of dc but these last couple of months shes been out their..i love her new song ice too i just heard it on the radio yesterday….

    • i rate flops!!! December 11, 2012

      yea shes gorg but bey is prettier

      • kelly flopland December 11, 2012

        shes really trying tho lol i gotta giv it to her

      • Does she really want this? December 12, 2012

        NOPE!!! God blessed Beyonce with classic “pretty” features and spent a whole lot of time contouring Kellys face with unique and stunning. When you look at Beyonce (as a face not an icon) you see an above – average pretty face but Kelly….she is a stunner, she gets an instant wow reaction…make up or not. From the heart melting smile the Disney like adorable big eyes and the flawless skin.

        Kelly is an unnatural unique beauty, Beyonce is pretty. and I like them both.

      • Lola December 13, 2012

        Kelly Looks 100x Better Than Beyonce. SIT TF DOWN!!!!!!!!!

    • thetruth December 12, 2012

      @Does she really want this?

      My boyfriend says Kelly has a prettier face then Bey but Beyonce is still pretty. He said he liked Bey when she was in Destinys Child but he thinks Kelly looks better now and that she grew into her looks. He said that he thinks alot of men think Kelly is prettier but since Beyonce is so popular she will always be chosen over her. He also said that Beyonce looks are overrated and she is average. He said He think Keyshia Cole is prettier then Bey. But anyways they both are beautiful talented women.

  29. i rate flops!!! December 11, 2012

    ummmmmmmmm it was nice performance..bey is stil the queen tho but i see kelly tryna snatch tho lol

    • kelly flopland December 11, 2012

      this flop b**** just wont stay the f** down lol

      • Love Kelly December 12, 2012

        Go take your meds then take a long nap.

      • Lola December 13, 2012

        She’s A Flop? Really? She’s On National Television Making Money.. Where TF Are You? Mmmhmm I’ll Wait……………………………………..

  30. kelly flopland December 11, 2012

    i hate this b**** but damn i must say it was a cute performance very soultry vocals..she better falback tho..tryna snatch wigs isnt tolerated queen bey all the way

    • Love Kelly December 12, 2012

      Again………take a nap.

  31. Dunk December 11, 2012

    shes so damn beautiful, i love this song

  32. Steph December 12, 2012

    Awesome Kelly!!! Keep up the good work! <3

  33. DIGGER BEY……R**** STANS MAD LMAO December 12, 2012


  34. Arie December 12, 2012

    Kelly is ending her year on a high note, granted she might not make the millions that Beyonce is making but she is going to have a long and successful career. I can’t wait for her sitcom and her new album hopefully in 2013 she will find the perfect balance in her career.

    • DWoods500 December 12, 2012

      She does well for herself so ready for the second single

    • Love Kelly December 12, 2012

      Who’d have thought Kelly would be the one still signed to a major and Beyonce, she just signed to a fizzy drink. For a lot of $ thou so…..

  35. DWoods500 December 12, 2012

    She slays that is all 🙂

  36. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) December 12, 2012


  37. Chillin December 12, 2012

    Get em Kelly! You are working your a$$ off..getting your face on a PROUD fan! I;m excited for your year 2013.

    What kills me is people don’t realize this chick works her ass off to even be relevant comming up in Beyonce’s shadow her entire life..

    I’m a Beyonce fan till death but im rooting for Kelly this lap..Beyonce has already made it to super stardom..GO KELLY!!

    • amina December 12, 2012

      so right!!!

  38. Sierra December 12, 2012

    Rooting for Kelly Rowland cant wait for the music !!!

    • she slays December 12, 2012

      I cant wait 😉

  39. she slays December 12, 2012

    She slays me

  40. SongWriter December 12, 2012

    This song is BASIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF Kelly Rowland youre a GREAT!!!! We dont want you to be Beyonce, thats not what we’re saying….but DAMN be DOPE! Youre one of the sickest in the GAME!


  41. nibbibu December 13, 2012

    Kelly songs and looks good, the problem I’m having though is that the passion and power to drive it home and for her stamp her authoriy of those few lines are missing. Kelly need to get a serious vocal coach where can work on her power, passion and breathing teachnique so that when she executes her vocals there is nothing short of WOW!

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